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Best and final Bali vlog push limit

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everyone, so we must adjust for call and we’re going to get some breakfast holder, Michael, oh well, screen is closing up. That is how hot it is, but Michael had bailed his all the way down the end of the hall because he’s fat, bloody hungry. Oh, my god, it’s been quiet, it’s not even working to me. You know fat hungry. I aha good morning doing this one. No! No! No I’m not talking hungry. Yes! Hi is a barb outfit. We are superficially like melissa building on how that supply.
Okay, did you were just cutting breakfast right in front of the pool area? The little buffet I’m gonna. Go soft, pull it through down now, Michael so happy today. So I’m having a really big breakfast this morning. Now I’m ready for my exam. So I’m just going to have microfiche, Oh yummy. This is good, okay, guys. So what my mom, Klaus and some others say this is what they look like. They look so much better online but like whatever that will be – and I said, is there an urn? She goes, yeah have an amazing week, Bonnie and I’m like I did not write that. But what you’re talking about the note that I wrote said happy must paper yesterday. I don’t have an amazing week and I actually would say and I’ll see one of weekend. I love you Shawnee, so like I’m really completely have a good day to Pawnee like what you should be about. I want a refund now we connect for me society and money. Inland we just arrived to our new accommodation is so pretty here. We check in at 2 o’clock, so we still have a few hours to kill Posey pops before we go in I’m sorry. Now we’re going to go to the monkey bars which I’m super excited about and Michael is a bit nervous about. So just gonna go to the pool right now and then I’ll see you Larry. Oh, so I found the infinity pool. There’s another pool down the bottom: there we’re not even inside yet and there’s monkeys everywhere, hey little fella looks like bindi. Ieds is very cute. Look at them: oh wow, hello, little, hey, I’m not sitting on our, because that is what will happen man making a nohrin up on air. Oh boy nursery! Well, you look at someone funny hold on. Oh my god! Oh my god, I’m not even easy on you! Um, no doorknob hey turn around it’s literally banana on ya. Do it? No, I think it’s unusual. All right is Evan an event. Yuria yeah, hey guys are we you have to do it honestly, it’s not it’s. It feels acting be you’ll feel so much better like in conditioning you go to like push your boundaries honestly, fine, I promise so Michael, is going to here soon, it’s fine, so it the little baby ones yeah, just one yeah one for you looks a little know.
He’Ll show hold it. Look, it’s legal! It’s little! It’s a little! It’s a little! It’s a little! My fault relax! It’s fine! Okay! This is like Indy. It’s not like baby made a new friend Microtech, my fellow officers. Mine. Are you planning on it? So now you want some bananas. Oh he’s got some gum tree, please in the guys, literally so much talk, but they get to put on a funny message. Oh my god! Good luck! Here we go here. You guys three two one well game day: hey auntie, my bun India! Is that you, oh my god, hi hon, honey. I turned aside it you think. Oh yeah, thank you. So this is the aftermath of that situation. That was sorry, I’m very sure that yeah, so the reason why we weren’t going to hold them is because I hate another problems: yeah the reason why we weren’t going to hold them at start. Thank you is because we saw them fighting like really bad. It turns out the other pool that I’ve shared with you guys, isn’t the Eternity so the infinity pool this one is the drop-off down. There is ridiculous and I’m about to so many edge of it via photos. So Michaels not happy with me. I said I’ll stay on the edge data fritter. Whatever heard on yeah, I can’t believe how beautiful this school is, especially to be as you guys, middle, oh Allah, oh God. I thought in my other vlog. If you watch it – and we were talking about how Michael can’t swim but he’s in the pool cause, it’s national, hello, hey pal yourself, shallow, it’s literally up to my team and actually is up to you to you guys very speed of you come down and oh Fucking frozen head water, good water, yes, we can’t get volleyball, you know it’s pouring. Okay, all right, Michael, is going to show us how to cleanse tread water for 20 seconds right at the tourney check. Yep. I want the opportunity he will no icon. Well, just try as I go as long as your hand come over here, so I touch the ground. Okay, I’m getting tight autograph, because that’s how long you can law school yeah! Oh, my god at least she can swim, select five seconds yeah I know, but if I was like drowning on a very familiar, it’s not because it’s actually that I don’t really would like this would be like shut up.
