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Beautiful cooperation of the new Pixi?

1 Nov , 2019  

. If you guys don’t know, I don’t have a target near me. Okay, so I don’t have pixie in a local store. I was visiting family. This weekend and they had a target near them, and I went to go pick up some throw pillows for my new couch and then I was like wait a minute. I need to go check the pixie section to see if these collab products are available and sure enough a few of them were so I picked them all up and we’re gonna be trying them today. I’m really really excited about these, I’m so happy for all the girls that were able to collab with pixie recently, so we’re gonna be trying out the pixie and rachel loves highlighting palette.
This is the layers highlighting palette, we’re also gonna be trying to get pixie and Hart eyes. Shadow palette. Look how cute this is, and then I picked up one of the pixie and Miriam. I am lip kits. This is the day kit and it’s so fun. So yeah. The rest of the products are gonna be products. You’ve seen me use before. I’m super excited to try all these out. So let’s just get right into it. I’m gonna go ahead and prime the eyes with a little bit of my fenty Beauty, Pro filter concealer. This one is in the shade 140 hmmm that might have been too much concealer. Oh well, I’m gonna blend that out with the morphe m17 3 brush and I’m just gonna go ahead and buff that all over the lid and then once the concealer is pretty evenly distributed with the brush. I’m just gonna go over it with the sponge, just to make sure it’s nice and blended out. I’m gonna take some of my glossy a router on a smaller powder brush and I’m gonna use this to set the eyelid and then it will be nice and prepped for the eyeshadow palette. We’Re just gonna press that on the lids, alright we’re ready for eyeshadow here’s the eyeshadow palette that Hart created with pixie. I had the opportunity to meet Hart in London when we went on the bareMinerals trip and I’m not lying when I say she’s, one of the kindest sweetest funniest people, I’ve ever met. She was so kind to me and my husband – and I just feel really blessed – that I was able to meet her and spend time with her because she truly is one-of-a-kind and she seriously has the kindest heart like her name is perfect for her, because she has Such a wonderful heart, she’s, so wonderful, you guys, and so I was so happy when I saw that she got to collab with Pixie, and I knew that I wanted to pick this up as soon as I found one in a target. So let’s go ahead and try this out. I’m gonna start off with this shade right here called February, 4th I’m gonna take that on a larger rush and just start buffing this in the crease and a little bit above kind of as our transition shade.
There’s a couple shades in this palette that would work as transition shades, but I’m kind of starting from lightest to darkest. So I’m just gonna work this into the crease and really buff it out toward the end of the brow and also a little bit in this inner corner once there’s less product on the brush. We’Re just gonna do the same thing on this eye. Until the intensity on both eyes are the same so far, so good, that’s blending out really nicely next. When I hop into this shade right here called oh, he got money, that’s really cute! I like that name. This one seems a little bit more peachy, and so I’m just gonna layer this slightly underneath that first shade, basically just in the crease and then I’m also gon, na kind of bring it down on this outer portion of the lid I’m debating whether I want To do like my normal eye shadow look or if I should do a halo by hmmm, maybe we’ll switch it up I’ll do a halo eye, which means I’m gonna also kind of deepen up this inner corner here and then we’re gonna leave the center. More light same thing on this eye: that shade is really nice and soft, and this is also blending out very nicely. Alright, I’m gonna take a little bit of a smaller brush and I’m gonna hop into this shade right here. This one’s called fur babies. It’s just a really pretty warm peachy Brown there’s a little bit of red in there. I’m gonna chop off the extra and I’m gonna start to press this onto the outer corner to deepen up that part of the eye, and then I’m also gonna bring it into the inner corner. Layering it right. On top of the shade we just applied since we’re doing a halo eye, I’m making sure to just apply the product here and here on both eyes and the center is pretty much blank. We’Re just gonna keep building up the depths on the outer portions and then all they are some of the shimmer shades in the center. Alright, let’s deepen it up even more by going into this shade right here, which is the deepest matte shade in the palette. This is called coffee. This is a really pretty rich brown and I’m just gonna take that same brush actually, and I’m gonna build this color up in those same exact areas, just to really make sure that the outer and inner corner have a lot of depth. I love how many matte shades there are on this palette, because that’s what I personally reach for all the time, unlike an everyday basis, but it’s also really nice to have the shimmer shades for more of an evening.
