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Base battle: makeup revolution vs pleaise base cutcreate look

1 Nov , 2019  

It’s me girl, Marie and I’m back with another tutorial. Now this took months. How many on this one – and I show Joe and I told you – I – was going to come and conquer this base. I told y’all I’m gonna come and give y’all a review on the base on the left side right here I mean the right side is cut free space and the right side is P. Louise. Now you already can’t tell the difference today like don’t listen, so real, I am warm up. Y’All like it is sleep dream, I’m ready to go out like I’m feeling good um yo.
They pulled me over yesterday and gave me a month to get myself. I didn’t have any insurance when I didn’t have insurance. The car is just oh and it’s a new it’s a new car. So I guess to be my 2019. There was no that out and I go to court Plus me playing with the new cut crease Kevin bass girl on one I’m gonna see. If these are comparable to the Philippines, bass doesn’t dry cooler. No. Does it uh capture the colors like they supposed to like what is it about this bass? They keep comparing this to the P Louise I’m going to apply the cut crease cameras base first, so we had this in the shade, create medium and etch deep. I don’t know if y’all can see that I’m going so kind of mostly HD with a little bit mixed them together and I’m only going to apply it on the Sun seconds. Just that, so I’m gonna apply on the right side of my iPad. People use one D, I said it’s like a mini version of the concealer, so people use these as basis to self line a shadow and they say that it’s really didn’t love the packaging sleep and I also love people use packaging, mr. fields, so these are less Than this one, but this is the shipping cost to send to you – will be probably more than purchasing this one, so they have a application where you can apply it in first row, people use they have a when you squeeze now and do it that way, something Okay, a lot comes out and dab a little bit of the other color, but this is a good color off bag. This is a good color. This reminds me of people use base number 5 y’all ain’t done much because it’s really watery. This is number 3. Please. When you squeeze it out, it’s very thick inconsistent. You know. I also want to know that she does it right, so we are going to give it to em see. Look. This base is thick there, so you can see This is where we change.
This is more watery in this one I love the color off back The color is fine Let’s hang my zoeva 147 and we’re just going to practice out of coverage Come on Do full coverage, so don’t go crazy with this, because a lot goes along up Little goes a long way The only thing is the consistency clipping a little bit more thicker instead of MPs, old, winery she’s like cracks us, okay and I’m basically puff me just thick and it dries down to a semi-matte finish It doesn’t dry dry It’s like a semi matte, look the same to me Okay, and that did someone change time inside which can when it is This is make a revolution Country fastness is futile means Like one thing, because I don’t look up, I have crispy Elliot minutes We let this sit for five minutes sharp five minutes I want to see if it completely dries up all right times up Oh miss pinstripe for five minutes that family’s good time to let a face dry If you have, if you have the time hey, drew I’ve been getting up and also, and I’m no creases and neither the bases see: okay, I’m feeling it Okay, let me use a shadow Jan Kaas palette, a little brown today I want, instead of like always I’m gonna pack, this shade on, I wearing it so in supply Everything is catching these colors So I see you still see a semi dry, but it’s not like dry draft So definitely could tell the difference, though you did the totally different store One I did show you difference is that this one seems like his job, but it’s not really dry We just like that or dishing out something the week I’m taking day and we are about to head goodnight signal weights in my manner We will make a wing get our name of this shoe It is the beefiest beauty – and I came with me on to shop young anyway Don’t quit chases 8! It’s gonna be deep wound de la face off camera and I’m looking right back well back into this palette and I’m going to grab this, and maybe blue right here smoke this out with this, I want to use any cosmetics to align my lip and I Want to just saying, from dose of colors to put in the center and I’m gonna use this gold lip You keep your lips mix If you want to say anything, I’m gonna come right back one-up it on my outfit, I’m sure you’re on an outfit everything

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