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Ben delakrem’s partiality in season 6 and all star Season 3

1 Nov , 2019  

Oh, I have a feeling: people are gonna dislike this one more than the Alaska one, but things need to be said, discussed and brought to people’s attention. Ben de la creme is an interesting case when it comes to drag race. She was the strongest competitor on all-stars, three, the second strongest on season six and based on how you look at it, the strongest competitor on the entire show or second strongest right after bianca. However, her high scores were not the most fairly earned, the favoritism of de la was not because of something she did.
You’Ll see that, unlike alaska, she never broke the rules or didn’t answer what was asked of her and he had still won. She was just saved a lot or when it comes to all-stars three, she was just dealt a great hand, even though this is a given. I still feel need to say it just because I know how people are. I do not hate Dayla. but rather and, as the title suggests, the favoritism of her from and on the show, as I’ve said previously day last case is very interesting, because the favoritism of her happened on both seasons. She was on season six and all-stars three, but the said favoritism was different or rather was shown differently for season 6. The favoritism starts in Episode, six well the six competitive episode, which is actually the seventh episode of the season where Dayla ends up in the bottom. Two, alongside darienne Lake, she clearly loses the lip-sync. The judges respond better to Darrien. Darrien is stalled. Shante you stay first ben de la creme actually isn’t even told Shante. You stay at first, who just tells her that she wants to see more from her and – and I quote by the power invested in me by me – and only then does he say: Shante you stay, there was never a reason given for Dayla being saved that I’m Aware of, we cannot even say that she was doing so well that they didn’t want a strong competitor like her out of the race, because Ongina on season 1 and Jessica, wild on season 2 weren’t saved and they too never landed below save prior to their bottom. Two placement, furthermore, the only other time prior to this, that a double save happened was a seasoned we with Yara Sofia, where we had a similar scenario of a queen that was doing well losing to a queen that was okay or bombed most challenges.
I do have to mention that in season three’s case, Janna was not doing as well as de la did on season. Six and also there is a possible legitimate reason behind that double Shantay, which is Carmen, leaving the stage and playing a little dirty, after which they told the Queen’s that I couldn’t leave the stage during a lip-sync. But why was de la saved? There’s really no logic. Rhyme or reason behind her staying into competition but drew gave her a second chance regardless her time on season. Six after this wasn’t the most stellar, because the episode right after this one she ends up being in too low three spots with Joslyn and laganja. Usually, whenever a queen returned to the competition or was allowed to stay, there was extra pressure put on her to be better to do better so that their inclusion or reclusion into the competition is justified. Well, I guess that went out of the window in this episode. For Dayla she completely bombed her stand-up routine, oh yeah, I forgot to say the Queen’s, had to write, stand-up or tease and perform them for the elderly and maxi-challenge dela did so poorly that she actually never even remotely got a laugh from the audience told all of Her jokes too quickly and even got the infamous so tell us a joke from an audience member who was actually the old man that jinkx monsoon made over in season 5, a fact which I know someone would have gone all you forgot. If I hadn’t mentioned it, the only other Queen that never got a laugh was laganja. Keep that in mind. I went back and re-watch the judges critiques for the challenge. Dela was not just negatively critiqued for her performance in the challenge, but also for the look that she gave. Santino told her that he was getting bored of seeing her quote/unquote old showgirl looks to which Dayla responded with saying that she wore that. Look because Michelle wanted to see more of her and not a character, and Michelle in turn responded with. It has nothing to do with clothes. or rather for it we’ll get back to it later on, but for now it just shows you that, even after getting a second chance, dela took it for granted. For the most part, and did not apply what the judges had more or less already critiqued her on the only positive critique Adela got, or rather the only one that we were shown was that her jokes were intelligent and that wasn’t even from one of the main Judges, but that everything else sucked laganja got the same critique about her personality being fake and threw herself pointed this out.
