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Back to school makeup routine (natural and easy)

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, what is up, welcome or welcome back to my channel. tutorial kind of like my everyday school makeup routine. I did this last school year. I’m planning on doing the same routine for this year, which I’m gonna be a freshman this year and when I did wear makeup this summer, I usually wore this. Actually, I usually wore less, but basically I’m never gonna be able to tell you guys like yep. This is my routine. I view it every single day. I never switch it up because that’s not true feel like that’s, not true for anyone some days.
I wear this much makeup to school some days. I don’t know if that makes sense. Moral of the story is some days I just wear mascara to school some days. I don’t wear any makeup to school some days. I just wear concealer and mascara some days. I go the whole mile and wear this but like no.. If you do make sure you thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe before. So I’m here barefaced freshly washed and the first step is going to be to put my hair up, because I cannot do my makeup without my hair. Being back and out of my face, so I usually just throw it into like a bun or a ponytail whatever. So the very first step, besides washing my face right away, is to moisturize, I really dry skin, pretty much all year round. So I always like to go in with a nice moisturizer, the moisturizer that I’ve been using recently, it’s just the cure, ology moisturizer I get it was my prescription Geology cream. This is the like smaller version, so I’m just going to take a little bit of moisturizer. So I just start with a small amount and rub that in with this particular moisturizer, a little goes a long way. So usually I’m good with that small pump. Now I’m gonna go in with primer and this step changes constantly because I’m always trying out new primers, because I don’t know, I think primer is something that you can really like switch up without like actually switching up your makeup. So the two primers that I’ve been using here at my mom’s house are the Porefessional and this first aid Beauty ultra Repair, hyaluronic, hydrate, primer, safe for sensitive skin. At my dad’s house, I dohave the professional, but I also use like a bunch of ones. I don’t know, I don’t think primer matters that much, but both of these work really well with my skin, so I think I’m gonna go in with the Porefessional just for today.
Again, I take a very small amount like about that much I don’t know it’s like a pea-sized amount, and then I dab this under my eyes on my nose on my forehead and then just kind of rub it in in those areas and spread it all out With that amount it ends up going like all over my face, so I don’t know I just don’t like using a lot of like product. So now that we have a nice base, we can actually start with the makeup makeup, but actually I’m gonna spray. With my Mar, but ask you spray first, I I love this stuff. It’s literally my love guys, don’t mind my nails by the way I’m getting them done Monday right before I leave for California, so we have a few days before these things get fixed. Now I’m just going in with my NARS creamy radiant radiant creamy concealer whatsit radiant creamy. So let’s put our concealer down. I apply it very little again because I don’t like that full-on like full face makeup. I just cover the things that I think that I should cover that, like I get really bad dark under-eye circles as well as like puffy under eye circles. So I always start with my under eyes, and then I do a little on my forehead because I usually have some pimples up there and between my eyebrows that need to be covered. Okay, so this is everywhere that I have my concealer. I’m gonna go wet. My sponge – because I forgot to I – don’t know what brand this is, so I’m gonna go wet this and I’ll be right back. Oh my gosh, I just hit my elbow wait. So it’s alright! Now I usually wet it before. I actually start applying concealer, but I just forgot. I just go in with like the pointy side of this and blended my concealer. I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory, I’m literally so excited for California. I haven’t been to California in so many years and well we’re going to San Diego, but we’re taking like a day trip to LA which is about twohours away from San Diego in moderate traffic. But I’ve only been to LA once and I don’t really remember it cuz. I was pretty little, so I’m really excited because I’ve been wanting to go to LA for so long. So now about all the concealer around my face is blended with my eyes last – and this is very specific – I don’t know I’d go in and I blend out most of it on my under eyes and then I go and I just cover my entire eyelid cuz.
If you can’t tell my eyelids are really veiny and I’m really self-conscious about it, so we cover that. So it’s like pretty much almost all blended in and then I just go over the whole thing. My concealer is completely blended in and I’m looking a little bit better, I do still have like some little dots that are peeking through specifically this one right here. I might take a little bit more concealer and just go over that because we don’t want that. So I’m just gonna doing that. Okay, now concealer is done and I’m gonna move on to setting the concealer. I don’t wear foundation or any of that just because I don’t. I don’t see the point for myself at least for setting my concealer. I go in with literally any pressed powder any loose powder. It does not matter. I don’t have as much makeup at my mom’s house, so I just used the Rimmel stay matte one bought at my dad’s. I have like 18 pressed powders and I just rotate through all of them. My favorite, one, though, is like the Too Faced. What’s it called it’s like the it’s like called a powder foundation, but I got it from TJ Maxx because, like sometimes, they have like higher end brands for super cheap and it adds like an extra layer of coverage, and I love it. This one kind of just sets it doesn’t really add any coverage, but I go in with this fluffy mermaid licking unicorn brush, I don’t know which is really fluffy and then I kind of just set my whole face with this. Okay and again I just want to emphasize – I know I already said it like some days. I just stop right here and I put mascara on and that’s it. That’s honestly, what I do most days like, especially towards like the middle end of the year, when I’m just so done with school and I’m sick of getting ready I’ll just stop there. So it’s not like super stupid and boring. I’m going to do like my full makeup, routine that I do for school. So now it’s time to add a little bit of bronzer and I don’t go in with like contour or anything super harsh. I just either used my hoola bronzer by benefit, which I loved dearly or I use this Mac mineralize skinfinish bronzer, I’m just gonna go in with my hoola bronzer. In this little wet and wild angled contour blush. I don’t know I just take a little bit, not a lot at all, and then I just put that on my cheeks and contour, but it’s really just to make me less like pale.
