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Building PC… Only use

1 Nov , 2019  

Now we know what’s been done already, but come on in fairness. We thought about doing this a long time ago. It just takes a while for stuff to ship from wish calm. You guys loved our Amazon and monoprice PC, build so much that we couldn’t resist the urge to do it again, but with sketchier twist so strap on guys, because I can pretty much guarantee that this is not gonna go according to plan. Speaking of unplanned, I should have planned a better segue to our sponsor glass wire with glass, where you can monitor the apps on your PC to see if any of them are suspicious or behaving badly check it out at the link below and use offer code Linus To get 25% off glass wire, alright, step 1, put on my LTTE, hoodie LTT store.
com, step 2: let’s start unpacking this stuff, so first up is our case. You can tell that it’s super high quality because even with my weak sauce left arm, I am easily manhandling it here. Let’s go ahead and do a nice little peel for you guys. You know what the case, though, actually feels better quality than the plastic. Oh crap. I bent it so I was holding it by the IO. Cutout, actually worked it a little bit. I think I’ll pick it up the way you’re intended to from now on features wise. No, this actually doesn’t look that bad we’ve got three front USBs, including a USB three power reset front ports. We’ve got Wow an easily removable magnetic fan, filter with room for a couple of 120 millimeter fans up here. It actually includes what appears to be a 120 millimeter RGB fan, although it may just be that the label is red, green and blue. The side panel mounts in like this tempered glass style, but this is in fact an acrylic side panel and then check this out. It’s got that punched out style back panel, so you’ve actually got a little bit of room for cable management back here I mean not a ton, but a little bit is better than nothing. That is a weird fan like it’s a 120 millimeter frame, but those blades are tiny. So this is what I’m talking about, how big the blades are on that 120 millimeter versus the other one. It’s like a 90 millimeter fan in a 120 millimeter frame. It’s got this Lake thick frame on it weird now this is a cool feature. You’ve actually got color coding on your switches and your LEDs here, and it seems to correspond to the colors that at least some manufacturers use, I’m pretty sure, soos uses blue for reset. How much should we pay for this thing tonight? What so, apparently, cases are not actually a great deal on wish calm? At least it has a tempered glass front panel.
Alright, let’s open up our next mystery package here, ah motherboards, what is with all the bubble, wrap around this thing? I mean in fairness. It still looks, like God, dropkick. So there’s a couple takeaways here, one all the extra packaging seems to be justified and two the way that they’re applying their extra packaging. It’s not very effective. Oh so that’s interesting yeah! This motherboard is not that at all full testing. Okay. So this is clearly a very used board. Was it clear from the listing that it was gonna be used? Okay? How much did we pay for this bad boy, forty six dollars for an age sixty one board, that’s not even a good deal. Why do people buy this stuff and like do you know how much these socket covers, cost if you buy them in bulk? I know pennies. They put a piece of paper in look at this. That’s it that’s their that’s. Their socket cover now in fairness, doesn’t look like there are any bent pins, so that’s good, but it’s still not how I would have preferred it done alright. We also apparently have a CPU and it comes in what looks like a compact flash card case, which I guess is kind of cute. It’s an Intel Core. I3. 2130. I guess this was just what CPU they had that was compatible with what board they had kind of thing. How much should we pay for this guy 50 bucks seriously? This is a ripoff so already for the price of this CPU and motherboard, we probably could have gotten like an old Dell business PC that would have included case power supply. Probably a drive surround coulda, just like thrown a graphics card in it, but what that so, I was informed before we started that I actually have two options for coolers. I have this great wall, heat sink cooler. I am kind of like in this. This is actually very similar to the old Zalman flower coolers that used to be popular back in the socket 754 days. So that’s candidate number one and candidate number two is actually an AI o liquid cooler. I mean it shouldn’t. Surprise me, given that they’re all basically made in China anyway, but this looks very, very similar in materials and construction to what you’d get from an a i/o cooler that you purchased just normally off of Amazon or whatever tubing wise like seams Lakes. The materials are using. Our okay look feels like an aluminum radiator, it’s pretty light, but that should be fine except that there’s a copper block, except that some manufacturers do that. I don’t know crazy. Okay, you know what, if the AIO fits, then we’re gonna go with that, but it’s no guarantee that we’re gonna be able to get it in here, because, even though this does have mounts for dual 120 millimeter fans up here, that doesn’t mean that there’s Gon na be enough clearance once we install a power supply and though, in fact there isn’t so it looks like we cannot use our a i/o cooler and we are unfortunately going to be stuck with our regular heatsink.
