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Back to school pharmacy Makeup Course

1 Nov , 2019  

Like that, second word: hey guys! Welcome, hey guys, China. I had my finger.. These are press-on nails, your notice that I lose this nail like 30 times. Ah, yes, I handle so today I’m going to be doing this back-to-school drugstore makeup. Look I wanted to do something that is very affordable, something that you can buy a Walmart Target CVS forever makeup so expensive. So I want to do something that was just all over affordable also, I know if you’re in school, you’re, probably in college and you’re saving money or you’re in high school and you’ve, to ask your parents for money.
So I wanted something that’s getting really affordable for you. Guy do this, look that you can do every day for school. I feel like personally, I feel like it’s very easy. You can pick and choose what you want to use in this. Look. You don’t have to do everything you don’t have to put on a wing liner. You can just put on mascara, do whatever customize it to how you’re comfortable? If you like this look – and you want to see how to get this look on my face, then you are gonna start off with is priming our face. Domine is the baby skin instant, pore, eraser primer. I feel like this is so similar to the Smashbox primer. I think it’s the photo finish. Hd primer. This is going to help fill in all the pores, make sure that your skin is nice and smooth when I run my fingers across it. So that means my foundation and anything that I put on tops is going to go on like butter, also another trick, so that your makeup lasts is to apply a setting spray before you start and then afterwards, your makeup is not going to move at all during School, it’s gonna stay, put whoo, I’m excited about this one. This is my first time trying the Maylene matte poreless foundation and are the Maybelline fit me matte, poreless foundation. I just got this in this is the shade soft tan in 228, so I’m gonna go ahead and put that on with my eye sonic brush. I put some on the back of my oh, my god. Oh, my goodness, I have a mixing plate that I totally forgot about. and so I’d really forgot to use it. So I didn’t have to mess up my hand, but that’s fine. So I’m going to apply it with my iconic brush right here. You start to work it into my face. I got excited because it said matte and poreless and matte and poreless to me sounds like skin dream. So I was excited about that, and this is the shade soft hand and I’m like I’m a soft tan. I think that works I just hand… You know what happened just you know. Everything about me they’re right here, so you guys can follow me insight on.
What’s going on in my day to day life, so next step I’m going to use some concealer, I mean both of them and a light medium one and a light one I’m going to mix them together on my mixing plate and I’m going to focus the concealer Right on the inner corner, you see how it gets really deep. It has like a big dip and then I’m going to bring it all the way down the side of my nose press it into my skin and push it out to the top of my cheekbone. In high school, what I used to do, and I kind of go into more detail on what my suggestion is to have a cleaner. Looking flawless makeup. Look, we want to get more information about that. I will have it linked below, so you guys can check it out, basically you’re, creating the illusion that you don’t have a very defined a circle here. That’s why you bring it down a little bit so the eyes distracted by that light right in this area, if you want to, you, can also use this as a base highlight so just making this part of your face a little bit brighter right down the center Of the nose and tops of the lip and chin you don’t even have to highlight, if you do this, if you want more of a natural-looking highlight, you can just use this and just put powder over it. But if you want your highlight to look a little bit more intense, you can go ahead and do this also and put highlight over it and it’ll look a lot more prominent in those areas. Mmm. Another thing you can do with your concealer is use it as a primer and I’m already using concealer, so I feel like I can just do it with concealer and get the same effect. It’s gonna make your eyeshadow look a little bit more vibrant. It’s gonna make it really stick on and last a little bit longer. I’m gonna blend that in to my skin, I’m just going to hydrate my lips a little bit with these big lips, such a cute little package, I’m sore a little dry and then I’m going to go ahead and do my brows, this brow, precise micro, pencil Right here, gonna notice that I’m focusing the pencil on the areas that I don’t have very much hair and staying away from the areas where I have a ton of hair. Because then it’s gonna look uneven. If you want to add a few more hairs in the front, I would suggest use the lightest feathery touch like if you’re scared of it. That’s when you know you’re doing it right. So you just take your pencil and just use light upward strokes a little bit of them. Don’t go crazy because you don’t want to end up with a box i’ma wipe off the excess powder, that’s going to prevent our under eyes from creasing for the eyeshadow.
Today. I’m going to be using this elf palette, it is the perfect palette. This is the palette you would need all year like you can use this every single day. If you want to do a little bit of a soft glam, if you want to go to school with a full-on smokey eye, it’s up to you, you can definitely do it with this palette. Okay, I’m gonna start off with the lightest shade in the palette, which is this one right here, I’m going to just brush that all over my lid, so all the way from the lid up to the eyebrow so the next year, I’m going to pick up Is this one right here, I’m going to use my morphe m4 12 brush will work this on to the crease. It’s going to just add some natural definition to your eye and I’m going to work this in windshield, wiper, motions back and forth on my crease and I’m using a light hand, so that in case I want to go a little bit deeper. I can do that. I want to focus more definition on the outer part of the eye and bring light into the inner corners, so I’m going to leave it pretty wide open there, okay, so the next shader my go into. Is this darker shade of brown right here and I’m just going to deepen up