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Can’t you wear a suit anywhere???? | Heather Dubro’s World

30 Sep , 2019  

This is Heather Dubrow world, and now you can live in it two times a week right here on podcast one welcome back everybody, hi hi, the fabulous lizzie whit helm is here. I’ve missed you. I missed you too, I’m so happy to see you with the two busiest girls that never get to see each other. I know cuz you’re you’re like in the middle of stuff stuff. Are we can we talk about your stuff? No, I’m sure I’ve just movin on up through the ranks over it, Sirius, XM and so sirius XM bought pandora in february and now you’re like the queen of Sirius.
I like to believe no, it’s fine, it’s good! It’s just we’re growing over there and it’s fun. I have a huge team now, so it’s been a lot going on and you just got a big sort of like award yeah, you know say I’m no. It was the 40 over 40 which it’s shocking to me to be like in that category. I feel like I should be in the 40 under 20 yeah, but it was the most creative people in digital and it was awarded by campaign Magazine. So that was super fun very excited. Um. We need to talk about Natalie. Had the baby he’s so depressed. I’m happy it’s your what I mean. Why are you drugs? It’s the end of an era. Yeah she’s like now, one of us and I’ll be all stressed out. All the time gets true, but hyper was supposed to be born on my birthday, your birthday’s Friday. That was the induction. The c-section was gonna, be on my birthday. He was very excited about this and then she someone had a people Lois. I I think I wrote on my Instagram like how could she be early? Doesn’t she always know were 10 minutes late, but last week she was having such bad contractions and I was like: do you think you might want to check and see if you’re dilated or you know, could it give birth in the car hall or that would have Been an amazing episode of Heather’s closet that would have been good you’ve done it four times you could have gone in there. You could have done a pelvic. You know I’m married to a plastic surgeon right, he’s, sewn or off so anyway. So so Riley was like texting me and I’m in your I’m, like you know, it’s like the worst FOMO ever because you’re not yeah are not there and you’ve been waiting so long and you’re a professional at this. Yes – and I know you’d like to be involved in like I like come on people – and I want to make sure she’s taken care of, but you know is so funny, is that like no one was telling me how Natalie was like Riley was saying, like the Baby’s health – you know: okay, she’s, going into surgery; okay, great the baby’s healthy she’s tight, like he was giving me little updates. He sent me a picture and I kept going how I’m gonna cry darling, but I’m like how’s nere right. You know cuz, I’m such like an afterthought, Oh getting tea.
I know, but that’s what I was that’s what I was worried. She had a c-section, she did have a c-section. She ended up having the c-section, which is good. They said her uterus was tiny and and vascular and whatever, but but she had the baby and the baby was is just so cute and so perfect she’s, so dainty dainty. It looks exactly like Riley, I thought so too. Why do the boys always look girls about this before that? There’s some ancient theory that the baby has to look like the dad or the dad will like throw it in the river and Moses yeah they’ll like drown all right, because I think that’s the thing. I think is that you know in old times they wanted sons and they would like drown the daughters, so I think nature or the universe makes the daughter look like the dad. So they want, they don’t want to drown their girls. Look like Terry when they pulled the twins out of me. They took Nikki out and he looks like no one. You know he had blonde hair and blue eyes, and you know Mike used to call him mistake at the lab until he got offended trying to stop doing that. But then she pulled max out and I she goes. Oh my god. I never say it but Terry. It’s you know like not what you want to hear about your dying. You know really and they change so much though they do. She was five, so Piper Rose, Huddleston is five pounds in 6 ounces, she’s, 19 inches who’s born on Monday September 23rd. So I was going to minutes, went to Minnesota and we were there all weekend and then I plan to just pop in to New York for a day just for a couple of meetings. So I couldn’t get a hotel room anywhere in New York and I’m like what is going on and it was the UN was meeting so I, finally, I did get a room at the peninsula. Like the last room you got lucky. I know I think somebody’s assistant got sick, a hundred percent we get into the city and because of the UN, every single Street is closed, but literally closed. There’s barricades, you can’t drive on side streets, you can only drive on avenues and there is there’s police and there’s military and there’s Secret Service at every corner, every corner of every block. So, instead of dropping so I so the peninsula’s like 55th and 5th right. He could have dropped me at that corner right there and I could have walked 20 feet and he goes oh I’ll. Take you around 20 minutes later. Oh, yes, how annoying, but how annoying I lost 20 minutes in that transaction. But I’m like: okay, just stop just stop I’ll walk a walk.
