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Binge on babish: Garfield cat lasagna. Live with Brad)

1 Nov , 2019  

A lot of people have a lot of mixed feelings about what Sonia I know how Garfield feels about was out yet Garfield, yeah New Jersey, the cat, hey, what’s up guys, welcome back to binging with babish, where we just made ricotta with Brad and Vinnie over at The bone Appetit test kitchens, but now we’re making ragu Bolognese for which we’re going to need one pound each of ground, pork, beef and veal, the classic meatball mix we’re putting that in the pot over medium-high heat and not really trying to brown it, but really just Sort of get all the fat out of it, it’s less we’re gonna have to be contending with later.
When we make our sauce into the bottle. With a little bit of the reserved fat goes, one chopped onion, one large chopped carrot and a couple stalks of chopped celery, a few optional shakes of red pepper flake. If you want a little tiny bit of heat and a good pinch of oregano go ahead and let those flavors get to know each other mingle at the onions soften up and then crush four cloves of garlic. It’s not saying for just an additional minute until fragrant, because we’ve got a beautiful layer of fund forming on the bottom of this pot. Now, if you’re a dumb-dumb you’ll add the meat back to the pot and then deglaze with the wine, what you want to do is deglaze with the wine and then add the meat back to the pot, scrape up all that yummy good stuff and add 2 cups Of homemade chicken stock or chicken stock, in which you’ve dissolved 1 packet of gelatin, now it’s tomato time we’re sticking pretty close to the Jake energy Lopez. All version of this recipe so add enough Tomatoes. So it’s a ratio of like 1/3 tomatoes to the rest of the stuff, we’re also gonna, add a few sprigs of fresh basil and not add a few sprigs of fresh sage chop that stuff up, don’t put it in whole, like I did, along with a Cup and a half milk stir it up a little bit. Add 2 bay leaves make sure everything is evenly dispersed and submerged and it’s time to slow simmer this guy for a solid four hours alternately. You could bake it with the lid partially open in a 325 degree, fahrenheit oven for about 4 hours, once it’s gotten nice and thick and rich and relatively cohesive.
Let’s fish out our sage and basil leaves add a solid 1/2 cup of freshly chopped basil and half a cup of heavy cream. We’Re also gonna add a solid three ounces of grated Parmesan or like half a wedge. Whichever one comes first mix, everything together make sure everything’s, nice and melted and cohesive and rich and yummy god. This stuff is good, but as always, we waited until the end to season with salt and freshly ground. Pepper, probably getting tired of hearing this, but wait until the end to season your sauces and soups and stuff like that before you eat it all yourself by the spoonful. We’Re gonna place this guy on the back burner, because now it’s time to make fresh pasta. This is not our first time making pasta on the show if you want to see how to make pasta from scratch, go check out the basics episode on that. I’m just sort of doing the grandma thing here: no measuring a bunch of flour, a bunch of eggs, a little bit of salt mix them all together. Now, usually, the problem I run into is that I’ve over hydrated, my dough and this time I’ve under hydrated it. So it is very, very hard to knead. I only had some big strong hands to help me. With this big strong hand, you say a babish step aside: oh look, it’s a really tall guy named Brad, but it looks like even Brad. Leone from it’s live with. Brad is having a really hard time with this dough it’s severely under hydrated, but not to worry. We’ve got a fix for that for now we’re cutting up the dough into four equal pieces and wrapping in plastic wrap letting rest at room temperature for 30 minutes and starting to roll out using a pasta roller now, if your dough is under hydrated, you’ll see that This starts to happen. The edges, when you put it through the pasta machine, are going to come out all torn and tattered the fix. We need the dough with a little bit of water, I mean yeah, we could use water but uh. You know we got all this way left over from the ricotta making byproduct of ricotta We might as well add that to the dough like that kind of had a little bit of Tang eNOS a little bit of cheese flavor I mean we are making lasagna baby.
This is weird that I like it with Brad calls me badly Anyway, it’s almost time to assemble Now I propose that we start with lube layer of sauce Yeah lube layer sounds great and you know a little sauce on the bottom and then we’ll drop What some noodles we made them a little! Why do you mind if they overlap a little bit? No, you know a little overlap It’s like Butz 2018 You guys breads right, it’s 2018! Let’s embrace the overlap anyway, we’re starting with sauce than mozzarella and ricotta between each sheet of pasta, yeah We do a little pot cheese, but we remember that stuff we made between the sheets with babish and Brad Coming soon now, I’m decidedly in the anti ricotta in lasagna camp, but I’m gonna trust that this is gonna work out so Brad What do you say? We go ahead and bake this thing Oh yeah, we got the oven set at 375 We get a little parmesan topper I see you’re hitting it with a little bit of freshly ground, pepper right there and throw this bad boy in a little sheet tray all right, smart, move there baby! So in case we get any bubbling over We don’t go smoking up, burn down your house, you know the 45 minutes later it’s time to dig in whoa, wait a little bit Everyone knows those lines got a rest I’D say about 30 minutes, if not overnight and after the longest 30 minutes of our lives It’s time to dig in and, as you might have guessed, it’s got a hell of a cheese stretch top it up with a torn basil leaf, and you know we got to get Vinnie up here for this get a plate all right, you’re part of team – that, Because lasagna should be enjoyed as a family Now I got to say for the first time ever I did not hate the inclusion of ricotta in this yeah It’s G I mean it’s cheesy, you know the mozzarella is nice It’s got a nice stretch to it, but I tell you what that that silent little sleeper there is the ricotta all right Well, thank you guys for coming over and showing me the error of my ways All right baby, thanks for having us man, wouldn’t want to make lasagna with anyone else

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