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Celebrity makeup artist make up for me!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi dragons. Let me just read off the list of some of the celebrities whose work with Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Kris Jenner, Erica, Jane Nicki, Minaj, Paris, Hilton Kim Lilly ghalichi, all the damn Kardashians at this point I mean, is there any other star? Speed means regardless anyways without further ado, no introduction needed. This is celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist. At the end, ortega hi guys Tina and I have been wanting to get together for a minute now yeah to really go in and go ham with the glam.
You guys know it’s Halloween for me every single day and then Tina over. There is she’s like copper, I to the gods. Nude live dog baby and I was like girl. That’s why I wanted to play around with you, because you just love makeup and I feel like you’re such a staple now and the beauty world and what’s going on in the world, I feel like I, and you literally made me love the bestest ever oh yeah. I’ve been on source, I have, and I’ve been doing, hair on tour, so I’m like I was dying to do makeup, so I was like we ought to do something while I’m in town for like two days – and this is like it was the Eunice my perfect. I mean I have no plans, but I’m going to make some plans because look how damaged I like we’re going out tonight. I don’t know where we’re going somewhere, I will say: miss ed teen is booked and mother-effing busy if you’ve seen a celebrity using a cover. If you’ve seen a magazine more than likely, ed Tina has probably touched them at some point and made them look so glam. I’ve known since I started in makeup that he’s been such an incredible supporter of people in the beauty community, not only on YouTube other artists, and he just always has such a great energy. So I’m so excited to have you below to you. So, let’s not get Michigan, so a lot to them to dive into so. Let’s get into it. Excuse me, I’m being glanced by a celebrity makeup artist. Everyone needs to come quiet on. Are you guys? So we are about to start – I guess, catfishing, because we’re about to go from this – that you see here to this right here, so we’re gonna start with skin prep. Okay, just rising you could you guys know this hello. This brush has touched the faces of so many celebrity Romani, including miss dragon herself, honestly, I’m so excited to be glam in like two seconds like everyone, except me at my humble stage that I’m in right now on glands, since we’re doing a very heavy glam contrast To the look we didn’t want to use, you know exaggerated concealers, exaggerated contours with you know, still a very tasteful finish: what go down center forehead and then down the bridge of the nose.
So I struggle with this thing called like a five o’clock shadow. Basically, it’s to 12 right now, but at some point it’s gonna get 5 o’clock. So what would you recommend to someone who gets kind of like gray around this area? Well, you definitely have to color correct, but a lot of people like using orange like a really bright orange, which it so it’s okay, everyone’s color, I don’t take Amex, but I feel like when you mix an orange with something this light. You’Re gonna get the exact same color and you guys, when what kind of use the color I’m just doing. Something really bright to like highlight certain areas so see we’re already sort of Wow. Okay, our shapes and when we’re gonna want to put things. So now we are nice and highlighted. We’Re gonna be used at home are to go. We can layer, okay, we’re just gonna apply this all over your lids for you as an artist. How do you go about envisioning? The look I’m always inspired. You know the Wardrobe and the it’s like overall team effort. You know like what the hair guy is thinking or what the makeup artist is thinking what the stylist brings the way my client is filling that day, and so would you say with every client, there’s kind of like a different protocol. Would you think that, like some people think your opinion of makeup artist is more heavy than like the hair stylist or the stylist or some people like, I think their stylist has this set? You know I mean I have like no ego. I feel when it comes to that, like I’m very collaborative like I don’t feel like, I know it all like. I feel like I have a strong opinion and a strong vision for whatever I’m working on, but sometimes we’re not always right. Yeah yeah and you gotta like be okay with that and allow other people to like put their opinions, and then there’s been times where I’m like. Oh, you know he was right or like she was right. I’m sure it does get crazy when it’s like red carpet moment or like photo shoot and you’re like rushing and touch-up glam ha ha, but you’re such a chill personality like I understand why people like totally vibe with you’re, like just aesthetic I mean, come on blending Already with things to know, I don’t know her, so this is the brand-new snow angel from Joseph colors and now miss Etienne is telling you all about this brush.
That’s not a morphe brush which, as a beauty, guru, I’m like wet and then we’re gonna use. This new k’kaw, so we’re gonna, take this purple shade and we’re just gonna play right to the center, and this is gonna get messy. You know forgot my eye patches. So for this look you know we’re gonna make it look kind of like a mask, so we’re really trying to make the eyes like this way and then I know everyone loves this, but we’re trying to okay, that’s a cool tip cuz. I always go this yeah, it’s like a classic move, so we’re using this dark say now take a burgundy yeah. What is your kind of like one tip for blending, because I even I still have problems with like blending, especially now when you get into multiple colors? Well, I would say, if you’re in doubt, keep blending see. So when you want to blend the outer corners yeah, you could use a fluffy brush and I just yeah, so I’m gonna take a little concealer. This is cover effects and I’m just gonna highlight a little bit more of where we did earlier into the purple, then bring it down just start prepping for your concealer, I’m sure it comes with the experience, but just looking at a client’s face. Knowing what will work and what won’t work? I don’t like to gather too much inspiration from like people’s work or photos, like I just kind of like to go off what I want to do, mm-hmm, because every face inspires me in a different way. So, let’s use this color, I fell in love with this color when I was watching them called just a kiss. Okay and I’m gonna take this little anastacio brush 8:13 and just kind of Pat it into the highlighted areas that I just highlighted. Oh that’s everything. Come on guys, Ian Katie work going in with some phone um. How do you match the perfect foundation at 10:00? You look at the neck and the chest. That’s what I’m like 30% out of my humble stage, and I’m like really feeling myself already like way. So, as a celebrity makeup, artist have you had some great moments and some awful like record with with your work like red, like specifically red carpet, when you saw the picture, you know how some girl, you know the Getty Images do not lie yeah.