Would you look at that? Oh my gosh. I was just being the edge of this and look at that. We are leather, lacy yeah, so just dry myself on y’all, okay, I shall away then a little bit so we have to get in the water, because we smelt like a letter with Monty is shit. Everything infested to make it isn’t literally and that lunch has arrived. We have three bolognaise and a sign of fries and also I’m getting some researchers. The desert physical agency got myself a lavatory literally. I said I’m not going to say thank you in any more blogs that is rare. I just loved him like really half of that anybody’s mouth at once. He told the whole fucking taken that Michael insisted on us doing a buggy back. So you know what I think: okay, so just check in to our new place, and it is honestly so incredibly beautiful. So this is what the form looks like is another pool which is incredible. You have some seats over here more over here, and then they walk straight into our bed, so that is gorgeous and we have some seats on the ground. Here. Michael is actually in a sleep here. He literally said I must leave here. I love how this fringe of pennies on everything, let’s go into the bathroom, so pretty yeah. Then we have the bath over here and I just asked if they bring um flowers and stuff off and they said yeah. So I’m going to get that organized me month. We’Ll having a little bit of shelf now, this place is actually really close to where we’re staying. That’s in handy, Michael political office. Oh so hello, hello, man, okay, so I just got back to where we’re staying the Sun is starting to set. It looks so pretty, but we’re going to go in and have a children now we’re sorted, we’re just being a chillin in the room, the past three hours. Now we’re going to go to do now. They have a traditional dance on tonight that we really want to see so we’re super excited Michaels, all the way up there usually hippo, so nice. This is amazing. Autism is so cute. It’s very intimate Michael had our first date, so quiet is our table since is so much like to watch the dance Apple. Have you never had that before I’m very Mick delicious again, actually, not something I should have like. Oh yeah, you what a fancy. Literally.
Fifty thousand dollars what I do have to go: hey Roger that I have to oh yeah under the injection. Listen all right, you will of well! So we just got some food from the bus. A having a little break from the performances, but Adina Mandy and Michael has is free, dinner Kenny good morning. Everyone. So again, I’m joining me to Avalos together is the next day and Michael and I sent some breakfast. It was really nice all right now. I just got back and I want to show you guys, my god. It’s amazing. How pretty is this? We have friend of pennies and where’s Ted. Olson applause pause it’s time to do my makeup, so I’ve been doing the same thing every single day, so I start out with a fiscally primer and then I go in with your air flash our foundation and it’s heart rate check concealer and, like the rest of History, there are obviously a lot of our products collection on my face, but it’s kind of stuff. You guys seem like everybody have makeup tutorials. Here we have my makeup today, it’s a little bit more subtle than the other day to hear those intellect ring as much makeup and bring it a very long message simply because closes war. It is time to go, find a taxi driver, so they can take us to a waterfall, I’m pretty sure it a 30 minutes way. So not true that I have a big bag here, full of cameras fans because I’m not going to get super hot and then Michael’s outfit. Then he wants to wear today. Oh my god. It takes so long to get up to reception, well, okay, away from the reception places leftist. Who are you excited to see on Friday morning? I’m so excited to see the dogs. I don’t want to get at Bally’s yeah. I thought you know I get at Value Added like wrapping up my face and she does it satisfied and to flex lobster head around sweeter yeah so just arrived to the waterfall and look at their little green and beautiful. Here we have a little swimmer, I’m soaked! All the way down there there’s so many people here. I can’t believe how laughing is see ya. So when quad bike riding – and these are adults – one size fits all, and I can be not a problem King for my chambers, so here we go we’re ready to go and Michael has never written a club before I’m so excited. I just said to him: make you remember these on the break? Do not forget, let’s do this. Oh my God look at this. Ah, this is amazing, literally just riding in the water Jesus you’re, my go-to snake, five seriously.
