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Bezzinga’s masked fast food challenge

1 Nov , 2019  

All right, well, I think it’s. I think it’s right for me to say just before we continue is that was a chicken burger, so you reckon that this bag here is 20 kg. I’m gonna go with a with ya. If it’s 15, I will yeah really right chap Harold’s room stinks of piss. Oh geez, you are a tubby boy. Aren’t you so I’m gonna be giving these away right here. As you can see, they are signed from the YouTuber Royal Rumble. Your bones are struggling but never mind there.
It is Cal exactly not down. We got calyxes myself, you can rub mine off. If you want, we got the dowels we got. Gibbs gives a massive one there and then we got Reeves. We’ve actually got two of them. The other side one’s just down there and but yeah.. I guess that’s a probably pretty cool way to do it. the bell button and, let’s see if we can hit 30,000 likes On this bad boy, if we can what I love, you guys anyways yeah, my man’s got like clean room now, Kaiser plants looking healthy, so I want to do something the lad Bible did to me. What’s gonna happen is that you gonna have to sit next to me. We got be together for this way back. When should I so I’ve got a few old tweets of yours, yeah yeah and we all know the Hellenic everyone everyone likes to get cancelled. I thought you’re gonna say cancer. I was like well, no I’ve had that like been through that I didn’t it sound like he was about to say everyone likes cancer. No, so we’ll start off with an easy one that I think you’ll get. This is from December 23rd: oh yeah yeah. What do you reckon is behind that little black box right there, the word ginger, all right, let’s find out, ishe correct or not American, oh well round, back in the day, 2030 Lux was into American. I guess if they were American and ginger, then it would have been like the puppy. I was so something that 100% for that was. That said, ginger I feel like. If it was my account, it would’ve been ginger. Oh we buy it. We bonded over put this with the tweets on the screen. I think you’ll get this one. Apparently I was on blank this morning, nice Christmas present Merry Christmas. All may I have no idea. Oh, I am really bad at this kind of like they are quite hard about six years ago, as well. 2013 is six years ago. Yes, so depressing, so obviously wasn’t that much of a big deal, if you don’t remember it right, yeah, apparently, I was on rude tube on e4 this morning made by Christmas.
Apparently imagine if this Donnie, this calyx from 2013 knew that he was going to be in front of all your faces for 60 days on TV, yeah love, Ireland, Edo emptied of mash run off yeah, absolutely that would have definitely made it Christmas 100%. There’s some blank snapchatting me right now. This one is a MASMA. It’s also kind of funny encounter cringy, but definitely something i would a treated as well. Oh, okay, I’m gonna guess, there’s some beautiful girl snapchat on me right now. I bet that’s like mad cringe. How’s, it was pop again me wanna make underground selfie. Alright. What is it, what is it clap teeth like there’s, a woman looking behind me at my right shoulder over they yeah, I’m gonna show you do you know the hashtag is Oh, No, the hashtag is what makes this the best something about. Woman is something about the woman. Should we find out yeah sure here we go undergone selfie. She wants me honestly, I’m like bad about them, anyways. That was it. I just wanted to start a little mood so yeah, that’s the end of that and Karen thanks for a kind of item again my photos onto a nude yeah or something yes, guys, crazy, that’s crazy right! So I’ve got everything here all lined up and now he has got to go and figure him out, but first we have a special surprise there. It is oh and another special prize. The Crocs actually doesn’t need to be applied.. I am ready! Well, how do you do this, then? This doesn’t make any sense you put it before after surely was it before and I can’t be before it has to be after voila. Let’s get this party started the one from McDonald, the gourmet one from Milan achiever from Burger King chicken burger from warnings, boy fatty, your food awaits you excited hold on a second. Why is that your kids arm the door handle right? So this is bazinga. Can you see anything? No, he can’t, I think, he’s alright. Alright, take a seat, sit back down all right, so we got some gourmet munch for you mate. Let me scooch it. As you can see. This is Seidman earnings on the side gasps sniffing, so I can smell the little bird to give you a rundown of what I have in front of you, so you’re not shooting all over the place. You have got Burger King McDonald’s, Morley’s moly, that Morley’s to anyone that we’ve got rustlers.
You know what say no more and then we’ve got a gourmet option. Well, Byron! Oh Byron, burger! All right, so I’m gonna hand you them one by one and you gotta tell me which one is which and hopefully 2018 bazinga comes alive and kicks in all right. Hmm, what I want to go, what I want to give him first here we go once here is burger, numero uno, all right. What you saying it’s a little burger is so small he’s having a proper bit over this burger yeah. All right here we go here. We go big munch. Oh it’s little bears little, but I think I recognize that beef, the thin beef, okay, the fin, be okay. This is fatty. Bezel. I’ve never seen someone analyze a burger like this. These ain’t, no Rustler is no chance environment. We out. Could it be more this, I don’t think mrs. mcdee, I don’t think is I bet some needle apps are from hell. I don’t get it. This is gonna be aa right. Let’s come on man, I need McDonald’s. Okay, all right, so that’ll