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Beauty of Kardashian… Oh dear!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to this week’s hot or not Thursday. I have the entire newly revamped Kardashian range to play with we have lip items. Contour items face items concealer foundation, the whole new shebang that just relaunched now, when I say relaunch, they have had Kardashian Beauty available at Ulta in the drugstore and we’ve seen it and I’ve actually reviewed some of it. On my channel, I think, like three or four years ago, so this is not brand brand-new, but the revamp is all the packaging is different.
It looked really cool online, so I ordered it got it. I’m excited to share my thoughts. My thoughts are not that positive. Um, then this is not gonna, be the one for you. We’Re gonna go through the pros and cons and why it didn’t work out. For me, I am wearing a lot of this makeup right now and I want to show you how it applies. Looking at my makeup, I do enjoy aspects of my makeup today, but I don’t enjoy how it applied, how hard I had to work to blend and how it feels right now it just feels heavy. That’s the best way I can describe it. My face makeup normally feels very light and fresh, and I can actually feel this makeup on my face. So let’s go through everything kind of in order of application. So we’ll start with the foundations. They are $12.99. There are eight different shades. I have the shade. 30 soft beige – and I alsohave the shade 40 natural beige. Now I enjoy that these are nice jars and you get a pump. You guys know I’m a big fan of a pump on a foundation. To me, it makes a big difference, keeping the product really fresh. So I appreciate the packaging on this. I think it’s really pretty and sleek, and it’s called the no apologies liquid makeup. I don’t like this one bit. I do not like this foundation, it did not blend once I finally was able to blend it. If there were areas that needed just like a touch, a little touch more blending, it would move everywhere and now that it has set on my face. It is a very matte finish, but it just I can feel it and do you know what a product makes you feel like you’re gonna break out. That’s how I feel right now. I I feel a little bit of an itching sensation. That might just be me, and my experience you guys are welcome to leave comments below if you’ve tried this out now, I’ve only used this twice, but I’m not gonna continue using it. Just because I already know I don’t like the way it makes. My skin look, I don’t like the coverage, I don’t like how it blends and it makes me feel itchy and like I’m, going to break out.
So this was just a no my very favorite drugstore foundation is the Milani conceal, imperfect and that one is beautiful. It wears all day, people stop me, they ask me what are you wearing on your face, and that is a perfect option at the drugstore. If you are looking for a good foundation, I’m just gonna steer you in the direction of things that I super super recommend guys, I’m being so super honest, I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything. These are just my opinions, but I know that when a brand comes out and everything looks like beautiful and new and fun, I myself get super sucked in and excited and trying these products out. I just I’m not impressed these products are not expensive, but they’re not wet and wild they’re more expensive than maybelline they’re kind of up there. In my opinion, for drugstore priced items, so I got two of the no apologies concealer I got light and medium light. Has a nice yellow undertone to it? The problem with this is you put it on and when you go to blend it out, and I did use my typical routine of using a Beauty Blender, I went to blend it out and it leaves patches of open exposed. Skin, where it moves around, it doesn’t press into the skin. It wants to kind of patch and bunch up and move around. I do not like that. Maybelline in my opinion, for drugstore concealers gets it done perfectly every single time.. I can make this work. I want to show them exactly what it looks like and then I was like I’m gonna hate everything else on my face. So I went in with my age rewind and just patted this on top and it’s like a magic eraser that does not look heavy whatsoever and is crazy, affordable. So I don’t think the concealers are great just I don’t. I also don’t think the contour case. Contour cream is good either. This is just really slimy sticky and I don’t really understand this darker one here is going to be for contouring, but it is so slick and it does not dry down. I did use this to contour my nose, but I can see it right up in here. It’s just kind of peeking through it didn’t want to blend. I tried to go down the center of the nose with the lighter at the yellow, shade and again it just wants to move around quite a bit. You immediately will get some good coverage, but you go to blend it in and it just looks very uneven. So I’m not a fan of that. This is like the most negative review. Ever I’m really sorry, you guys, I feel bad. I feel like the Kardashians are gonna come for me. Okay, moving on to these face pallets, they brought out three.