So much fun – oh, my god, Michael, is loving life, bad news, sighs my wife’s birthday. I think it’s odd, not okay, but now I’m on with Michael, let’s find another bitch we all gone. Did you like it? I mean yeah, it’s not shiny, so slow, Laurie yeah. I, like 10 meters behind me, we’re telling me to squirt the buckle yeah when I was on the back pan. I loved my helmet. Okay, guys with this view. It is sorry beautiful. We just stopped for a little break. This is the best cord black red I’ve. Ever been on so happy now, you know as well spent Michael Michael tell them what happened to you with the ring and the work experience in my life. So we’re talking I’d like to see, leave it and it was like just not and it would kind of mine and I was going off and my bike literally just wouldn’t very towards later I had to roll back dude or pop my bags. I went to some of the same people say like I know where I look behind me. Hell literally literally see like your helmet, and I was okay, I’m like, however building it was like not so hot I believe, actually got. I saw something the ground as it was. He um you almost fun out three time, fucking truck. I did not know when I was running up a hill, a chainsaw and I wouldn’t move anyway, so I’m just like stuck in the hills, so we’re going to die. So my you can army, probably gonna happen, literally not that skinny stuff up. We had arrived. She going a little swing. He doesn’t look so loo. Oh, my goodness. I’m scared. So here’s the thing here next to pine tree right there for the whole country and there’s a little waterfall down there too Michael’s out doing it. I I think you should those awesome way to the hole. Oh um, I literally can’t even do right. Oh my god. Oh, my god, yeah oh wow. How is that? Is that that’s great I once again, I’ve convinced Michael to do something that he did not want to do so. Oh, my god, now it’s my Christian gorgeously. Yet the gawrsh playing at the school scheme excited know why. I know this yeah Mohammed wasn’t around Michael stole a bless, his soul that see he’s getting buckled up. Oh, yes, it’s it’s time like a child, I’m your tantrum! Do I play my job How was it yeah fun? Oh, did you love it? Oh hey guy.
Did it know that I put it that I mean like yeah? It was sounded like it was scary, yeah, but fun yeah What okay so we’re in room 806 and we would like to order two serves of fries Also, the beef burger the closest on side with tomato sauce on the side Also, can I get the chicken curry the spaghetti bolognaise? Can we get two chocolate, lava, cakes and so vegetable spring rolls um, the vegetables are serving of the vegetable spring rolls oh and n developers, and can we get a bowl of fruit as well and also a diet, coke and abstract, and also two bottles of cold War, oh my god We really want to that up with more I really like that I stir them every single blog, I’m like alligators I thought that, like Michael just said, oh yeah, let’s order like everything I loved any other darn stress No one seemed is anything about placing two I might start the comments on my latest vlog and yeah There’s one looks, apparently you made someone feel sick because the food like we’re so funny, because when you’re uploading, I close your laptop your fucking big I just say miles on FaceTime not today, because the Titan was really slow and I’ll Try to a jog I literally get awkward you’ll spot a little bit shut up a little bit, no make it stinky, okay guys So I really hope you enjoyed my buzz Wow, that was the biggest I’ve ever had Yeah he’s big and Michael Sata Holla Michael, sounds really bad, but I really hope you guys enjoyed my three Bali vlogs I had so much fun filming it and, thanks to my photography, look for coming along with me I really appreciate it so now make sure you get to see a big thumbs up and if you haven’t seen my other two blocks, I’ll link them down below Oh anyways guys, which will be animal Make up the area be sure, sir dr doreen, coming from me, tiny bullet uploading Your Bali will help you like I’m getting it now It’s almost Mondrian blogs What about there you go Chris, you know you’re lazy, oh, I know who’s the one who offered me a hundred thousand rupiah to go and get their vlogging camera from literally 2 meters away You know I wouldn’t give it to you Okay, Oh Oh Gigi! I smell bleach my braking car feeling good taste breaking up, making no mess

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