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Basic course for beginners

30 Sep , 2019  

Guys so first thing and like the most basic makeup application as far as your foundation is you apply your primer and your moisturizer moisturizer? First, let it soak in let it soak in then your primer there’s a lot of different types out there um, I, the one! I’ve used at the MoMA use different ones right now, using the Smashbox photo-finish, and this is just a sample size, but there’s plenty different ones, and I say on that topic: do your own research, because everybody skin is different things.
We have different primer acts as a as a primer acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, as well as it helps them make your makeup apply a lot smoother than without a primer. Some people, that’s good, for some people does not go for me. I don’t use a primer all the time um, but when I want that really flawless look and just to be extra for whatever reason I use a primer right now, I’m just using my NARS foundation and I’m just going to spot my face, and I feel like This and I’m using a Beauty Blender. I like the Beauty, Blender a poster brush means it gives you that really really airbrush. Look really simple, really easy. You can’t really my simply to be blender. You know it blends, really easy and effortlessly. I like sponges a lot and lately, even in my makeup kit, I have I’m use my sponges more than my brushes nowadays. So foundation has to say so now I was going to blend it out you when you consider what conceal creating a shape to your face. So what I do is boom boom. Okay, just create that shape like that triangle, shape um. When you can sail when I can tell at least it’s better to go with a shade. A little lighter. To be honest, the shade is a little bit more than lighter. I’m going on you guys, but um, it works for me and just be careful, you know we’re okay, how’d, you get the chin cuz, you want it when you want that lit from within look so to get that lit within from within very natural. Look. You want to conceal in this way here like that, now we’re going to take our sponge and we’re going to blend it out. Okay, you guys so now that was it. She has simple of makeup. Foot makeup tutorial at is to have a clean face, but just to finish it off. What I like to do is I’m going to add a blush, and my everyday go to blush is raising by Mac Okay, so we’ll take that one I found on a on a blush brush, you can use many different brushes as your blush brush me personally.
This is my favorite blush brush and this is by Real Techniques If you decide alter, I may be targets, I’m not sure about by Malta and um we’re going to apply that a lightly Please put this lightly guys not be outside Again All types of I don’t even know like crazy Okay, you’ll see how I apply it I’m going to apply it really gently Mac, I’d like a little smirk because just adds a little bit of warmth, okay, and what a lot of people don’t know? Okay or they don’t realize you can see the difference actually Well, I could, I don’t know what you guys Well, people don’t realize is you’re Depending on what color um blush you use, it can serve sort of kind of as a um contour and I’m not go see is going to contour your face, but it kind of shapes your face Even more, you can see Look to me It shapes the side of my face even more at the end of the day, no matter what I say, I’m not any of Scott Barnes or whatever, but even them like at the end of the day, make uh supposed to be fun and it’s about enjoying it And just having fun with it, put a gloss popped it on with that So that’s on a Mac, Holiday Collection, mm-hm, clean machine I love two machines I love my love, my love, my and um you’re, basically done, and that’s just your everyday going out Do errands makeup look simple alive, I do have eyeliner, oh, and I have lashes on You can take that off your also just as nice I hope it was helpful for someone out there, because I know in this age of Instagram and we have all these toriel’s of this dramatic makeup and I feel, like people learn fun they’re Trying to I guess what I’m saying it’s nice to look at to me but everyday, when you’re trying to learn and you’re not ready from the cop for the contours and everything you have to start somewhere and I feel like this is an example of where to start after You got this pat-down, then you can move on up to the dramatic contours and whichever from there, okay, so that was interesting I hope that was helpful I hope it was cool good You know who that but um, I’m not the CEO next time and he’s loving happiness You all a happy new He is Hey

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