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Back to school easy Make-up Course

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi sisters, James Charles hood, welcome back to my youtube channel, happy Friday sisters. It is officially the end of August, which means summer is coming to a screeching halt and it is now back-to-school season. There is no doubt that this is definitely one of the worst times of the entire year. I know some people are really fated to go back. Don’t know why, for the average student depression, anxiety and stress are good all-time high. I thank God that I cannot relate anymore, but I take her to school for several long years.
This is only gonna, be my second year of not dealing with back-to-school season. It literally feels like this is yesterday. There are so many stresses involved with everything from too much homework too much studying really hurt s annoying teachers drama in high school – oh my god! Thank God. That is the one thing that I absolutely do not mess up the biggest issue. Overall, let me tell you. So I’m a really cheap and affordable. Jokes are products, because another thing with school is that it is very expensive for literally no reason at all and we’re gonna be doing a little back-to-school. Chit chat, get ready with me. It’s gonna be super easy for everybody that was like me and woke up literally five minutes before you had to leave for school. I’m gonna be answering some back-to-school advice, questions from Mia, who is sister, slid through school and managed to make it out to you guys, of course, to hopefully help you get through the day. This should be really fun and quick as well. So without further ado, let’s get started before you actually put any makeup on in the morning. If you were like me, you usually get dressed first. So if you need some new cute back-to-school clothes, don’t forget to check out sisters, apparel calm for all your cute sisters. Merch, I want to see all of you guys rocking a sisterhood ease in class, alright guys so jumping right into this little quick morning routine as well. Just I love a good full coverage, cakey foundation. We definitely don’t have time for that in the morning. My base, routine, is definitely one of the longest parts of my makeup, because I like to make it really really perfect. we’re gonna have to throw that out the window and really rely on skincare, which, thank God I do in my nighttime routine, but I’ll go soft with the Maybelline, a dream at BB cream and I’m just gon. Na put this all over up my skin, it’s definitely not full coverage.
What we do have, of course, concealer to fix any blemishes. It’s just gonna do a really good job evening. Everything out so it just looks a little bit more nice hi guys – and I just couldn’t use my hands to run this in so when I tweeted asking you guys to send me in questions for back-to-school season. The one question that I got literally the absolute most like so many times was: how do I do with the first day of school, and I know that the first day is a major source of anxiety for so many people out there. It was definitely for me when I was growing up. I feel like. I do have one really good piece of advice that I learn kind of throughout the years to help you guys through it, and that is literally not to worry about it, because every single person there is feeling the exact same way. I guarantee you every single person that is walking into that building for the first time that school year is thinking the exact same things as you being. What assignments am I gonna have how hard of my class is gonna be who’s gonna be in my classes? What teachers am I gonna have and the teachers I guarantee you’re thinking the exact same thing to what students are we gonna have in my class? Am I gonna, like the students? Am I gonna remember all of their names? I know that it’s a really a really nerve-wracking day and I don’t blame you guys. I was doing with the same thing a few years ago, but from what I learned, I just want you guys to promise me that you’ll at least try to just go into it with an open mind and open heart. It is literally just one day and you’re gonna look back on that day, the next day and realize how ridiculous you were probably feeling about it, and it’s all gonna be okay. So now my BP was all out of my skin is looking much more. Even I’m actually loving how this, like light coverage, moment kind of looks, but because it is like garbage, we definitely have a few at blemishes and showing through my under-eye bags, are really out to play for a real, especially when you’re waking up at 6:00. In the morning for school, I’m gonna grab a concealer. This is the Maybelline fit me concealer and instead of doing my normal, like full coverage patterns that I do on my face, I’m just gonna place the concealer in the areas that really need just a little bit of extra coverage help and then I’m just going To lightly blend that in this next question is how do I deal with all my classes and get through all the workload? Okay, let’s be real.
