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Best Messi Beauty Box!? Messi’s Department Store and Seductive Beauty Box Unpacking February 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

I think I just squeaked 11a and I’m both much my channel. I hope you guys are having a wonderful, lovely fantastic day today we’re going to be doing two unboxings, that kind of have nothing to do with each other. The first one is going to be the Macy’s beauty box for this actual month and the second one is going to be the allure beauty box for January, and the only reason that I’m doing the allure box with the Macy’s beauty box. It’s because I forgot about the allure box, and I really want unbox it.
So this one we’re gonna do separately and the reason I want to unbox it so bad is because it looks entirely different than it used to so I want to know what’s happening here, so I’m gonna set that to the side and we’re gonna. Do the Macy’s one first that way in case people, don’t want to see a box being unboxed and monthly. They don’t need to worry about skipping ahead. A Macy’s box is different. Alright, so it used to be like a regular box. But how did I just get a paper cut from cardboard of Anki anywho, so this box used to open up just like a regular box, but that’s it’s not nope, not anymore. Oh cute also did I do something wrong sorry. So this month’s bag is a little bit different. It’s it’s really cute. It is really cute. It just looks like my lips. Whenever I try to use a lip liner, just the most jagged unnatural lip shape you could ever imagine. It is really really cute, though, and a little bit different. I really think this goes very well. For the month of February, it’s a little bit lovey dovey for the season. Oh, I love how I just opened it up without even telling you guys what Macy’s beauty boxes anyway. This is your first Macy’s unboxing and mixes beauty box is a you not exactly a box of the bag typically, but it is $15 a month, and inside of here you get mainly like beauty and makeup samples. Typically, you get a fair amount of like skincare, haircare, sonic, cadenza kind of stuff, with Macy’s, and not so much in the way of makeup. You do also get a bag with Macy’s every month, which i think is kind of cute. This one in particular. It is a bit wonky. I’m gonna lie it’s a little wonky, but you know we’re all a little wonky. So that’s okay and you also get a little pamphlet here, which ruins every single surprise on the front of it. So I’m just gonna go ahead and cover that up for your eyes and my and it’s oh no going through that feel I can go ahead, zip these lips and see what’s inside my name’s, and I see that wasn’t creepy at all.
Alright inside here we have our cute little pink, sushi roll full of products, I’m going to go ahead and unwrap it, but not dropping it. Okay. So the very first thing I’m seeing here is one of these tiny little Beauty blenders from Beauty Blender. Now, if I’m not mistaken that these typically come and like a set of three, that’s why they don’t come in their original packaging they’re, just in like a little plastic bag here. So we have one tiny little cute egg-shaped blondie guy right here and I got mine and like an incredibly neon green shade. These are itty bitty yeah and if you can actually keep track of these things, I applaud you because I have a very difficult time of doing so. It really meant for getting and like those little hard-to-reach places like blending under your eyes and around your nose. Not kind of stuff like, for instance, here is an Oprah perfecting sponge like there’s a big difference in the size, so these are definitely meant for detail, work and not like applying foundation. That would take you many moons overall, a pretty cute little product. I just don’t know how practical it is for me personally, okay, I was gonna talk about the perfume, but instead I’m gonna talk about these. These happen to catch my eye, and I don’t know if they’re thinking that you’re just gonna get real jazzy with your outfit for Valentine’s Day or something but um they have sent us flowers. These are for your. So that’s what these are for. Will I use these absolutely not? Do people use these often, I’m sure they do. I’m sure they’re very useful they’re, just not useful for me when you wear nothing but sweat, shirts and sweaters and sports bras. If these don’t really come in handy but they’re in here. So the next thing I have is the perfume sample, which I personally really enjoy because it’s one of my favorite perfumes of all time. This is the black opium by Yves syndrome. So just a cute little perfume spritzer. Here, it’s a decently full. I do currently have a couple bottles of this hanging around, so I might hold on to this or might like throw this into my purse, but I’m wearing black opium for the day. It’s a very like rich spicy scent, and i really like it. I, like those deep kind of old sense. Okay, this is something that doesn’t happen. Is this a full-size honest, Ostia, Beverly Hills lip product? I think it is so what I’m looking at here, I do believe, is a full-size Anasazi of Beverly Hills, liquid lipstick in the shade, and all this is cool and definitely not something I’m used to seeing in Macy’s.
