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Benefit from the odd bronze palette review! (Samples, Demonstrations and Comparisons) 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys, what’s up fellas, welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel. This is your first time joining me.. swatches and editorial and comparisons to on the new benefit, cheek liter mini bronze squad palette that I just purchased at Sephora, and I tried one for you guys and I showed you guys how everything Works the whole rundown… So you do get notified for future uploads I’ll but twice a week. You’Re part of the goryo game and y’all rock y’all are the best.
So if you guys want to see how this palette works and everything like that, then let’s go ahead and get started and if you’re curious about my lip. So stay tuned, so you can figure that out and yeah it’s gonna get started. Okay. I know it looked different. I look flat and I just have like a bold lip on. It’s not really the move, so I first go start and hit some details on this beautiful palette. Like always, I do so many reviews. This is all we always start it. So this is the new benefit. Cheek liter mini bronze squad trio set it’s valued at $48 and it retails for 30. It has two iconic powders aka to previous powders, and one new highlighter, which is exclusive to this palette. Only. They alsohave a mini pink squad set, but it was a little too light for me and I prefer more bronze a little set, so they dohave two versions of these. On that I picked up this one and it’s the same price for the other. One too, this palette is limited edition and stuff is the pink squad, one too. So in it this palette. It says that it has a sneak peek of a new highlighter which is called cookie golden pearl powder highlighter. It has the iconic hoola bronzer in here, which is a matte formula, and then the gold rush nectar blush, which is everything you need to get a bronzed glow on the go. I’m reading on Sephora stop. Obviously the highlighter and bronzer are point zero, eight ounces, but the blush is actually 0.4 teen, so you do get double the product, almost double the product size of deep blush. Blush blush. Yes blush, I first at Sephora and store, but you can also find it online. It has zero reviews, so it’s pretty new and it has 1.7 K likes like hearts. Sohopefully it’s good not comparing this to another benefit palette I have, which is the cheek creme palette, which is such an amazing palette.
You can tell this bronzer is like damaged. I use hot actually quite a lot, so obviously it’s a lot tinier but yeah. So I’m gonna go ahead and open. It is for you guys, throw away the packaging well cuz, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna like this, but here is what the palette looks. Like it’s really pretty, it’s like a vinyl feel right here, so it’s like more metallic and it’s pretty shiny and then you open it. Oh my gosh. It comes with a mirror, which is like very helpful, very, very nice to get your bronzer your highlighter and then your blush over here has a little protector as well, and I am gonna go ahead and highlight for you. So I’m gonna go ahead and highlight the gold rush blush, which is right here. It’s a little light, but I think once you build it up and once you put on your face, it’ll look better. I think that may or may not yeah. It’s actually an overspray, so the gold that you’re seeing is an overspray. So I’m gonna like dig my finger deep and try to get the color and not to be cold overspray, so that looks a little bit more pigmented. I don’t think it’s gonna be light for me. I think it’s gonna be buildable, so yeah and now we’re gonna swatch cookie. Oh, that hilar feels really great. Oh, my goodness, that is the highlighter in the palette and that looks super pretty and then hoola. I mean there’s really known to just watch this, but that’s what hoola looks like hula is an amazing bronzer. I love it so good, but comparing it to other palettes that are a trio I did a review on the NARS orgasm infatuation palette link it down below, if you guys, gonna watch it, but that’s what it looks like and it’s pretty much like the same Size, the benefit one is actually bigger, like a little bit bigger like an inch bigger, and then I have the NARS, the veil palette 2, and this is obviously the benefit. One is a lot bigger, so I think you are getting a little bit more with the benefit one and you’re only paying 10 bucks of powder, which is not bad. Alright, I have my clean. Oh, I want to go ahead and mention you guys real quick. I feel like I might get questions on my lips. It’s the new Finn, T beauty, unattached stun outlet pain, I’m living anyways, I’m gonna go ahead and go in with a bronzer which is hoola on my makeup, forever: 158 brush and I’m just gonna go ahead and contour a little bit and then bronze up To I know how this bronzer works, so I’m sure this won’t be the problem.