Look if you want I’m gonna mix. These two shades right here we have the best fam and then Philippines. I hope I’m getting the shades right. Sometimes I don’t know when it’s on the back of the palette like which one is which so I’m just gonna take this on my finger and start to apply it in the center of the lid. Oh, that’s really pretty. I actually loved the to mix together. It makes like the perfect Capri shade same thing on this eye: all right once the shimmers are layered on I’m gonna mix the two darkest matte shades in the palette, which is what we were just using on the inner and outer corners, and I’m just gon Na apply a tiny bit more of this just to deepen it up even more okay, I really like how that looks. I’m gonna take the liquid fairy lights that Miriam created again. This is the daytime lit kit. Look at this glitter. Are you kidding me, I’m so excited? I love a good glitter. You guys know – and I thought this would be perfect right in the center of the eye lid over top of the shimmer shades. So I’m just gonna layer that up and then press it in with my finger. I love that color, I’m gonna apply it to this eye and then dab it out with my finger. I’ve never tried this formula before I don’t know if it’s a completely new product or if she just created a shade in this formula that is so beautiful. Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and wipe away any fallout that got under the eyes. There actually was quite a bit with that eye shadow, but that’s alright! That’s why we do eyes. First, when we’re doing glam looks all right. I’m just gonna take my fingers and kind of press out the edges, because I want that shape, but I don’t want it to be super harsh. I’m gonna go into the wanderer beauty, mile-high club mascara and I’m gonna apply two coats to the top lashes. Sometimes I wait until after I apply foundation and powder to apply mascara, but when I have glitter on the top lids, I’ve noticed that it really helps to kind of keep it from falling down. If I do my top lash mascara before going into complexion products, so I’m just gonna go ahead and apply this alright, so I applied about three coats for that extra drama. I just started using this mascara again and I swear to you sometimes when I open a new mascara and I apply it. I don’t like it as much as I do when it’s been opened and it dries out a little bit if that makes sense, because I don’t remember it giving me this much volume. When I first tried out this mascara, I really like how you can build this up, though, like the first coat is more lengthening and then, as you build it up, you can add the volume and even more length to it, but yeah I’ve been kind of reaching For a lot more recently, which is kind of funny because it’s been in my collection for a while, but I’ve kind of reef, all anind of with it – alright I’m gonna kind of speed.
Through this, I’m gonna go ahead and apply some of my under beauty new delusion foundation. This foundation is so good. You guys we’re just gonna paint that all over the face, and then I’m gonna buff it out with my Real Techniques, buffing brush and then once the foundation is pretty evenly distributed. I like to go in with my sponge and I like to just kind of press that into the skin even more. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used this foundation, cuz I’ve just been trying so many new products. I forgot how gorgeous it is and the crazy thing is to like it’s really pretty when you apply it, but the thing that really sold me on this foundation was how it wore it wears so well, throughout the day on me, all right, I’m gonna go Ahead and go into that same Fenty, beauty, concealer in the shade 140, and I’m just gonna go ahead and put some underneath the eyes I’m gonna blend this out. First, it’s been a while, since I’ve used this concealer – and I don’t really remember how I feel about it, so I wanted to try it again. I’m also going to apply some down the center of the face. A little on the chin, I’m just gonna go ahead and blend that out as well, and then I’m gonna take the shade 150. I thought this was darker, but maybe it’s lighter than the other 100. Well, I’m just gonna use that to conceal the blemishes, this might highlight the blemishes it’s kind of a light concealer. Oh, maybe not you feel like it blends in pretty well and then, once everything is nice and blended, I’m just gonna go ahead and set the entire face with some more of my glossy 8 Wow. I love this stuff. Alright, now that the complexion products are nice and locked in we’re gonna go ahead and finish up the eyes, I’m gonna dip into the shade right here and I’m gonna apply that across the entire lower lash line, making sure to connect it toward the Outer corner here same thing on this eye and then I’m gonna take a smaller brush and I’m gonna dip into the two dark matte shades and we’re gonna mimic. What we did on the top lid by applying that right here and then also in the very inner corner of the lower lash line, but I’m leaving the center open for that glitter.