I kind of also just put this everywhere, which is like kind of like defeats, the purpose of like chiseling, your cheekbones, but, like I just want to look tan like I don’t really care about looking chiseled some days. I do blush some days. so this is the pixi by petra blush in the color Beach rose and I’m just taking it on this stipple brush and I’m gonna add some to my cheeks. Her school highlight is almost never applied. I used to apply it, but I’m like that’s just as like a little too much for me, so this is just pretty much everything we’re putting on my face. My eyebrows look horrendous right now, like what is this shaping? I accidentally like freaked this one up last time I was doing the eyebrows, I don’t know if you can see it looks like I’m doing like the wavy eyebrow challenge. It goes like so recently I’ve been filling that in, but usually I don’t fill in my eyebrows, especially for school. Like this one looks good like I do my own eyebrows, like I’m proud of this eyebrow, but this one I just, I really messed it up. goof proof eyebrow pencil. I prefer using like the boy brow. Is it the boy brow? I don’t think it is. It’s like the eyebrow gel that has tint in it from benefit. I prefer using like a tinted eyebrow gel versus like a pencil like this, but I ran out of the gel here and it’s at my dad’s, the one that I have that’s full, so we’re just gonna. Do this, I’m literally not gonna, do much at all. I’m just gonna add some strokes and be like the front part of my brow and then try to fix up this back part a little. That’s literally it and then I go in with like the other end, which is a spoolie, and I just blend it out aggressively. My camera battery is about to die so good thing, we’re almost done and there’s only one strap left and that’s mascara and curling. Our eyelashes and then spraying it with my meniscus, so I’m just going to curl my eyelashes. This is what we’re looking like so far. Eyebrows I mean I didn’t change much, but it just made them a little bit more dark and the shape still messed up. I don’t care some days I’ll do like a little bit of eyeshadow or I’ll put some bronzer into my crease or something, but for the most part, like 80% of the time I don’t do eyeshadow or anything on my eyelids, except for concealer and powder.
Now I’m going to do what my mascara and I am sohappy. I have finally found my my study, mascaras, the ones that I’ve been working for me and they are these three mascaras I switched off between the three or sometimes I apply a little bit of all of them, which is the benefit BADgal, bang mascara, which honestly when I first tried it, I hated it or I didn’t hate it like. Why am I being so aggressive with my words? I didn’t hate it but, like I didn’t love it, but since I kind of have let it dry out, I like it more. I don’t know if that’s just me but like dryer mascaras are easier to apply and just work better. So I’m gonna ply some of this on my topper lashes, my topper, my up my upper lashes and then I’ll go in and do the other mascara okay. So I just went ahead and did both steps, my mascara off camera, just because my camera is dying and I don’t really apply mascara any special way. I just kind of start at the bottom of my like on the root on like the lash line, and then I just kind of wiggle up back and forth, and I did about one and a half coats of each mascara. So it’s like three coats altogether. So, like I said, the first one I applied was the bad gal bang and this one is like pretty lengthening and separating and then this one, which is the Tarte lights, camera lashes, but it’s the waterproof one. So it’s like the cameras. Lashes. I don’t know it’s still really separating and it makes your eyelashes long, but it’s like more buildable, so I can make it look like more bold. I guess you know this is what they look like. They’Re always different. This one always looks better than this one, or no, this one always looks better, but I don’t know what one looks better: okay, but there’s always the one that bothers me more and I have more of a hard time putting on so now. Actually, the final step. Second, to final step is setting it shedding everything in I either use the Urban Decay chill shutting spray. This is hydrating and cooling, so I love it and then this is just Marga rescue rose I usually cover like the top of my hair, because someone said that it makes your hair gray see if it gets in it, and my hair is greasy enough on its own.
I still have not found a cure to my greasy hair I shower so much Don’t worry, I’m not like disgusting, but my hair gets greasy like twohours after showering like if you dohave any more tips tohelp me out Anybody literally help me out any particular shampoos or brands, or anything that makes your hair stay less greasy and makes your hair smell good So, even if you don’t have any experience with like oily hair or like dealing with oily hair um, just let me know what your favorite, shampoo and conditioner are That makes your hair smell good I really want to try the Moroccan oil one when I’m scared that, since it says oil in it, um it’ll make my hair greasy um So this is the finished look I know you guys taught in the beginning, because I’m actually about to film the intro that you already saw with my makeup time This is her This is she my hair is a mess Oh, I always forget I never call this like a makeup step, but I just like always do it at the end I apply like some sort of lip balm or chapstick This is this Miss Road, the Rosebud suave Slav, solve I don’t know it feels like a chapstick, but it looks very limp glossy So that’s why I love it so now this is the finished Look I can zoom out now Oh my god I forgot I don’t know, don’t forget to what follow my Instagram I Bailey dot Diedrich, it’s pretty cute, I’m gonna be posting tons of California pictures on there really soon by the time you’re seeing this with because, let’s be real, my upload game has been very off I wanted to start uploading twice a week for the rest of summer like starting like two weeks ago However, I just heard volleyball and I have like four to five hours of practice every single day I literally have no time I’m so sorry when school starts I’ll Have more of a schedule because I’m gonna be more busy but I’ll feel like I’ll get like a good, steady schedule in and you don’t have to worry about me not uploading for a week So again I have like a pack with me I have my California vlog I have I have some fun stuff coming so yeah I’ll see you guys next time, bye,

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