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Brad Mundo scorched our old hairstyle (we cried)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to our Channel, I’m Luke, I’m Cooper and I’m Brad and one of the coiled triplets so in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past like a year and a half you probably already know who Brad is the king of each? You living living anywhere and he wasn’t the king of hair. Stop it. That’s me, okay! So, as you may know, watching our channel we’ve had quiet, we would throw up with the hair in the hair come out. A different hair looks over the years in a while.
We thought it would be perfect to look back, but also roasting roses, all of the mess of our hair journey, our hair, Our goals clear high school – I mean you know we just wanted to live our extra life like him back in the day we were trying and but unfortunately he wasn’t really on YouTube. Then so we couldn’t use his guidance. You know when I wanted to have like blonde pilum hair. You know I was going through the bleaching struggling. We tried, we tried, but I mean I went there too. With the bleach struggle. Oh yeah, I have a red hair. I had oh. I was like see now we need a few. I mean your own hair. I would love to see like Bob your old Brad, like it’s Brad, my dear color, I would die. I’ve had everything how about so you’ve been you’ve, probably gotten like some bad haircuts. Some bad experience, it’s been horrible, but I can’t wait to see your stop and if you guys are new here, make sure to subscribe to this channel hit that Bell. Follow us on social media and also go check out Brad stuff because he’s doing the damn thing. Okay and I’m sure, like you already know like who he is, but definitely like – I hit him up in his socials everything’s gonna be linked down below, so you can find him. There loves it. So here’s the first picture now I got even back story before I show you these pictures um, so 10th grade came around and you know I wanted to have a moment and I want to speak blonde, but I knew my mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair Blonde, so I was just casually mixing hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, and that would go to my soccer games and I’d like all sunny, and I would like put it in – I just kept on putting it. So this is what I would get back. Oh look. Nothing like these pictures. This was the ACMA diesel and this was like. I look exactly like I did when I was younger. You really really think you might we look. Nothing like also dislike angle is not kisses. You know killer yeah.
This thing my name’s, like a Gilbert, look, you look like a Gilbert like. I look like a good look at her Ronnie, but you were trying to give like funny blonde and they turn look. How fried it looks just like. Oh, my god, you poor thing, but do people say that like they’re gonna do Sun in or whatever to make it lighter, but no and I’m like, can we just not do that because your hair? Isn’t it turn over again, you look terrible, and this is good. Okay. This is the PS PS, a announced. So what happened was my mom is like? Okay, you obviously like you’re playing games. You you had ginger hair now we’re gonna we’re gonna get this fixed and you’re gonna go blonde. I finna get was almost like you’re a psychology, I think my yeah. So then this is when I got it back and it still wasn’t the problem. This is is okay, it was like when the game came out. I know the guy stepped out like no one knew with the blonde hair. I’m like walking around it’s like. Oh my god, I’m like at the blent a shit. Why does it blend? No, oh. What did they do there? I just wanted it on the top and I think I bled down so they kept on going. I think more, your time now, okay, like giving are giving you it giving us dark side you on top on great situation and I’m kind of careful. Yes, I think the inspo was Miley, but I ended up somewhere just in left us. I love you. Your North Face, you got that on me. I make sure you have the Northeast. The locals are, are shaky right now, we’re your uggs on, I don’t know, but I should’ve saw my sister’s that way. Thank you completed the lock wait. That looks nothing like week, which one another. This looks nothing like you, I think Isaac. You guys. I wanted like a shaggy moment and that’s what she hasn’t come out yet yeah hold, maybe JC Penney’s call for its money. I’m like bitch, get out of this camera. Oh, my god, I love you look so straight a little strange. I think I’m the girl. We should the girls ever boys. I want us to like be a skateboarder. I don’t see so that was me. I think Toronto than my fantasy, okay, okay, so this is in ninth grade. Yes, I get a coconut head. Coconut hang me like visit exactly. Why would I like a journey to say the least Zoey’s way what ages is? This is ninth grade, so, whenever holiday organized, I love the pole, cut like the straight-across, bang, bang, bang live the natural color natural color she’s a natural queen, Ian yeah, you know so that’s a mess. What would you doing this is you? That’s me may have assumed it. What would you do with someone came in and said I want this like, oh yeah, I’d be like look we not like living for the fantasy.
