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Cast a light shadow of non aggression and calm… Full face paintball! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone. We are going to be doing a full face using all color pop makeup products. Now I don’t want to ramble on. Now it’s kind of complicated, because color pop did reach out to me and was curious. they emailed me wondering if I wanted some products. because it is amazing and I’ll get into that in the Video a little bit more.. They just wanted me to try out the products and possibly take a selfie for Instagram. If I like them. They were just going to repost it.
I haven’t tried a lot of these products, but I will say I have tried color pop products before and I am a big fan. I love that they are cruelty, free and they’re, very pigmented, all the pallets I’ve tried, but I’ve never tried like their eyebrow stuff, they’re, no filter setting powder, of course, the face spray and the new foundation. Yes, it’s still new to me. I know it came out. Quite a while ago now, but I still haven’t tried it, so I just wanted to put that out there just in case I end up really liking all the products, and then you see my picture on Instagram on their Instagram and you’re like wait. A second was this: was this a sponsorship? No, it is not okay and with all that being said, let’s get into doing our makeup. So first product that we’re gonna try out is the colour-pop face spray. So I have to. I don’t know what each of them is buy based on the packaging, so let’s just open them up and see. Okay, this one is rose, quartz crystal priming spray, don’t spray directly into eyes or mouth. Okay won’t do that. This is a Amber crystal setting spray. So there’s a pink one and a orange one and this one. What is what is the difference? Oh I just realized, and these are actually glass packaging. That’s kind of scary: okay, I’m gonna quickly, google, because I’m pretty sure rose quartz would be for redness because usually Rose is for that three out of snake Dale. Okay, I can only find the amethyst one. So, okay, I’m just gonna make a executive decision and decide to use the rose quartz, and this is a priming spray. So I don’t think I have to shake it all. My words. That’s really good! The spray is strong. Okay, I’m just gonna blend that it actually like took my breath away when I sprayed it so also, as you guys can see, face to neck different colors. I know hopefully, we’ll be able to even it out, which I posted on Sunday.
So if you want to see that all these makeup sprays, I don’t know if they actually do anything, but I personally think they’re just so refreshing, I’m going to continue to buy them, but this one does actually feel like it made my skin a little bit tacky, Which for me with dry skin, I think will be good, because sometimes my foundation lifts a little, but I think with a good base like this we’ve, probably given a better go alright, and then we have the no filter foundations and, the no filter concealer is one of my all-time favorite concealers seriously. I love those concealers. I was so excited to try the shape tape by Tarte and then I was like this doesn’t compare to the no filter, and maybe that is because I have dry skin and shape tapes a little bit dry for me, but this No filter. Oh, because I need everyone to know about this. It’s like six bucks, okay, whatever I’m getting off-topic, but I got two of these foundations. I got one in light, sixty and fair ten, so these should be quite different. Okay, so here are those two shades once again: glass packaging which for traveling isn’t the best, but I think for luxury it is the best. So I like that and also love that it has a pump that is always a plus and I’m just trying to see. I kind of feel like this light. Sixty might be a perfect match to my neck right now. I might have to bronze up a little bit, but I think I better go with this one. Okay, so it’s a pretty liquidy foundation, as you can see, let’s just dot that on with the oh, my goodness that shade is perfect for me. Hopefully it doesn’t oxidize because if it stays where it is, we’re in business – oh my gosh that shade, I’m so happy when I find a shade, that’s right, but by tomorrow, I’ll be a different color, because my fake tan I’ll be coming off a little bit more. It’s a daily struggle and, as you can see, I have a pimple right in the center of my face, love when that happens like why, always when I get acne, is it always down like the perfect center of my face? I just don’t get it Wow.
This foundation has like amazing coverage. Whenever I try a liquidy foundation, I just assume it’s going to be light coverage, but this one is definitely medium to full. Like I bet another coat would just take it all the way. I think it looks really really great. Definitely has a dewy finish to it, which I do like. Oh, it’s really pretty. I like the dewy finish liquidy foundation, but high coverage. That seems like a difficult mix to create. So that’s now we’re on to literally my makeup. Crush every day of my life, the colour-pop no filter concealer. Now this one is in Pharaoh too. So I bought this one back when I was very very light and it’s way too white for this foundation, so I actually have a different one. So if you guys didn’t believe that I actually love this concealer here is an absolute empty one, and I don’t know if I’ve ever actually went through a concealer before, but I’ll try and get a little bit more out. I really should order another one. Okay, it’s so dried up and I’m so mad, because this is like a product that I absolutely love and then I think I’ll take a little bit of this one just to really brighten. Oh just one just one little Boop, nothing more, and this blends really well with every single foundation. I’ve ever used with it too, because sometimes concealers once again will like lift, but I’ve never had that problem with this one. This is just all-around, an amazing concealer and i 100% suggest all of you. Try it out Kylie pop if you’re watching this don’t share your secret because you got it figured out now. That being said, if you’ve tried this concealer and you hated it, I’m really sorry. It just works great for me. So hopefully it works good for everyone else. I actually think so on the card when colourpop’s sent me a few of these products. Like I said I did buy a majority of these, but they did send a few. They gave me this card, I’m like saying blah blah blah can’t wait to see you make some cute looks with these and then on the back. They gave me a code, share your love for colour-pop and give your followers five dollars off use code. Mia 5. So I don’t make any money off of this code, but this concealer is six dollars. So if you use my code mia 5, this concealer can be a dollar.
