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Change myself 24 hours!! 0-100 glow? How to catfish ha ha

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everyone and welcome back to my channel so you’re, probably looking at me thinking it’s Afrin, you look rough. I know I mean not gonna lie. This is pretty much what I look like every single time I wake up in the morning. This is my fresh bed face. You know what I would do if I’m getting ready to go to a premiere or someone like really exciting. I do absolutely love having days like this, where I get to wear no makeup and I can feel fresh-faced.
But when I’m getting ready to go out, I like the fact of like looking dressy and doing something different and creative with your makeup or whatever it might be. So I don’t go up like this every single day this is gonna, be like my ultimate grow up things that really do make me feel a bit more confident. I don’t go and get my eyelashes done every single day. If I really want to treat myself dead, these are the steps that I would do. Hopefully it helps you guys out in any sort of way as well. I don’t know if you’re looking for tips for glow up and let me know down in the comments below your number one tip to go up as well. If you couldn’t tell already – I am the end of my bathroom right now, so my favorites to have actually of the whole day is just making sure I wash my face. I actually never used to have really skin routine, just kind of used to do whatever, and then it moment would always say to me suffer on it. You’Re gonna regret that when you’re holed up, if you don’t look after your skin now, so that is what I’m doing it over watching my face today with the Ferrero Luna mini which, by the way, if you haven’t seen these before, they are amazing. This is completely changed my skincare routine, to wash my face, I’m gonna be using it the in this l cleanse and polish. I actually change face wash quite often to realize that it’s important if I’m living at the Linden literally the first time I ever started using that. I noticed straight away that my skin was just feeling softer and smoother. It’s just so much more effective than if you were to use their face, cloth or just to use your hands. So this is just the calm part of my everyday routine. Now I use it every single day, so I just wanted to show you close-up so that you can actually see. Obviously, I’ve still got my remainder of my face wash on this right now, but up close, you can see that it has all of these.
Like really soft bristles, and also on the back as well, but it’s so good, because once this is actually on it feels like he’s giving you such a deep cleanse. And I don’t know how they do it, because they’re actually so soft, and so that it is where skin or cleanse so the Pharaoh I actually use at nighttime is where it’s just in the morning. Obviously I hurt in the mornings have that extra deep cleanse. I also use this to actually wash off my makeup, and I have had this conversation with like a lot of you guys so many times before, about how it’s like good, finding a good face wash, but actually for anyone that washes off your makeup is so much Harder, so this is the best of both worlds. Obviously, you can literally use any face book. She want with this and finish preparing my face. I’m gonna be using at the cameras ultra facial cream. This stuff is so good and it smells so good. So I’m just gonna be applying this again. I use different moisturizers all the time, then there’s one that I picked up. I have my god bird. Actually, I change boys razors like all the time I have so many. It’s such like a important part mow routine finish off the payload base for all the makeup on it right. Today’s me completely fresh face and my skin is prepared as healthy and looks. Glowy is moving on to my next step. Now we actually going get my license. I’m so excited because I rarely get my lashes dive obviously is a little bit more pricey. I just feel like I’m getting my legs done. It really means I’m treating myself, I’m treating myself it’s such a beautiful day out, and I can’t wait to get my lunch. I’m here, I’m literally just I made it so this is the process in your lashes done at the moment. You know not looking kyouya haha, oh well, it does like I’m like getting surgery. I think for on the last lash yeah, the literal last lash, I’m so ready. You know, we’ve had a lot of gossip and while it’s been going on, I just can’t wait to open my eyes, I’m so ready to get the tape off and open my eye lashes done. Licked, you just seen them. This is like the first time seeing them. I love them. I haven’t had them done in so long, I’m so happy by the way the redness will go down.
It’s just cuz that I’ve literally just opened my eyes here. She is so, as you can tell I’m back home, I’m back from getting my lashes done and I actually feel ten times better. So now is where the biggest transformation happens, and this is my makeup. So this is my makeup bag. This is just what I take out and about with me, and my trainer palettes are like in another drawer. So I’ll show you that, but in this bag at the moment, is basically a current favorite. So I guess I’ll just kind of talk through what I use and I always get off and stuff like what shades and stuff I use. So I’m gonna. Let you know that as well, so the full primer, I have been loving, using the laura mercier at primer. This is so flippin good. It’s smells amazing and you hardly have to use any on your skin. It’s so nice because it really like hydrates your skin, and it feels so good if this was called a moisturizer. I would definitely use it as a moisturizer, just because I love it so much, but it’s also really good for giving your makeup on. Only recently I’ve been using this, but the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is so good, especially if you love like a high coverage foundation and obviously we’re doing the biggest transformation today. It’s so I’m definitely gonna need some full coverage. No, I don’t use this. Every day, anyways that this is in the shade and natural beige, so usually just like squeeze on the lid look just how easy is good on to my skin. Obviously, when I like compared to different from one side to the other one, so I’m like sucking on foundation, I’m like I wish I could just wake up a foundation on every single day. I’m pretty sure it’s all blended for concealer there’s like two absolute faves. I mean I always talk about this and you can tell how all of these are – and you say our like all the writings coming off, but I flippin love the connection last imperfections. Someone is at the door, I need to go, get the door. I think I have like five of these and summer makeup bag, because they’re always like my go-to and they’re so affordable. This is like a drugstore casino that I absolutely love more like on the higher end. I actually love the to base concealer. This is also so good and I actually sometimes use it as a foundation. The reason I also use this one is because it’s so high coverage, so, depending on what you want, I mean the collection.