It’s fine right! So I get out of the car. I walk to the hotel and then I have to get through security in the hotel. Oh right! Yes, I forgot so I’ve been in New York. This week every single week – I just wasn’t there this year because I go for ad week – and I know this rodeo it’s crazy, and so they have not just a metal detector. Then they wand you and then they take all of your bags. Wonder who was staying at the peninsula? I have no idea, then they take all my bags somewhere else to check them, run them through the thing whatever by the way, I’m totally fine with all this plea, no you’re, just something it’s just like, and I’m not even I’m not angry, not angry. No at all, I’m just wagging it, I’m just like okay Helen. Is this good and they were so nice. Everyone was so nice, it was just a process, so I’d go up to the room and I change really fast and I throw in my heels because the thing is only like a block away and I’m like running down the street and heels gearing my and I’m With the tote and like not a small bag, I could only add the rain to make this hey and by the way it had already rained before I got there. So there’s glistening streets – I was you know whatever and of course you know not to be TMI, but I don’t really were under anymore. We need to bring. We need to circle back on that. Okay, we’ll go back to the Irish anyway. So yes, so I’m just against underwear so and the skirt was not all that long. It wasn’t all that short, but it wasn’t all that long and it was kind of flurry at the bottom, and I was like this is probably a mistake, but I didn’t have anyone to romance. I was like, ah so I’m going woggie and I’m just making sure not to like walk over any great okay. I want a Marilyn Monroe moment should not be attractive, saying hello to the police, people they’re, all very nice. It took a few selfies on my block and a half walk, and then I went to the Polo Club and had dinner right there yeah it’s so nice, okay, so you know the beginning of the story, which is Bronwyn who’s on Real Housewives of Orange County she’s. The new housewife, her mom, who I did not know because I do not watch the show, came up to me and Terry on the plane and whatever, and so I talked about it on the podcast, and I thought it was perfectly nice about it. I just told the story – and I said that you know we said goodbye to each other in the restroom. She said, see a Taekwondo. I said great goodbye. I ran into Brahman at the gym. Bronwyn came up to him and, oh my god, I’m so sorry, I’m over laughs and like that’s fine whatever, and she was no. My mom talked about you and social media like she did like.
I had no idea so I talked about on the thing whatever. Who cares move on well, apparently, Brahmans mom could not move on Oh at the plot thickens the plot thickens. So I need glasses for this. I think I can’t say her name is dr. Deb. What’s she a doctor of one dr. Deb is her handle? If you a doctor, I have no idea. Okay, she said you’re a PhD yeah. No, I think a medical doctor I did. I think I think I remember that she’s a family practice doctor, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. Okay, so she commented. This is her comment with and there’s a you could see. There’s a picture of me from the podcast from from Heather dubrow’s world youtube channel and it says, commented less drama, more laughter, talking badly and exaggerating about others. To make you more relevant is unworthy. The Jews have a name for it: Lashon Hara, to speak in a derogatory fashion about someone, it is a grave sin, incurring karma Heather, Dubrow aggressive. I never talked about it until she did she’s trying to be relevant. I think is the thing, and so it just it feels a little as they say, thirsty doctor one dr. Deb come on, get it grow. Dr. Deb sheets, hey, senator, surprise, Oreos. I wish I had a white doctor yeah, I’m raising the black flag. I don’t know. I feel bad and brahmans a really nice girl, so you know what let’s say something complimentary: she must have done a nice job raising her because she seems like a very nice yeah yeah, now we’re gonna move on okay, so here’s my next thing. Are you ready to talk about cotillion, I’m so ready? I said yeah, I’m gonna get Coco to go. I go. Can you have Stella tell Coco she’s like yeah? I have to I’ll have a tell coke, I’m like great, so I’m not really sure they started talking about whatever, but I said to her I’m like still listen. So there’s this cotillion thing. Do you remember when your brother and sisters went blah blah and she’s like? I don’t know, and I go okay, you don’t have to go. I just want to explain to you what it is cuz. I know she would like it when she’s there yeah not so much the getting dressed up part, but I know she would like those games and yeah and she likes to dance and she likes that stuff. So I said you know you could win prizes and they play these games. You get a treat and I go in and your friend Kingston’s going this one now and all these kids are going. I think you might like it and I said, but I want you to know that typically the girls were dresses and white gloves and party shoes and the boys were suits and she goes.