You know it was a moment a little like housewife, mm-hmm, butch, housewife, yeah, yeah she’s, a book like just give me a good like blouse and, like some heels, I’m like a little Marty. We literally if no fuckin. I think that’s what I see like in the corner of my room and I see four houses like yeah. I just like pop up my little like traffic, okay. So now – and I forgive it, let me talk about this long. Okay, I’m just pulling it up! Cuz! You don’t really get it back, sir. Okay, guys this one should get him out. You have to zoom in you have to do it. The Scout. I don’t know where to start scallops. That is the definition of scallops. Are your why malt okay? First of all, the haircut yeah, the haircut and then you went it was fine too far up wait. Did you go to a salon? It yeah? Yes, yeah! You can go on about it where, when you get highlights and your hair so short, so it turns into C house. I mean that’s just a bad hair, stylist yeah, but, like you know, good intention, like I just want to look sunkissed, then like a little highlights in that you like, show my picture like a Victoria’s Secret model. I want like that, like okay, honey and it’s just like it’s not gonna work, now, okay, so these two wait. I like this, so I don’t like it like this one: okay, yes, yeah yeah. I wanted like a she just high water or on here, but it warm okay. I mean piss, wait, I’m giving bloated face I’m on sodium. I mean it’s definitely warm as principal yeah. Look like back. I think I was just so I don’t know if clients are ever like this would be like they’re like it looks really good, but they’re like no I’m not in this. Yes, I think you wanted, like Oh Ashley yeah. What happens every time? They’Re, like it looks good but like I did it, but I kind of ya know you cut up, though I mean it looks a little. I mean yeah yeah, it’s kind of pretty done. You guys really went through with the hair huh yeah we’ve been through it. Well, we were trying we were like, we were trying to give a look, but it just never ended up anything and I think is like the wave and the slide. I think that’s! Okay! Oh yes! Yes showing these that were you wearing ten goggles. We used to burn our face and to know like into like now you see my size. This is me as a fucking child. Oh, like I did the same shit like my hair was the same color. I was so boring. How do you actually want yeah? But it’s like, I start like it’s all compare.
This is me. I was just a Cooper joke. Well, no bi volutes Luke’s are coming easy. Sweetie. You go someplace with your leg. It freaks me out. I know I don’t get how you think, but I think it’s when you hang out with twins like the first few time I mean you can’t tell they don’t get it you’ll get in anyway. You keep going you’re like oh wait that I would never think that yeah yeah, that’s true, yeah yeah and say yeah you’re already getting ass. So then I was like I just want my roots done, yeah and then and the problem good yeah. The problem with this is, I just wanted my roots done, but they just slapped bleach all on the sauce has blonde, so it literally I had to get it all cut after that sighs it was melted off. Why are we still going out there? I got a different one after this she’s really has no experience. Does she know? Oh my god, look she’s got shit. I know it turned into something like me either. I know it’s so crazy. It looks like mozzarella cheese. Another picture of the same thing. You could literally see it wasn’t drying. Was it no your face? It was wet it telling when it like, shut it off, though yeah it was so bad. I can tell here it’s like it’s like the gummy this. It was her girl me, yes, yeah. I know how to get it all cut off like isn’t that crazy, you were living now. I was like living like a you’re like really fun here. I can’t be that to you, I’m gonna not stop saying that, like I just can’t leave that to you. Yeah, so when I kind of fit yes, yes being naturally can make me Barbie, bye, okay, you know that picture earlier. You guys had so many situation. I thought you were like gonna show me like you know. My hair is sure in Scituate know my job. No just say your thoughts and I’ll tell you what happened. That’s what I mean. So this is shorter and then this wanna grab this and then that’s when it grew out. You were still wearing it. Yeah did you like it? How you hated it? I hated it but – and we tried to dyeing that patch, but I wanted to be blonde so that I didn’t want to dye it red shit going through, but a brown dye oxidizing. What happened was they did the highlights and then I guess they want to blend it in the back and I just turned orange cuz. It was a process, they ask you how you are. You just have to say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine. I think I’d worse though my dad is a hairdresser going.
Oh, like you didn’t know what I wanted, and sometimes it’s just the trends and like you have in your head. You’Re like this will look good, but no trendy, clean and my dad was – and I was the problem like I want these like baleog – highlight it was like what so then. This was a moment where you know what this was toner gone bad. She started the lavender mama yes, but this one on purpose like well. All these things happen because it wasn’t on purpose which is kind of sad, but I like not bad okay, I mean like a little mad, but, like you can see like Claudia fury like I’m not, I know I know I’m not gonna blow up. Okay, okay, was this purple shampoo or was it just die? It was a there was a purple shampoo that way to that really yeah! Oh wait! What her hair was like whores and fuckin like a joke and broken yeah see he calls this the connection to the man I mean exactly yeah. I did Auslan that is too long, a musical texture or something okay. So you want to see you know that, like we have, this is honestly, don’t hate this I’m like not even being. That means I go. Oh wait! No like this. Isn’t that bad is that bad bitch? I had this haircut for the last one. I think it’s just I was so again the Ronnie day wasn’t helping well, I think they wanted hair, so long be 1/2. This was one like the man. Bun was big, so we wanted a long enough to be in a bone, so there was no texture. There was no lay up it’s a moment for sure, but like I’m not hating on it, okay, okay, that’s little soccer mom a little like gonna pick up the kids yeah. You know it’s almost like a like a soccer mom situation, but like she, she like divorced her, like husband, like like kids behind like cousin. I like living her punk rock wife kind of situation. Oh yeah, that’s what I got! Okay, yeah! I gotta see it who took this picture of you. I’ve looked at it like off-guard and you were like yeah. I think yeah gold, my buddy right overall but like you, are giving femme queen real. Oh my god. This is when she was living her. She was what ask a life. Yes, that’s a harem, oh man, now Luke say what you want it strike. We like remember. This is the funny part about this. I went in. I wanted natural unlockable highlights. I wanted to have you know my little like sunkissed brown moment: keep it fogging in the Sun, the whole song, that’s the same hairdresser that keeps different. They were always there they’re all different, yes, mm-hmm, I’m kind of early 2000 cincy long hand with the yeah.