sit right. There yeah. I’m not gonna tell you where they are until the end. Okay! Well, next up, here’s your nice burger hand up there. You go that or see different different different yeah yeah mmm smelling this one. Oh oh! He loves that it’s been a long time since we’ve had fat bears, I’m pretty certain. Oh okay, this is from Morley’s. Okay, yes, not bother any rustlers yeah it most. Certainly, isn’t the Burger King, I don’t think Donald’s either so they’re moley’s Morley’s was falling a bad mood Molly such an arrogance that no flavors sorry bullock. Melissa is good for chicken and stuff man, okay, cool. That burger was that high cool cool cool here we go so so far. You’ve gone for McDonald’s and Morty’s. Okay, they got that burger was rough out of all of them. What is your favorite one? The gourmet burgers, always okay, yeah all right, cool cool cool, oh yeah smell – was smells something he smells better already. Then, okay, okay, mmm burger. Oh he likes it. So you might finish this one yeah. I will keep this one for you: okay, yeah yeah. What’s this Burger King straight up, oh he’s, Yamin not burn, that’s Burger King! What we’ll saw a burger do you reckon that is come on? What saw a burger, no bacon, I determine it. Okay, it tastes up bowing in buns me they’re, probably like a whopper yeah, a whopper, okay, cool, hey, so a burger from Burger King, oh yeah! He what’s that alright! Well, I think it’s.
I think it’s right for me to say just before we continue is that was a chicken burger. I don’t know. Are you my mind? Is that a chicken burger was a woman? I can’t go move it. Oh, the Crocs are going mad. I cool we move on to the next one one. Second, obviously I gotta unravel the goodness for you, oh so big already. Where that sound go me bro, yeah! Okay, let me get you. Oh, oh! Oh, that is big mm. Oh, oh, ah, a spillage! There’s a that means. There’s a lot of there’s a lot of a lot of stuff inside this. I feel yeah, okay, cuz it ain’t. A Russell is even because I know what Russell Russell feels like I’m bout to get plastic filled again: okay, okay, I can’t guess any of their mother was already cascoon. I mean you’re always welcome to switch you’re, always welcome to switch. This, I think, is a whopper from Burger King okay. This is a whopper from Burger King whopper for bogey. Okay, that’s a big thing: yeah, okay, okay, okay! So, okay! Oh that’s on the smell! No, no smell no smell! I think you need to take a big bite, yeah yeah. That’s that, oh he’s not. He didn’t even say to biting him ashe bottled it. Though he did Wow big yams. That’s tough! That’s disgusting! That’s not like! That’s! That’s! That’s bless best bargain! That’s not Byron! That tyrant, that one is Byron: okay, the one he dislikes, the most Byron last but not least yep. If I touches, if it was our plastic, his Russell’s. Yes, what about that’s cool? I think it’s about time. I told you which one was which so the good news is you managed to get three out of five correct. Yes, I do, but also you got a bit you. You went a bit mad at the beginning, huh. You thought the Morley’s chicken, which you got correct in the end, but you thought that was a whopper. You thought you thought the Morley’s chicken was a whopper. That is inexcusable for a fat boy, that’s inexcusable! The other one you got the one that you said you dislike the most McDonald’s Big Mac. We’ve got a Big Mac. Look it look it you disrespected it. I didn’t like that this was this. Was the Bible. You did not like the barn. You got that right The very first one you were stumped on and I’m not gonna lie.
I play a little mean trick on you There were two Burger Kings in here That was a normal burger king cheeseburger Overall, it was respectable There was sorry that was six here You got three out of the six: that’s yeah yeah! That’s! Alright! That’s alright! That’s alright! Bro! This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen You were there that mm-hmm a big whopper yeah Are you lot never gonna believe it I’ve just forgot to put the five guys in the challenge: honky face, there’s just a cold hot guys – oh, oh god, damn it yeah It is a beautiful day today and you’re, probably wondering cow Why is it a beautiful day? And that’s because there are now 20 spicy chicken, not gonna know I this isn’t a paid thing I just love chicken nuggets and they’ve now come up with spicy chicken nuggets, so I’m actually gonna go ahead and order some spicy tomorrow dip That sounds pretty, but um it’s order, some mekinese, I am bossing I got a rap just in case it all went It was terrible Give me my dips Yes, now get the chips out Okay, this is it I am so excited No, I’m actually pretty stoked about this This is so lame Here we go Oh, it smells good smells like a normal nog baby, a normal nog They just taste like normal nuggets, like maybe I have to do it with the dip all right, the dip Let’s try Actually, you know a little down The aftertaste is a bit of spice, not much though, but the dip is definitely makes this 5-0 mm Okay, yeah I like these These are good yeah, I’m starting When do you have to have one though you’ll have a couple? Ah, yeah all right, what might even need not attend I’m gonna give them a seven I’m gonna give it a seven out of ten because they’re good so not revolutionary, though they’re not like some sort of next-level munch, but they are good So if they were on the poor side of things, I would go for like a five or six Let me know down below what are you giving them if you’ve had them, if you’ve had them yeah, let me know what would you give these out of ten anyways just gonna go and increase my chance of heart failure?

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