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Be frugal with me in autumn. Frugal sweaters, jackets + more try-on in thrift stores

30 Sep , 2019  

Alexis sunshine. 83: it’s always sunny here piece and shiners, Luxus Unchained anything right here, hello, hello, super sunny day what is up or sunny Sunday. I totally forgot today’s. it’s a hello hi, as you can tell I’m getting in the fall vibes. I mean I’m wearing a sweater, a 90 degree weather so and lately every time I’ve been going to the thrift store. I just haven’t been finding that many like sweaters or jackets. So today I’m going to really try just specifically thrift, some fall items because once it actually becomes kind of cold they’re, all gonna be gone, so you got to start early.
Also, one of you guys actually messaged me and we’re like. Are you going to the? I think it’s like 45% off denim sale at savers and I was like wait. A second excuse me. I don’t think this will be like a specifically dedicated. By the same time, I still kind of want to like take a look and, if there’s a discount, why not I’m just excited to go on and have some fun get more sweaters, hopefully all right. So it’s definitely cool white 50 today, so I’m first gonna start out and the jeans it is 45 percent off, so I’m gonna just start there. Since that is gonna. Have the discomfort some overalls I mean they’re. Okay, then I don’t really love red. So when it comes to jeans, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before. I usually don’t look through every single one. I just feel every single one like the texture just because for me, I’m always looking for more of a mom Jean. So I like it to be like a structured Jean and, like you usually tell quite quickly, just by feeling the material and it’s not like, I need more Gen. No, it’s just like why, wouldn’t I at least take a look if it’s 45%, these ones are a really nice material, but the style of it and also be size, wouldn’t fit me. So I’m going to save these faded glory ones are definitely a maybe the color of the dam and the feel of the dam is like I just found. I just found these brown Wrangler jeans and, although I’m not really sure how I feel about tan and brown pants, it’s a really nice and they’re four dollars and 79 cents with been a discount like I have to help these try new. Well, these are baby. I found overall, that’s crazy, I’m so excited oh, my gosh, her part is now since I have a sewing machine anything I find that’s like a little bit oversized. I know I can just sew a it which is like super tight okay, but I couldn’t help myself. It was on the way to the sweaters. I feel like this is more pajamas, because it’s super see-through, but it’s actually really cute. We first started going to go into the jackets because I have a jacket.
That’s eyeing me right now does $20. My gosh, I mean talk about a fall dress. It’s finally sweater time: I think it’s so kind of crazy that they only have one brass filled with sweaters. I guess maybe they don’t have as many donations. Obviously I live in Southern California, like we already. Don’t really have that many sweaters because they don’t need to so we’ll see how this goes like $4, my gosh, oh my god, I got it just like dries on its own sweater. Wise, didn’t go that great! So now I’m just going through literally every single section and going swimming. I made it into the dressing room. I’m actually quite surprised all the stuff I got. I have obviously more in my cart, I’m just going to go with these first. These are like, I feel, the most, so this one is originally from Chien and it says it’s in a large and I think it it kind of does fit slightly large. It is a little bit oversized. I ended up crossing feedback like stress, and it is just a little bit loose in the back, but overall I think it’s really cute. I’m not sure how I feel up the suspender thing like. I would prefer like more of an overlook, but I just feel like it’s very fall with like a sweater or oversight like being on tea. I don’t have anything really like this. That made these jeans do not work. They. I couldn’t make them high-rise, but the theme is then: they make like a camel toe pretty intensely and they’re like bootcut, so they are my favorite, so I’m not gonna get them. I did go for it, be brown Wrangler jeans, but I am Telling You they reek, so bad that I was like. I can’t put this on my body, so they are no they’re really cute, I’m sure. If I wash them, they would be fine, but like they reek so bad these overalls. They are perfect. I wish they were part of the Jean sale, obviously they’re made with Jean, but they aren’t jeans, but yes, 100%. Yesterday I found some amazing overalls as well. So I don’t know, what’s going on, but very excited about this, I’m going to try on this dress. I mean for $5.00, like this really night, this sputters or charts race, and it’s okay. I don’t really like the v-neck, so I went into the lingerie section and I found this corset, which is actually just so cute. I wish it was just a shirt to be honest, I didn’t really square sets or, like really tight, I mean obviously that’s like the whole point of it. Okay, I don’t know how people do this. I think if it was maybe in a bigger size, because I really like this aisle, I feel like it’s kind of like trendy right now with the course that look, but maybe not an actual corset.