This is definitely a question that I’m really trying to figure out, no matter what grade they’re in and whether it be a freshman in middle school or a senior in college. I’m, the one piece of advice that I really picked up over time would be really analyze. Your classes, everybody’s gonna, have classes that you really really like. I really really hate, no matter what for me personally, I really liked science and math. They were my all-time favorites I’ll talk about that a little bit later on, but I hated history. I literally could not go a single day without falling asleep at some point. I don’t know why it’s just not something that interests me, but no matter what, at the end of the day, all the classes are equally important and all those grades are going on a report card and affecting your final GPAs. You have to all take them equally as seriously so at night. When I would sit down to do my homework, I would always post out the history textbooks first, because I knew that. I would, of course, get tired throughout the homework process, and history would take the most amount of effort, brainpower and willpower to do so. Am I getting it done first, I would make sure that it was done the most efficiently and then I got to really blow through my mouth and science homework, because I actually kind of enjoyed it doing it, and I was able to really get it done and Get it done well without putting as much brain power behind it when you have a class or teacher or subject that you really really enjoy. It is super easy to fall into the chocolate, putting all your love and all of your effort into that one subject. But it is so important to remember that all of your grades, for all of your classes are all averaged together at the end of the semester and if you do really really mad in one subject, that’s going to tank your grade from the subject that you really Love, it is super important to analyze the situation for your own personal well-being and your GPA okay, so I’m actually loving how my skin is looking so far. I feel it’s so so so beautiful and, of course I was talking to that, but this is literally just a BB cream and a concealer and they’re just gonna grab the Maybelline fit me powder. I’m just gonna lightly set some of those liquid products in. Please just make sure that my face doesn’t melt off during the day, especially if I’m taking a nap in a class when I’m setting this in place for once, I’m not actually gonna go off full coverage.
I’m gonna really focus this powder in on the areas that are gonna crease being underneath my eyes and the center of the forehead, because in this routine I actually don’t have a highlighter. Since I tried to keep it on budget, but we can still achieve that, do we look by keeping kind of the highlighted areas a little bit doing? Would the BB cream that sentance took a lot to get out, but we got there now? The way face. Is nice and set in place? It is looking very very even but it’s also looking a little bit flat, so I picked up this cute little duo from ELF. It has a bronzer hello get out of there. It has a bronzer and a blush duo. I think this was five dollars which is perfect pursuit on a budget, and I’m just gonna use this to itches off my face and bring back a little bit of the dimension another one of the questions that I got asked a lot and this little Q & A was. I get a little bit of backlash, but my favorite subject in school wasn’t mat and I’m gonna tell you why you also need to love mouth as let’s did you hate it listen hear me out here. I know the mouth is one of the most hated subjects, because it is one of the hardest subjects when it comes to the school discussion and when I was younger, I really didn’t like it that much either. I thought it was so hard. I didn’t really care about it. I didn’t think it was that important, but I’m gonna spill. The truth tea on my mouth is probably the most important subject in school and you should actually really care about it and that’s because most subjects in school are all about memorization take, for example, history class. Yes, of course, that is very, very important to know. What’s going on in our country and to be politically active and to be passionate about social issues, but that does not really happen until history class becomes more of government class and that shift happens at the very very end of high school. If you really strip everything away, math is simply just problem. Solving and problem solving is one really really fun and to such an incredibly useful skill in the real world after school later on in the real world, you’re, probably not gonna have to pull up what fruits and vegetables were taken from which countries are in the Triangular trade, but problem saw the especially when it involves numbers is such a useful skill, no matter what editor you take on, even in your personal life.
