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Can the cook cook cook three dishes in a simple oven? delicious

30 Sep , 2019  

Oh I’m, the chef that loves a challenge. This is a toy. The marshmallow explosion, welcome back to chef’s out of water, I’m Alexis a chef who’s always up for a challenge. That’s why I’ve taken to the Internet for you to decide what I should cook with next. At the end, there’ll be a surprise guest who will have to guess what I used to make the meal. I don’t know who I’m cooking for, and they don’t know what appliance I’m using. So, let’s get to it an easy bake oven.
This is crazy. There’s there’s like not even a full inch of space. My hand is bigger than this tray. This is this is a joke. As a kid I dreamt about having an easy bake, oven and now my dream is my nightmare: Oh No, okay, it’s gonna be fine. I think I have a plan we’ll see if it works before the first course I’m going to make a personal pizza to make it really delicious. I’m gonna start off making my own dough. So I’ve got my warm water. I just sprinkle some yeastover it and let it bloom meantime I’m gonna whisk, my sugar, salt and olive oil. This is gonna, be a really simple, quick ditto. You can tell when these blooming, because still start to bubble a little yeast looks foamy and good gonna add that to the oil and adding the flour. I just had that self. It Pizza, usually cooks, really really high temperatures. The internet told me this only gets to 350, so pizza, dough, pizza dough might be a bad idea. Maybe if I rolled the dough out super thin, I’m gonna let this rise in this oiled Bowl. While my pizza dough Rises, I’m gonna get started on my next course, because it’s gonna take a long time for my next course. I’m going to do nachos. I had this idea that I could make my own tortilla chips by just cutting the tortillas, brushing them with oil and hopefully they’ll crisp up in the Easy Bake Oven. Let’s see how this guy’s gonna add some spices to my ground, beef, some salt, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder paprika and I guess I’ll – just mix it ground. Beef needs to cook to 160 degrees, so it should be able to work in here. I just don’t know how long it’ll take and again I don’t think it’s gonna get that browning.
I have a feeling that might be kind of gray. I’m gonna check on these strips – oh okay, it’s not quite there, but it’s actually kind of working like there’s some crispy. Yes, here, okay, but here’s the thing it’s gonna. Take me like three hours just to make chips. Is there any way that I can have some help? My sous-chef turns out to be my best friend yeah, and I got one too okay, so the first step we have to preheat it. Okay, oh, I know this is crazy mm-hmm, but we have to do it. Like two chips at a time I think well, I work on chips. I’Ll have you work on ground beef? I mean how crispy do you need chips to be really, you know what I think we can pivot to mini. Tacos, that’s cool. I think it’s time to check. Oh it’s like oh wait. I can do oh, okay, Wow, okay, this is this is kind of good. I know I’m shocked. Okay. We have a long way to go um, but I think if you keep doing the beef yeah it’ll be good. Okay, I’m gonna cut out some mini tortillas from the big boot because this doesn’t fit in the slop, but this does so so. Yeah, ok, wait! This is actually. This is like a chip. Why is that so much better, I don’t know. Ok, I’m gonna stick mattress. This one goes back you’re getting so good at this huh beautiful. I have two chips that looks great. Well, your beef Wow. We’ve done. We’ve done one thing, so we’ve got two in here one in here, so we’re actually almost a ton. It should only take 25 minutes for the person 1 talking. Okay, if you can remove the casein and crumble it up gonna, do it the same way that the ground beef, you’re thinking of sausage, pepper, onion pizza feels a little ambitious now, but I think the pepper and onion can just be will kind of roast wait. Oh, this is smoking one very crispy chip. You know it’s fine, it’s fine it’ll be on the bottom of the pile, some people that would be their favorite job yep. These are beautiful chips, love it all right. I’m gonna do nine chips that feels sufficient. Oh wow, this dough is Wow, it’s feisty she’s doing well, I think we’re coming to the part of nervous about okay.
If you can get that cookie cutter and stamp out two circles circles. Okay, can you check the sausage it’s done? First? Do you think it’s all sutures ready, whoa yeah, amazing, amazing? It’s like a real pizza here, I’ll check this out. My confidence level about the pizza is a seven. Oh, you know I’m happy for you gladly. I just took these onions out. We have. It actually looks it looks really good I’ll fit. It smells like very dewy. Okay, okay, these look. These look amazing. I mean this is yeah Wow, oh, my god. The bottom has some Brown there I mean this smells. It smells amazing. It’s it’s kind of more like focaccia than pizza, but thank you so much can’t wait to see Ryan was the biggest help I could have ever asked for this time start plating. This is pre-made sauce. I’ve got some mozzarella and some of my toppings, I’m so excited for this person. To guess what I used like they’re gonna have no idea. This is actually really fun. I made a mini pizza with real pizza dough in an easy-bake oven. Making food with the kids joy is so out of my element, but I feel elated. There was a cheese ball. Did you see it? One of my favorite after-school snacks was cookies every single day. So this this definitely needs a sweet element, so I’m gonna make a crispy rice Zac, I’m just gonna cut some marshmallows some butter. It’s got my marshmallows on and pop them in I’m gonna layer, the nachos with obviously chips cheese. My ground beef got some black beans, tomatoes and avocado. It seems to be a bit of a marshmallow explosion. Oh shoot, okay, okay, fine, fine, fine pressure! This! I feel better about this. This looks good gonna add chocolate chips. I’m gonna go find a cookie cutter and like put this into a keychain. Oh my god, this is so cute. Okay, I’ve been told that the taste testers here and they’re ready to try and I can’t wait to see if they can guess what I’ve used. My name is Jonas and I’m nine years old. The first time Alexis cooked for me was on. I draw you cook, robot episodes. We heard you really like robots next, we actually love it I think it looks so weird and cool the cookie dish.
That’s mine today, Alexis made three snacks for me and I have to guess what she used to make I’m so proud of everything I made, and I can’t wait to see what this taste tester thanks Let’s bring him out you something wow, it’s so good to see You again Eugene how’s it going for your first after-school snack You have nachos boom, just like that, oh great, on a scale of one to ten What would you give these nachos an eight great I’ll? Take it? You’ve got mini pizzas with sausage, pepper and onion Just tastes like pizza, yeah yeah, maybe the crust would be a little hard I think that’s a fair assessment on a scale of one to ten What would you give this Pizza six fair? Are you ready for your last? No, you go again a ten okay So we’ve got an eight, a six and A ten I think that’s pretty good I like Nick, is it that you put tomato? Oh you don’t like tomato tomato, and this was kind of hard to eat it like to bite it off mmm As you can see Okay, so now that you’ve tried all three snacks, what do you think I used to make them a pan valiant valiant choice? Oh, I know a rolling pin for the mid Oh, I definitely used a rolling pin What do you think I used to cook it myself? Stove, oh, I know I’m oven, okay! Well, I’ve got some news for you I basically used a kid’s toy to make all three of these No, I did it You used a kid’s toy yeah This is what I used to make this I am so impressed with this dish thanks Eunice hi I did make a fatal mistake of not actually trying the chips so they’re really hard I still make chips in an easy-bake, oven Okay, the chips are fairly inedible, but overall, I think this day was such a success I feel so proud and excited and I just had absolutely no idea that any of this was possible and you know I know I said Easy Bake Ovens were a nightmare, but I think I just fulfilled a childhood fantasy comment below and let me know what you make in your Easy Bake: Ovens

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