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Back to school mysterious box switch challenge!!!

30 Sep , 2019  

yes, it’s officially back-to-school season. Everyone is like to shop it well, at least I’m like. Oh my god, I need this now I mean this I’ll. Take this yeah. Today we’re doing a mystery box for school supplies. Yeah we get that idea. So, basically, there’s gonna be two boxes. One month is gonna have like and a cool respective school supply of that version. You’D, like everything like is example, the cool spin you’ve ever seen like it’s really basic, but like super basic, you know it’s cool, you don’t have a pen but like basic basic and we’re gonna.
Do that huh pretty much everything home, but let’s go supply that, like ever existed, comment down below who has the best back-to-school supplies? That’s gonna be me, and I know how to do English yeah, like really pretty and has this like gold chain, saw actually number one. Alright yeah, you rob your instances. First, who’s gonna peek inside the box in my tower whoo, pretty nice stuff got it. You got it so my filters are pretty basic but they’re not a dire Rock button, because I glazed they’re colorful, I mean that’s kind of cool and my shoulders are way better than Korea. There’s some collect moments. This sounds like Outland. It’s all about the journey. Oh yeah, the world is yours: let’s move on okay round number, two okay! So this time we got smaller boxes; okay, thanks my Tempe cancer like good items. Okay, so basically I got the zipper pencil case. It has like these golden Chi Vinny’s googly eyes. I’D like this is really cool and is my favorite one and like you can still open it. When I just close it, you can still open and put things inside it. There’s some glitter pen on the sides and this pencil case. It’s so cool. I know right. I really like I mean the gold is pretty it’s discovered. It’s pretty blue, color, old and green. I like it, okay, guys so yeah. I got this and I don’t really mean it. So it’s gonna go okay, so this one it has three pockets: safety census, bag Guiana. I like that word and yeah, so that doesn’t really need much explaining and this one is the exact same thing. But red and different looks so it’s basically all classic, and I am not smiling so I guess the second items are going side are, since I have more than one pillowcases they’re going to need different uses this one. I think it will be for my pens and pencils like the one I reach for the most. This one won’t be for colors, and this one – I guess I’ll just be a spare one in case like one of these get destroyed, I’m so to see what’s in store for us next round number three and you are not gonna.
Look alright. Okay, I got stuff, I got real good stuff, I feel good about it. Do I need further explaining I mean depends well, I got blue red and black all right, so these pens are really cool. Kiz’ are 100 different colors without the ink just outside they have like words on it. Alright, so I’m gonna read them all to you, I’m really up for my new cards forest spirit, animal! Don’t us our own future! How do I advance in a cake and guys look at these they’re? So pretty look it’s limited edition. Oh and mine is to automate the fabulous standard edition and I don’t need further explain. Okay, so item number 30 is gonna bring it into our fat and wasted box. All right here we go: okay, we’re going back to school in our favorite rocket. We are Night Round 4 okay. So I’m gonna look like you’re like huh. It’s real good, but I’m tricking Ronald for it to be bad cuz. I know I’m keeping one sushi erasing. I forgot what these were called and less on scented erasers, ooh la la okay, guys these are minor races. They are so cool. I mean just look at him: macarons yummy in my tummy and whatever these things are so maybe I got some boring all the racers and then I got this upper eraser. It’s kind of cool cuz. You get an extended and unexpended kind of cool books, so pretty basic okay, let’s open the sushi! You look at Korea’s face. Okay, guys look at these, can you like take them out that will do it will ruin it dude, okay, so item number four is going inside my backpack already, I’m everything is a bigger out organize that make it just move on to round size. You Pupp, I am alright, have peaked and I feel good about myself. Okay, are you sure you really like them? You think yeah, how she’s about to say, but I feel like storing it in my storage. Okay, so guys this is a very glittery and it’s just pretty and that’s what I don’t like about it, but I bet it’s a very full binder if it’s a folder folder whatever now, let’s check out what is in the inside, it is Oh sort of like A sleeve don’t worry, favorites like math homework. Here, English homework there random things there, the doors class in the world here nice binder, even those pink by – will still not use it. Don’t ask that question okay, so my binder! Well, it’s brown. Let’s talk about the color! First brown seriously and basic on the inside: it’s a pocket here, pretty good, but it’s brown seriously.
