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Buzzfeed’s 10 life changing baking tips… Tested!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello – everyone I’m here in the middle of baking season, as it is only a couple of days away from Christmas, and you guys know that I love cookies, but I am also partial to other types of baking, mostly other types of cookies, like gingerbread or sugar cookies. But still, I was like well, we need to test them and also I need to bake anyways. This is great, so I thought I would sit down with you guys. If you want to check out all the tasty or BuzzFeed tested recipes that I have done, make sure you click the thumbs up button and subscribe.
Let’s get into this, so the first hack involves baking cupcakes, which is great because I have cupcake batter right here, and this hack involves using an ice cream scoop to scoop the batter into the cupcake tins. You’ve probably seen it all over the internet because I certainly have and have I tried it. No, I just use a spoon because somehow in my brain I think it’s easier to clean a spoon than it is to clean a slightly larger spoon. This can’t be that difficult right, okay, that was a lot of batter, maybe a less full scoop next time. Okay, is this easier than a spoon? Let me get a spoon what I would normally do, okay, it’s slightly less messy and it’s slightly less time-consuming all right. I get it ice cream, scoop you win and another hack that I want to test out. That is in this same realm is, if you find yourself in need of baking cupcakes and you don’t have a baking cup/cake tray, which is also known as a cupcake tray, Rachael, cupcake, tin and apparently, if you do not have one of those, then you could use A tray, thank you, a tray, a cupcake liner and then one of these littles, like sealers for a mason jar, and you can use that to keep the cupcake in place. So I figured we’d test these at the same time since it’s all about baking, cupcakes. So first use the first hack for the second half kind of curious how this is gonna look at the end versus these ones, because these are already starting to like widened slightly here are the completed cupcakes, the ones in the mason jar lid things you can See they’ve sort of expanded a bit. They don’t really look like normal cupcakes, but if you are in a cupcake pinch and you don’t really care what they look like, it did work and then here the other cupcakes mmm next up is a hack for dyeing. Your icing, so I have a bunch of buttercream icing that I have made and apparently, if you do not have like food coloring, you could use jello and something is sticking in the back of my head.
Like I have tried this, which is entirely possible, though I don’t remember but like something is like you’ve tried this Rachael, so I figured I would try a little bit from three different flavors and just see how much it dies. The color of the icing and how much it flavors the icing to whatever the flavor of jello. It is like. I don’t know in what world somebody has jello on hand, but doesn’t have food coloring, but all right lemon by the way seems to be just basically white. So don’t do that. Okay, we have lime, and then we also have raspberry. Oh, that stuff smells potent. So, first of all, just to confirm this doesn’t like turn, yellow magically. Oh slight! No! No! That’s a bus! I am curious, though, if this does taste like lemon though like no, it doesn’t, but it also doesn’t die it. So don’t do that all right! Let’s try! The pink, the raspberry one – okay, it’s definitely turning it like a nice, bright, pink color. If you’re looking for pink if you’re looking for red, you are not going to get that almost dropped icing all over myself. So I have a nice pastel, color, okay, and what about the taste hello? It’s got like crunchy jello granules in it. I feel about that. The raspberry flavor isn’t super strong. I do have like a little hint of it um, but just as a heads-up there’s that, so if you want a pink color that might work, let’s try the lime, one anytime, i think of jello. I was think of Joey from friends. Oh is room for jello. This is a very, very faint, green. That’s barely green, that’s grunt! Okay, so this is about as green as it gets, which is not super green unless I add it in more of the jello which would just make it taste more limey. So, first I’m gonna taste test it just to kind of see not super limey. Okay, let’s let let’s try and like bulk it up a bit think a little bit more green. What do you guys think the worst flavor of jell-o is and the best one best is obviously blue, raspberry, that’s no question and then the worst is probably grape yeah grapes discussing again barely green, and if you want a very, very light green it does it tastes. Like lime, not really, but it’s like so barely a shade of green that I don’t even know why you bother. Firstly, I don’t think this dieded enough other than the pink one that was pretty much the only one that worked, and it did give it a little bit of a flavor. My personal opinion is that the granules of the jello don’t add anything to the creaminess of the icing.
