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Back to school hackers

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello friends. I said I was gonna test this out when I did it. So this guy’s iPhone is low battery, so he put that battery on top of his charger and then took a balloon put it over his iPhone and then let it sit there for a few seconds. He picked it up and that was 89%. What I’m not buying this witchcraft – and I told you I will not be the seed – we’re gonna test it, so I’m gonna do this exactly how we did it and, as you can see, my phone is 76% right now, which is really high.
For my phone, because usually it’s really low one percent three times today, so I have the balloon. I cut the blow part off of it and then we’re just going to shut my phone off. I’m gonna take the case off both packing match by the way. So we’re gonna take it off. I can even fit it over my phone’s big head. So if you just put it down like this and he turned it off there we go, and now we wait like two seconds. It took him like two seconds to do it, so, let’s see it’s still 76% look. I don’t see how this could possibly work. Oh supposed to work, I don’t understand either. I think it’s a scam and I’m here to prove that it’s a scam cuz. I never believed it for one second, 76%. Okay. I can confirm that this does not work. It’s a waste of time. You know what the dude probably did. This is my theory, so he had it on a screenshot that had a lower battery percentage and then he turned it off and then just turned it on and then showed his real home screen, which was actually charged. That’s how you actually do it your disposal Thanks. Oh, no, my pee in a pot pencil case broke. Whatever will I do? Where will I house all my super rare special pens? Okay, give me a notebook whoa that is inappropriate, sir. You just whipped the pocket right off the net that was unnecessary. Oh he’s gonna make a pocket on her notebook. You know just glue it on ma’am, yes ma’am, you got a secret compartment for all your super special secret pens, she’s the type of person that asked to borrow a pen and then keeps it and then, when you ask for your pen back, I have any cat And then hoards all the pens and her boyfriend’s nip pocket wow. He must really like her. Nothing says, love like sacrificing his nip shield for his future wife ooh. Instead of doing his homework. This dude over here is trying to be a rapper. You know gotta, make some music for my SoundCloud and my pen stopped working, so he just blow some hot air on his pencil. Oh no I’ll never be a Sandlot rapper. Now that my pen stopped working. So if this happens, you know the pen don’t want to be a pen, no more.
It’s like I’m all linked ow, just use a hairdryer. Oh no! All it takes is heat love, her Wow, look at him. Go future superstar over here paints all dried up. Let’s eat some skittles, I’m not a diet, so I only have one. No, you fool, we’re not eating them. We’Re painting with them is that just water, Oh Joe’s, mixing water, and that you got some sticky sour paints whoa. You did not draw that leaf with skittle water. Okay, we don’t have to try this out cuz, I’m not buying this all right. I got my skittles here and I got regular and I got sour so we’re gonna take a little bit of each my mouth with water, and you see those green ones mmm. They were skittles, colorful off for sure, perfect they’re, not sour. When I bit I’m gonna adult down in there not shower anymore, so we’re gonna put them in this ice cube tray, because I don’t have a fancy artist Paola, try not to eat all of them challenge. Only I’ve had skittles in like a year. So again, I’m just like a little bit of water in each one. I wonder if you could mix colors to make colored paints, so I thought this would take a while, but it’s already like soaking up the color, the sour ones, don’t work as well. Do you like look at the colors this one’s like a really saturated, green and the songs like a watery green? Look like these are almost white wine science yeah. I could definitely paint with these I’m gonna paint. You guys an art piece well, not as saturated as I wanted it to be Wow like there’s so much color, but it only comes out of those I know. Did it look like so good here, I’m gonna like load this one up real good and that’s all you get. Let’s make an abstract piece. You Jeremy, don’t know this next, give Oh water yeah scoodles that have been marinating in water. I feel like. We need a blue, really bad, happy little trees, more happy, little trees, oops, happy little accidents, we’re gonna draw the Sun, those novartis unnecessarily, I’m pretty sure they didn’t draw it with little water, because there’s came out pretty good. Like actual paint, look yeah, they do look at mine, it’s dripping onto the counter. Would you eat this? No we’re having a sleepover on a school night but ain’t. Nobody can’t hear the music full volume blasted up in your ears. They I feel like they can’t hear it. It’s only the three of them. She like, no okay, no, what we’re gonna die! Why some speakers? This really take the time to paint at paper, towel roll? Okay! No, we ain’t doing that.