I don’t think I’ve actually ever tried and on associate liquid lipsticks before so I’m very, very excited. We have kind of a skinny flat, doe foot and that is a beautiful red color. Oh, I really really like this. I like that they’re keeping in theme here. We have a nice red, Miss shapen lip, I’m gonna, have nice red in the shape and lips as soon as I put this on. So I’m gonna go ahead and try this out really fast. Let me wipe off what’s on my mouth right now: oh, that is pigmented, but it also goes on so so smooth see what I mean about misshapen ooh. I typically do not get this excited about a red lip and subscription box, because trust me we’re really used to read lips subscription boxes around here, but this one is full-size and I think it went on beautifully it’s already drying down very very quickly. I love the color this I’m super excited about. This might be like, with the exception of potentially one product, my favorite Macy’s beauty box. So far, all right, let’s go ahead and move on to the other little products. Here we just saw a few things to go through so next up. We have something from origins, and this is the original skin a retexturizing mask with rose clay. That sounds incredibly familiar as in like I think I already see something like this just a couple days ago and another subscription box. with the pale pink in the gray, but one of my favorite masks of all time is a rose clay mask and I cannot find it again. So I am excited to try this one and the other one that’s floating around here somewhere, alright – and the next thing we have in here is another makeup product. Surprisingly, it is a pretty classic makeup product receive in a subscription box. It’s a black mascara black mascara red lip. These things are pretty standard, but I’m still very happy those red lips. Just I don’t know it’s doing something for me anyway, so this is from Clinique. This is the high-impact mascara in the shade of one black. This has a super super standard like little wand to it it’s decently, fluffy, not exactly as fluffy as I typically go, for it is quite long in a very like uniform shape. Oh so it’s like a swimming pool. I always say that mascara just always smells like mascara and I don’t know how I’m smelling yet, but this one in particular smells like the YMCA. So I don’t know what that means.
Oh gosh guys, I’m sorry. but I’m sure it’s decent. I am already wearing many many many layers of mascara, but why not just go ahead and another? Does anybody else’s eyes start burning, I’m watering what they take their glasses off, or is that just me problem all right? I don’t think it made too much of a difference, because I was arguing so much mascara, but I will say that it didn’t like make my lashes clump up any, which i think is really nice. Adding another coat of mascara can typically make your lashes little like spiraling clumpy. I don’t think it did that so I like it so far. Alright in the very last thing we have in here is actually like another makeup product. This is from dermablend professionals, and this is a loose setting powder and we just have a tiny little guy of it here. I’m pretty sure I have tried this durablend powder before as a sample. It has one of the hardest stickers in the world to remove. Anyway. It’s a powder, it is a translucent powder and it’s very, very finely milled very soft. I just literally cannot get the sticker off, but it does say that this is an up to 16 hour, wear smudge and transfer resistant powder, which is nice so overall, I’m very shocked and surprised that we got three different makeup products in here. That typically does not happen with a Macy’s beauty box, plus we got a full-size thingy, which I really like so really quickly. I’m gonna go through here and read the full-size prices of all these little guys. So the full-size price for the origins masks, is $28. The little beauty bugdet here apparently for a pack of two is $18. I’ve sworn these came with three, but I guess it’s just two. Then we have the Clinique high impact mascara. The full-size is $19. Let me have the dermablend loose setting powder. The full-size is $12, the anasazi, a Beverly Hills, liquid lipstick is $20, which is a full-size and totally covers the entire cost of your box. Plus. Some then have the Eve syndrome perfume, which I’ve already misplaced, which is $70 for one ounce, and then the fashion forms a disposable breast petals, which are a three pack for seven dollars. Three pack, they mean three sets of petals, or do they mean three petals because anywho some of the other thing that came in my Macy’s beauty box for the month of February and I’m very happy with this. I’m typically not this excited about Macy’s, but I think the little lip bag is really cute, something a little bit different and creative.
I love the full-size thing and we also got several makeup items, so I am a thorough, please. Let me know what you guys thought about this box down below in the comments I love reading, all of your thoughts and opinions. Oh and I got so excited about the Macy’s beauty box. I totally forgot about the allure beauty box, so we’re just gonna open this real quick for like funsies. I guess I just kind of want to see why the box is so different. It typically comes in second here’s, the award beauty box that I forgot to open for December, but typically it looks like this in a bread box wrapped up in plastic. This one came in a white box, so I’m very interested in seeing what’s inside. Oh, this is entirely different, Wow, okay, open. Yet again, I forgot to tell you what allured beauty box is a little beauty box is a subscription box for her beauty and makeup samples, and it’s also $15 a month, and it does come monthly to your door. But this is very interesting. It actually came in a bag this past month, not this month, but I’m very late. Oh, I think my bag is a little bit broken, which is kind of sad. I could kind of fully get my finger in there, but that’s cool that transitioning too fast a little bit more useful than just having a box. There also looks like there is a ton of good stuff in here. I’m actually very excited for this. Oh, would you look at that? Okay, so the allure beauty box also came with the little beauty blenders and apparently you do only get two in here, so we have two of the little mini Beauty blenders again. These are things that I could definitely see being useful for some applications, but for me I just a little stuff like this. Alright, next up here, we have something from Melly, and this apparently is an eyeshadow stick that just will not focus there we go. This is in the shade, burnished bronze, and that looks really pretty each guy’s a little swatch over here, oh very, very creamy, and it is super super bronzy with a little bit of like a metallic sheen to it. I like this. I might just quickly go ahead and smudge some of that onto my eye. Okay, so then exactly applied the absolute best ever, but from what I can see, I kind of like it. It’s not very, very pigmented and not SuperDuper shiny, like I was kind of expecting, but I think it does look nice and I think if I make for just a really really simple, I look, I don’t know what do you guys think close-up, I kind of like It I don’t really know what it looks like.
