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1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everybody welcome to blogeee wednesday 21. This is so exciting. I can’t believe how late blog this is gone like it’s actually crazy, its name here, but I’m so excited because it seems like it’s so close, but also like the weekends gonna take so long. However, there’s only one post day left and I haven’t actually got my presidency yet because I’ve ordered them all. I thought we did a great job. You know what know who turns up so that it’s great there’s today, it’s roaring.
They just feel like they’re, not gonna turn up, so nobody presents, which is gonna, be the best thing ever, not Oh company, that literally cons. Why don’t they deliver on that same Sunday, write blog as well as going well vlogging you guy. That was on a live stream. Somebody trying to try to talk to both so I’m using the Fenty Beauty foundation, and I’m just gonna rub this in with this little brush. As I said, it’s the best thing ever what it’s better! It’s makes my skin look. Crania day is gonna be quite light for me now folks, I’ve got a tan yeah, it’s quite like to be fair. I leave my mark Jeff come on. I don’t know where it’s gone right, there’s out the up on my goodness, my skin. That’s so good right now, yeah saffron outside doing my makeup on the light, all the lights up: okay, that better yeah. I started my makeup and then that my mum Bates told me that she’s gonna go see my Nana granddad. So it’s like okay, I want to come so I’m actually going like this of a co-op makeup on which is so annoying. So, ah, okay, yes, because I really really really wanted to do out the whole thing off put makeup in my hair as well. It’s not good, you know, okay, so I’m gonna go out there and then I just have to finish it once I got back. I do know what I miss apart. Those parcels gonna be coming today. I just caught your seat. What you gonna do there twelve days of Christmas again, maybe the washer singing from this Christmas. It was the cutest thing ever only say: okay, now don’t interfere. Okay, let me get the other people in the vlog Stewart all the family is here. Look at my hair honestly. What do I look like love see here? Huh yeah me over top, not eight ladies dancing, seven swans, a-swimming, six geese a-laying, Oh Quinn, the best three friends in the pantry right, I’m saying goodbye to many more so we’re gonna see Christmas Day.
Thank you. Bye! Don’t go girl of job way. We’ve never gone off like a big family on foot. We are say my name will come, but you getting a hair done, ha ha ha. I mean this up my hair, oh oh my, but I was seeing this every day. We actually have any pictures together. So Christmas, I need to get a good pic. No, but I not many recently, oh no back in the summer and yeah he’s barbecue yeah. That was like the last that you’ve had together. So we need to get another pick, a anyways, very art, hey you ready! Yeah so Casey its Nicole coming for lunch, tasty, Nicole and her lower coming out, and then my aunty Archie, ivy who’ve, I missed you are come in you are, will be hung with me yet jets. Gentlemen. Yes, not coming he’s. No, you know he’s at the gym right guys. I’ve, like transformed my barn. It looks like a Kozlov now, but we are working across. So we all drove a night separate cars that noise, you can hear, isn’t my ID just wondering if anything, while she walks basically well. My pastors haven’t turned up what the author 15 minutes, basically in front of tracker parcels. So that’s the situation but we’re walking across the marina and we’re gonna go where Archie food came super quickly, decided to tuck in arch those very delicious Nicole, kiyotaka we’ve, the blog. Oh, we got lots of celebrations in the car. Is it actually books the celebrations? Yeah, Oh basically, he does this every year. Hang on. Does this every year what he mixes up with a bachelor and puts it into one quality Street heroes? Yeah! Sorry, okay, idea: I’ve gotta, have it on good morning everybody and welcome back to inner wall. So good, when I every single time I’m on the camera, I get nightmares. My hos may know this, so I won’t get over in such a good mood because basically, my dad’s birthday present wasn’t supposed to be getting here until the 27th. Well, it’s just arrived and his birthday it’s a day before Christmas and his birthday, it’s Christmas Eve, you’ve been following me for a long time. You will do that so he was gonna, have no birthday present for me, but it’s card-table dad lays on the phone, but he’s feeling good until you know so. My dad’s butter presents hand up it’s one of those things we don’t know because I like though, but me and my person we really like. So that’s that I need to wrap a lot of her up and start before I go out today. I’m going to town and need to get last-minute Christmas presents. I’m gonna do that by the way I’m in my mobile, yes bottoms, my pajama bottoms.