Oh, I have you got it eventually at like the next. I had to go over somewhere else and they turned in adobo by this mom, but I love how you’re still taking pictures of these mom but you’re still feeling yourself. No shame. I was like every leaks. Are a little bit, but I feel like Luke was lowkey living for this, because I think one scene in his army was like wheat, and this is all blonde, because what it was he was the one with the blonde hair. But I was supposed to be blind. You guys are trying to the blonde moment. Yes, oh yeah, always seven. Fourth grade it was like. What’s your dream like mom is like I want to have have a blonde hair yeah? No, my dude! It was like something’s off here. Okay, this is my life, so this is our really long hair moment and during wig, oh my god, ooh the time. God and look it looks like you have a soda spongebob when I was dipped into deep fryer. I don’t know why it looks like a wig like literally waitwe wig. Yes. Yes, this is another picture. Always is that one of times my manager, but imagine seeing that picture with no context like what is that, like you, just show it somehow? What is this? I would think you’re like a middle-aged woman, come in from the back like in the line of the groceries. You know what it is, so literally it could be a mullet like ya know. What is it business in the front party h-he? Was your the beer like tumblr, like hipster life? I don’t like this well either kind of cringe a little bit, but I’m like you know, I think it’s fucking good. Okay. I was given Caribbean boy a little bit weight. The necklace is yes, you don’t look like you look like. I wouldn’t be able to recognize. You from that that was it all straight, like Caribbean yeah, we coined it before off camera over the condo triplet, oh yeah, oh yeah and mando took the condo hunty and you want to spot in archons, oh, but this was for 2015. It was such a trend that forehead no give me some. Oh wow. I love it all. I was just a screenshot a because I wasn’t by zoom yeah. I hate this a lot this you should never ever know, but you still see guys today, like in the subway station, look like yeah, there’s slicked back like gel back to the bottom, like half up a shave sides, and it’s just so that please your guy watching! Please don’t ever do this to your hair, it’s so bad and like it’s so done, we’re gonna have a bond to screw it all out yeah I agree it’s like about, like fifth-grade girl, ballet recital what you going to resent – I’m probably, I think so.
Yeah, probably this is my perm You got a perm hi This is from the cornrows attacks and took it out We went to school, looking like an 80s crimped moment I just take it over how different you guys love I know it’s like I know that’s what I’m most shook about like what the different people were You like three feet tall at that point Look like you’re, literally, like yeah I walked around like that You don’t down to Cynthia doll, that’s what it looks like with the crazy hair No getting a Bratz moment, yes, I’m sure I was trying to live my life in school, yeah yeah you get like Oh, my god Your hair is amazing Like Bobby look back, it’s like joke’s on you, bitch, like okay So now that we’re done taking a trip down memory lane, I’m kind of starting you, you didn’t think that a lot of them like you were kind of living for us I actually was a guy, not they were like This is so bad and I think that’s actually not I guess we’re just our own worst critics That’s how most I mean We definitely had some moments like that’s, not even like a definite globe or like yeah I feel like I don’t know how you guys got to this point for you, if only we had that Brad like growing up like you could be like, but you know what it is It’s like, I think, having those bad books, it’s like trial and error So if you learn you, let go ahead, not that book Moving on to the next right, it’s all about growing in a bomb days You were serving looks You know some people just never encode they go through life, not serve yeah No, no wonder say, while the other kids were reading books, we were busy turning looks crazy, not a creeper You just want to say thank you so much to Brad for doing this a positive This is literally like charity work day You do not have to be raised You’Re like we’re literally like the dust like on the carpet like if he wanted me Oh, the check is gonna be coming in here This is 20k For this thing I thought this is like a sponsorship yeah Oh all right so now we’re gonna go and color Brad’s hair on his channel It’s gonna be a mess, but I little nervous, I think we’re gonna partner so expect me Where is yes, that’s a wrap

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