So how much were each of those? So our theme continues of our prices, not necessarily being outlandishly bad on these ones. I’D say: 80 bucks for Laker. I don’t know what kind of decent looking AIO is fine, but it’s certainly not special okay. So it should just be a matter of clicks on here and clip one clip to give it a little wiggle. Did we also buy Ram off wish? Oh okay, this oh wow, that is some hey. They wait a second wait a second. I am pretty sure that they don’t have the rights to use this image. So this is the sekki high performance DDR and you can tell that they’re really high budget and care a lot about their packaging when they use the same packaging for everything from ddr3 1333 to ddr4 3200. Like ah it’s some of this something like that. Let’s go ahead and install this stuff, so this is ddr3 1333. I’m super glad we spent money on this. How much did we spend $40 on eight gigs? You know what I think: that’s actually not entirely unreasonable. The funny thing about memory is when, like a new memory, spec like ddr2, ddr3 or whatever just comes out, it’s really expensive and then it gets cheap. When the entire market adopts it, then it gets expensive again when it becomes like old technology and it’s more in niche alright. So there we go friends, I’m gonna plug our case fan into the bottom of the motherboard here, wow. That’s really curious! This case, you know it actually looked. Okay at the start there, but it is pretty unexceptional like check this out. Our bottom fan here, which is pre-installed, and it seems to me that the reason is pre-installed – is that almost none of the other fan mounts are even going to be accessible, because the tempered glass panel here in the power supply here actually interferes with. What would be the bottom slot if we had a full four slot, em ATX motherboard like this? This thing this thing is not very well thought out at all now seems like a good opportunity to get back to our solid-state drive it’s another Vaisakhi product. This is the V 800 256 G. At least this one is clearly labeled, but I do have to wonder if this is kind of an old box like didn’t SandForce get acquired like a thousand years ago by someone I’d be surprised if it even uses a sand force controller Wow, oh it just it.
Just comes apart, maybe we can see what it uses. This is nothing to do with sand force whatsoever. It’s a silicon magic controller, but not the one. That’s listed online, which is actually good because at least this one say two three, unlike the SATA to one that it says this product uses. Unfortunately, this is in fact a DRM cashless SSD.. A while back explaining why that is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea and in some cases you might even get better performance out of a mechanical hard drive compared to a cashless SSD. So there you go. I mean it’s nothing we didn’t already know, but we wouldn’t recommend this. Let’s install it in our computer. How much should I pay for that 56 dollars? I mean capacity for capacity, that’s not a terrible deal, but for like a piece of crap SSD like this one. That’s not a good deal, oh boy, when your SLI still uses a lower case. I because you haven’t updated any of your materials since, like 2010 – oh boy, now, let’s have a look at our connectors here, so we’ve got two leads, each of which are molex and a SATA wiring, it’s so cheap. Even the plastic for the connectors feels cheap. On a positive note, I do think we have all the connectors we need for pin for the CPU 24 pin for the motherboard 6 pin for all right graphics card. So this one we’re pretty sure is a ripoff. Actually, how much did speaking of ripoffs? How much did I pay for this piece of garbage 31 bucks? That’s overpriced, not that you should ever use even like a good $31 power supply in like a decent machine power supply is one of those things. It’s just not worth it to cheap out on and Wow. Look at this thing. So if I had to guess, I would say that this is a 460 TI or a 560. What is it a 1060? It doesn’t even have a 6 pin power connector on it. 1060 white pass weight, Nvidia’s 10 series doesn’t even have VGA supported. Oh you, how much should I pay for this 45 bucks? Well, at least the price is right. All right just go ahead and install this piece of hot garbage. Now, normally your power supply is supposed to be the one that comes with your mounting screws, but either they fell out of the gaping hole in the bottom of the box or they just weren’t included. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna salvage. A couple of what appear to be power supply compatible screws, but that seemed to have been intended for expansions cards. So, what’s our total bill for the tower 380 dollars with the air cooler option, that is brutal? That is so much more than I would pay for this now our PC is done, but what we still don’t know is how true any of the manufacturers claims were about their products to find that out.
We’Re gonna have to actually install Windows on it and fire it up, but before we can do that, of course we’re going to need some peripherals. Let’s start with the ulang wolf rainbow light k, 16 game keyboard Wow. This may be the lightest keyboard that I have ever felt then also from the same brand. I think, although this time it’s in Chinese instead of English, but it’s the same logo here we’ve got some kind of gaming mouse. I guess that is quite literally the sponge iasts that I have ever felt on anything. You can even see a lot of that travel is being absorbed by the PCB underneath see how much that port is moving. That is grody. Okay. This I’ve actually seen this mouse pad is a pretty good deal all right. How much did the peripherals cost us, and that includes the mousepad? Well, at least the price is right for the peripherals cuz. These are definitely like $10. Were the peripherals over here. All right, so this is it. Ladies and gentlemen, our epic gaming setup is now ready for a Windows install and a gaming test, we’ll be right back all right, so we’re getting some games downloading we’re gonna get some drivers installed, but before we do that, I’ve got an update for you. This power supply was even worse than we expected. Not only did it suck, it didn’t work at all, so we have to pull in just a TX 750 in order to get the system powered up at all. The good news is that, once we did that, we were at least able to get windows installed, yeah. It’s clear by this point that this is not a build that you guys would want to emulate, but get subscribed if you’re not already, because we’re gonna have a rise and build guide coming up pretty soon, there’s gonna be more by the book. Now, let’s take some time to explore what kind of hardware we’ve really ended up with here, so we’ll fire up hardware info fire up our device manager and see what we’re looking at one thing I figured out already is: this computer is not very fast all right. So we’re gonna start with device manager. Here you can see all of our drivers auto installed for, like our chipset and all that kind of stuff. It’s older hardware, so Windows just knows what to do with that. So it turns out. This is, in fact a core i3 2130. So that’s good. I guess. Okay, all right! Gigabit, Ethernet blah blah everything here looks fine, but we don’t have a GPU driver.