She literally says – and I quote it’s the same critique we had for ben de la creme, the voice and the personality is what separates them from being human, meaning that it didn’t allowed them to come off as genuine people, though Roo also says, and I’m not gon Na fucking steer you wrong, not for no goddamn TV show. Okay Joslyn got more good critiques than the other two. She was told that she had a great joke, the her having a Dede and talking about how hard it is for her and then mid-sentence, seeing something on the ground and getting distracted and that she had a great start, but then that afterwards she kind of flatlined. She was also critiqued, because Bianca did better than her. It makes sense to critique her on this, because she was the one that made up the order of the Queens would perform in. However, that’s not a critique on her performance, so joseline got the best response out of ds3 boat from the judges in the audience. Laganja was just iconically, bad and dela rambled on for a minute until she was told to actually tell a joke. So riddle me this. Why the genuine fuck was della not in the bottom two here, oh I’ll tell you why? Because no matter her opponent, she would have been eliminated. Deliver scene between joseline and laganja. That we got is regarded as the best lip-sync of the season or at least to the top three, alongside the VY Balaji lip-sync and the think lip-sync. But the show clearly was pushing Dayla forward and had her saved here for no other reason than wanting her to win or do well, and this is not on Dayla, it’s the show’s fault, so essentially in this episode, dela got a third chance. That’s all I can say about the favoritism and cease six, but there is another thing to mention when it ultimately comes to de leurs elimination in her mirror message which read in its entirety: dear top 4 how’s it going I’m doing pretty good. Sometimes you have to have Mamoru, yellow cha a bunch of times before it sinks in.
I guess I never reach that number of times Darian. I knew the second. I was up against you. I was out the door, you get it lady. I wish you all. The luck in the world and only Harbor enough resentment to write a long, pointless message that you will have to clean and clean and clean and clean. But for real though you girls are my heroes, so essentially daelin knew that she was going home. The second time, and possibly the first time too, when she was up against Darian before we transition into all-stars 3. We have to go back to the critique, the de la God about her personality on season 6. She was constantly told that the judges could never see her like the real her that they only saw the character with the excuse that they don’t get to see them in the work room or out of drag. Well. Tell me this isn’t RuPaul the first person to say that when he’s in drag, he basically changes personalities, he becomes less serious, more fun, more outgoing extroverted, whereas when he’s out of drag she’s, more calm and collected and introverted, so then, when de la puts on a Character when she’s in drag, why she critiqued for it. We learned that de las delightfulness and high energy come from the fact that been the person behind character didn’t have the easiest life, so daily is kind of the polar opposite of dad. That keeps on reminding him to be more positive and fun and open, and also through the character of her and in general, through creating characters Ben stays in a good place. Let’s not pretend that the judges are always there, don’t know the T from the workroom or behind the scenes, even though they deny it all the time to quote despise girls. Everything you say is denying you ain’t, fooling nobody, but yourself. I get this critique from the standpoint of previous winners being the same in and out of drag, but the jinkx monsoon, the most recent winner at the time is not even she much like de la is more energy and fun when in drag, which again – and I Have to repeat myself is the case with the rule Paul. You know the host of the show the character tink seeps into the all-stars 3 favoritism, but, unlike Alaska’s, this favoritism started even before the actual season started I believe many of you know what I’m talking about.
I’ve seen people talk about this and it’s the fact that pretty much every challenge on all-stars 3 had something to do with portraying and creating a character Episode, 2 had to Queens, portrays celebrities, episode, 3 hadn’t portrayed certain dating shows, or rather bachelors Your typical characters Episode 4 was snatch games so again, impersonating a celebrity episode 6 was the Kitty Girls main challenge where the Queens had to again create a character and then episode 7 was an acting challenge where the Queens portrayed parodies of famous movie characters I don’t think that I have to remind you that in the six episodes the dela was in, she was in the top two five times the only time that she wasn’t in the top two was in episode 5, when there was no character to be created, but Rather, the please had to present themselves through those weird-ass soup cans I mean okay, yeah episode 5 was probably the worst judged episode of all-stars 3, the second words being episode 2 Of course, I talked about both in the mistreatment of Oz on Georgia Videos so check that out, if you want, but basically what I’m trying to say is that the season, whether it was done on purpose or not, was set up for Dayla to win or add a la esquina to win challenge wise The final jury voting the Queen’s was a really dumb twist, because it is sure that out of the top four, the worst two would be the top two by design I would also like to mention that the change of a talent show to a variety show In episode, 1 gave certain Queens daily included an advantage had it stayed a talent show and Ella had the same performance She would have been safe or high at best, because what she did literally anybody else could do But what Kennedy as Trixie and Georgie did takes time and work to perfect honestly, I would put chichi into that mix too baton Twirling is hardest fuck I just want to mention that we’re today Labine cast an all-stars three She technically got a fourth chance at winning a drag race season, which is hating de la and such which, like? Why are you booing me? I’m right and collusion, I mean in conclusion all hail ben de la creme

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