Oh my God, my boobs are like just so flat. I can’t not get the catcher so we’re doing again. Pants are not coming off. I don’t know how I feel about it. It says it’s a large, but it definitely it actually fits. They just don’t know. If I like it that much, I’m not really sure what it is, it’s like a coat jacket thing. It’s been quite a bit later. I ended up thrifty for a full five hours after I finished up at sabers, I went to Goodwill and then I went to Plato’s Closet and now it’s just it’s here and I need to be stopped. Also. I was wearing a sweater in 100 degree weather, and I was like trying to figure out why I was so hot and then I was like yeah. Everyone probably thinks up a little bit crazy. Well, start out with these things I got from savers first, since that was them anything that you guys have seen. First thing I ended up getting, which is just you know, it’s a curve ball. It doesn’t really make any sense. I just really wanted it. Is this cat gene button up? You know, there’s not too much going on with it. I love cats. If you didn’t know, I don’t have a cat, unfortunately, hopefully sometime soon, but it just has on the sides, these cats and there’s just something about funky t-shirts with animals on them and just funky things with animals that just like really gets me. It was six dollars and 49 cents, and it’s originally from a company called that Bobby Brooks, and I just thought it was made really well I’ll probably wear it with denim tuck it in all that jazz. I think altogether. I ended up spending like $40 at Sabre. The next thing I got were these short overall, I said during the thrifting part, I’ve been finding so many short overalls. I went thrifting yesterday with Leah and Carrie, and I found these short overalls that are just amazing that you’ll see next Sunday, but these ones up. It’s just so good. I can’t say no to a good pair of overalls. They are originally from a company called honors and they do say they’re at a large and they just fit they fit so great and they were $7.99 and here’s the thing you can wear them with sweaters. So I’m like kind of summery kind of not summary. I would love to find some different like Disney patches, that actually work, because every time I try to get patches at jo-ann fabrics, they never work out and kind of like patch them right there cuz. I see those all the time and I’m like. I really want it, but they’re always very expensive, especially on Poshmark and deep pop, and I forgot that I can just do that.
I don’t have to specifically buy a Disney one to put Disney patches on overall, especially with all the overalls that I own, then I ended up getting the suspender overalls just because this plaid, it’s just so cool it’s like orange. I think it’s dark blue and it just was full-on fall, it’s originally from Chien, and it was five dollars and 49 cents also I’m definitely guilty during the fall winter time, just opting for sweaters sweatshirts, big t-shirts. All of that – and I really have been experimenting with my style – a lot. I don’t want to incorporate that and to fall, so I feel like this is just another piece that I have never really style, even though I have a bunch of overalls, it’s just a little bit different. It does also have pockets, which is always a good time, and then I got a jacket which I just realized. That has a really weird like stain all night. I don’t know if you guys can see I’m gonna wash it so hopefully that will come out anyway. It’s originally from a company called style & Co, it’s in an extra-large, and I got it for $4.99, which I jacket for $4.99. It’s really good! I’m maybe realizing why it was so inexpensive, but oh well kind of like an oversized jacket. It’s got the faux shearling on the sleeves as well. It doesn’t have any of the faux shearling inside which I really like cuz. Sometimes I can get kind of sweaty. It does actually zip all the way up so like even to like the neck, which I probably won’t do. Then I ended up going to Goodwill, which the goodwill I didn’t really have that much. I just wanted to take a look at their sweaters. I didn’t realized that today is Thursday, which is their one dollar, Thursday sale, and there were a lot of people I like walked in, and I was like man why there’s so many people and then I realized it. So this one was not $1. Unfortunately, it just looks like this: it’s just a button-up kind of purple blue color, it’s urgently from LL Bean and it isn’t a large it’s made with quite a thick sweater material. It’s definitely not thin, and this color, I don’t really have. Oh, it has shoulder pads. How it proceeded I’ve never seen a sweater with shoulder pads. The buttons are very interesting I’ll insert what they look like did not realize that anyway, I just thought it was. I said chunky I love cardigans. I only own one cardigan. I didn’t try it on so, hopefully it worked in for the things that I got at Plato’s Closet. I have said it before. I really try not to Plato’s Closet, often because they do buy the clothes from customers. So I mean it’s a little bit skewed.