I think that’s how that works. Hopefully there’s no limit on it. I don’t know anything about this code, but if you want to give it a go, hopefully you can get this for a dollar okay. So now we are going to take the no filter setting powder and I got mine in translucent and I’ve yet to try this. But I have heard lots of youtubers talk about how pigmented it is, but I’m more curious to see if it flashes back, because that’s my biggest worry looks quite yellow. Okay, so far it doesn’t look very trends. Loose, looks kind of like a banana powder. Very nice, though, it’s finely milled for sure, let’s just dust it off now and take a flash photo, because I am curious, my jaw literally just cracked, because it didn’t flash back that looks so good, oh, my goodness, so good, so good. My under eyes, look like buttery, smooth buttery, see how does color pop make money, because this is so inexpensive. Oh, my gosh, this is so inexpensive. I’m so happy that this powder is a glass because I would have just broke it. How did they make money like it just shows how many other brands are probably pricing way high from what they’re actually paying for production, because if colour-pop can do it, I honestly believe that anyone can do it their cruelty free they have good packaging. They come out with new fun stuff. Like I don’t know, everyone should be taking notes now it sounds like it’s sponsored, but it’s seriously, not I’m being 100% honest. I either love it or I hate it. It’s really true and what I love it. I freaking love it now. I got this up the ante face duo. It’s got the shade wildcard and first and I’m pretty sure it’s a highlight and a bronzer, and I just feel like I’d like to bronze a little bit. Okay, so here are those colors. You got a really really golden highlight and then a warm tone bronze. Where do I put this yeah? I just took this on my hand, but now I have nothing to wipe it on. I can’t wipe it on my new merch, so I’m gonna go ahead and take just this bronzing color on a little brush. I think that that color of bronzer is working really well with my face right now, since when I fake tan, I feel like my face is more warm I feel like. If I had to make a brand, it would be very similar to color pop and the fact that none of their packaging really goes together, like clearly someone’s just having like lots of fun with colors, and I really like that all right now, I think we will Go ahead and do the highlight as well, so I’m gonna use the one from here.
I actually love that golden champagne. This is like a nice subtle, glow. Nothing too crazy. You feel like this color would look good on every single skin tone, whether if you’re really light or really dark. This is just a really pretty highlight. Oh my goodness, I really really love the way. My complexion looks right now. Definitely so far would suggest all the products that I’ve tried, but we will see if that changes when we get into our biggety biggety brows. So I got two different eyebrow pencils, one is brow boss and one one is precision, brow, pencil ones in brunette ones. In light brown, so I think I’ll take the light brown one pretty straightforward pencil. Oh, I just feel like I like more of a taupe so but that’s not really colourpop’s fault that I chose the wrong color. I can hear my dog in my bathroom right now. Getting into my garbage, I literally did nothing about it here. They are, I’m very washed out come on camera, like you mean it, this is the fun part. So I have this yes, please palette. Now I have used color pop eyeshadows before and I loved them. So I have this yes, please palette, so I’m going to take full, zip and just put that all over usually brow bone colors. I personally can’t really tell when I put them on, but these are just so pigmented that you really can see them. Okay, now I’m just going to take note to self as a transition color I’m going to be doing most of my eye shadow on the bottom, but this is the only one that I’m gonna be putting kind of in the outer V. My eyelash extensions are wild right now I know my lady couldn’t get me in till next week, so I kind of got into this in my LA vlog, but I’ve just been doing eyeshadow underneath my eye lately not as much on top so now we’re going to take this hmm, let’s go big cocktails And just add that under as well spoiled a little bit further out, it’s kind of what I do now.
I don’t know why does anyone else just put eyeshadow on the bottom and not actually on their eyelid, and since we have so many pretty shimmery colors, I think I better take one at least so I’ll Take this butter cake and I’ll just put that right, underneath and into the oh, so that is the eyeshadow Now, I’m pretty sure I have like a navy eyeliner to try but probably showing up black, but it’s actually a really pretty Navy So it’s pretty creamy These aren’t the easiest to apply for me just because I don’t usually like a smudgy look I like the precision like wing, but I mean it’s okay to try new things Obviously, so that’s just what this is for me, so I’m not gonna be the best judge, because I don’t usually use these, but I’m not tugging at my eyes to get product Oh, so now we are moving on to lips the infamous lips from colour-pop When Kylie came out with her lip kits, everyone was like colour-pop did it first, and I mean you can be the judge of that Okay, but I have this one This is a really stunning color this in brink Oh my gosh, oh no! It’s really creamy! Oh that actually went really smoothly It’s in, like I said Echo Park, fun fact Actually my mom was going to name me echo, but my grandma said no No So this is me Mia Park, so I’m going to set it with the amber, even though I’m pretty oh wait This is a setting spray hold on a minute So this is a priming spray and this is a setting spray So it’s a good thing We did use it in the right order; it smells so good Alright, you guys So this is the finished Look You might be run to one wondering why I’m wearing a train hat and it’s because it’s my newest obsession, but I don’t have the courage to wear it out I gotta admit I love my makeup Not only the eyeshadows, because I feel like a lot of brands, have great eyeshadows, but this face makeup is some of the best I’ve seen not only for that price point, but just in general This really is doing well for my face Concealers are amazing but anyways I post on Fridays and Sundays and sometimes Tuesdays, and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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