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Body shop cosmetic test

1 Nov , 2019  

I am going to be putting a body shop makeup to the test. I recently traveled on down to my local body shop. I have tried out plenty of their body. Butters shower gels skincare, but I have never really gotten into their makeup and you guys are supposed in the comment section that we’re asking for this over and over and over to the point that other people were actually hopping on those comments. They’Re like stop requesting it. She’s seen this already and I’m like: oh my gosh like this, is just something that’s so wanted that I need to figure it out and sit down and film it.
So I got a good array of products and we’re going to just try them out together. For the first time I’m going to let you know how they apply initially and we’ll just kind of see what works and what doesn’t I’m a little bit nervous. I don’t know too much about the line, but I am always happy to discover new things and hopefully find some new products that I can recommend for you all that are not too crazy, expensive we’re going to get into some space products. I have me honey, bronze, drops of Sun, and this is something you can use on its own. You can use to adjust foundation. I just thought it was kind of a cool product and I was really curious about it. It’s rubber and it’s an actual gel that has no shimmer in it whatsoever and you’ll see. On the back of my hand, it is immediately giving my skin kind of a bronzey tint to it without it, looking at shimmery or heavy or oily, or anything like that. This has vitamin E and honey and you can mix it again with moisturizer or in your foundation. I’m going to be using the fresh nude foundation. I have the shade macadamia zero-to-four. I am praying to the heavens that this matches. So, let’s get into these two products and I’m going to scoot you guys a little bit closer for application. The first thing I noticed about this foundation, guys it comes the pump got to keep the product clean. I love that I love a good pump on a foundation more than anything else. There we go, I’m going to take my Beauty Blender and just go in and hope that it matches and we’ll adjust things as needed. So, oh look at that. I actually did a pretty decent job. They have a nice shade range. I did notice that – and this is said to have a semi matte finish, so I’m thinking is just going to have a natural finish, not going to be overly luminous and I’m not sure if this is buildable or what the deal is as far as coverage goes.
Just putting that on right here, I can definitely see my pigmentation poking through, which means I’m going to want more. So this also is enriched with aloe vera and rose water. It has an SPF of 15 lots of good things going on quite smooth and not like it is hard to sink into the skin. I have been doing a few new things with my skincare. I know that you guys are always asking about skin. so this is going on really nicely. I’m really really loving how this feels on my skin. I’m going to say this reminds me an awful lot of you wet and wild photo focus like it has that same liquidy feel it blends in really nicely it sinks into the skin. It has a natural finish. So I’m going to be sure to let you guys know by the end of the day, how I feel about this, and if it is worth the extra little bit of a splurge against the photo focus which is $5.99, because this guy right here is $25, that is up there in Christ. It might not be an Armani price tag, but it’s definitely at nothing that you would pay at the drugstore. Next up, I have a $12 concealer, which i think is a really great price tag on a concealer. This is the all-in-one and I’m not quite sure what the deal is with this looks kind of open. Oh wow was that so dark okay. So I’m feeling like I got the wrong shade. It was just like dust yeah we’re not going to use this today, but let me know in the comments is this one that you guys have checked out and used? Should I repurchase this in a lighter shade? I will keep it on hand, obviously, and try it out the second I use a self-tanner or anything like that. I am going to it use on Elizabeth Arden concealer that I’m really into at the moment. Instead, this is the ceramide lift and firm concealer. This is just like a really nice natural concealer and I’m into it big-time at the moment, alright. So to set everything, I am going to take this body shop all-in-one space base. Now this is technically, I believe, a foundation powder. I have the shade 55. I am going to take able warp up and I’m just going to see what kind of coverage I can get out of this powder testing. A small touch right here that looks like it might be. Okay, sometimes I love doing that using a more natural finish, not too heavy foundation and then going in with a powder foundation.