I did purchase all three of them. I got the no apologies face kit in work. It I got owned it and it’s late so going in you can see even just looking at the palette itself, how very powdery it is. I’m gonna go in with like just a fluffy brush and demonstrate here just how powdery that is. Are we seeing that I’m just dabbing it and it’s getting everywhere? These are just not very well made they’re not well made whatsoever. Can you make them work sure you can make anything work, an artist can play with a knockoff brand Crayolas and create something beautiful 100%, but it’s an ideal. No, this is not ideal. The blushes are horrific in the sense that you go to put them on and they do not blend. I had to use two different blush brushes to get everything kind of blended out and I was not using cheap brushes. I was using my Bobbi Brown, but always picks up the perfect amount and usually gives me this perfect rosy flush, no matter what product I am using, whether it is drugstore or high-end, then I had to go in with an it cosmetics brush that had nothing on It to really kind of get everything at least wearable, so what I’m wearing on my face right now is wearable, but it’s not my ideal. I can see skin poking through here here. It’s just. It’s exaggerating my poor, it’s blotchy through here. It is much more noticeable in real life. You know, keep in mind. I dohave lights here, a ring light. It makes everything, look really uniform and pretty, but in real life it’s not that cute. Then I want to mention the highlighters that you get. They are very pigmented. I actually would recommend these more as eyeshadows than I would a face highlighter now. What is on my face right now is from this kit and it is extremely highlighting you’re seeing a lot of reflection, but it’s also exaggerating every little bit of texture that I have on my face when I use intense highlighters, I still like them tohave a Smooth buttery appearance on the skin and you can get that done. These are just too stiff to begin with, where they feel kind of like, and do we see what’s happening with the pan? They feel kind of, like the morphine eye shadows. How that kind of really intense, intense, almost wet, feeling wet powdery feeling I could make it look great on the eyes, but on the face it is just not going to pick up on your brush the way that you want it to, and it’s just I don’t Like it, I don’t like it, I think it’s too much. I think it’s too thick. I think it’s toohard pressed in the pan to be able to pick up on a highlighter brush and really give you that beautiful glow that you’re, probably after this looks more of like a stripe of, highlight that’s just going to exaggerate your pores.
So that’s how I feel about the blushes and highlighters in all three of the face kits now going through the shadows. There are a few shadows in here that are beautiful. I don’t know if it’s worth it to you to purchase a full palette like this. For a few beautiful shades, the green shade in the slate kit, which is what I have all over my lid – I would totally wear this again, it blended on the lid beautifully. I have no complaints about it whatsoever, the other shade in there that dark plum. I used it on the outer edge of the eye that one is gorgeous as well. This kind of deeper kind of purple navy, color next door, is amazing, so the shadows themselves are really pretty when they’re metallic, the more Matt ones tend to be very, very powdery, but they’re, not horrible. You just have to make sure that you use such a light. Touch and kick off the excess. Now, if we go into the own it kit, the highlighter is, is going to do the same thing. It’s very rough, it’s very thick, I mean okay, just can we look at the blush for two seconds. This is the blush in there you’re gonna have some real you’ve got some real issues blending this out. It is near impossible to pick up just like a DAB evenly and put it on your cheek. It is way too intense way too pigmented, alright, so the purple in that one is really uneven. It’s not very good. It’s not the same as that green, so don’t get too excited if you’re like. Oh, the shadow is great the purple one. I bet that’s awesome. It’s kind of patchy. The other shades in this one are just kind of mediocre. I’m not! I just don’t like this one, all together, there’s nothing in here that I enjoy again. This is the opponent kit. It did want to share with you guys how these products performed on my face and do drop ins. I’ve been doing that a lot for hot-or-not. You guys seem to really enjoy that, but I dohave to mention that on my eyes, I want you to know that blended through the crease, I did have to go back through with a few makeup: geek products with some other empty, brushes and really blend out. So what I ended up with the like finished result is pretty good, but it’s not just these products, so I want to like throw that out there Okay, moving on, we have the workit kit, and this again it’s the same situation with the highlight being super intense, but chunky like look at that, it’s just if you could see the crumbles up close.
This would be better as an eyeshadow The blush in here same story super, I barely swatch that super intense and just might give you a hard time blending all right The colors in here actually really pretty, but they remind me of the morphe shadows, where you could get like a whole big, huge palette of metallic eyeshadows for, like the same price or close to the same price as this whole palette, where I’m not really liking the Face product, so you know you guys can decide for yourself if these seemed like you’re really into the metallic shades can be very wearable and fun for your eyes, the face products, don’t like the matte eyeshadows, not my favorite, and because of that I personally would say This is a pass, but you know maybe you like it I’m trying to give some redemption here because I feel like I am just kicking the crap out of this entire line So let’s continue with that theme because I don’t like the lipsticks either now the reason that I don’t like these lipsticks They are streaky patchy and they smell horrible, not just smell horrible, like up to your nose in the tube that smells like nothing But when you put it on, it smells like an expired lipstick It does not smell right It just has a very chemical type of an essence to it that you can taste and you feel, like you were just swallowing nasty chemicals Now I am wearing a few mixed together right now, I am wearing by Felicia and our goals, and you can make them look nice But when you initially put this on, it is very slick You almost have to wait for it to kind of dry down a bit They all have a sheen to them None of these are completely matte, but they do end up kind of drying down a little bit more matte than some lipsticks that I own But again, this is just not my favorite I prefer Maybelline lipsticks I prefer what mild matte lipsticks These are just not my favorite, so I’m gonna say they are a pass So this was the most ridiculous review ever I am so sorry My intentions when I purchased these were to find something that I could actually really get behind and love with the Kardashians, because I didn’t buy this stuff going yeah I hope it sucks Obviously I pinched my own money for it Alright, that is it, I’m sending you guys, love, and I will see you in tomorrow’s

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