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Cara Taylor’s Guide to Model Makeup and Tips for Beauty Against Fashion Month Fatigue

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everyone, I’m Kara Taylor and I’m going to show you the makeup. Look I’m doing for an event during Fashion Week, so I’m going to start with skincare and this oil cleanser and all I do is rub it in okay. So the first thing I do is take off my makeup that I had from baby previous shows or anything like that, since it is Fashion Week, I get so much makeup on my skin. I usually don’t wear makeup during Fashion Week, because you know people want you to have clean skin and they want to see your natural complexion, which one is a little damaged right now, like the walls, but usually I’m all natural.
Even if I have pimples alrighty now, I’m gonna rinse this off, so the next thing I do is, I just use a face wash that my dermatologist prescribed to me, so this face wash was prescribed to me because my skin is just super sensitive. So I need something: that’s pretty natural, so my skin doesn’t break out now I’m gonna rinse this off. So I’m going to use these eye patches, they’re super nice, they’re from Paris, they’re all natural and they’re. Just there’s a really nice cooling sensation when you put them on and they make you feel all cool. I always do it the other way. So now, you’ll do this BAM so now I’m gonna put on then one of these Biore strip things. First, what you have to do with these? You have to make sure your nose is super wet, so it sticks on and gets hard and everything. So now I’m gonna wait ten minutes for this to dry up and make sure it’s sex, everything in and then I’ll take everything off. So I mostly use these no strips just for fun. With my boyfriend cuz. We think it’s super satisfying. What when we pull it off and then there’s all that go so now, I’m just gonna take this off. So much came off. That’s so cool okay, anyway, science project over BAM, she’s ready! So now, I’m just gonna use the serum from Eiling to lehre. I’m gonna do three drops, and just so now now that I use this theorem, I’m gonna use the oil that goes with it. This is the warm season, oil, because it’s still kind of summer so but she has like a cold season, one for when it’s winter, so I’m just gonna cook more drops. This smells really good too, and just tap that in BAM.
I learned how to do all the skin care stuff from just like being backstage at shows lots of people’s advice and everything like you hear so many people talk about skincare because, like makeup artist, that’s their whole like why so they they give you some really amazing Tips about skin care, which is really helpful and important. A lot of makeup artists tell you that you should do your neck, because your neck skin is also very sensitive and and thin. So if your face looks flawless and then you guys Nik, that’s a little bit weird right. So don’t forget the Nick I’m just gonna go in with my sunscreen it’s by this brand red. I try to stay all-natural because that’s when my skin reacts the best of things where is when there’s chemicals and your skin could react badly to it. So I tried to keep my skincare super clean and all that good stuff. So now I’m just gonna go in with this cuddly spray. It’s super nice makes you feel good and then like having that little spritz is always SuperDuper fun to do now. My skin is done and I’m gonna start with the makeup. So now I’m just gonna do a little eyelash curl BAM. So I have this NARS concealer and I’m not very good at matching it. So don’t make fun of me, but it’ll look good. I promise I have like mini ones just because they’re, it’s a lot easier to travel with, but I also think they’re really cute, so I buy all the small ones because it’s more fun now I usually just tap it in with my finger, I find that works. The best I’m not very good at covering up spots I just want to like I don’t want them to be as red and I’m fine with it, because I mean everyone has pimples and everyone gets it. Everyone goes for a lot of people fashion. Week is super-duper-duper like crazy and scary, but I mean it’s just such an amazing thing, because you’re spending a month with so many creative people and you get to you, get to experience the makeup, artists, creativity and the designers. Creativity and just like you see like their vision, just comes like comes true, which is so crazy to me. My favorite cities. Definitely New York, it’s a little bit easier for me.
Just because, like it’s my time zone, I can still talk to my friends and everything and I’m not jet-lagged. Most importantly, that’s a big! That’s a big deal for me because I get it bad. So if you haven’t already noticed I’m a little bit sick just because you’re like running around you’re in the subway and everything and it’s just not clean, it could be air-conditioning or whatever so a ginger shot or tumeric ginger shot is really really really awesome. So this won’t be pretty, but I’m just gonna. Do it it’ll help? Oh yeah, milk, highlighter! It’s super nice! It’s just a super natural super cute, simple highlighter. That just is too it’s like. Is it there? Is she wearing highlighter mm-hmm? I was doubted on Instagram, which is so weird to me, because all of my Instagram pictures were smiling pictures and I look goofy and like stupid and everything, but they they’re, like oh she’s tall. I guess we’ll go in for a meeting and then I went in for a meeting and they they liked me so, a month later, I did Fashion Week now. I’m just gonna do a little bit of a brow gel. I don’t really necessarily do much to my brows just because I like them the way they are just add a little bit of color and brush them through them. The palette that I have is just a drugstore palette. It’s Milani palette, so I’m gonna do this. Color band, so I’m just gonna go in and do just the light little bit of color. I only have this brush. It’s a double-ended brush, but if I had more than things will get complicated and then I just go a little bit crazy. So this keeps me this keeps me doing stuff that I know what to do the moment. I really realized that modeling, like was my career, was, I think it was my second season and I opened chanel, which was so crazy to me, like I showed up at the show, and they gave me this card with, like our number and mine said number one And it didn’t, I didn’t even like think about it I was just like okay, so I know I have to go over there and I’ll just figure out where I’ll go, because I was also kind of new and didn’t know exactly what I was doing so then I I get there I’m like hey.
Where do I go and they’re like oh you’re at the front of the line – and I was like so it clicked? I was like I’m opening Chanel like that’s so crazy to me, and I was like fifteen, which is such an amazing accomplishment for a fifteen-year-old Even for anyone really I’m just gonna take the other end the small end of this and do just a little bit on the lash line So it looks good one season I did 40 shows 40 whole shows well, almost 40 shows it was super crazy, but I was having so much fun and I thought it was such a cool thing to do that I didn’t even notice I was doing so Many shows so now that I have the this basic like color Now I I’m gonna add a little bit of this Urban Decay shimmery thing, so I really think it’s beautiful when people put eyeshadow or like shiny eyeshadow like in the inner corner So I love doing it, I don’t know, I think it’s just fun and I love sparkles so adds just a little bit of something, but not too much What I’m gonna do is is use this one right here, just to make sure it’s blended a little bit and so like the shimmer, isn’t just a random shimmer and it kind of like works Of course, I’m gonna do mascara I have another mini one This is from Tarte, oh gosh I don’t messed up so mascaras on and the last step I’m going to do is lips What I usually do is use a gloss, but the the the chapstick or like glossy thing I like the most, is this NARS thing and it’s super nice, because it adds like a little tint and a little shine, and it’s just super classy and simple I also love Pat McGrath lip gloss, she’s, so major She knows exactly what she’s doing and if you want to amp up the look a little bit more Let me just add a little touch of that, and then I have this fresh rollerball, it’s sugar, lychee and then I use this vanilla, perfume and then both together is heaven I always do some right here and then spray on the other perfume and I’m smelling good for days Well, I hope you guys liked it I know I’m no makeup professional, but I had so much fun filming this and I hope you guys enjoyed thanks for watching bye

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