Well, there be tipping your waiter or waitress at a restaurant after your meal or figuring out your performance at a job this week or burning out how much mileage you have left in your car. So you don’t break down in the middle of the highway driving to work. I know having to memorize the Pythagorean theorem and a squared plus B squared equals C squared seems like it is literally the most unimportant thing in the world and trust me. You will never have to use that one again. You have my word on that, but everything else when it comes to logic and problem. Solving and math is literally it’s so important and our skills that I use every single day, and I truly like to thank myself that I actually cared about math and put a lot of work behind it because I still to this day, have to pull out different Formulas and apply them to the real world, and it comes in really really handy to a lot of issues that you never learn about in school. Not only face is looking much more chiseled out and lively at 6:00. In the morning, I’m gonna move on to the next step, which is going to be at my brows. After this I picked up the Wet n Wild brow pencil. You guys know that I don’t exactly love this one because of the shape of the tip, but it’s only three dollars which is super affordable for a student on a budget and it allows you to get them done. It’s super quickly. Well, I’m going through my eyebrows quickly. I want to talk through one of the most asked questions that I got and probably one of the ones that hits home most with me, and that is how do you deal with high school drama and fake people, and let me tell you, I dealt with my Fair share of really horrible people all through high school, and that was because I am somebody and I’m sure, a lot of you guys out. There can relate that. Try to be friends with everybody and tried my absolute hardest to be mister, let’s be real. Of course, we all want to fit, and we all want to be popular. We all want to be that one person that has a million friends that always goes to the parties that everybody looks up to that everybody just talks about all the time, and let me tell you, as somebody who tried it so hard to be that person and Now happen to end up being that person because of this whole social media thing it is such a waste of your time. It is literally not even funny. Oh, my god, I wish I could go back and literally punch myself in the face and say sister get it together, because highschool at the end of the day, is only a few years of your life and will not matter my absolute best advice that I can Give you guys would be.
There is small group of friends whether it be two two like five people, that you know you can trust. You know you can rely on that. You know, have your back and will forever be there, for you is a trillion at times. Better than 50 friends that you probably aren’t that close with just esteem popular, it is so not worth it, and I promise you no matter how popular you are. When you leave high school, you will only keep in communication with a few people, so might as well make it that core group of tiny friends that are gonna stick with you for life, although it is a little bit hard for me, I am definitely always Willing to put my ego aside, especially when it means helping you guys and I’m very willing to admit the fact that this is one. If that I had to learn the hard way. I am so grateful that I realized how much of a waste of time it was because to this day I still fought a lot of kids from high school and it is very entertaining to watch all the kids that used to bully me or shave me on Social media, or not like me to parties literally get drunk every single night and fail all their classes and still be living at home with their parents. Well, I’m here working really really hard at living alone and being successful at a young age, and I am so grateful that I have that small group of friends, because every chance that I get, I still FaceTime them all the time we still catch up. They still ask me about my life. They are so supportive, and I am so grateful that it’s that way and not the other way around, because I know that a lot of those kids can’t say the same thing: okay, brows, a physically low-key kind of snob, but last time I used this pencil. I literally hated how they looked, but this time kind of good kind of rash kind of like it speaking of good and fresh, and this brow pencil great segue James. I want to use this super quickly just to put on some fake freckles, just because it’s Q and fine and fresh it really adds to the youthful look. This is obviously optional, but it’s just thing I like to add on to my kind of like more natural makeup, looks just because it adds a little bit more of like a youthful element on the topic of kids from my home town and dealing with all of That one question that I got asked a lot and it sucks of this is even still such a huge last question is: how do I deal with bullying – and this is a very, very valid question, because kids can be so incredibly horrible from analyzing a lot of Different situations when it comes to bullying whether it be in my own situation or my friends that they were in the best little inside scoop, I guess I can give you on bullying – is that almost every single time? Without a doubt, the person doing the bullying is bullying somebody else out of their own insecurities and out of their own hatred, that they don’t know how to deal with, and, of course, that doesn’t make it okay and the best way to deal with.
That is to literally do nothing at all, because typically someone who is doing that to other people needs to continue getting that anger out and if you’re not giving them the satisfaction of letting them know that it’s bothering you then they’re gonna get bored eventually and Move on to somebody else or something else, sometimes of course it’s kind of impossible to avoid a confrontation, and when it’s that type of scenario, the best advice that I can give is to say something whether it’s to the actual bully, where you’re defending yourself. And if you do, you have to be polite because, if you’re rude, you’re stooping down to their level – and that makes you know better if you’re immature, it’s just gonna start a bigger fight or to lick a guidance counter, or somebody like that. That can help the situation. I know that, speaking to a guidance, counselor like a school principal can be a very, very scary thing. Trust me we’ve all been in that position before, but at the end of the day, whether you believe it or not, I promise you they’ll do anything that they possibly can to help you through it. I know this from personal experience. Like I said, I was bullied a lot but befriending and having a trusting relationships with the people that can actually make a difference in your high school experience. It’s truly one of the best ideas ever and I can genuinely say heart-to-heart sitting here right now. I we would not have made it through high school and been able to graduate early without them, and I would not be as mentally strong as I am today, without all those people helping me through it. Moving on to the next step, I can promise you that you will never see it. This sister right here blocking into first period with a full lash on.