Okay, now the fifth Dino me go goes into our backpack. Oh okay, number! Six! Well, number! Six! All right! I can’t speak right! Yeah! No yeah! It’s me! Oh, you think I be okay, I think. Oh, I am. I have a very straight face because you can fit you with it like it’s, a booty, cube, sort of then just a whole bunch of other ticket stuff, and I had boring stuff a boring ballpoint pen. So, there’s a pen up close it’s black and white, but come on it’s a fidget fun they’ll make up for the black and white nuts okay press these buttons. It’s so satisfying to hear the noise there’s like five upper fidgety, stuff yeah, but underneath the plastic it got to it, and this is when I got the most basic office pens of all it even says I thought they said critical, don’t just need it! Okay, so the item number six, which is math, expand and run the lips office pen. Hmm there we go alright. What’s up next, I have all right: let’s move on to round number round number seven! I don’t know all right, so pretty blue and has pineapples on it so guys. My agenda right here is blue. Has this string right here? Has golden pineapples? It’s pretty. I love it and then, when you open it up, has all the months laid out right here. I think it’s super super cheap and pretty I love it so much. This is my agenda. It is basic. This is agenda, schooler, twenty eighteen to nineteen and when we open up it, it’s just dates and you put things in it and it is boring. So we are going to move on and guys Maya is only 2 euros. Yours $10 just a Muslim, but they can they’re something it’s a good price for this amazing thing. Okay, so it’s gonna go in the backpacks and it’s not gonna be a great touch from my backpack. Whatever all right there, we go tad Pahrump number, a round number, eight, all right. Okay, I am being a Satanist. I am confident in my box. I have very good confidence. Let me just take a sniff. It smells like a box, it smells like a painter box. Okay, it’s a ribbon, my whatever ribbon. What is this? What is this Ronald? I? I am a ribbon. These are not the same guys. Look at my bookmark, but this is a string of a mountain on patch, don’t it, but these I like to hand the best cuz it’s a hand and I like hands and I got a ribbon as a bookmark, a ribbon, a plastic one seriously. I admire things A ribbon yes, sir guys look at this.
This is how it opens Oh, my goodness, and it’s a magnet I am so happy I did not get that ripping of yours I am dancing in my sleep right now This was finally a pretty good item For me I just got a ribbon: are gonna trip this ribbons in my bag and forget about it? Maybe it’s so many bookmarks awful! Yes, okay, guys we’re ready for number 9 I think I’m thinking yeah yeah you’re right Okay, I want to switch I’ll Give you a clue info all right No, these are so awesome So I got to nobody wants a chocolate bitten into my love I never seen so much that people, so this is the most basic yeah I don’t know where deep this thing he knows, because that’s what I wanted them with this thick enough, all right so squishy all right! These are not sticking out they’re Just nuts I mean they’re, pretty cool okay, so these are going inside our backpacks and now we’re ready for the last number Are you guys ready round number ten man you’re like real gonna keep my face Dre every time right So if I switch this one pink lemon galaxy one – oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, the basic no but in the world, ah am universe of amigos Yes, I lost this challenge, especially with the art, mantis basic and it even says face I don’t want to put this in my pizza, so I got two notebooks I got this pink one with lemons and I got this stylus big one and the paper insider is just plain line paper I like a lot, so this is mine and if I open it you this literally the same on every page, so I don’t need further explaining I do not need further You got a weird paper, I know fence This is not squirt I don’t need further X It’s like learning how to write in cursive paper get away from me go to where you belong and the trash My friend this is the last item Arno foots going into our bag My bag is so full won’t even go I’ll just put candy for school I met again some muscles before school, so alright, so guys that was our last I am This is our finished backpack oh yeah got some school We almost forgot stay tuned Look at our channel reach My eye look there because we’re gonna do a second part You have more stuff, so yeah, I’m gonna do a second pop and guys it looks like a real one, but anyway it’s just coming them in order I won because that would just make me feel good

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