It’s not necessarily like a traditional thrift store, which means they usually have some pretty trendy cool clothes, and if you are kind of intimidated by the thrifting scene, it’s always a great option. If you do have one by you saying that I always end up spending too much money because they are a little bit overpriced because they can. I got some sweaters. I got some jeans. It was just a good time. So the first thing I ended. Oh, how much did I spend I think, like $67, honestly, I’m not proud of that. It’s because the jeans I got were like almost 20, which they were just such great mom jeans, it’s that, like, I obviously needed more. The first thing I got were these shorts, which are so awesome and I’m so happy they fit and they like. Okay, I’m like getting ahead of myself. They look like this. They are these plaid, almost court, corduroy, shorts and they’re. Just so interesting they’re originally from a company called Liz sport petite they are in a size, 10 and they were $12. Oh my gosh there’s just like this forest green. I find sometimes with these type of shorts. They like bunch up at the lower stomach region and these ones don’t do it. So I was like, oh my god. I have to get it and this with a sweater up. I then ended up getting a t-shirt which ended up being twelve dollars, and it was originally from forever 21, and it just looks like this. It’s very plain: Jane shouldn’t have been twelve dollars, but I bought it anyway, and the thing that I liked about it is: it has the puff sleeves on the side and that kind of bunches up at the boob area, and I just thought it was really cute. It almost has like every single trend – that’s really big for tops in it, so I had to get it. I ended up getting two sweaters, which I was really happy that I went to the other thrift stores because at savers they just really did not have that many sweaters and I don’t know if they’re still trying to get rid of their summer inventory. But half the store is Halloween, so I feel like they would have more sweaters, but anyway I ended up first getting this sweater. Is it mom purple pink anyway? It’s originally from Toby, it is in a large and it was $10. The distressed look, it’s kind of oversized. I could tuck it in. I definitely would have to wear some sort of bralette or a tank top under it because it is quite low in the v-neck I’m so happy actually worked out because it’s made with such a nice soft material but does not shed, and it’s not itchy.
I just feel like it’s a different kind of sweater and I thought it was cool The next sweater is kind of weird It’s almost kind of cropped and it kind of have like a batwing effect It’s originally from a company called Stockholm, tel ER, and it is in a medium and I got it for $10 It’s cream I have so many cream sweaters literally one of my favorite type of sweaters I just feel cream is just so nice in a sweater It kind of has a little bit of a turtleneck I really like this bunched up turtleneck effect I think it’s so cool It is a little itchy, literally everything that I try to avoid with this one or this one has, but I don’t even care, because I do really really like it has quite wide sleeves and it comes down quite a lot as well, but then it is wrapped I like the entire thing and even the bottom: oh, it has like different type of stitching at the bottom and then I got some jeans and B his jeans mm They were 18 dollars and I’m telling you I was in the dressing room like you: don’t need them Alexa Why are you gonna? Buy them Alexa, don’t do what Alexa give them the money for it, because you do love them they’re originally from Gap They are a little bit tight, so that’s the only thing they just really like mmm and I’m usually used to more oversized denim but they’re Just such a nice deep wash – and I felt like this wash – would be perfect for fall I ended up getting like a $5 off discount because I buy so much at Plato’s Closet, and so it ended up in my head being only $13, which made me feel a little bit better about it It does say it is in a 7/8 It’s nice and high-waisted I just was thinking about all the sweaters I could wear with it, because I don’t have that many jeans bolt now I do because I’ve been like through flipping them that fit really nice at the waist without a belt, whereas this one just fits so perfect even though it’s still high drifting fall Clothes is definitely my favorite fall and winter I feel like that’s where thrift stores really kind of shine, although my specific thyroid didn’t do that great and the sweater department I’ll give it like two weeks and fingers crossed, they got some good stuff surf hauls thrifting with Me’s, make sure you hit subscribe right down below and hit that little bell to be notified Alex Lynch at 83 keep up to date with me during the week be happy and I love you – lots bye

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