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Best sprite makeup 2016

1 Nov , 2019  

. I think it’s such a great, affordable, brand they’re, very innovative yeah. So. Oh I’m telling are you I’m telling on you you better, stop it right now, but yeah. I had a moment I was like you guys. Please tell me both in the bag cause right there. Ty can you hand me something. Thank you so the first product I want to mention to you guys is the aqua primer mist. This is a really nice, affordable. Facial mist I like to apply this to my skin after I are onto a pilot or my skin.
Before I apply my foundation, only in my skin is feeling a little dry. It’s just a great way to prep your skin. For the makeup, let me just say this that the sprayer on it is powerful and you need to hold it about six feet back or else it will punch you in the face watch. Well, it’s like your face will be soaked so yeah. I wouldn’t spray this on top of your makeup cuz I feel like it would just melt it right off your face, but it’s a really great, affordable way to prep your skin, especially if you’re dealing with dry skin before you do your makeup. Alright, next is the elf hydrating bubble mask and they make a lot of these in high-end brands, but I’ve made an affordable option, one and it’s kind of cool how the product comes out. So it’s this, it’s kind of got it all over it, but it’s you just press it and the clear gel comes out and so you’re like. Well, that’s not a bubble mouth. So what you do is you just apply it to your skin and wait for it. Wait: look: it’s bubbling it’s hard into like a full boat mask. It’s really cool. This mask is great for hydrating skin again, if you have dry skin and it’s great for cleaning out your pores and that’s pretty cool and it’s entertaining and fun to do so. We are such a little weirdo, but I really like it – I think it’s great and affordable, and I definitely think it does an amazing job of cleaning off the skin as well as hydrating the skin. I’ve been really happy using it, so I definitely want to recommend this elf skin care product to you guys. Okay, next, one of my all-time favorite products from elf is their cream contour kit. This one is in shade light. I believe I think they have two different shades in it. I honestly don’t use these shoot. I honestly don’t use the two shades down here because, though, a little bit warm for my skin tone, but this is the perfect brown for me.
It has a great undertone. That’s more of a cool, almost a great and a tone which looks really natural on my skin. If that doesn’t work for you, they have the warmer ones down here and then this is a great yellow highlighting base. Now I do like to apply a concealer with this so because I don’t think this has enough coverage, but it doesn’t pop up concealer do such a great job of highlighting the skin and they blend out so easy they’re, so incredibly creamy very creamy product, but not Too greasy – and I also like that it comes with a nice big mirror on it great for travel – it’s um cream, so it won’t break also we’re gonna talk about elf brushes by the way. Next up, I should have mentioned this with skincare, maybe, but this is the elf facial primer and it’s like the most generic bottle in the whole wide world, because it doesn’t even say what it is on him. It said it on the box but yeah, but this is an elf primer free sample, and I like it because it is very, it feels expensive, it’s very nice on the skin, it’s thick and creamy. I feel like it smooths out the skin really nicely without that. Silicone feel I’m not like obsessed with silicone based primers, I like them, but they’re, not like my writer dies. You know. If I had to compare this one to and thing, I would compared to the one by soap and glory one heck of a blot or to the makeup forever. I can’t believe which one it is in the charcoal packaging, but I would compare it to those. It’s a great facial primer, super affordable. I recommend it next. Let me recommend an eyeshadow palette to you guys. This one is one of my favorite elf eyeshadow palettes. I did a tutorial with this way back in the day on my channel, this one’s called naked. These palettes are ten dollars apiece and there this one’s, an all shimmer, so you might have to you, know, make some of your own mattes in to do a completed, look but they’re extremely pigmented. They also have other ones that are different colors. But I really like done make it one the best, it’s very easy to work with just so much pigmentation for ten bucks, and then you get six colors, which is really good and it comes with a brush which is god-knows-where, but I highly recommend this palette.
It’s it’s beautiful on eyes. Next product I want to recommend to you guys is the elf. This is like a really great product to carve out your eyebrows with now it has a shimmer and matte side to it, but both sides are really matte. There’s not really much shimmer to it period, which personally I opt for only a matte product to D, see how they’re, both mad ones just lighter once more pink, but I opted for a matte to go under my eyes, not of Shaima. So I love this. It blends out so creamy. It almost reminds me a little bit of the benefit, a little brow pencil thing, so it’s almost like a dupe for that and overall, I think it’s such a really great, affordable product. That is, I don’t use this every day, because I do use my Mac Paint Pot in soft ochre on the daily. But I think this is just such a great product. If you’re wanting to clean up the under eye area – and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to do it, this is good last makeup product I’ll mention to you before we get into brushes is their powder, and this is called their finishing powder and What I like about it so much is the fact that this one’s a little deep for me this is actually medium dark and I use this one to bronze on my skin. But what I like about it so much is the fact that a frog in my throat is that it’s like a finishing powder, not really like a foundation powder. So it’s not super heavy. You can set your full foundation with it or you can set your concealer with it. It just doesn’t get really cakey and does have the perfect amount of coverage. My voice is so scratchy. I seriously need some water okay. Now, let’s talk about brushes, you guys ask me questions all the time on good, affordable, makeup brushes, and Here I am with some recommendations for you guys. I don’t know why. I’m laughing that’s not funny it’s kind of funny. It’s not funny, but first, when I mentioned to you, I think this is called yeah. This is called the foundation blurring brush, which will be really great to apply a foundation. But what I really like to use this for is to apply a bronzer or blush to my skin or even powder all over the brush It’s just like that perfect size to contour all those cheekbones, it’s incredibly soft and great for the price.
I highly recommend this one and then the next one, oh she’s, trying to run away she better slow down the next one I want to recommend to you guys it doesn’t have a name on it, so I threw away all the packages, of course, but this one I love for highlighting or if you’re gonna like if you have larger eyelids and would like to blend out a transition Shade it would be good for this, but I don’t have the biggest eyelids in the world So I really like to use this one for applying a highlight is the perfect size to take hold the nose with it, but it’s great and then the next one I’ll link all the stuff down below too, because I know these brushes don’t have names This one is almost a dupe for this Sigma F, Sigma e25 brush um, it’s it’s so good I love a blending brush that isn’t completely round it’s like flat on the edges like it’s like squished a little because I feel like I can flick it up and really get into that crease without getting the product all over my lid as well just focusing it On the crease, with brushes like this and elf created, one is very soft and easy to work with next I have a stippling brush from ELF that I really like, and I like this one for foundation I don’t typically ever really apply powders with stippling brushes It’s just not the way I float my boat, but I do love this one for blending out a foundation, and I do like that It’s smaller as our sibling brush, because I feel, like I majority of the time, was all on my brows before I do my foundation and I feel like this brush, you can get around the proud without swiping that sucker off, because we all know if we work So hard to create a get a brow and just wipe it off with a foundation brush below how MRSA is just sample Honestly, it’s sinful, so I do love the stippling brush from ELF It’s such a cute, little guy, my god, wow, that’s so loud, but that is it for my favorite elf products I hope this, you know, helped transitions on what to buy from ELF I know they have so many products I love the brand they’re fabulous I love you guys

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