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Bright chocolate Makeup Course

1 Nov , 2019  

See I gotcha you’ve been throw away too much to be lovesick Anna understand you, you ain’t, trying to be played by a girl like magic. I told you before your single friends don’t know so Anna. Let me be the one to change your perception. Everyone, Oh welcome back to my channel. My name is Tony Toni. Allow you I give you top rest I’m stopping by, as you are most definitely welcome. after the perfect selfies on Instagram, it’s important a ship with Revlon.
Firstly, what I’m going to do is obviously the makeup. You know this perfect looking check, elated, glowy makeup and most of the products I used be from the Revlon Photoready collection, which gives me this airbrushed and radiant glowy skin. I matter what type of lighting I used to take my pictures and without further ado. that’s what, with the clean face, I’m using the Revlon brow and lash brush to clean up my brows, you know make you look neat, then I’m using the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil in the shade back Brown in order to fill in My eyebrows Nicki look nice and full. Then I’m going to go back in with my spoolie, I’m blending the products into my eyebrows to make my eyebrows even last. Longer I’m using the gel part of my bra fantasy and apprentice on my eyebrows to define and clean up my brows, I’m using the Revlon Colorstay concealer in the shade medium deep and my revlon smoky eye brush. I apply my concealer right underneath my brows, as close as I can to my brow line for the top card of my brows, I’m using the Revlon Photoready insta-fix makeup in the shade caramel and I’m going to use this. On top of my eyebrows make you look defined and sharper, some people may be blue you on it. So for my primer, I’m using the photo-ready perfecting primer. Now this has photochromatic pigments that actually blend and diffuse light to make my skin look radiant under any type of lighting, and it also serves as a perfect base for my makeup. So for my foundation, I’m using the Revlon Photoready foundation in the shade zero one. One cappuccino: now this foundation is beautiful, so if you’re like me, I want fuller coverage. It’s easy for you to build on it as well, so for my eyeshadow, I’m kind of improvising here, I’m going to take my crease brush and my bronzer and apply this in my crease Gwynedd sweeping motions.
So right now I’m going to take this dark brown shade from my seductive smokes palette and using the same brush. I’m going to then apply this in my crease blending it in with the previous brown shade so for final touches, I’m using the Reverend Oliver brush and my bronzer and apprentice back on my eyelids. So it’s time for my favorite part, and that is eyeliner for me. I don’t have room to put it together, so I’m using the Colorstay eyeliner today and for my winged liner. I like it to be really really long. I don’t know I don’t like it excessively long, but you don’t have to make yours this long. I’m going to give my lashes of coats of mascara using the Revlon super land master, so for my tear duct, I’m that extra glow, I’m going with my Revlon Photoready primer shadow and sparkle and mind you. I made my brush a little bit wet before I applied the sparkle in my inner tear-duct. Now this is going to come out really nicely in pictures, because it’s going to give you that extra glow and that extra highlight so I’m using the photo already Elsa fix makeup in the shade caramel. Now I’m trying this underneath my eyes the bridge of my nose above my lip on my chin, usually where I would like the lights to hit on my face. I’m also willing to go back in with the Colorstay concealer in the shade medium deep and apply this to the same areas for just a tad bit. So now it’s time to blend all this products girl and I’m using the Revlon blending brush and I made it wet so you might want to do that as well and I’m bouncing it on my face. I’m not rubbing so to make my face. Look chiseled! You know to contour my face: I’m using the Revlon two-in-one concealer in the shade cappuccino. I plan this on my cheekbones, my temples, my nose. You know what I want the light to reflect off, of we’re going to go ahead and blend using my Revlon blending sponge. First align my bottom waterline, I’m using the total one angle, kachelle, I’m taking this into my eyes.
I have the most sensitive eyes and this is not going to smudge, because it’s waterproof for the final stuff for my eyes would be to apply some mascara to my bottom lashes. So for finishing touches to my hair at home, contour, I’m using my Revlon instant fix blush in the shade, berry kiss and my blending brush. I’m just going to apply this to my cheeks for a naturally flushed look now for some more glow, I’m going with my Revlon pitch glow highlight palette. Now I’m applying this to the arch of my brow to put my nose and my cheek bones as well sly. My lips, I’m using the colour state lipliner in chocolate and for my lip gloss, I’m using the HD lip gloss and smoky quartz. So this is the end of the makeup tutorial. So do not click out the yet. I’m also going to share with you guys the background, the light clean and how I actually edit my Instagram pictures. So I hope you guys are ready for that, and I’m really excited about this so leggo. So when it comes to lighting for me day lights or sunlight, so surely the best so I like to do is open up all my blinds and stand right in front of my windows and take as many pictures as I want to so. For my selfies I like standing in front of my Marilyn Monroe painting, yes, the famous painting all you know what sometimes I like standing in front of the white wall. It makes your Instagram feed, look really nice and clean. So when it comes to devices, I like using my sony a5100 come out of its own, the most really good for selfies on pictures, because they both provide 1080 P quality pictures the when it comes ready to my pictures. I’D only do much. What I use is my facetune app, so I’m going to click on face two and go to my camera roll and upload the picture I’d like to edit. Then I like to write in my background some greens click on whiten. I’m not going to stop I’m using my finger to sort of rub in my background and this one has a bar where you can adjust the intensity of the effect So yeah, that’s what I’m just doing right now, I’m just going to go ahead and write in everything I’m going to leave it 100 and click the check mark button on the bottom right corner.
So what i’m doing here is correcting the mistake i made I sorts of whites in my face and i’m using the erase button by the whiten Then I’m going to smooth in my face I first really looks really really smooth and nice because of my makeup and camera, I’m going to apply just a little bit more cuz I’m extra like that, then I’m going to reduce intensity as well, so the next time for me to use my details and I’m going to zoom into my nose, ring and sort of use detailing effects My nose ring so it’s more permanent Then I’m going to turn it to my eyes as well and use the detailing effects in my inner tear duct So my golden eye shadow is more permanent as well The next step would be for me to crop my picture, so you can fit into the Instagram space and I’m using the fixed ratio and I’m using the one-to-one ratio square because that’s the what’s a cold, that’s the measurement for Instagram! So I’m going to just adjust My picture click on the check mark button and go to the top right corner and click on that arrow square and click on Instagram Then I’m going to copy this picture to Instagram then on my Instagram app as well I’m going to click on edit then use the fade effect Put it all the way to 100 click on done I just love This effect makes me look so retro I don’t know that I’m going to share this onto my Instagram yeah, that’s pretty much How I edit my Instagram pictures – I hope you all enjoyed it What are you waiting for? Please become a subscriber to my down below and follow me on snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ok not forget to share your own pictures if you use the Revlon Photoready collection or my selfie tips above you can upload them to your Facebook, Twitter, snapchat using the hashtag Revlon Photoready You can also send them to me on snapchat, and I might just you post it to my own snapchat until next time, guys I’ll see I’ll catch You guys later bye Why you give me enough, give me

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