In fact, it’s sort of distracting and kind of gross. So me, personally, not a big fan of this happened. The next act, we’re gonna test out, is, if you have kept your butter in the fridge and you need to use it for baking, it’s oftentimes a lot easier to use butter that is softened, so the trick is to take a mug. That is warmed. That’s what there is steaming hot water out of it, but you drain out all this water. You put a stick of butter underneath the mug and you let it sit there for like a minute or two and it’s gonna soften the butter without melting it, which would happen in the microwave, so since ice didn’t have any sticks of butter. I just have those giant huge like to cut things I made my own, don’t judge my lack of cutting skills. It’s solid, you can see it just came out of the fridge I’m gonna. Take you. This is nice and hot dump out all the water. I’m gonna put my butter here. I’m gonna take my mug that no longer has any water in it. You’Re gonna put it on top we’re gonna see if it’s nice and softened one minute. Okay, it has been about a minute. So, let’s take off this, you can see it starting to melt around the edges at the top here. It still feels rock-hard and also very cold. So I guess we’ll put this back on top for a longer like this mug is fairly hot. and I don’t know what you’re baking, when you only have to use that much butter but yeah that shouldn’t take that long to Like you know, come to room temperature, okay, let’s see now anything anything all right. It’s slightly softer more up at the top, then at the bottom yeah. This part is still like completely like refrigerated solid. The top part seems to be like mushing a little bit, but it’s still not like fully like room temperature softened. The only way I can see this working is doing it literally as they have done it and do like little cubes at a time and put it under, but like honestly, it’s not gonna take that long to defrost at room temperature. I guess that’s fine, but for baking purposes no one uses like this much butter, there’s also a hack in here for keeping cookies moist. Now, if you are a human that can keep cookies in a container so long that you actually need an Apple in there to keep them moist we’re gonna have to have a top, because you don’t have a good enough cookie recipe.
But if, for whatever reason, you have an issue with your cookies going stale seriously, we have an issue that apparently putting in a wedge of apple into the container is going to help keep the cookies moist for longer. But I figured we could do a little bit of an experiment on this one and do a couple of cookies in a container with the Apple wedge and then some without and see if, after a couple of days, the cookies are actually moist for longer. I’ve done this with bread and it works really well, I figure apples along the same lines, but I’m wondering if the apple flavor is gonna transfer into the cookies, which I do not want a ball so delicious and cookies are delicious. I don’t want my apples in my cookies. Does that make sense, I feel like that’s, not a lot to ask alright. So we have our cookies right here and I just realized. You probably don’t want to leave this Apple in here for too long, because then it’s just gonna start going, so that would be pretty gross. So, let’s see what these cookies look like once I take them out of here, so the cookies that did not have the Apple in it, they still like, they have a little bit of dryness to it, but like not terrible and then these ones definitely feel moister. Oh, Oh gross, make sure that they don’t touch the Apple, because this is like all soggy and stuff. No, the real question is: does it taste like apples? So let’s try it. It doesn’t really taste like Apple. It does very much smell like Apple once you open up the container, though I’m gonna, compare it to the ones that I didn’t have. The Apple in those ones are a little bit more crunchy, but there’s not like a huge difference. Personally, what I would do is, I would use a piece of bread, because that is actually going to keep a little bit longer than a piece of Apple, and you don’t want to be worrying about it. Going rotten and that’s gonna ruin all of your cookies. So I’m not a big fan in this hack. Now that my cupcakes have cooled, I actually have a couple of different icing hacks to test out one. It involves. If you don’t have icing on hand, you can use marshmallows instead as the icing, so I thought this would not only be a good thing to test, but also I want to know if they actually taste something good. So they just said to put your cupcake and put a marshmallow on top and bake it for at least five minutes and then voila, apparently all right.
Let’s see if this comes out looking and tasting like icing all right, it’s been five minutes. It needs some more time all right guys. I put it in for another two minutes, and that is what happened. It just kind of melted off scanned. Take that and scoop that right back on top there, all right, I’m gonna give it a second to cool and then we’ll taste test it. So I wasn’t paying attention and even though I put the marshmallow back on it, just slid right off again, but now it is cooled down a little bit, so I feel like I can eat it. Let’s try this marshmallow icing. Shall we? It does have a little bit of like a golden crust to it, so it kind of reminds me of toasted marshmallows so like maybe it has a little bit of that flavor. I don’t know all right. Let’s give it a try what I don’t even taste, the marshmallow. I don’t know what this is, but it doesn’t taste like anything. It just tastes like puff cake without any icing on it yeah this did. This did nothing to me. This did not replicate icing in any way, you’re, basically just eating a bulb cupcake, not a fan of this and the other icing hack is one I’ve done before, but I haven’t done with this thick of a buttercream before so I want to see if it’s actually Gon na work, and that involves taking like a little plastic bag, cutting a hole in one of the bottom pieces and using that to pipe the icing on to a cupcake. Usually my eyes. Things just aren’t thick enough so because I have like a nice thick buttercream right now. I want to try it and see if it’s actually going to hold up to the weight of it, if that makes sense or if it’s just gonna stretch out and be useless, and I’m not gonna. I’m just gonna have like a blob of icing on it. We’Re gonna use my fun-looking mason jar, cupcakes I’ll get some icing in here, get it in there and I’m just gonna snip a small hole at the bottom here. I’Ll start really small and then we’ll work her way up and let’s see if this works yeah. Look at that. Oh no, my icing skills aren’t great, but this is so far working really well. Who wants a really poorly iced cupcake? Okay, I can probably make that hole a little bit bigger or I could use it on a smaller sized cupcake but like it, isn’t stretching the hole at all it’s keeping its shape. I think you also have to find the right plastic bag, it’s like how many times can Rachel be interrupted by the timer, but I feel like some plastic bags.