Just like that, and then I’m gonna take the two shimmer shades that we applied from the palette on a smaller brush and I’m gonna go ahead and apply that to the center of the lower lash line. I love those two shades mixed together, they’re. So pretty and then just to top it off, I’m going to add a little bit of the glitter right in the center. I don’t want too much, but I do want something just to kind of tie in what we have going on on the top lid. I love how the eyes look: where is the mascara? Okay, I’m gonna apply a little bit of mascara on the lower lashes, I’m just using that same exact, wander Beauty, mascara. I love this. I look. Oh my goodness. It’s been a long time since I’ve done like a super, warm toned, smoky halo eye and I’ve missed it. I really love how that looks all right, let’s go ahead and bronze up the skin. so this is one of my favorite drugstore bronzers, the L’Oreal True Match Lumi bronzer bronzer, and this is a newer one from L’Oreal. It’s the bronze, please bronzer, it’s a little bit more of a warm tone, matte bronzer than this one, but I wanted to layer them and see how it looks so. I’m gonna start with the Lummi bronzer bronzer, and I’m just gonna use this right. Underneath the cheekbones, and also I’m gonna play it right around the hairline, maybe a little down the sides of the nose under the lip and then a little bit along the jawline and down the neck. Okay, so that kind of created some shadows. Now I want to warm everything up with the L’Oreal bronze, please bronzer, I’m just gonna use the same brush and I’m just gonna smile and kind of layer that, on top of the first bronzer we applied – and this is just gonna – add a little Bit more of that healthy, warm tone glow! I really like how these are layering up. Okay, then I’m gonna take my powder brush and just kind of blend that all together, I really love both these bronzers and I think both of them together look so nice. I’m very happy with how everything is looking all right. Speaking of layering it’s time to go into the Rachel loves the layers highlighting palette, I’m so excited about this. I’ve never met Rachel, but she’s been so kind to me. and I just I’m so grateful for that she’s, so sweet and so supportive and her palette looks gorgeous so here’s what the packaging looks like there’s a little plastic film in there to protect the mirror. I really like how there’s a mirror in here and then here are all the highlighters that come in this palette. So if I’m understanding right, this palette is meant to be layered, so you can customize your own highlight shade, depending on what your mood is or what you’re wearing. So I’m excited to try this out. I don’t know which one to dip into first, oh they’re, so buttery, oh, my gosh, what that’s so amazing? Oh guys, they’re so buttery, I’m so excited.
Okay. I think I want to take clutch on my highlighting brush and let’s start to build this up on the cheeks. I’m gonna apply this in kind of a c-shape around the brow here and then I also like to bring it on the front of the cheek. Let’s do the same thing on this side: oh my gosh, that is pretty and then I always like to apply a little bit of highlighter down the nose and on the Cupid’s. Well well, that was very nice and very blinding. That’s fun! Okay, let’s see what else we could wear, maybe I’ll take a little bit of lace and apply that to the very high points kind of blended. In with my finger, oh wow, oh well, I’m not sure if this will be weird or not, but I really want to try out this purple shade and I might try it by applying it in the inner corner of the eye. I know it might look weird we’ll see. Maybe not, though I’m just gonna, do it hey, I don’t mind umm this shade is called zipper. I’m just gonna go ahead and layer that up haha layer it, but really I’m wearing it in the inner corner and blending it into the existing eyes, shadows, it’s actually, surprisingly, more wearable with the eyeshadow colors that I have on, then I thought well. Okay. I want to dip into lace a little bit, maybe mix it with the zipper shade just to make it more of like a zesty purple. You know I want to make that inner corner pop. Yes, I like that. I just wiped off the brush on a paper. Towel and I’m gonna go back into the shade clutch and I’m gonna use that, as the brow bone highlight, look how pretty that is. Oh, my gosh! You guys see how blinding that is. Whew, oh right for blush. Let’s just use this cuz it’s here! This is the Burt’s Bees blush in the shade shy pink. I love this blush. I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that to the apples of the cheeks. Oh actually, this blush looks really good with that purple inner corner. I think it ties in really nicely. I like to apply blush after highlighter because I just feel like it helps everything blend together and instead of having like three stripes of like bronzer blush, highlight it’s kind of like Neapolitan ice cream. You know where it just blends together. I don’t even like me. Apologize scream, I don’t know why. I referenced that my dad really likes Neapolitan ice cream and I remember growing up a lot of times. That was all the ice cream available in the fridge and I would open it and take out the chocolate and vanila and leave the strawberry ooh.
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor leave that down below my favorite like when I go places my go-to classic is mint chocolate chip like I love mint, choc hi chip ice cream. I want to know what your favorite is down below. Alright, I’m taking the brush that we used with bronzer and I’m just kind of adding a little bit more. I’m gonna take off any product that got on the lips and I’m not really sure. If this lip color is gonna look good. I feel like a nude lip would suffice with this makeup. Look cuz it’s a little bit busy, but we’re just gonna wear it anyways. This came in the pixi and Miriam. I am lip kit, and this is the pixie mat last liquid lip, which I love. The formula of these, but she created a new shade, called coral bang and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply this to the lips. Honestly, I feel like it would look really nice with like a pinky gloss. Maybe we’ll change the lip. If I don’t like this, but I really wanted to try it, she also came up with a nude lip color. It’s like a really pretty gunmetal sparkly eye shadow and that’s the nighttime kit, but they didn’t have that at the target and then also head-to-toe collabed with them and made a couple products. And I didn’t see those either. So I probably should use a lip liner and I really like this color on its own, but oh my gosh by golly. It’s too much with this look, but I wanted to show you anyways, that’s a really pretty coral and when it comes to bold lips, I like to wear more of a simple eye. Look, so I really do feel like that duo, like just the glitter. What that would be so pretty, but we kind of have a lot of colors going on so I feel like we do need something a little more subdued, but it is a very pretty color regardless and I’m excited to wear that on its own okay. I think I’m gonna go into the colour-pop ultra glossy lip in the shade Aquarius. I just think this will be a really pretty kind of nudey pink. That will go well with this look. I do not like the brush applicators on the ultra glossy lips, even though I love the formula, I hate the applicator, you didn’t used to have this applicator and I liked it way better. Alright, let’s step back and assess the situation more bronzer, as always, I’m gonna take the warmer toned bronzer and just add, like a smidge more to the forehead, a little more across the nose just like that. Are we good on highlighter, I’m just gonna take? What’s left on the brush and just add a tiny bit more look how beautiful that is my hairs all frizzy in the back.