If there is a problem, I’m sure this isn’t gonna give us any hassle. It’s such a pretty bronzer and by the way, all my brushes are clean, so yeah, I always clean. or you know mainly reviews, because you got to see how it performs bronzer so good. This bronzer is honestly like just such a pretty like toasty color. Oh my god. I love it and they alsohave a whole new light too, but that is obviously for lighter skin tone. I also I’m gonna go ahead and mention that I am a huge fan of face palettes. I love face pallets, I’m going to college soon, so I feel like face palettes, are like gonna, be my savior for the days, and you know when I’m when I have a lot going on during the weekend when I only take like one thing to a Friend’s house, I feel, like guys palettes, are it so I do own quite a few face palettes like I actually have a full drawer filled with these palettes. I feel like they’re super convenient, very versatile, and I just love them alright guys. Sohere is the bronzer. It’s just seamless, it’s literally so gorgeous and I don’t contour my nose. I just take whatever is left on my bronzer brush just like go over it. I don’t really care to contour my nose, but I do want to try it like. I wanna have someone contour my nose but, like I don’t feel like, I need it and, like I don’t feel like it’d be worth it for me. Wow. This look color with a really bronzed face is so pretty alright. So next up we’re gonna go in with blush, which is the gold rush blush. Obviously – and I guess we’re just gonna apply this – I hopefully this shows up on my face – did shut up. I think it’s there. I’m gonna apply like one more coat because your girl loves a good blush, but I always tap my blush most and most of the time I really like just tap it because feel he gets such a better pigment payoff. It hasn’t really pretty like golden sheen. It’s nothing too crazy. It’s just the overspray on the palette. I try not to come on here, but I just like on camera and like from the viewpoint that I’m looking at you guys are looking at smell.
It’s not pigmented on my face like it’s not showing up as much, and this is the darkest the palette goes with the blushes besides the lighter pink palette, so this for even medium skin tones like mine, it’s kind of not the best like at least the blush At this point so yeah I don’t know – and actually I dunno – I don’t think this is gonna work on darker skin tones, but just a total fail. It’s 2019: let’s get with it wow you guys actually really pretty, and I always take blush look around my face too. I do feel like I’m digging in there quite a bit to get like the color of blush that I want. So maybe it’s like not like the perfect shade for me um. I never have the goal to rush blush. I like the California and then Dan line in a lot better. So it’s not like the craziest pigments, but it’s pretty and subtle. So I mean it’s not bad. The bronzer scale ones attend. I write the bronzer 10, the blush so far. I rate it a 7 out of 10. I, which is a little bit more pigmented and actually looks really pretty I’m down for it all right now, the most exciting part, which is the highlighter, I’m listening, I’m listening. So this is the highlighter and the shape cookie. It’s like a nice light. Champagne golden pink. It’s like really pretty, and obviously I just cleaned up my brush. I used the e 4 by morphe for my blush, this is the Geoffrey start, js4 brush, which is so good for highlighter, but ok, I’m nervous. So I think we’re gonna go ahead and just like hit the high points that looks wet and dewy and just like gorgeous whoa. Oh my gosh. That is really pretty it’s like the tatis bit too light for my skin, but wow that pigment I’m a little tan right now. So I feel like this might be a little bit better when I I’m a little bit more pale and fair, but wow we’re really out here struggling I’m gonna pop some of the highlighter to in my inner corner wow that highlighter y’all. That is something else. I’ve never seen benefit come out with a highlighter like that. So now they have like what’s the call with the dandelion twinkle, but I never tried it but wow This is on a different level like it’s really nice, alright guys.
So that is what the pelt looks Like that was your little demo, I really liked it I was like my first impressions and I’m here, for it alright guys I really like this palette I honestly, I recommend this because this is like the perfect thing They are all SuperDuper pigmented super buildable to the blush If you have a medium skin tone like me, you might have to build it up a little bit more, but the hell’re and the bronzer are so pigmented Please note that everything is so different from what you see like in person and on camera Sometimes it can be washed out on camera, but in person the blush wasn’t that bad, but this pile is not for darker skin tones and I’m sorry I forgot to mention that um I recommend this for a light to medium skin tones and even at a medium skin tone like I am it’s a little too light to the tightest bit, but the formulation is absolutely amazing, so I recommend it for that reason and if you’re like a person who’s On the go all the time, I think it’s like gonna be amazing for you, but they need a darker one That’s Bettina’s and really really or just go with the light hand because, like I said they are pigmented and I guess the gold like overspray on the blush just like swipe it away, because it honestly doesn’t even show up on the skin It’s like this subtle sheen, but it’s just an overspray, so it’s not really like in the blush, but the actual color is like this pale light pink and it’s right there I mean you can see it It’s nude, it’s looking like nice, nude pink, but I really like this and I kinda want to pick up the blush right now, because I love Faced palettes like I said I feel like that’s like the perfect on-the-go summer spring palette to just to take and like Just have on the go, because it’s so compact, so good and honestly, it’s quite affordable If you ask me for three powders and a mirror: yes, alright Let me know down below if you’re gonna be picking up this palette You guys enjoyed this review I love you so much Let me know your thoughts down below and hopefully I always see you guys, guys

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