They tend to just be thinner and they stretch easier and they break so get the like. The Ziploc ones seemed to work really well, but yeah. It just does a heads up. Okay, let’s make the hole a little bit bigger, yeah, that’s much better! I don’t have enough icing in here, though, look at that someone needs to hire me for my artistry, but you know what it’s a cupcake, I’m gonna eat it mmm don’t play really good. I’m gonna test out getting an egg shell out of a bowl of eggs. So you know if you crack an egg in there and you get like this tiny little piece of eggshell. It’s super annoying to try and get out. But apparently, if you wet a finger first and then try and like grab on to the egg, shell it’ll completely get it out with no problems. So, let’s see, if that’s the case now the trick to get an actual egg shell in there oh come on is usually not an issue should be able to get it no problem all right. So now there’s a little bit of eggshell there and there’s also a little one down there at the bottom. Just I wanted to see if there was gonna be a difference, so I’m going to put some water on my finger and then let’s try this one. First, oh, this is so disgusting. I did get it. I don’t know if it was the water, though, and then there’s a little hidden one down here, so I’m gonna try without any water on my hand first, and that was almost easy hold on yeah. Okay: let’s try it with the water on okay, I did get it. It did make a little bit of a difference there, all right that one did actually kind of work. Next up is a hack for rolling out dough, because I know not. Everyone has a rolling pin on hand, they’re, really bulky they’re difficult to store all that stuff. Buzzfeed recommends instead to use a clean wine bottle to roll out the dough. So I have some dough here that Christopher made for me. I did not make this so I’m gonna flour up the surface flour my hands a little bit, we’re gonna. Add the dough. Oh, my gosh feels amazing. So I have my clean wine bottle here, but Chris also found a hack online that people kind of wrapped this in parchment paper. So I’m gonna try that first and then we’ll try without this is, I guess, just like a cleaner way of doing it. All right I need to. I need to stand up for this I don’t like it at all with the parchment paper, unless you like it around or something because otherwise you’re just basically like pushing the dough out, not super great, so far, yeah, let’s try it with just the wine bottle feel like I need to like flour up My wine bottle here like it’s working, especially because this part right here like moves around, so that’s more helpful because then I don’t like I can move this part, but not this part.
It feels like a rolling pin more, but you have to like make sure you continually flour It yeah like this seems to work Well, I mean, if you’re, going to continue to roll out dough A lot like, I would just buy a rolling pin, but if you need one and like in a pinch, this actually worked like not too bad The next hack involves leftover, cookie dough If such thing actually exists for you and involves taking said leftover, dough and freezing it, so it can be utilized again and usually what I do is I just kind of form it into a log and then I’ll cut off as many as I need, but they Suggest taking it and putting it into ice, cube trays and using that and then popping those out and using those as your individual cookies So I thought I would test that out see what they look like see, how easy they are to pop out of the containers and what they look like when you actually bake them up Alright, let’s freeze these up and see what happens Okay, so we have a couple of them out of their tray here and they’re on a baking sheet and the one thing I will say if this does work, I would spray these down first with like a baking spray or something or butter them or something because They we’re a little bit difficult to get out My timer went off My oven is now prepared, so let’s bake them up Alright, so cookies have come out This is what they look like The one thing I will say is that this one flattened out more and started to crisp around the edges, a lot more than this one and they’re much smaller than the recipe originally called for So that’s just something to keep in mind You may have to adjust the temperature or the amount of time, because you may end up burning your cookies The hack is fine, but I personally prefer it to like roll it into a big log and then chopping for myself, but maybe that’s just me If you want to see more of my testing, tasty or BuzzFeed recipes check out the playlist on the screen, thank you so much for watching guys, I hope You all

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