This highlighting palette is really gorgeous, I’m taking just a tiny bit more of the shade lace and popping that, on top of the purple in the inner corner, just making a little more intense, alright, let’s go ahead and lock it in I’m gonna set the face Using the urban decay chill setting spray I’ve been using this one quite a bit and honestly it’s because I’ve been traveling and my all nighter setting spray czar packed away. Still. I need to unpack and this one was sitting here so I’ve been using it. I’ve actually really enjoyed it so anyway, I’m just gonna go ahead and spritz the face with this okay and then we’re gonna use. My handy fan to just dry everything off and I’m gonna. Take my sponge and lightly go over everything. So just really smooth it out once you set the face that highlighter melts into the skin, it looks so pretty setting spray seriously changes the game. It just makes everything look so much better and it just makes your face. Look so much more alive and fresh, I’m gonna go ahead and set the brows using the glossy Aboy brow. This is just the clear version. Oh by the way I use the Maybelline brow pencil, which I’ve been loving. I will have that link down below I’m just gonna touch up the brows with that pencil, really quick. Alright, so I think we are done with the makeup. Look. I love how this turned out. I actually really love how the purple inner corner ties in with a little bit of the pink tones and the tones in the lip and there’s also a little bit of pink in the glitter, and I just feel like it all tied together. I don’t know, I think it’s kind of a fun look, so hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Let’s talk about all three of these products. The pixie and heart palette was so pretty. I feel like if you’re a warm tone, neutrals kind of a gal. You would really love this. I love the look that I created with this. You could totally use some of these lighter shades for the daytime, and then you can use some of these deeper shades for more of an evening. Look it’s such a pretty palette. Congratulations heart! I love my eye makeup today. The day kit was also so pretty. I think I’m gonna have to go check out more of these. I’m probably gonna pick up her other kit and then I want to go on their website and see if there’s other shades in this formula, because this is a product that I personally would use pretty much on an everyday basis. I can’t get over the glitter in this. It’s absolutely stunning and then this lip color is so pretty as well I think they pair beautifully together.
This lip color was just too much with this makeup look, but I am really excited to have another really pretty shade In this formula, because it is such an amazing liquid, lipstick formula from the drugstore, so I’m really happy about that as well and then last but not least, can we talk about the rachhloves palette umm? Do we even need to say anything, look at that look at the glowy so pretty, and I love how, when I set the face it really melted into the skin and just gave me such a lit from within kind of a glow It’s not a chunky Glittery highlight, which is what I prefer I love the versatility of this I love this purple shade Actually it looks so pretty in the inner corner This palette is huge This is way bigger than what I thought it would be just by looking at pictures online It’s so stunning, I love this I love how there’s a mirror in it This is gonna definitely sit right here, front and center on my desk, because it’s so pretty – and it just gives you such an amazing glow So I honestly thoroughly enjoyed all these pixie products Congratulations to all the girls who collab with Pixie, it’s so fun, to walk through Target and to see fellow youtubers creating products with brands It’s seriously amazing, so congrats again to everybody who collabed I love this makeup Look and I love all these products and I can’t wait to keep using them There are seriously so many good new products at the drugstore It’s insane I keep telling myself like Okay, I’m done buying stuff You know I’ve already bought so many new products, and I literally tell myself that I’m not gonna pick anything up and then the next day there’s a new drop and I’m like Oh my gosh I need that it’s seriously a problem, if you guys have any advice on how to stop yourself from buying makeup Please let me know this summer has killed me I’ve bought so much new makeup, but the thing is so much of it is so incredible It’s honestly crazy anyways, if you’re new here hi my name is Allie and I would love for you to join the family You can do so by hitting the subscribe button and, if you’re, already a subscriber, but you want to be notified on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays When I upload click on the bell after you subscribe and you’ll get a notification every single time, I post, I love you all so much

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