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Boxycharm unpack in August 2019 + try on first impression

1 Nov , 2019  

Wasn’t you guys welcome back today? I am super excited because we are doing I’ll guess I’m foxy trying unboxing. I literally just got this bad boy in the mail and I cannot wait to open her up. for you guys every single month. I know you guys love them too. If you’re not familiar with box, you tribe, it’s a monthly subscription service, it’s $21 per month and you get four to five full-size products and it’s supposed to be over $100 value, so we’re gonna go through and unbox all the products.
We’Ll add up. The values and I’m gonna actually try them on and use them on my face because I feel like that’s the best way to know whether or not the products are worth it, and I can feel something like shakin around in here. I don’t know what it is. I guess we’ll see when we open it up, but I can feel s I’m like moving it around something shaking, but I’m so excited to open this up with you guys today make sure you guys subscribe to my channel. If you have not already include the little bell right next to subscribe button, so you notified all my future uploads and without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the unboxing all right to my little box cutter to open this is downstairs so we’re gonna Use a hair pin to open this up, I’m very, very resourceful. Hopefully, this works. This is what it looks like okay, so we have the little card on top that lists all the products as well as their respective values. I’m not gonna. Look at the back. So I like to be surprised, but we will use it to add up the values of all the products, and this is what I see ooh some Becca girl. What is this okay? So we have the Abeka, hydro, mist, set and refresh powder. I feel like I’ve. Never even heard of this, this is a loose refreshing powder that dusts on like a mist and sets perfects and refreshes makeup for a silky smooth, finish formulated with 50% water plus glycerin. What wait that is so cool? Okay! I’m really really excited about this. I’ve. Never like really heard of like anything even like this, and I normally really like Becca’s product, so I’m very excited but see what the value on this guy is. The value for this is $39, all right, so we’re already over the 21 dollars at the box. Costs so super cool definitely be testing that up next. I see this Wonder: Beauty glow ahead, illuminating a face oil. Okay. So is this like a primer or a skincare product? Okay, so this is kind of like a skincare product.
It’s like a skin oil. You could use it, though, prior to doing your makeup. I would just suggest to let it like kind of soak into your skin, but that is super super cool, so the value on this is $42 Wow, okay, it it’s lightweight and primes the skin, so it can be used like as a primer. Then we have the peach and lily glass skin refining, serum okay. So this is supposed to give you glassy, transparent and poreless skin. So it says that can be used. I am and PM daily, so another skincare products want to take it out and see what it looks like. Oh, very cute. Okay, is it like a twister, Oh little, pumper cute that retails for $39. So I’m getting the feeling that this box is very skin. Related then up next we have the ace beaut a glimmering eyeshadows. These are so pretty. We have a purple and a silver so says these are high, pigmented soft shadows with a creamy texture and the MSRP on these is $25 and then last but not least, we have a lip liner. This is from Steve Laurent, and it says that this is suppose last up to seven hours, which does very long for a lip liner. Then the MSRP is $15 alrighty. So I’m gonna go and add up the value of all the products and then we will test out everything. So the Becca powder is $39. The wander illuminating oil is 42, the peach and lily serum is 39. The eye shadows are $25. I’m assuming they’re $25 together because Lissa has 25 bucks. I don’t think they’re $25 each and then the lip liner is 15. So that’s a full value of a hundred and sixty dollars. Did I add that correctly? That’s actually a lot normally they’re like a hundred like they’re, always over a hundred, which is what they claim them to be, but normally they’re not that much. Let me add this up again to make sure I did it right, yeah wait. It is it’s correct! 160. Bucks dang. Alright, that’s a high value box. I feel like that, might be the highest value like regular box. I’ve ever gotten, like, obviously the boxy luxe boxes are higher value, but I think 160 is like the highest I’ve ever gotten. Alright, so we’re gonna jump in to trying out some of these products. Okay, so the first one we’re gonna try out is this Becca powder and I’m just gonna go and set my face with it.
It has a little sister, which I love alright, so I’ve put some in the cap here, I’m like nervous that I’m doing this wrong. I feel like. I need to read the directions: no, okay, so it’s basically, you can just be used to set or refresh your makeup like throughout the day. It says it creates a mist like sensation on the skin, for a seamless, finish and comfortable feels so, and we just go in with a regular brush and apply it to the face. So I’m just gonna go in with this fluffy guy right here. Oh, my god, oh my god wait what I can’t even explain this to you guys this is actually so cool. It feels like wet. This is the weirdest, but coolest product I’ve literally ever tried. It feels like my brush is like wet applying this to my skin. Like even though it’s a powder like it feels exactly like a mist how the heck do they do that this is so cool. This is literally like the cool thing ever. I wish I could like send the feeling to guys, but it literally feels like my brush was wet like when I’m applying it, but now my brush doesn’t feel wet, but it doesn’t like pulled away. I like the foundation or anything like it literally just sets everything down what the heck. Okay. This is a really really cool product. I like that, a lot it just feels so cool and like sets down your skin, really nicely Wow. I thought it meant like it was gonna give the same. Look to your skin as like a mist. Would I guess so. It wasn’t like overly powdery, but anything was actually to feel like a mist. That’s really really cool. Okay, this product is like actually like one of the coolest things I’ve ever tried. Are you gonna try this product or even heard about like? Why have I not tried this or heard about it, but it is so stinking cool. So I really like that – and it did a nice job of like setting and refreshing the foundation that I had on my face already. So I like that, a lot that is really really cool. Alright. Next, I’m going to go in with the lip liner. I believe it’s like a nude shade. That’s me open it. I literally can’t get over that powder. That is so cool. I’m gonna do a little swatch my hand, so I can show you guys woohoo. It’s like a pretty rose shade. That’s it right there! So I’m gonna go in and line on my lips like this. I love this shade. It is so pretty, and now you could use this as a liner and then go in with like your favorite, lipstick or whatever, but I’m actually just gonna fill my lips in with this, you guys can really see the color.
