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Can we make a dish without knowing the ingredients?

1 Nov , 2019  

I will never get anything over and over. What is this cry today? Rhea and I are gonna – be playing a little game. Rhea has to cook a dish, but she has no idea what that dish is. I have to give her instructions using these recipe cards, but here’s a little catch. There are a bunch of words on here that are completely off-limits. Let’s see what we’re making okay we’re gonna be making creamy chicken piccata all right ray come on. Are you ready for this? I don’t know.
I’m gonna tell you the rules for the game, avoid the off-limits were no miming, while speaking the cook can only do as instructed as any rules are broken. The instructor can only mime the next step. Let’s go play. Okay, this one’s pretty simple, bring a large pot of seasoned water to a boil. Okay, I’m assuming you got this one: yeah seasoned water, salt, right, ding, ding ding, so there it’s to white thing: wine, salt wine, sugar, but this is salt. Just like make sure it’s! Yes, oh, we don’t want sugar yeah. I also ate pasta because it’s large pot of water seasoned with salt so and also I want to use lid because it’s like faster the process. I can just put another pan on top of crafty. I didn’t actually technically tell you to do that: okay, okay, mm-hmm next prepare the chicken yeah okay. I feel like I’m pretty good at this all right. I buy actually mines that so the next card I cannot see, can I just kind of tough hard make my life easier, so chicken? Okay, let me ask you a question: how big it’s a chicken? Is it cute, easy like? Why are you crying lie? Cop butterfly cow bought the fly cup per Frankie place on top of a piece of you color in the in kindergarten, you color Mahoney a gun. That’s a anyone. Have a string go Sunday like I really don’t get the paper. So why do you use for bake baking, paper yeah, so place on top a piece of chicken? The paper? Okay, I can’t use words yeah. All the crew should be mom, I think you’re better. At my good. I have no idea what I’m making could you? Let me boil water pounding chicken. I think pounding chicken means I feel like we’re gonna roll.
So I feel like I should go a little thinner, no thicker, thinner, spin. 1/2. Inch. 1/2. 1/2. 1/2. Inch. 1/2. 1/2. I will never get a yo-yo same thing over and over say well so pound until this sides. This thickness, oh okay, do the hand – and we see okay, a quarter in season well with salt and pepper. I think our water is ready. Pit burn lightly coat each piece of chicken with not that’s a made of gluten include their flour. Yeah next keep a metal thing, Pam uh-huh over medium heat. Okay, so let me wash my hands before I’m getting pun. Did I say you could do that you mind it? Luckily, I already have a pan warmed up. Add-In shoot add in the greasy oil olive oil. Okay, how much? Oh! It’s all measured out! Okay, fry the chicken in the pan until it has like a nice tan golden brown. Don’t gesture! Don’t do this now she’s telling me what to do. You need to discard the chicken once cup chicken grease discard just like so once it’s become golden brown. Take the chicken out old from the past, yes pour in the stuff that I drink every weekend, wine, I know who you well. Actually, you didn’t clarify which type of wine white wine thinking I mean, then I just pour it and at unknown the he, because he has a lot of oil and he’s gonna spotter. It smells really good. So how long am i producing wait? That was the next step yourself. Hurry up, add in see one of my favorite foods. So I’m big, that’s that you believe put in a biscuit. Stop you put a butter next you’re going to add in my other favorite food chupa more cream when I’m gonna be making out. I don’t eat this garlic and little round things paper, part in the the stuff I used to sell on the sidewalk as kid cupcake lemonade, okay, so lemon not lemonade. There was one time that I did sell lemon juice. Actually I forgot to put the sugar. Oh, my god, we’re not add in the bok-bok-bok chicken juice chicken juice, chicken stock, yeah chicken stock. What’s this, I think it’s a beef, maybe you got a smell. Yeah chicken stock is reduced What’s next next you’re gonna stir in the stuff that comes out of a cow, udder, milk, no heavy, milk, okay yeah! There is two things: look like milk and heavy heavy cream.
Yum there’s a Star Wars, movie called and buy a strike buck different One give me another hint blank of the Jedi baton yeah, but turn the chicken to the pan Okay, that was a good one, good job Alex So now we’re going to cook what am I Alex? I’m a complete woman, I’m just a girl from heaven from heaven angel cook – Oh angel hair, pasta used to be my favorite kind of pasta because I always thought I had kind of like angel like hair Look like angel hair, faster thing for two, a minute waiting You don’t need these Tomatoes figure, it’s easy I’ll snap, an appetizer yeah! Do you want to make a little salad for me, I’ve done yet Bri, I’m next you’re going to hmm tell me: do you a little things? Color can’t say it, hello of leprechauns Oh green Give me more it’s the opposite of cilantro PAH, sorry! Well, I knew I actually just got a little carried away there I still don’t know: what’s this okay, we have the one final command from the angel you have to baby Salam one bite You don’t have the following day, put it on the thing that’s round and you kind of know, you have a view in your kitchen plate I take all the credit for making this delicious I still don’t know What’s this, you know, I think, there’s like veal, Picatta chicken piccata, so we’ve reached the best part of the game, it’s time to eat taste This now VA If this is bad, you are taking full responsibility This is good It’s all on me Okay, we a hakuna piccata big inchess, oh wow, my piece is so cool That’s me my me So I’m this recipe, it’s soft and fauna, easy when we started it was Anna bumpy start, but we made a delicious dish So this recipe is actually live on Tasty, so if you want to make this yourself, go check it out, I’m sorry! I can’t be there with you to tell you how high five catch you later can I mine you don’t need to I can just like mine When do you say

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