I don’t want to wear a dress and I go. I don’t blame you. I go but what, if you can wear a suit? I go. That should be perfectly fine fine. I said as long as you’re appropriately attired for the occasion and you wear appropriate shoes, and you know you wear the white gloves. I said that’ll be fine. She’s, like white gloves, I go it’s good. It means you, don’t really have to touch the boy’s hand, he’s there like sweaty or so in it. Okay, good, I said great, so I called cotillion to ask to ask because I looked up the dress requirement and all it said was you know, girls, dresses and boys should be in suits, and so I called them – and I said hey so I told him who I was you know as my fourth child, going through this particular cotillion and this child of mine. You know dresses differently and doesn’t feel comfortable in dresses or skirts, and you know is very confident and sure of who she is. But she dresses – and I hate to use this term, but what people would consider boys clothes and that is who she is, and that is how she’s confident and as long as she’s wearing appropriate shoes and gloves, I yeah it’s probably not a big deal, but just Like I wanted a collared shirt jacket, gloves done done just wanted to follow the pro I just wanted to call. You know, follow up with you and just make sure it’s all right before you tell me what they say, how long of a pause before they answered. You, oh, it was not a very long pause at all and I know what I’m gonna hear. Well mrs. Dubrow. We here at the cotillion believe that it should be continued to be traditional, and I said I think traditions are great and I totally agree with you and I love the credo and the morals that that you stand behind your literature. However, I would think that in the year almost 2020 to allow a person to dress the way that is comfortable yet appropriate for the occasion could understand not wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That would be inappropriate but to dress appropriately for the occasion, but a way that a person identifies, I think, is appropriate and she did not agree, and so I said so, you’re not inclusive. I would have gone off the reservation, but are you really surprised because I’m not really sure was that surprised you know I am. I am surprised that the answer came so quick. Why we’ve had this question before probably have so I wrote an email and by the way, listeners I want to hear what you have to say you can you don’t have to agree with me, obviously on anything, but I’m just curious what people think about this? I wrote to whom a concern I’m in shock, after speaking with a representative of your organization, regarding a request I had for my daughter, Coco, the blatant disdain and disapproval was extremely evident when I inquired about my daughter wearing a suit to cotillion lessons.
This is my fourth child to attend lessons with your organization, and I’ve never been so disappointed with the way in which I was treated. Is it not the purpose of Martine cotillion and the very vision that you stand behind is to build self-confidence at self-awareness. You pride yourself on being different than other cotillion z–, by emphasizing the importance of leadership and personal responsibility. How does the denial of simple request to wear the clothing that my child feels most confident and empowered aligned with the very values you claim to teach? It is appalling and frankly disgusting, that we are almost in the year 2020 and a woman still must adhere to the archaic principles of dress and gender conformity. My child feels most empowered and confident wearing a suit, not a dress, regardless of whether or not she attends cotillion lessons. I know that she has definitely learned the lesson stated on your website that you so clearly failed to learn quote, be aware of how your words and actions affect others. End quote good for you now totally honest. I was so mad when I hung up the phone. I couldn’t see straight so I called Victoria and I say, wrote the email yeah. I said I am so mad. I cannot see straight, I hate them and they and I was like on fire and I was seeing red and she’s like okay. Okay, what do you want to say? I’m like duh na na and she’s like okay, I’m going on their website to go, look up their thing because I’m just so mad and we were so mad. So she said she sends it back to me and then I read it. I think they write you back and I tweaked a little bit and then and then I was like okay, because you know how like, when you’re mad, I always say like, send the email to yourself yeah. I can like sit on a read on it, so I almost like that was the victim Victoria did for me, which was like so fabulous, and I was like because I really don’t think I was in the right headspace to appropriately write it and and what Victoria Wrote was quite genius and yes, they did respond. This is what they wrote back to me. Dear mrs. Dubrow. I am sorry to hear that you found your discussion with our representative to be so frustrating I’m hoping to clarify our policy to you and also the reasons behind it. As a longtime member of our cotillion is I’m sure, you’re quite familiar with the program and the very traditional emphasis on the conduct of.