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Bomb A ** Silk Press 4C Hair Super Message

30 Sep , 2019  

I’m doing this at the camera with some hood curls looking back at it and it could curl in my tax break. I got a blank card and let sex have additionnal Banks, the bad hat hi. You guys welcome back to my channel.. I’m not gonna be extremely difficult, especially when your hair is this kinky. So it’s been a long time coming to really learn how to get my hair silky straight.. If you’d like to see my wash routine I’ll link that down below and I’m using Qi, but it wasn’t so key.
It was stiff and nobody likes a stiff, silk press. You want to be able to swing your hair and your hair flow, so Chi, it’s very popular for a reason. This is my first time using it, but it’s definitely something that I’ll continue to use, and I really like the way it made my hair feel when I blow-dry my hair. I always do the tension method first, whereas, though I hold the ends of my hair and I just blow-dried the length of it, you do this because the ends of your hair are very fragile. It still it’s part of your hair, so you don’t want to apply too much tension. So what I did was I blow-dried the limp of my hair first and hold the end and then, when my hair was 95% straight, then I went there with my paddle brush and I straightened the rest of it. I twisted my sections, as I went through my head just to leave out a way because it’s going to be so much hair, you guys are going to see once it’s all blow-dried but yeah as you can see, I’m holding the ends of my hair and I’m Just blow-drying the length of it and then when it’s mostly straight, I’m gonna go in with my brush and then blow-dry it the rest of the way because you want you do want your hair to be blow-dried pretty straight before you actually go and work your Flat iron it’ll make your job so much easier you or into use the right products when you wash your hair because it’ll make this process so much easier. You guys know I’ll use, Aussie 3 minute miracle. It’s really inexpensive, it’s the best conditioner! Ever it’s less than three dollars and it makes my hair so soft. The detangling process is super easy because it’s a conditioner that I use sometimes I’ll use a whole bottle in one wash. But I don’t mind because it’s so inexpensive – and I don’t wash my hair that often anyway, so I highly highly highly recommend that conditioner, like I said I will have my wash routine linked down below.
So you can see all of the products that I used when I wash my hair, you you so you guys. This is my beautiful hair when it’s all blow-dried out I’ll have the link to the color that I use down below. It’s highlights. It’s not all over. My head, and now I’m just gonna start sectioning off my head. I did put chi in my head again before this process, so basically up achieve before I blow dryer and then before I plan on it. What I’m doing now is I’m taking my hot comb and I’m getting my kitchen first. That is the Rob straight from Africa. It is so thick and kinky back there, y’all wouldn’t believe it and I’m getting all my roots. First, the flatiron Doug doesn’t get your roots. The way that I hot coal would, which is why I’m using the hot comb for my roots and then I’m going to take my flat iron to go down the length in the ends of my hair. I’m pretty sure you guys have seen this method before where you use the flat iron and you follow your rat tail comb, and this is just gonna make sure it’s super super super straight and it’ll get all the kinks out the flat iron that I’m using. It’s from Amazon, I will have that link down below as well. It is a titanium flat iron. I highly recommend using titanium flat irons if you have kinky hair versus ceramic flat irons. I did my research and basically ceramic clairedonze are better for finer, hair and titanium flat. Irons are better for your kinky or coarse hair, so those white hands are really really like and they were like 37 dollars on Amazon and they’re really nice. So I highly recommend those as well you you, you you just my hair when it’s all straightened out my hands. Aren’t that bad, but they do need a little trim. So I’m about to go in now and trim my ends. I’m gonna try to explain it. The best way I can so you guys can understand how to detect split ends. Basically, it’s where the ends look. A little bit thinner adds. just like the very ends where it’s really really thin it. So that’s just what I’m doing I’m going around my head. The best way that I can to get my split ends. I think I did a great job honestly, you guys, I don’t trust anyone else to cut my hair if you are a professional hair stylist and I did a bad job just let me know down below what I can do better. You guys, because I honestly do not trust anyone to do my hair at all especially cut my ends Beauticians visas are happy and they be trying to just use all their techniques on you cut and layers they’re like no I’m not here.
For that I just want my ends, cut, that’s it! So that’s what I’m doing you guys, I’m just going around and flipping these ends off I wasn’t really trying to make it even or do any type of style I was just trying to get my dead ends off, so I won’t be bald headed, make sure you use fresh shears on your hair Every time I straighten my hair or clip my ends I get brand-new shears I do not use scissors on my hair They are not intended for your hair, you have to get scissors or shears that are intended for hair, and you have to make sure that you’re not using them on anything else Besides your hair, because you actually can cause more damage than you can good on your hair, if you’re using dull scissors or you’re using scissors instead of shares or whatever the case may be, so make sure that your best and some good shears so click your ng Lies you but my ends are all clips, I’m taking that tiny bit more sheet and I’m just rubbing it all through my hair So when I do the styling process, everything is nice and silky and smooth I didn’t use a lot I know I said I used it three times, but I used less than a dime size amount Each time I used a very very little bit I promise you My hair is not like overweight with the product I use the rubber a little bit so I’m starting in the back and I’m going to take my flat irons and do like some pin curls and you guys will see how it turns out You you go straight and I’m about to wrap it and wrap some saran wrap around it This is the actual soaking process I think I don’t know what this does If you know, please let me know down below, but this is what I saw The professionals do So I’m just doing the same thing: I’m just wrapping my head around taking some plastic wrap wrapping it around and I didn’t want to send under a blow dryer because it would have been too much so put in front of my camera So I just used a hand dryer here and blow dry out my hair for three minutes and then I’m gonna take it down you This is the finished Look Eli’s, I loved how it turned out, make sure you subscribe to my channel I will probably use a smaller flat iron I just feel as though I would like it a lot better

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