I thought my glasses on, but I think it’s kind of cute all right next up here well looks like we have another full-size thing: your marble is typical for a larvae tea box, I’m not a hundred percent sure. I hope they can teach you, though, but this is from say – and this is the relentless matte lip crayon in the shade winterberry. So this is one of those sharpen a bowl little lip crowns here, I’m wondering if it’s gonna be like a deep berry color. Hopefully it will be, ah it is sometimes I get these little lipstick things and they look like that. Deep, like rich red, I swatch them and there’s like hot pink. I don’t know how that happens, but this one it looks to actually be like a really nice, deeper red, which I like. So I’m pretty happy with this as well. Next up here we have a full-size little nail polish, and this is from NC la Los Angeles. I actually think I have this exact brand on my fingernails right now hate to inform you but nope you, don’t you actually let that nail polish from the Dollar Tree. So I don’t know what you’re thinking about this is like a bright, hot coral, pink in the shade to call my agent but yeah. I actually do like these nail polishes. I think they go on pretty nicely and they like coat the nail pretty well. So I’m excited to try another color all right next up in here. We have something from ways: Oh, hopefully that wasn’t needed. Oh, oh, I like how that smells okay. So this is a scalp and body scrub. Oh okay, that sounds kind of nice and this is something I’ve never tried from way. I have received so many things from this brand in the past, and apparently I just now learned how say their name accurately. Oh there’s something about that smell. That just is very, very nice. It smells like a super expensive salon. How I would know where to see for expensive salon smells like I’m not sure I’ve never been to one. I cut my hair in the bathroom, but it smells very, very good all right, but the next two things in here, which i think is actually kind of amazing, are both from sunday riley and especially this one. It looks to be a very good size and sunday, riley is very expensive, so I’m very excited about these. How many more times could a person say very in one sentence? So the first of all guy we have here is the A+ high dose retinoid serum, which this sounds very interesting It says that it is an advanced strength, retinoid serum that delivers a 6.
5 percent power blend of stabilized retinoids and retinoid elite botanicals extract into the skin That sounds incredibly sciency, but I guarantee you it’s expensive and probably very good Okay, so my camera stopped recording and I have no idea what the last thing I said was But here is the A+ thing and the next little sundae Riley thing is the CEO of glow, vitamin C and tumeric face oil The base might even see a tumeric and evening primrose oil to fight breakfast right and hydrate and glow This looks super super fancy to me It comes in a very like nice glass bottle It has a little dropper to it This I’m definitely excited to have I feel like this allure music box is really really good and I don’t know why I felt the Lord beauty box typically house in like higher price items in it, but there are like full-size things in here There’s Sundy Riley in here I don’t know, I’m just unimpressed, alright So to get an idea of the value of this box, the little malli thing here is $25 The full-size of the way scalp and body scrub is $38 There I think I just squeaked the Sunday Riley CEO glow face oil is $80 The Sunday Riley A+ high dose retinoid serum is $85 full-size juice A relentless matte lip crown is $22 The little beauty blenders here are $18 and then mine doesn’t say anything about this nail polish, but it was just in there Aren’t you guys so that was ever that came in my Elora beauty box for January I’m sorry! This is little bit late I just really wanted to see why it was in a different packaging, and I really hope this is what allure beauty box is like going forward, but I would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions about these products and the products in the Macy’s box I overall just like unhappy – I don’t know I feel very happy about both of these boxes Sorry, if I’m losing a little bit of energy, and my voice is like collapsing in on me just like you, it’s so very much for watching Please go ahead and subscribe off the ability to speak Please go ahead and consider subscribing If you guys wouldn’t mind, it would mean the absolute world to me or something else have a wonderful, lovely, fantastic day and I’ll see y’all next time

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