Of course I mean I I’m the worst critic to myself, so even when I, when people love my work or something I’m like wow, I could have done that last better or that Brown could have been better celebrity. You know for Fashion Week and I had 25 minutes. You know to get her together and my god um. However, it came out beautiful, but it’s one of those things where like oh, I wish I would have had you know, I’m sure I would have noticed, but okay, so we’re doing some contouring. Is that even on yet like this? Is the nose contract always wanted? In my life that I needed cuz, I’m the queen of like a bad nose contour, but I just accept it because I’m like that looks good and pictures know whatever. Oh, this is a brie. What is this Elsie mmm-hmm? Are you more of a liquid person? Are you more of like a powder or you just both both versatile? We love a versed clean, get into the artist brains. You guys we just sculpted, we just cunt toured and now we’re gonna go back in powder, ed TN. Would you like to explain your technique behind powdery yeah? I just like to use a powder puff with a very sheer translucent powder. Mm-Hmm and just you know, let it sit there and then I dust it off and then on the darkest parts of you know where we contour it. I like to get a darker powder. I just lightly just blend everything. Already it’s like looking so yummy see, I’m not taking it all the way to your back here. I’m leaving this because i minimized your jaw line that made it made everything very small. You know we I’m having another moment hi okay, so they started doing brows now and we’re gonna move on to the other brow right now, so that lasts for about like two weeks with the guy and then afterwards is just like. So what is your technique for brows? No, the same just like fill in for the gaps are where you want. So would you say, as a hairstylist and makeup artists which do you enjoy more both that’s just a hard question. I feel like you do always like the perfect balance of like it’s somehow looks so cohesive and like not natural, but just so soft. I have a professional makeup artist. Obviously you don’t have to reveal practice because that’s not cute, but how do you determine how much your creative art and all that other stuff like? How do you determine how much that cost? I never just started making tons of money. You know, I believe, in this thing called paying your dues and I believe that when you consistently work – and you you – you know you’re giving it your all all the time you eventually get to a good place.
You know with good people on you, make good clients in the production always has a certain budget. Mm-Hmm or you know your clients like. I can be weird with you and you know you work with a lot of brands who have like X Y & Z, budgets and then that’s what determines it. Obviously, we have rates that are like said, but amazing, not everyone has the money. You know. Yes, I love that okay, so now we’re gonna go in the inner to make it a little more smoky mm-hmm and we’re gonna go out and use this Marc Jacobs pen. So it’s like a deep purple and it is called great-great mine uh. Oh, my god, dad I know you’re living inside. We are going so in right now and I’m like. I know we are he’s just like having his moment right now, we’re going for a very dramatic look today because, like why have you a basic bitch like life’s too short to be a basic bitch? So now we’re using Fenty B, which we are already using all over the body it is so gorgeous. This is the brand-new highlighter and it’s a little use already. Obviously, because I’m I work oh, you know I work hmmm, I feel like it gives that chick a little like, because it’s not like a real like stiff highlighter. It’s like more. No, it’s just more of a diamond. They could it’s so pretty too, and I like to put a little on the brow yeah. So obviously, this product is definitely best with fingers. So I think, since we’re doing you know such a dramatic eye mm-hmm and you love and your lip. I love a nude lip and loving it that so d we should play with the nude lips. I like to draw a straight line down the center, just to kind of use. As my guideline, you know, we just did liner, and that was what 3t by morphe brushes you guys. This is a lip liner. I use every single day of my life. Okay, so we’re gonna be using Miss fames. New collection called yes way, I’m actually so obsessed. I got sent this as well. Miss fame. I am so proud of you. Congratulations for miss fame Beauty. This is so major, I’m so glad that we get to use it, and this is called the flash of flesh. Mash real nude, so I’m only gonna apply it in the center For now, miss fame also sent us this little glitter.
That comes with all the lipsticks, and I thought it’d be fun to like, since we’re doing Okay, so fun and loud, like let’s make a glitter on top okay, I’m nervous when I’m down bad, that is stunning yeah It’s to bottom lashes, look angry! This is a drugstore mascara Nina ad, if you’re thinking that we’re going crazy with all these products, this is Lydia a drugstore makeup to care, really where the makeup comes from Her makeup is make so now what is left is this kind of, like finishing touches, yeah Okay, so now we’re gonna switch over to a wig moment Etienne doesn’t know this, but I’m gonna maybe make him like just comment like one we’re gonna go off camera and then we’re gonna come back with the final look If you’re not already shook already with the Final Fantasy, are you guys? So this is the final look right here blessed by celebrity makeup artist at Universe, Digga I am feeling so country right now, like I can’t there’s no other word to describe it like we win You a new way and like we were, I thought we were gonna, come over to like a cute little sickening like red carpet moment which not that this is not a red carpet moon, but I’m like Oh, my god, like you, went all the way off with a hug It was an experience, yep ethnic experience I literally made him do my wig so fast I was like believe believe during her hair, to which I would love to next next Next time you do A hair, but even this you just touching me for like two seconds says this is gonna together, so we got it together Real quick anyways, if you guys would like to it check out miss Etienne Please it go! Follow him! Yes, miss NTN go follow him I’m gonna leave off his links down below at isn’t it like underscore a Tina No, it’s just that teen Ortega, oh hi, just a teen or take a celebrity makeup artist to the stars Okay! So now my channel, I’m gonna, be starting to do a dragon of the day This is someone who retweeted my tweet from last week, so I’m gonna go someone who supported me and retweeted my tweet last time, so Kendall aka, I’m a care underscore free with three e’s Congratulations on being the dragon of the day! Thank you So much for supporting and loving if you want to beat the next dragon of the day Thank you guys so much for watching and forgot to breathe fire My dragons

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