It can just make the skin it look really pretty without looking too heavy, and you can cover up more and it actually locks everything in really nicely, and the powder actually has marula oil as one of the ingredients which I really love, I actually used to use. Marilla oil, as a last step in my skincare, it’s just really beneficial to the skin kind of like argan oil. Same type of this thing, it’s just really a nice moisturizing product, I’m going to be curious. If I get greasy or if this base mask or what happens being that this thing that they talked about what this particular product is it, it is infused with marula oil, which can be really heavy. This does come with a sponge, so if you want to go totally crazy and use this just as your foundation, you absolutely could the compacts a little bit bulky, but not bad. I really don’t know how I feel about this. I’ve been so stuck on drugstore powder that I feel like it’s really hard to impress me to want to spend more than $10 on a powder product and through the magic of editing it. My brows are all done so I didn’t have any body shop brow products, so I just quickly threw on a little brow and now we’re going to get to bronzing up the face. This is a $23 will baked bronzer, and this is said to last up to 8 hours on the face. I don’t know about that. We shall see I’m just using a Sonia Kashuk brush. I’ve really been enjoying this kind of a shape for like bronzing, and I just start up on the temples and drag the color down, actually really nice. This is a lot more shimmery than I normally go for the wet and, while in this photo focus powder and cocoa, that I’ve been using a lot recently that one’s a touch more almost orangie, there’s. I don’t know why there’s some reason I like that one and I don’t mind its warmth. It kind of just wears in a way that your skin just looks really really nice after a while. This is going on not as warm but it’s definitely more shimmery, which is not something that I’m always all about when it comes to browsers. I don’t want to like look too shiny everywhere yeah. I don’t think I’m loving that as much as I really want to so I am going to go into something else that is kind of new. This is not body shot, but I’ve never tried it out. So I figure, why not try it out the first time right here as well.
I am going to blush and highlight my face with this palette from makeup revolution.. I need to try that out, look at how beautiful that is it just blended, so quickly, Eitan Lee and nicely I’m going to take a different brush, go into this kind of more hot pinky color up top and really hit the apples of my cheeks. Alright. Now I’m going to go into the highlighters in here, really quick and just add a little something all right, we’re going to move on to a little eye shadow. I have two quads right here and I was touching feelings. Watching testing tried all of the eye shadows from the body shop, and I was actually really impressed in this door with how they were applying to the back of my hand. Now that doesn’t always tell you the full story of how things are going to apply on your actual eye with the shadow brush, so we’re about to see how she just goes down, I’m going to use the more Toby shade one. I have this one as well called: oh they’re just numbered whacked. Oh, I have the number four down-to-earth palette. I also have the number one down-to-earth palette on the back. It does give you simple instructions on how to do a cute. Little look. I think. That’s quite nice and they’re really a pain to get into so I’m kind of destroying the packaging and the instructions which ones do I want to use. Okay, I thought I was gonna use the fun one, I’m actually going to use the swish a little bit of this lighter color all over the lid just to give a nice base, and then I’m going to take this kind of mustard shade and go into The crease has a little bit of a shine to it, though, so I don’t know how that’s going to work out, so I’m not just going to take that in the crease, I’m actually going to fan it down on the lid as well. I just like the tone of this yellow mustard, a shade. It’s really pretty blending pretty well and then I’m going to take another crease brush, I’m going to take a Mac 217. I’m going in I’m going into this really rich matte espresso, shade right here and I’m going to focus it on the outer half of the lid. So I basically only use the yellow tone shade and be deep espresso shade and just kept blending and adding and darken up that outer edge and really dragging the color below.
On my lower lash line. It was pretty well. The only thing was running through my head right now and usually when I try a new product, I know immediately, I’m like. Oh, my god. I love this. It is so incredible or I like really don’t like it, and this one is just kind of like not really allowing me, but I kind of have to wait and see because it did blend really well. The color payoff is good and there’s nothing bad about it. It’s just not like. Oh my God, where have you been all my life? I am going to try out a body shop mascara, you guys know. I am always game to try out a new mascara. It will be the mission for the rest of my life to find the world’s best mascara. What is your guys’s favorite all-time mascara. Leave that in the comments like what, if you can have one mascara forever, what would it be? I’m curious, alright! So the brush on here kind of looks a little crazy. It’s like fat spiky, but also spin on the center part. This is said to not clump it stay for contact lens wearers, do not ever skip out on curling your lashes, especially if you have really flat lashes. Like me, it is transferring quite a bit to my upper lid boo. Why are you doing that? Alright, it is doing it such a beautiful job on the lower lash line. I think it’s making my lashes look really really nice, it’s not clumping, and it makes them look full and long, but I hate how it is doing this thing. I’m going to wait till that dries and kind of try to scrape it off a little bit instead of smudging things everywhere. I don’t think you would notice so much if you were wearing a liner, but I’m not today and usually when I try out mascara because in the past you guys have requests that I do it this way I don’t like to put liner on so you guys Can see like the full real deal of it, so you know that’s a bummer that it’s transferring so much. I do also have this little guy, which is like a bronze blush, highlighting dome and this girl that worked at the body shop. That was helping me said this is one of her favorite products. I was like alright. Well, I think I need to try that out then, and it looks really pretty the cream to powder type of a situation. I’m going to be curious to see how this layers on top of powder – and this is Dylan right – you’re $16 – so that’s a little bit up there and price I’m going to kind of just do a little bit of this ooh.
