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Beginner Series 1 ESP 7 finals smoked eye no trace Eyeliner

1 Nov , 2019  

Ha I am back, we are looking so pretty over here, like yo, I look really pretty soft like even though it’s like a lot of Browns and dark colors. It’s not like dark runs, but a lot of Browns and blacks transitions. I don’t know I look so I look like feminine. I look when I do cut crease. I love Mykel girl. Give me wrong. I love my friend aside, my cut creases and stuff like that. But when I do the non-cutting looked more, I don’t know. I just look more of me, you know I’m saying I already like you, I’m gonna start doing more.
These looks. Let me know if y’all, let me started on what he’s like. So this is like a messy smoky eye but applying glitter. So this is beginners series. I’m ending this series with this because there’s nothing else that I know that I can teach you all and over everything I knew for beginners, and I think that once you watch those tutorials, you would get this I’m totally. You will get it you. This is like the last step to dramatic okay next session, okay, the smokey eye with just a messy smoky eye with glitter, and it’s so pretty so here just we’re coming up after the show, and then these lashes I’m gagging over here, but these lashes y’all. Please excuse money on money else came up, I’m go get him to smile, but these lashes are everything I was gonna stack them, but I’m gonna order. Two more pair. She actually said things to me. These are different pair. These are McGinnes, oh and then these are equal Miami, so I have our econ Miami and then these are McGinnes ooh, I’m ready to get those lunch, since these are beautiful. I love these. I don’t know it’s just edit that look like I don’t know it’s girl. I’m bragging and I need to stop so that she liked this tutorial so and it states to finance a story. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel right here, don’t forget to also click the button. It’s only going to send you notifications when I upload. That’s all so we are at 158. I think we’re alone just $58,000. Somebody recreate this look if you do tag me in this, but I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. If you want to see how she just look. Thank you for watching anything. I will shave my Oh shave shave my face cut a little bit. Take my arm hide your face. Miss, and I just did my eyebrows with top bra from kiss professional in deep, dark brown, and then I used nothing else.
I did use my concealer, which is a macaronisaurus c-45. It also I went in with the truck tick-tock tape, shake consumer. It turn fan doll. You know I’d like to go over two extra pictures of this writer. It didn’t mean to actually stuck that eyebrows underneath. So now I’m about to go in with police woman number five days: oh lucky Louie’s, Kyra and i’ma grab bestie, which is that tray right here, so I’m gonna do the reverse method. Again, I don’t know some reason. I like doing this with it. It’s way better, so I’m gonna take my wife’s inside my brush from morphe, I’m just gonna pack that orange I can take my Mac to my brush, which is the Chinese bridge. So always remember: when you go for reverse, you always use the tiniest brushes and then, when you go from the other way, use be too tiny. So I’m going to go in with a darker Brown, so the darker it is, is all brick going while I’m sunset for the last transition and I’m gonna go in with the e17 and I’m gonna. Take my jacket about collection and I’m gonna go in to the Dark Matter palette, which is this one, and I’m gonna grab this black right here all right, so that open space that I have I’m going to a class white, and this is makeup addiction. It’s broke. Let me grab that white shimmery shade. This is from the volume 1 glow palette. So it’s actually a highlight palette with lots of places on my lips, so I’m gonna places and from going all the way to the top. So don’t worry, you’re gonna put a lid. On top of this no thing, I hate I hate when they do this with that shimmer you get on a brown and that’s why I basically completed the whole face. Okay, but it’s not like okay girl, you overdid! It is so it’s pretty to me face. I use connects beyond perfecting. Was this two-in-one consist nuggets over foundation in the shade beyond right? No, I live 26 amber. I went in with Urban Decay all nighter. I actually did order a nother Foundation, which is 11. I’m a buffing rooms together, I’m gonna put 11 on the outer perimeters and then I mean no 11 in the center and then this on the outer perimeter highlight. But first let me dust off this powder on my face because it’s some left over and we’re gonna just step off If I actually go in and start spray, my face, the powders want to dissolve in my face, is gonna be, but it’s not looking its place.
I’m actually one explain my wife a brush I’m not been using this for highlight now because I don’t know um those fan brushes was making it look streaky So I, like my highlights, to look like it’s something to the skin So that’s what I want to do They end up one with posh medics highlighted in bill ear balm, I’m working, I’m about to contour this space Take this That’s why I love doing my lower lashline It just looks like you just make my eyes look smaller, but I went in with any girls shock wave eyeliner in the shade blackout Now I didn’t say it cuz my camera, I’m out microns down there, but I’m not gonna smoke us out even more I’m gonna set the black first one in we’re Olbrich and I’m smoking it out from there, and this brush is my e36 brush Yes, no good workout lips, we’re gonna keep it very simple I’m just gonna add some chestnut lip liner and then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to add a new loop use, Anastacio Ashton, the state liquid, lipstick I ever used to smell Alton cuz I don’t want it to roll I just want there put it in more weeds chestnut This would make it look like more of a natural look Basically, I try I’ll take down new gloss on top of this Oh, do Y’All see that Cory It could be by her holiday collection of vintage beauty How many carats, oh it is like abandoned us, fix me good right here clothes over watching, so instead I’m about to go Do it through my hair and I’ll be right back! Thank you guys so much for watching this tutorial I hope that you enjoyed nonetheless, and then I hope that you understood this look ya’ll This is what this look was fairly easy to do very quick I always think this is a very good to do, because it’s just like you, starting on the shadow transitions, be smooth Then you just slap on that lay color you’ll have to cut it any things to be precise It’s just like just it’s just a look Let’s go follow me on all social media sites It will be linked right here and get to click down and screw scrappy those to get any products to this Look in what city and I’ll see you down on another sleigh

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