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid that although your daughter might be more comfortable in a suit, her young male dancing partners might not be. It is also an important part of the children’s practice to put aside personal comfort comfort for a short time in order to show respect for one’s host and the other guests, for instance, to be polite. One follows the directors of the invitation. One is accepted, such as arriving on time participating the planned activities engaging in conversation, even if shy and dressing, as requested in life, their activities where we must choose between our own comfort or preferences and participating in an activity which access asks us to put that comfort. Aside for a larger purpose, the gentleman who is uncomfortable in a suit and tie still wears one to the office because it is required and he wants to be successful. Her player must wear the team uniform. As ladies, we refrain from wearing white to a wedding unless specifically requested so as not to upstage the bride. We avoid wearing celebratory colors, such as red to funerals, lest we deeply upset the bereaved. These are all things we do, despite the fact that red might be our most empowering color or we would feel more comfortable in jeans in order to show respect to those around us and also to show that we do not place our preferences. Above all else. I hope this explanation helps you to understand that insistence upon our dress code is not about quashing self-expression, nor is it anyway personal in order for the program to run smoothly and to be egalitarian for each and every child. The dress code must be followed by each and every child, otherwise they are free to decline, the invitation and choose an activity they find more suitable. It is apparent from your email that you feel very strongly about this issue and are dissatisfied with the program and its requirements there for a full refund will be sent out immediately. They give your participation over the years. We wish you all the best. A couple of things, obviously, for Coco, I’m bummed, because it’s a place in a space socially that she probably have a great time right However, we all have choices as to what we participate in and don’t yeah she’s gonna learn this younger than everybody else, but it’ll kind of be a gift, maybe to her that in some ways it’s like be where you want to be and where other people Enjoy what you bring to the table? Absolutely a hundred percent, and so it like that whole thing is annoying, but in some ways it’s like thank you for showing me your cards yeah early.
We never had to get her to go down the path to where you’re Then dropping out and then everyone’s like where’s Coco cuz She was gonna hate it anyway I don’t know, I think she may have liked it You know, maybe the problem or not She doesn’t have the opportunity to decide whether or not she likes it, but I didn’t like about the email and look it’s a private club They’Re allowed to do it exactly I’m Jewish there’s plenty of clubs that I’m sure we still probably can’t get into Who knows I’m just saying these? Unfortunately, these kinds of things still exist, but I would I would just hope, then, in these days and times that we would be moving forward and what I didn’t like about It was the emphasis on personal comfort, because this isn’t like the tag itches her in the back and or the tie is tight on his it’s that it’s that it’s it’s who this child is I’d actually appreciate that if they just post that to the website, the Cure is our position It helps Maybe everyone determine if it’s a place They want to be because there might be quite a few people giving their hard-earned money to that organization, not knowing that’s what they stand for after I was mad about it I didn’t even feel that sad for Koko cuz, you know what you are probably right She probably wouldn’t have even liked it, but even if she did didn’t whatever there’s plenty of other things for her to join, that’s totally fine, that’s just our world now so she’ll be better off for it and it’ll be an interesting conversation to have with her, though No absolutely, but I want her to know, I did call and they’re, not okay, with laughs, yeah and send an email They send something back, I’m not gonna Let her read it, but I’ll just you know tell her they’re this These are their rules and that’s not okay for us, so we’re not gonna Do it alright, we’re out of time for today Thank you So much for being here see you you’re gonna, be here tomorrow Yes, so stay tuned, hey guys! Thank you So much for watching wasn’t that fun Alright, I know there’s gonna be a ton of comments about the Coco thing So leave me your comments below Let’s hear what you have to say and don’t forget to become a subscriber because we’re going to do some really cool fun Giveaways

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