One’s still amazing. I’m gonna use the collection center like it’s more affordable, but I love both. I love both so much so gonna use these pretty annoying. I’m actually like on my last little bit, there’s hardly anything coming out of this and again I just go in with my Beauty Blender, so I used to do this thing where I used to like put the concealer and all the places that I wanted. To put it in like straight away, but what happens is that actually dries out? Then it’s really hard to blend. So I do. I put it on my nose and if I like, really want to cut off right now, how I always appo, concealing here but I’ll. Just do that in a set, then I put it up my nose and a little bit on my forehead and then depending if I’m contouring, which I am gonna contour today I put concealer actually up here, makes such a difference when it comes to translucent powders. There’s actually only two that I like, and I feel like I’ve tried so many because these are a little bit more pricey, but trust me they are so worth it and they last forever. I just feel like every other translucent powder, I’ve tried just doesn’t really work. I end up feeling like really cakey and, like my skin’s, like tightening this or the other hand, it’s mixing invisible, you can’t see it and it’s so amazing. First of all, we have the Laura Mercier and the next one. I love is the Too Faced Born. This Way, I also have tried their sweet peach powder, and I don’t know that anywhere near as much as I love this one. These are my two favorite translucent powders and I recommend them to literally everyone, because the Laura Mercier one has literally last meal. I can here so again if I’m doing full glam. I really do kind of bake this on and I just kind of leave this baking. Whilst I do my runs out or my contour, everyone cool air, depending how long that takes me. That’s how long I leave this on for the bronzer I’m gonna be using the NARS. This is called Laguna. It’s so flippin good. This bronzer actually changed. My whole contour game. I feel like my face is nearly done actually one of my favorite parts and but like a lot of people, don’t use blusher anymore. If I gets kind of like gone out like it used to be a thing. It’s not so much a thing anymore, but now, like someone’s coming up and spring is here I feel like blusher.
I don’t know just like it makes you glow. It makes you feel better. It makes my cheeks that better, I always get told by other people that I’ve actually had cheek fillers, which I happen, but I feel like balagia, actually really helps to find a cheekbone, so so actually have two favorites by Mac. This one is called peaches, the other one I’m gonna pop up and screen is actually iCal or darker much shimmery, it’s more like nightlife fee. If I was like going out this evening – and I actually someone to gopal of this makeup on, I would wear that because it’s like sunny and it’s like in the middle of the day, I’m gonna, be using this one. This brush by Real Techniques is so good as well. You actually need the tiniest bit of this because you will be so pink like literally your cheek will be like a peach. My eyes are done at literally two hours. Oh now, I’m gonna be using my favorite liner, which is stripped-down shout-out to Claire for show me this. It’s the best line ever by Mac and then I’m either gonna go in with my favorite two phase mounted Mac or this gloss depending what I feel like. Okay, everyone, it’s so that is my makeup done here is my full face. I will glam. I was so much better. This has been my favorite step so far. I’ve actually really enjoyed this, although it did take me literally forever by the way. In case you were wondering I ended up using all three of those lipstick, including this one. Oh, this is the one I showed you last. I think I said it’s from Mac, but it’s actually from a Nastasia and it’s so nice. Look at that shimmer! So now the makeups done. I’ve got to do my hair, and this is such an important step. For me, because I have short hair and not go, I I hate eggs, it’s really thin and I love just having thick long hair. So I actually use these clip in extensions that they look like they’re in a lot they’re, really not that actually completely brushed out. I’m just holding them weirdly anyways, and you probably looking at this thinking really saffron I don’t use the one did her extensions just because I found when I use it before they, like totally brew into my hair, just we’re having them in like all day every day, whether these I can just put them in you know, kind of when I feel Like it so I’m about to get my hairdresser to blow dry, my hair and then I’m gonna put these in.
I always get questions like where’s, your hair from saffron So I know it’s such a weird question and I’m holder to hair looks really weird, but it’s simply hair They do the best clip-ins, I’m in the car and I’m gonna go ahead to my hair So now it’s actually really annoying, because tomorrow I actually go to a premiere and I’m like Why can I do all of this tomorrow and get all of this done once I’m actually at the premiere cuz? I would feel amazing, but you know what I’m still not complaining, because I still feel really really really good Here I go Oh my goodness I feel like I’m ready to go to a premiere or I’m ready for a night out I feel so glad I’ve got long hair and it just feels so nice and, like she also washed my hair, but a toner in my hair So you know I feel so much better I don’t actually dye my hair that often now, just because of the fact that I’ve actually like thrown into my hair So, that’s why I still have roots and she didn’t actually die today, but just a little bit on his hair, it’s so thick, and it actually isn’t even that many clips So I’m really surprised at how nicely it’s actually blended with my super super super short hair, and this is the glowed up version of myself and pretty much ready Now I actually wish that I was going out somewhere Unfortunately, I’m not I’m just at home today This place is actually from a motel rocks and they’re lovely, it’s just really comfy, and it has like these almost like batwing arms they’re, just really cute, I feel like I should go out somewhere now, though anyways I feel like a new woman I feel great I am definitely gonna go make some plans now I went from what like this morning I guess this clone up version of myself, so everyone that this is the glowed up version of myself I really hope you guys have enjoyed at my transformation If you did don’t forget to hit a big thumbs up, subscribe down below, go subscribe to my book and channel go and check out all of my social media Thank you so much for watching, and I see you guys very very, very soon Bye

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