You know I’ve always wondered if this works, then we’re cutting a whole save for later. Okay, we’re making this whole entire device just so our music can be one bar higher. What okay beats pill stop drop to zero. Why pay $1.99 for a speaker when you could do this? Ah, you see that look. Her teacher just gave her. You really trying to cheat two feet away from your teacher. Oh she’s like she said no without even opening her mouth. Actually we talked about this. Come on parallel lines. Aren’t that hard. Does she have another one Jen another cheat sheet? Okay teachers had enough. She got you not once, but twice cheating go to the restroom right now. Okay, I gotta find a better way to cheat. Wow puts me equations inside her nails. You know with all the effort and time you take to do this. You might as well have just like learned the equations yourself ooh they’re, so colorful. I love it Wow, okay and now you just be like. What does that say? Is that a B or an eight? What did I write? Oh now she know the answer. All the teachers like I’m guy, got my eye on you today. I do and I’m straight-up dumb bamboozled. Her did the school bully ruin your pencil case and then, with the teachers. Permission flee to the restroom say no more. He left his favorite orange hoodie on his seat, so she took it. Oh she cold cut. It jokes. Out of his hoodie bra or a pencil case, okay, she somehow got a zipper. I don’t know some people just keep handy-dandy zippers in their back pocket and they’re gonna glue around it Wow, and then you gonna turn it inside out. Aren’t you yeah see? I knew it then you got a brand new. Okay, take that bully. She should put his hoodie back after cutting the holes out of it and then looks at her make it her pencil case. Like oh yeah, that’s that’s nice. Will you get that from little? Does he know dick goes are big heart? Was it really necessary, though, to make a pencil case the size of Alabama? I thought those supposed to be this big because guys mr. dono over here first he donated his breast-pocket and that was hoodie. As you can see here. I already have a pre-cut hoodie from a previous project and we are going to cut it so that you know made a heart. I want to make a heart too. We have this fine hoodie material over here. Okay, you know what these losers kind of suck. So we’re not even gonna bother making a part, we’re gonna make something more exotic. A rectangle probably have a budget for today, so we’re gonna do this inside out actually really soft, and I don’t have a zipper.
So this is what I wanted to do. Instead take a ziploc bag. Nobody got a zipper on them. Do you have a zipper on you right now? It was very moment yeah. I didn’t think so. I don’t know how that salut is gonna work for this, but we’ll figure it out gonna take our good ole, handy dandy, glue, gun and just do two sides. I know it’s running out of glue. Oh, I see where you’re going with this yeah. Okay and now we’re gonna I’m, not patient. I’m gonna wait for the glue to dry hold on hold your horses, we’re not ready to rock and roll. Yet okay, this little probably fit like half a pencil after it’s sharpened them. In half I mean okay. We made a little pouch, it’s a little pooch for all your school substances. I’m gonna take the zipper that I borrowed from the plastic baggie and then put it in here and then we’re going to gently with a little bit of glue very little bit of put it on top on one side and then the other side running out Of glue here, can we finish the DIY Wow literally so rude the other. Stop you don’t see that on five minute. Crafts is the part. They don’t show you the part. Okay. So I know it doesn’t look cute but look lookie here. So when you open it. Oh and it’s like a little pouch, you can even put the plastic part in it. Like I don’t have to cut the whole thing off, then you would have had like a protective plastic layer. But look right here and I can put my scraps and you hear that I’m sealing it and it doesn’t come out, doesn’t open closed in there for good whose material you know. If I don’t rush it, this is actually probably be decent. Are you up all night doing homework and end up falling asleep on your desk? I really hope this is the caffeine hack geometry, test, 8:00 a.m. oh, no, oh, and she got she takes some double-sided tape, your notes and then put them in your pencil. Sharpener. Oh devious, indeed wait till she’s allowed to have her notebook on the desk while she’s taking a test. Oh No disclaimer, all the use of necessary make sure you study. First, you know you got to put in the work, make sure you study and if you end up studying all night – and this is the absolute last resort, so I feel like you’ll get caught the part that sucks about math. Okay, there’s a lot of things. That’s like about math, but, like you have to show your work, that’s where they get you. So, even if you like peeked over you’ve got the right answer is really they didn’t Do the right way like you actually have to understand it or you get the question wrong.
There’s no bamboozling your way out of, or at least it’s really hard to bamboozle your way Oh, I spilled all my doodoo paint water on the ground Whatever will I do now? Oh, let me cut a balloon Oh Oh ma’am, not this time, Satan wow, you must be clumsy af2, knock it over twice Literally me, my pencil is too short Oh they’re All short, I know here take them care We’Re gonna make an art installment we’re just gonna take all of them make them the exact same size, oh she’s, making a brooch wow You made that with my miniature pencil heads Okay, now give it back to me that looks cool, but like not for a student, I feel like only adults, wear breeches, like teachers I have never seen a kid wear a brooch Oh she made one too I am general short pencil and you are short pencil Cadets high five, I’m gonna sit down and draw a picture What should I draw? Oh No, my markers are all dried, yo high key though this was actually frustrating like whenever you needed that one color and it was dried out Lou What are you doing? I thought we were drawing okay, she got the creative bug She still want to make something, but all of them are dried out useless No, no, no, not so useless We’Re gonna make this thingamajig Oh it’s a little container Oh that’s really cute wait How did they all change color way, you done did me a bamboozle, see they start out blue and then she’s, adding more colors and then the finished product? Oh whoa, I guess maybe that’s another one, okay, not so useless anymore That’s actually a really neat hack Do you hate, leaning over to look at your paper while you’re also writing a paper? Oh no, my neck, the pain I can’t take it any longer You know what time for some life hacks we’re gonna, take a clothing, hanger our head and then pin it to a laptop and the paper So all you gotta do is look like this I mean you’re gonna just like put it on a boxer Something’s like right in front of you, but I mean if you got one of those clampy clothing hangers, I guess it works anyway, so it’s all for today Let me know which one of these would you actually use and if you guys enjoyed make sure that the like button, the hey, make sure you check out notifications today today and subscribe John, the wolf pack I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye, guys,

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