I haven’t completely got changed yeah, but can you please help me mum? Can you help me? Oh yeah, it’s really great Tina! Oh hello, I’m late! You listen to her album like every single day for the past week and a half okay right, Esther! That’s my pop! The present so guys I’ve changed into an outfit. This top is from album amp. You’ve said it looks like a ski top, though we don’t. I’m not really feeling, but I feel like is actually a really nice top. Then I’ve got these and bottoms on. They are from or they farm, but no these are from Zara. These ones and they’ve got little booties from H & M. So this is my outfit. This is the crying situation. Obviously, because I’m doing the presents and stuff I’ll go show you what like mama does presence is like from the outside. So there’s that, but in a minute we’re gonna go to town and I’m super excited, so I’m gonna. Obviously, as I said the last minute and Christmas presents, and I’m also going with Nicole as well so it’s gonna be exciting. It’s gonna be good, hey guys, I’m in the car I’m waiting for mom to get in the car I be otherwise I’ll. Oh, like slows me to where I really want to, but I just you know, mom’s like you need to just went to ham like no mum. No, I can’t put heat on it anymore. I need to stop I like already even the past couple of days like it looks better look, I know they physically can’t bail. If you, I don’t know, is ever to puppet. You know obviously like it is damaging my hair, so I really really really am trying less, but he my hair, but I’m in the car I’m gonna drive, I need to pick up some presents, are at the post office. I need to drop this present off, which is my gonna talk to the address which is, and my managers presenter, which I’ve given her Sony, sent that off so yeah. She just went from auntie at the car and then we are gonna go look Monica hi, I’m a quick summary. Did you give my mom the post postal slip? You know for the thing. I need to pick up one second, because she seems to think that you did give it to her, but now she can’t find it. I never said I can’t forgot the one second, okay yeah. I do think I was just gonna check my bag. Okay, oh no, okay, yeah well, don’t go to New Haven and then come through here bye. My love, you arias! Look! I would hello Nico.
My all. My friends have replied to my Instagram very, like she’s, the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, my goodness, you haven’t seen this man in my book. Yet if you follow KC, Nicole’s bum Jo see this hat on horn. Oh it’s! The first thing: every Strauss under knee away is cuz she’s laying down. Isn’t it always good? There’s I’m so over this, and there is a hat ladies and really wants that we take her out and it’s durable. Are you ready to go? Is there hey guys so George is quite is absolutely packed. I’m fishing the you follow that I mean she wasn’t really being a drama fufu. She she a little bit she’s tired, so because virtually home to her, she looks like a slob right now. It’s the cutest thing. The way like all wraps around it cuddled up like turtles Roy is absolutely busy. Obviously, that’s a shopping mall, oh man, it’s so busy. Okay, we’re going to choose change in subject, it’s so busy we’re going into the Garcias shop and I’m going to choose some glasses. I need some like just cheap one. I could just throw in the car. It’s like I’ve always forget to wear them. When I Drive sorry, I don’t forget whether I lose them and then I need to drive somewhere. So what are you to try some out? So this is like first, somebody believe me yeah. This is first option. Okay, these are definitely the work the spinach shot. I mean they’re encouraged, it’s not imagined. I mean I look like a scientist. I look more. I look intelligent Nicole, just hang on, I got a little kind. He thought I can’t see it so well. This is how Harlow’s cuddle drowned. Look at her she’s, so cute. It’s not far, I think I can realize I think just because I’m saying no more about people watching, probably wouldn’t notice it so much I know, is wearing a skirt honey and it’s my favorite Italian si. This applies to because Philippine here so basically like, I think – and basically it’s like I’ve, told you this before wait – focus yeah. They go, but I definitely told you this before, but this was originally my favorite restaurant because I knows about it and it’s so funny. I love the glasses so much. Okay and weird thing. Stop, although my glasses right, so our food has come, definitely not the happiest, but it looks so good. You got to give me, but you got to tell me your opinion on it: okay, yeah and let’s go there me and Nicole just been taking pictures.
We had to wait even is so annoying, but we have to wait so long with the way for me to vlog and wait for like Nicole eight inches, so you know no, we can actually eats we’re hungry yeah. So we are with my parents, mom dad, say: hi we’re home and basically I’ve got harlot an extra special present, because Mexico was gonna give to have a Christmas. But I’ve decided not to you because what’s happening well, yeah, basically she’s got basically no it’s clothes, but she’s got one out of the shoe that she’s actually already wearing on Christmas. So I wanted to give her there, so she can wear it on Christmas Eves and when it’s a crazy to be out the toilet, huh, Oh Harlow, so just when McKay together Twitter, then I can give it to them. I’m so excited I’ve got Harlow. I am an extra presently she’s open now, so you can all open it together. Come on in here we go, get excited right here we go wait. We give Miss Harlow. She can I open it up. We got to grab it. Oh yeah, I’ve ever seen. I know guys so it turns out okay, so basically, I’ve been left alone. How did I hello so my mum and dad they passed by the way I’ve just thrown this hoodie over the top? So it doesn’t exactly look like great my mom and dad I’ve gone out. You my to me yeah, so my mom and dad have gone out. Uh-Huh and then I was do my mom’s eye makeup because she asked me to do it for her, so that yeah yeah sure and she was like. I need some ashes and I haven’t – got big lash drop with the lashes, always wearing one. My favorite ever just like know if you’re going out and you would wear lashes – you have to do it properly. So like ripped up my lashes. So now I have like my eyeliners come up with it. So basically I need to sort. My face are like ASAP, but he’s just stared at me and then I’ve been here home. I played two hours right and I was watching and put again: oh my goodness, how I forgot was it gone again? Hello? Is it cold? Oh, my goodness, I can’t think I wanted, Carlo, which is like my favor one of my favorite movies. It’s listen even go man, so obviously you like I’m gonna there uh-huh, because I like obsessed with her, so I’m watching that then I later get a phone call from cases like we really want to go out because all of our friends are out and staff Would you babysit hallo and I was like I’ve – never babysitting her before but yeah sure so now I live with this little one to get on I and she’s just so hot.