Yet so that’s not showing up. So it says here: we’ve got a gtx 1050 TI. We’ve actually got the Nvidia drivers unpacking in the background here, but we fire up hardware info – and this is hilarious – Sandy Bridge processor, fake, NVIDIA, GTX, 1050 Ti fake. It’s not it’s, not one. Fake is not enough for this to fix. So this is a GF 116 which, if I recall correctly, is Fermi. That is an old old GPU. Unfortunately, because it’s not reporting anything here, we have no way of knowing at this time which one it is so the only way to find out is going to be to try and get some real drivers installed so that it can hopefully identify itself correctly. So let’s try the nvidia installer here and see what happens? Oh wow, it successfully installed the driver, it still reports as a 1050 Ti interesting. So I thought we were actually going to have to install off the included driver disk with like these hacky drivers on it see that looks really legitimate, but it seems like the driver did manage to install and they have even tricked Nvidia control panel into thinking that This is a 1050 Ti now, with that said, we haven’t tried to launch a game yet alright, so we’ve run into our first hiccup, while attempting to press alt Z to see just a quick and dirty frame counter in the game. I got into GeForce experience here and went to configure my settings and theoretically we meet the system requirements because we have a 600 series or higher, but in practice the the configuration button just doesn’t work and when you go to press alt Z, nothing comes up because No, this is not in fact, a 600 series GPU, so we’re just gonna have to eyeball it yeah, Oh No, so the good news is this is running smoothly. The bad news is that this is rocket League. It’s not exactly known for being a particularly demanding title, and I found our problem: Fermi only had hdmi 1.3, so that was limited to 2048 by 1536 at 75. Hertz, that’s a little bit not quite enough for 2560 by 1440 60 Hertz, which is the native resolution of this monitor. So when we try to run it, confusion ensues. So I think the last thing for us to do is figure out exactly what graphics card we’re dealing with here. So we’re gonna go ahead and run 3d mark. We’Re gonna use the DirectX 11 fire strike and we’re gonna have a look at what kinds of systems perform similarly to ours in GPU performance and it crashed. What can you tell me about this error? The workload produced no results, so this could be either of a couple things. It could be That 3d mark was expecting the GPU to support features that it in fact didn’t, and some kind of error occurred, or it could be part of 3d marks.
Anti-Cheating procedures to double-check, if something is misreporting itself as something else so that people couldn’t you know, flash RT x, 28 et eyes to GTX 1050 TI’s, and then you know completely dominate the leaderboards either way it looks like we will not in fact be able to Run 3d mark to validate what our graphics card is, is fine anyway, because it really doesn’t change the conclusion anytime you’re buying something and what you get is not what it said It was that’s a bad deal and, frankly speaking even most of the things that were what they said, they were going to be weren’t amazing deals either So the older dodge definitely holds true here If things seems too good to be true, it probably is, I think the cooler is about the only thing in this computer that I think is even remotely worth getting It’s got pretty cool, RGB lighting effects and for what 17 bucks? I guess it’s all right Speaking of all right, our sponsor, I don’t want any ha get it I don’t have to say who’s there Cuz I’ve got a ring sensing camera with 1080p HD resolution and 160 degrees of Vision, it features two way audio and it’s powered by either a battery or 8 to 24 volt AC doorbell wiring, the spotlight Camera is 1080p as well and features 2-way talk as well as LED lights, battery or solar powered in this case, and it can also act as a siren and their solar security sign is designed to act as a general deterrent, since they know that they’re going to Be monitored if they’re going to be close to your property The entire kit is great, since you can use it to turn away unwelcome guests, and my personal favorite, of course, is letting the Amazon delivery driver to know no wait Wait hold on a second I’m coming Doli don’t leave with my package I want it today so get some peace of mind with the ring doorbell camera kit, it’s compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows So thanks for watching guys, if you want to buy a GPU, that’s not a scam check out our recent GPU buyer’s guide It covers everything That’s current in the market at a bunch of different price points, see ya Oh my toe sandals Okay, it’s the one in disadvantage There you go guys, I think, that’s where I hit it So whatever happened here, someone was not happy about delivering this package

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