I do not have time for that. It is not worth it, but I do I just a little bit of something: I’m just gonna grab a curler and curl them up and while I’m doing that say a silent little prayer, all of your sisters grades are up this whole semester. Then I’m just gonna go into a light coat of the Maybelline colossal mascara. This is actually in the shade of brown and not black. I definitely prefer a little bit of a lighter mascara when it comes to these natural looks just because they feel like blah. Can sometimes be a little bit too harsh and then fun little DIY hack, if you do have a brow mascara like me, whatever’s left on this brush, I’m actually just gonna take and kind of run through my brows and brush them upwards. This is obviously optional, but it is a great alternative to using a brow gel, which can be very, very expensive for my’sister students on a budget. I like partially hairs upwards because it really gives that kind of like light and fluffy and sort of natural. Look that really says I care, but like not that much, which should be your attitude all throughout school, all right sisters, I’m feeling so beautiful and almost ready for class. But I have one last thing that I want to do it. I don’t gonna grab a makeup, wipe that I was using. Kinda, threw out this little makeup process and I’m just gonna use this and wipe off any beauty cream. Why am I talking just use this to wipe up any BB, P, wear foundation that I accidentally got on my lips during the makeup process, so for the lips? We have two different options here. Of course, you can apply a long-lasting, a liquid lipstick to get you through the entire day. My personal favorite recommendations are the over liquid lipsticks use go James for 30% off or the a BH liquid lipsticks. They can literally lost through anything. But for me personally – and I don’t know about you guys – I was a very, very talkative and active student in school. So for me I would definitely talk towards an easier option While they don’t have to worry about the crusties in the corner of her mouth, which is loaded on my biggest pet peeve, which is literally just cleaning your lips off with a makeup, wipe and applying a charm stack, this one is from Burt’s Bees and it is Pomegranate flavor, so I’m just gonna apply it on my wearing a chapstick and said if you’re careful with the kind of wipe off an application process, it’s still kind of low-key looks like you’re wearing a lipstick, and this way you don’t have to deal with the Annoying Krusty’s, you don’t have to reapply and they’ll be comfortable and hydrated all day.
Long are we sisters and with all that being said, I think we were done with this little morning time and get ready for school glam I just finished this book in a whopping 34 minutes That is the release so quick for me and that’s what the answering a ton of questions I feel like If I was actually just sit down, I could get the Sun in probably 20 minutes, which is such a easy and beautiful routine for morning time when you’re stressed to get out the door to make it to your first period class on time Of course, I really hope that you guys, like the finished look but more importantly, I really hope that this advice was helpful to you guys, and I hope that I answered some of your questions I know about your school season – can be so stressful and so scary, But just please try to remember that everyone is in the same exact Bo you will get through I promise everything will be okay When did you graduate a few years from now, and you look back on this, it’s gonna see was so unimportant Life is beautiful, but it also has a lot of struggles and the ones of high school are so stupid and are so childish Please take it from me as someone who is there recently you can get through this and you can do it I promise alright sisters If you enjoyed it, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your support It really means a lot to me and leave me a comment Let me know what your favorite subject in school is: please say math if you have not already don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button as well and come join the sisterhood We are seven million sisters, Sean I’d love to have you join the family and click the bell icon If you like to follow me on my makeup journey can follow me on Instagram and Twitter There mulches James Charles and my snapchat Thank you so much paper always falling in supporting you I love you literally it’s so so so much and if you like Thank you So much for watching good luck! This back to school season, you guys got this and I’ll see you in the next one bye,

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