So now enough of Harlow, and I need to sort my makeup out face up. So I’m left with this gorgeous girlie who’s, a wide awake. Aren’t you yeah she’s, so happy so happy. Aren’t you Harlow, because big smiles kind kind it’s like she wants to, but she doesn’t at the same time because it’s recording anyways, so Harlow is Chu. The bottle in half an hour, so I’m gonna give her that bottle, but, like I’m like talking to the camera and talking to holla at the same time, so I’m gonna she’s staring at me luck. So I’m gonna give her her bottle and then hopefully she’s gonna sleep for the night and praying I love her. I don’t want to be up all night. Like honestly, I need my beauty, sleep so badly and I did want to have a shower tonight, but I never like that’s gonna happen. I need to wash my hairs is having washed it in like three days which is kind of gross, but I’m really trying to not do as much to my hairs did you’d be like this like three days, but it’s fine. You know so I probably will have a shower and stuff in the morning, except this little one to get to the car. So it’s the first time babysitting her, it’s very exciting Wow guys do, I feel exhausted. Yes, I do I’ve just wiped off all my makeup. Finally, and I’ve squeezed all my spots, that’s looking good. I always do that always squeeze my spots. Yes, before I thought I saw my camera love that so everyone, oh I’m going it is, I am exhausted, so I gave her a bottle and then I just spill. Basically, I had to make it twice because my brother, only car like had this machine like does itself, but you have to put powder in it. I didn’t know if you don’t do it quick enough, they like restarts anyways, had to do it twice. So I’m not the second one over my spilt, the milk – and I was like oh my goodness like this – is not going well. Wow holla was fine. She was happy she’s whatever. So I done that and then literally to try and make her go to sleep because she is so tired right and like she was so happy for I can out LA but she’s so tired. Obviously so am i and she just wouldn’t sleep like for anything So I’ve literally he had to stand up because as soon as you sit down – oh she knows so, if, like she had to stand up rocking her like this, so I’ve literally had to stand up rocking her like this for an hour and 10 minutes and honestly, My arm went back my neck aches.
I wanted to do like a really cool transition Like speed up me like looking after Harlow, I thought no! No! No If I move one more time, honestly honestly, but basically you see her bed was here, so we’ve just moved that from upstairs and she’s now asleep and she’s in my bedroom I quickly look how cute this rat and paper is before I go to bed I bought this from John Lewis and it’s the best thing ever and it goes with all the presents under the tree This is my frozen and so excited This is the present I bought my dad This is the present I bought for my mom and I’m telling you now I’ve treated them while they are going to love their presence I cannot wait to show you guys Christmas Day Vlog Christmas Eve Log is gonna, be the best thing ever Please look at practically seriously It’s gonna be the best thing ever Why did I squeeze that spot? What was I doing on this one on this one and this one? Hmm, I love that I would end the vlog upstairs You know what I don’t really want to risk anything, so I don’t think I am Oh, my goodness look, oh just what is that? Oh, that’s just water from washing my face Also really don’t know what you think of this top, because I actually really liked it But I used it wasn’t, did I it’s bit see-through, don’t want to beat this see-through, but now mom, just kind of said It kind of does remind me of like ski thermals So I’m not too sure I don’t know I just love like these high necks anyways I’m gonna go to bed and in the morning I’m gonna look at all of my presents Look We have all the presents underneath our tree Well, majority of them I’ve still got a wrap some of my nap, but we have most the prints onto the tree, I’m gonna start feeling them and guess, and what I’ve got cuz I haven’t no idea I’ll be flogged in tomorrow as well, for you guys so be sure to click up For that I just realized sheds got another present under the tree Jed is so spoiled this year He has no idea but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the bog and anyways I hope you guys did too the blog and I’ll see you guys tomorrow Bye

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