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# Cemetery Project Disk Update 1

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, thank you so much for watching.. This is a project that was started by Emily McKenna’s. I will link her channel down below then. Essentially, it is just involving a bunch of youtubers and instagramers, and the whole premise is that it is a six month project ending on Halloween. We are doing five monthly updates and there are two categories. The first category is resurrection. These are products that have been in past projects that you maybe didn’t reach your goal on, or you just want to finish up and the other category is collecting cobwebs, and these are just products that have been sitting around for a while that are maybe close to Expiration and yeah – it’s just supposed to be like a spooky project, pin because it’s ending on Halloween, so this update is super late.
I am sorry. I just tell him to get ready with me and I kind of like go into like my life, but um life’s been crazy. You know it gets away from me. So if you are interested in seeing how I did over the past two months definitely keep watching. We have some exciting. Let me tell you so the first product, I’m gonna talk about the resurrection products first and then we’ll get into the collecting cobwebs the first product for resurrection is the Physicians Formula butter bronzer. I have mine in the shade light. This has been in past projects, actually just one past project I think, because I feel like a lot of people when they repress the butter bronzer, they say like? Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize I still have so much product. It’s like a whole new bronzer. It will take a very little product left like the product in here is very thin. I did press it a little stiffly because when I put my brush in here like it’s, not really movin, so I might take me, you know until that end of the project to get through this, but I am confident that I could finish this. I’ve been using it pretty much every single day. Next up for the resurrection is my Stila 1ly understand what this name is the Stila littering low liquid eyeshadow. I have mine in the shade kitten karma, so I will insert photos of what it looks like last time.
I can’t really tell you like: show you progress, but I can tell you is that it is getting a bit more on the dry side and when I put the DOE foot in it’s not picking up as much product as it used to, and I can see A lot of visible wear on the sides of this, so this was in my project, pan roulette that I did earlier this year and my goal for this project is to finish it up, and I just need to reach for it a little more. If I could reach for this once a week, I think I would be on the right track. I’ve only used it about like four times since my last one date. Lastly, for the resurrection products is my Sephora eyeliner and tiramisu. You guys are gonna, be so proud of me or maybe on this crowd of me. I will insert a clip of what it looks like last time, but this is what we have working with now, so I’m going to show you the tally. I made this a couple of days ago, so it actually looks the guys made a little bit more progress since then, but that top line there is where I was in the intro, and that is where I was July 2nd. I have been remembering to use this almost every single day, every single day that I want like a more defined look. I really like putting this on the upper lash line and smoking it out with a dark brown shadow. I also like wearing it in my waterline. It’s a really flattering color for my eyes. It just brings out the warmth in them and I really do enjoy it. I will be disappointed once it’s gone, but I did purchase the milk makeup eyeliner in CEO, I’m event and that’s a brown, a brown color. So I’m kind of like waiting to open that till I finish this. It’s like you know, reward so really really happy about this. This was the most exciting update that I had to share with you for sure now, I’m getting over to the collecting cobwebs. So the first product is my Itachi polished classic rice enzyme powder. So I marked it here for you, so that top line is, of course, where I was in the intro, and this is where I am now I’ve used this you know more than I had. I still need to reach for it more. So I have to put it back in my shower.
When I do I, like it, it’s a nice like very, very, very gentle exfoliant It really doesn’t exploit my skin very much, but it’s a very nice, like smoothing like polish for your skin, so I like using this right after I cleanse it in the shower and as long as I put it on my shower and I remember to reach for It it’s a nice like morning, exfoliant, if I remember to reach for it every morning until Halloween I think I can finish it last step for the collecting cobwebs I have my anastacio brow is in ash brown, so this one I also I’m not gonna say repressed, but I like redistributed the product um So, as you can see, I kind of just put it all in the middle It was just easier for me to see kind of how much I have left it’s a little bit easier for me to measure I feel I mean I still can’t really measure the progress just because it’s gonna look completely different than it did in the intro, but just know that I’ve been using this literally every single day and it seems to be the never-ending brow product If you have ever finished an Anasazi of brow pomade, how long did it take you, because I feel like I I mean I know that I’ve had this for four years now we’re still going strong So it’s not that expired after six months That is not true It still works, I’m I’m dropping everything today, all right great, it’s in retrograde, get me up Frank’s dirty class right right, so that’s good to it For my very short update I feel like this is just a smaller project For me, I could roll something else in, but I’m gonna wait until I finish my Sephora I pencil I feel like I’ll have this finished by next update, which will be in August yeah August, because this is supposed to go up in June wow I’m really behind in August I feel like I’ll have this done and then I’ll be able to roll something else in if I want to, but thank you guys so much for watching I dohope that you enjoyed if you are not subscribed already I dohope that you will subscribe

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