the outer part of the crease with using the same brush? And I really like this brush for the crease by the way. This is need morphe, m41, too, and it is just you see that point. It just gets right where you need to be so now, I’m going to focus the darker shade right below it closer to the crease and then I’m just going to tap my brush. Just a little bit into this darker Brown right here, just a little dot and then I’m going to work that into circular motion on the outer corner, just so that it is the darkest right here right there and then, if you’re, not so great. At blending out your eyeshadow or you feel, like you, have so much product on one brush, go ahead and take a new brush. This is a clean, fluffy, brush softly blend out the edges. It’s going to help everything, look, seamless and I go ahead and do the other side make sure there is no harsh edges, I’m just going to go ahead and take some of that same shadow. We used earlier on a flat shader brush. I just want to intensify that lid color I’m going to use this brush because it’s more densely packed. So what that means is that you’re going to have more product on your brush and you’re going to get more product in one spot. So I’m going to go ahead, you see how that is like very intense. So now, I’m just going to press the shadow move it around so that you even it out with that same color, I’m gonna go ahead and do the brow bone.
I a little bit for my highlight I’m going to use this wet and wild highlight and also use this on my face later, but it’s this geometric highlighting palette and I’m just going to go ahead and work my pencil brush into all of those shades like so This is the zoeva 230 luxe pencil brush by the ways in case you guys are wondering I’m going to go ahead and pop it into the inner corners. You see how it does that it’s like a subtle pop it just so. The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take everything that I have on the crease and also apply it to the lower part of the lash line. I’m just going to keep it on the outer part, I’m not going to bring it all the way in. So while I do that, let’s cue the music I give up so next, I’m going to do a wing, I’m going to use the NYX vinyl liquid liner. If you’re looking for an inexpensive liner, that works really really good, you have a lot of control this one and the NYC one are both really really good for mascara, I’m going to use the lash sensational from a bleeps gonna cut my lashes and then I’m Gon na apply some false lashes. You don’t have to do this if you already have long fluffy lashes, I’m not saying to put my lashes on every morning personally. If it was me, I would be putting them on every morning, but that’s just me, you’re. In a rush would ever skip the lashes, you don’t need them just put on a really good mascara. I just figured something out if you have one of these brushes use the brushy side, because I just comb through my bottom lashes, I brushed it down. I was like whoa there’s, no more clumps, so if you have one of these keep it, you don’t have to do this, but I’m gonna go ahead and line my inner rim with the NYX wonder pencil. It’s just a nude eyeliner pencil and I’m going to put it right on the inner corners just so that my eyes look a little bit more brighter and awake they’re awake right now, but just in case in the mornings, when you’re like super sleepy and you feel Like your eyes, look a little tired go ahead and put some of this nude eyeliner on and it’ll make them look instantly. Oh wait! That’s it for the eyes. It’s so simple! Super easy! I’m gonna go ahead and move on to my face. I’m gonna contour, so I’m gonna take this NYX face duo, sculpt and highlight right here and go ahead and use this one since, like a very ashy gray, tone color So that’s the kind of color you want to go for when you are contouring your face a little V’s right here.
Now it’s going to slim it down a lot Do you want? You can also do your cheek bone if you have time to contour your face, go ahead and contour If you don’t don’t worry about it, you know you have to do it and use my Beauty Blender It’s too blended Oh yes So the next thing I’m going to do is highlight I’m going to use this strobing stick and light am just going to apply some right here right here right where the light would hit My cheeks here and then I’m gonna blend it in with my finger, I’m gonna set my makeup with these Matt fit me matte and poreless powder This is in Sun beige and then I’m going to take this lighter powder It’s the same powder Just in a lighter shade, this is in classic ivory This is to writing out the t-zone I’m just going to use this lighter shade of powder The next thing I’m going to do is my blush for the blush I’m going to use this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful blush It’s from Milani that looks like just ignore this finger That just looks like a rose, it’s so so pretty I’m gonna use my favorite blush brush This is from NYX It’s like a duo Fiber brush the perfect brush should put on blush on the perfect brush to put on blush If you want the most natural-looking blush, keep it behind the apples of your cheekbones and using a duo Fiber brush like this is gonna Give you the like almost like an airbrush finish, gives you the most natural airbrushed looking finish, so just keep it right behind the apples of your cheekbones and then I’m going to go ahead and use my Physicians Formula butter bronzer Can we just stop and take a minute to smell? You can’t smell this smells so good It smells like almost like coconutty, it’s a bronzer, so I’m gonna warm up my face a little bit with this and just start to bring a little bit of warmth To my face, so I’m going to take my zoeva fan brush work it into this highlight right here and just put it on the areas where the light would naturally hit my face I personally put highlight right on my chin, because my face is pretty dry Put a little bit on my chin, so it looks a little bit more dewy for the lips I have this elf lipstick in the shade of pink and I’m gonna use that on my lips Thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you did, if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t want to miss it And let’s reach it, I love you guys Thanks for watching and I’ll see, you then excited by dollies

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