That is really pretty. Actually, I kind of am really into that: yeah, don’t use it on your nose, but on the cheeks, it’s beautiful, because I just did to my foundation – oh my god, so pretty! Okay, I love this on D cheeks and you can’t really see your shoulders right now, but I bet it’s so awesome on your shoulder too, and I love that it’s just like in a little dull thing you can kind of just put wherever you want now for Lips, we’re going to swatch and see a few of the different items that I picked up this one right here is actually for both your cheeks and your lips. Now this is a sixteen dollar little pencil that you can use on your cheeks or your lists. It does it has a floral scent on line. I didn’t detect that when I was in the store, I guess it kind of does. Okay, I don’t know why I like that you guys what the heck it looks really cute on my hand, and maybe it’s that I have stuff on my lips already, but then, like a really dry kind of a texture. I don’t think I like that. So much. I’m going to a liquid lip instead of this guy right here, though, if they have a matte liquid lip. This is the matte liquid lip. I have the shade number 17. I have 32 and 34. I’m actually going to go with this one right here at this shade at 32 and I’m going to use a newer product to line my lips as well. This is from buxom and this is steep plump lip liner installed and I’m not that fill in my list. I’m just going to kind of outline them a little bit. Alright, this already looks very whipped and kind of creamy and texture versus wet, so we’re going to go in and I’m really surprised by the price on these. These are 10 bucks. That’s still weird and it smells like a banana popsicle mmm. Okay, there’s something about the texture of this – that I’m not loving and I kind of feel like I am not liking everything that I trying right now, which is really a big bummer. So this is the completed look using all products that I have never tried before from the body shop. I’m curious to test out these little drops of Sun. I will let you guys know how that goes. The foundation, the foundation is something that I’m really enjoying it. Doesn’t feel sticky tacky, it just feels really hydrating, but not overly oily. It’s just sitting on my skin nicely and I am enjoying it so so much I will definitely keep using this and it might become a new favorite.
I’m really really happy I tried that out The powder is gorgeous I absolutely need to put this to the test on a day when I’m not wearing any other makeup and just use it as a powder foundation I feel like it gives a really really good coverage and I am happy with this one I also really love this little honey Bronze thing would do not for the hose only for the cheeks This is beautiful, though blended in really really nicely even over powder I’m not a fan of this I think this just did not do much at all It was too shiny to oranjee didn’t blend the way I wanted it to, and it’s just not worth the money, this little guy for your lips and cheeks It has such a stiff textures and I’m just like No I’m not into it The mascara is so just kind of disappointing because on the lower lashes, it worked really really well, but this formula it kind of – wants to go here, they’re everywhere, and I think that has to do with the brush and just maybe my eye shape the eye shadows I’m actually not impressed with, I feel like I could have done a better job with my 399 singles from Maybelline, I’m in my head Thinking of the shade glow, getter and thinking of the more espresso brown shade that I used in my 100% trust or tutorial I could have done a very similar thing and I just I don’t think this did enough – I’m not really happy with my eye look right now I think it’s kind of smooth the colors to blend that great Nothing really really impressed me and then these guys right here, I am totally on the fence about cuz It has such a weird, whipped, texture, it’s not a normal liquid lipstick that is going to dry down completely match and feel dry to The touch like like you can see the color that comes off on my fingertips This is a lighter shade, so maybe it’s not the best one to show that result with, but it’s just a weird texture I can’t tell whether I love it or hate it I seriously am very very on the fence with these We just getting my hands dirty my face made up and if you want me to continue this series with another brand, let me know that in the comments as well I love you guys so much

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