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Back to school make-up 13-year-old boy! |Rubender maid

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel so today, um do you know how many requests I’ve got to do a back to school makeup tutorial? Maybe you couldn’t scary for me. So that’s fun slip today, because I was scared that someone was gonna kill me for doing. I did a back school makeup tutorial, my god, how original yeah! So if you want to see how I get this natural look and glowy look in natural and basic look ever for school, thank you for watching. The first thing you want to do is like prying, because school is a long time.
Okay and then you are come back from school or go to school, and so let me eat the whole way so you’ve got you have to prime. So I actually personally like to use two different kind of prizes. I use glow sticks, which is like Center foam. So it makes you blurry and it makes your makeup last longer and then I also serve illuminating jobs. So this is the Marc Jacobs. Do you like that and it’s like a champagne cut up and then this is the blue stick. So is this one milk, sugar? Well, I’m gonna do either side today so like one on either side just to show you so, but this will make you know holes go look like just understand. That’s when this comes in and makes it look a bit older. You just don’t want to wear it all over your face on its own. That’s like a big thing and then I’m just gonna grab the new multi extract until Jack and he’ll away brush. I think that’s just go away. I’m gonna face massive. Like cinnamon coconut, I don’t know it’s just coconut gel, but it’d be your look like a glowing goddess like the same, so this look is really all about like natural, very basic and kind of making it look like you’re, not wearing makeup kind. Of I mean everyone. Does just you all but like it’s still very natural, but I want to make sure this is rebuffed in so if I’m already have the lasting effect on this on the rest of the makeup in this game. Oh yeah, this is mr. twirls really perfect. If you’re, the extra one, if you’re the extra friend that’s wearing makeup, this is for you, you know. So now I look 50 years old and I have 50 we’re gonna move on to foundation.
So I’ve chosen this foundation because it’s like medium to full coverage but if using light amount its Mary, it’s very soft. So this is a bonus way and initially looks like a skin. That’s why I chose it. It’s just it’s amazing, so I’m just gonna actually drop that on a brush. This is the jukin Hill every brush and I’m just gonna grab a sponge afterwards and I’m just gonna go in this. This is in the shade. It sound easy doubt. This is you wanna go dig one up. I actually love this brush. This is kind of like the mole m-43 9, except it’s a bit more like this. So again, I have two options here. This is the k’kaw Beauty to see them in the shade 5, and this is very yellow, really brightening, and then this one is the milk makeup concealer. This is the Flex, consider the shade medium light, and this is bit more pink. So I kind of like to use both sometimes so I’ll go with this one, just really just under my arm zone just cuz, then we have the pink hello. Then, like that, and then I like to take this – I mean not good pick your w1 on the rest of my face like on the floor head away, highlight and stuff only because I feel like the kvw one is so brightening, especially this color. It’s like too much for the rest of the face. Put that both super full coverage and then I just like to grab the kqw one and just go a couple of lines: yeah yeah, no brightening notice, which I love and I love all. But it’s just like a bit too much right now so now before then, I end I like to cream combo, so I know a lot people don’t, but I do only because I feel like it’s more natural and it blends and looks better seamless. So I use the multi consider the shade cinnamon swirl, and then I go in afterwards with some powder, and this brush makes it so easy, but not as blended in now, like hi and goodbye. You know I don’t actually like to use the more piquancy as under the eyes. I just don’t think it gets the best look like after wearing Township tape. I don’t think, and I’m running out of that so I’ll use it for special occasions. You’Re just gonna start a pup in luck, cuz. You know – and you know what I actually like tohave a bit of darkness under the eye only because I feel like, as you can see now.
This looks a little natural than this because, like it’s, no natural eye has like a brightening shade. All the way up to the lash line, so I tried, when I do I shadow to just mix well, it looks really natural under the eye and then I go back and on the sponge. I’m not big the booty side to make it mostly in front of you, like the milk um Christy animation of a brush like you know, so now it’s time to set okay, so because, if you want on makeup to last all day holding holding, I like to Actually take – and this is actually really easy to use, so you just grab the the I’m baking like the young, the baked brush, and then you blend, I don’t know she’ll end up this brush. I like to I’m gonna end up with the multi one. I love them off you you just except under the eye and bake it like that. Now I love this formula. I think it’s amazing look at an eye because I do like tohave that dewy effect on this skin. I don’t like it tohave like a soul, matte effect, especially when you’re wearing it all day. Then I want to make sure that it’s still okay now this time to list it. I leave this like ten seconds and then does it all so. I’D like to leave the under eye as long as I can so I just everything else off first and then actually notice what other kinds of knows! Only long as I can so I like so, I actually like to take the baking brush on the big puffy brush and just like everywhere else. Basically, but I actually like to mix the medium deep Mac powder. Would that give me son just because they give me sends a bit dog for every day and then the movie and deeper sauce being I’ll talk enough so and then I’m actually gonna take from the check and he’ll palette and the multi one. And then I’m just gonna grab a mr. shade and then this shape IKEA, because those two shades together OMG the best ones, were ever just thing I like to shimmery brush it with all the blushes when it comes to everyday, my petite and pretty blush and highlight, and then I also use the benefit gold rush and I’m just gonna mix and the shade of these two shades like here.
The pink palms and blue and then just gonna grab a bit more about quality and go brush it and start applying because it actually goes like a glow as well This is good, it’s amazing With the eye shadow We really do not want to go too crazy at all We just wanna keep it natural and sweet and soft, so I’m just gonna grab a jewel City full brush, and then I’m gonna take some of the mustard shade that we used earlier and I’m just I just really want to just I’m gonna Make it nice and pretty so, I’m gonna take a bit of the bungalow blaze and the flashing lights come over here then it’s time for the glow, like that’s all we’re gonna, do with the eyes like again, keep it as simple but remembering to go Under guys a bit so I’m gonna grab the not to go into big brush whoa, who the Anastacio Beverly Hills, Aurora broken I’ve started, making just fit me now and they’re, just gonna take the exception shade right Okay, so you don’t have to be this extra wear eyelashes You really don’t like trust me You don’t like you just don’t Okay, so I’m just gonna buy take my mini lashes, not in my hand, I’m gonna take the shade to shape the style I’m gonna take these on already cut them short So, by the way, if you like seriously, you have to cut your eyelashes or I can stancine anyone walk out without eyelashes on cut I don’t know Oh okay, right anyway, I’m gonna go over these lashes and be right back when it comes to bottom lashes I don’t really like to do like fall Bowman I just like to put some on and then brush it out with a spoolie That’s my personal preference Doesn’t have to be yours and then I haven’t applied any lipstick I just rubbed off my actual foundation offering it So this is my and then what I like to do I’D you like to get the and start tohighlight I hope you all I hope you learned a trick or two and if you did, let me know what you learned in the comments: honey, I think that’s it So let’s do the next one! Nice

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