So this is what the lip liner looks like apply it all over the lips. I love it. It is so stinkin pretty and it kinda makes your teeth. Look white like it’s. One of those colors makes your teeth look light, which I like it’s a pretty matte finish. You can definitely go all over your lips with this guy or again, like I said, just use your favorite lipstick and use this as a liner all right now for these eye shadows. These are really meant for, like all over the lid colors or like inner corner, highlights, like they’re, not meant to be like blended into a priest, or anything like that. So what I’m gonna do is going to use the silver one in my inner corner. So we can test that there and I’ll use the purple one all over the rest of the lid he’ll do like a little bit of a gradient. The lid comes we’ll go in with this silver one. First, this is the shade of French vanilla whoo. This looks so so creamy, I’m gonna pop this in oh, my goodness, honey wow. This is beautiful. Look at how blinding this is! Oh, my goodness, literally it’s so so pretty. I was not expecting this. It’s almost like a gel like it like morphs, like it’s like that. Penguin said that it’s like jelly like wow, okay. I really really like this. This is beautiful, obsessed I’ll do a little swatch on my hand, to show you guys my finger in there yeah like it definitely has like uh. I don’t know oh yeah, like a very creamy texture, so so pretty okay, love that didn’t expect. That bottom is just gonna, be like a regular powder shadow. So I really like that: let’s go in with the purple one now. This is a very similar color I feel like to the lips. This is huckleberry I’ll swatch. It first to show you guys. Oh, oh, my goodness, gracious Wow, crazy, crazy pigmented, so so pretty okay, gonna put this all over our lid and I’m just gonna go in and press this on fill. This probably applies best with a finger honestly, so I’m gonna try that out. Oh yes, oh my god, so so pretty what a pretty shade that is like blinding. I need to go in with a brush for the rest match. My fingers are too long for my finger. Nails are too long, but it definitely applies a really really nicely with your finger and then I’m just gonna get all the parts that I couldn’t get because of my nail with a flat brush.
This is so stinkin pretty Wow. I honestly, like love how this look is coming out. You know this is like a look that I would normally never do. It looks so so pretty like these shadows are just so beautiful and because the unique kind of texture that they have to them cuz they’re kind of like creamy there’s, like literally no file like I have not like van der eyes at all and there’s like literally Nothing under there, even though they’re this pigmented, like normally shadows that are this pigmented, have like tons and tons of Fallout, but because these have like a creamy texture to them, they don’t, which is awesome. I need to go. Buy these eyeshadows in like every color that they make, because they are literally amazing, like what I’m actually just gonna go in with a little brush like this. I’m gonna buff that shade on my under eye as well again because of the texture and stuff is really meant to be like an all-over color, but I’m gonna just put a little bit underneath there. I am so impressed with these. So so pretty. Oh my gosh alrighty and then last not least, we have the two skin care products. I’m gonna take my necklace off. I’m gonna apply these two of my neck. You should actually always drive your skin care down to your neck. It’s an area that a lot of people in they collect so so we’re gonna see how they perform there. So this is again the illuminating face. Oil comes with like a little dropper, so I’m gonna do like two drops in my hand. Oh my god. It’s pink that is Q. Okay, so that’s two drops. I didn’t expect it to be pink. Oh, it feels really really light. Oh that’s really! Really nice! It literally is like so light and doesn’t feel oily at all, which is the kind of face oil that I who like. So. This could definitely be applied prior to applying your makeup because you don’t want to go in with like a thick oil and then try to apply makeup on top of it. It’s not gonna stay. This is a very, very light like I literally feel like no oil residue on my hands like at all. So it’s a very light. Facial oil so definitely can be used as a primer for your skin, or you can use more than two drops and really go ahead and use it as like a moisturizer But it definitely has like a little bit of like a glitter finish to it.
Like a pearlescent kind of pink finish, if you guys can see but blends in super super fast, if you guys see on my hand like it’s already who ended in really nicely and then we have the peach and lily serum So this one I’ll probably just put this on in my hand, to show you guys what it looks like and just looks like a regular serum again also very light and just kind of soaking it to my skin very easily, which is how I, like my skincare To be, doesn’t really have a scent or anything to it, just a light kind of serum and definitely leaves my hand looking glass like that That I’ll say for sure – and I mean to be completely honest – it’s hard to give a first impression on skincare, because I feel like skincare is really something that needs to work overtime So I don’t typically do like first impressions on skin care Products like I feel like makeup products are easy to give a first impression on, because you see immediate results, like you see immediately the color and how it blends, where, with skincare you’re, not gonna see immediate results with it, but it did feel really really nice On my skin, that’s the peach and lily serum alright So I just went ahead and finish up my makeup Look real, quick, just little bottom mascara and some face products, but I really am impressed with this month’s box Not only was the value really high, but I really really liked to the products, especially those eyeshadows I was like those are my Jam’s They are really really good Face powder was really cool I love the lip color, so I am very impressed Definitely let me know it down below what you guys think also, let me know what you guys get this month and you were a boxycharm I would love to hear – and I do want to let you guys know as well – that if you actually sign up as a new member for boxycharm in this month, they’re gonna get a free gift and valued over $60, which is awesome so you’ll get That, on top of the box, that’s just a little incentive to sign up I’ll have a link to sign up for boxycharm down below, as I always do, if you guys are interested but yeah Thank you guys so so much for watching I love you guys

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