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1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, but I am so excited so I’m currently in the Americas. Right now we are in the desert and the desert has target, and you know what doesn’t have target the icy cold Canada. So I’m super excited because target is just so different. Every time I go anywhere in America, I always go to target because it has kind of like fun renditions of everything I like, like makeup, skincare hair products. It just has all the brands that we don’t always get, and I never really thought that in Canada we didn’t get exported all of the stuff until I go to Target so today, I thought it would be a fun idea to give myself a target makeover.
So right now we are on route to Target and I’m gonna get makeup outfit hair products, oh and hopefully a fake Tanner, because I am very white right now, as you can see, and the Sun actually is not shining in the desert today, which is kind Of weird, I feel like I might have brought the rain so we’re gonna we’re gonna have to make a fake tan, then really super excited to get into Target. So let’s get shopping. Do you know what the difference between a target and a super target is it’s super busy and super Duncan? I’m super scared mine’s not pulling its weight for my hair. I wanted to get kind of like a hair mask and also something to style it, but I don’t want like a heat tool. I want just something fun to try, but a brush maybe be fun the truth. A big piece of me wants this one, because I love wet brushes. I gotta decide between soothing or smoothing. Oh my gosh smoothing. Obviously I here needs to be smooth. So much look at my hair. Tell me it doesn’t need to be smooth the ultimate treat yourself camping. This is so. This is difficult to pick foundation because I don’t know for sure if I’ll be the shade still like after the fact of fake tanning, so I don’t know, maybe I should find a fake Tanner before I dive into the makeup. Then maybe I’ll have a better idea of what shade I’ll be okay. I should probably okay it’s between this L’Oreal sublime and the Neutrogena. I think I’m gonna do the mist just because I’m like not feeling confident in finding a tanning mitt. So that’s gonna work, because this is so stressful to remember everything we’re now looking for an outfit, I spotted a few things: okay nobody’s looking, I look up and they get direct eye contact with stranger, and I just medium would fit me honestly, not a chance Targets clothes are really here. You know what I’m gonna try and stop making this work. I’m gonna get this. It won’t go with the outfit though so I’m just gonna get it for myself. Okay, all right, I think we got everything.
We got makeup. Hair outfit and fake Tanner, so all right, we’re gonna check out and get it out of here and bye check out get out of here I mean shop a little more one utility later we got everything, I’m so excited to see what, if nothing fits me? Oh, I think it will I’m an odd shape. We all know it. It’s not. Everything works, also, there’s music playing in the parking lot. We have no idea where it’s coming from I’m gonna go in and we are going to do the makeover not today about another day, let’s flip to that, okay, so I’m here bringing in content from my bathtub, I am in fact wearing a swimsuit because it’s Probably obvious why? But I’m officially about to use all of the products that I got some target for my target makeover and it’s starting in the bathtub with this bomb now this has been taunting me sitting by the bathtub for so long. This is the de bomb fun-sized fizzers cake bomb mmm. I cannot wait for this. It seems like it’s going to be smelling like because, oh my gosh, it’s so perfect. It’s such a perfect circle – awareness, okay, I’m gonna put it in the bath all right. Let’s throw it in see, oh, my goodness, Wow sprinkles are all the way at the bottom. I want it. These are okay to go down the drain. I mean they probably have to be be analyzing a bath bomb not really making the bath look very fun. All right well step one of pampering completed in a second there’s something in the bath bomb. Oh, my goodness, there’s a little key chain in here. It’s a little donut keychain. I would not have expected a donut. I would have expected a cake. I didn’t even know something like this would come in here. That is so cute. I’m gonna put a put it on my key ring. It’s an apple, my hair’s, a mess because I was at the pool and I wasn’t planning on getting my hair wet, but I did so it’s a mess right now. Oh that needs a makeover. You guys probably saw this, but I got a wet brush. Now I love wet brush is not sponsored, but I do really really like them, they’re just easier on your hair. What do you guys ask me what I do with my hair and it’s nothing not special, but I do definitely swear by a wet brush, but this one looks like height, very aerodynamic, just how I like my brushes here’s what it looks like as you can see The bristles are a lot easier like less harsh and more spaced out, which is good for wet hair. So let me just dunk my head. I don’t usually brush my hair in this wet, but it’s a wet brush. Let’s try it and I needed a new one, because my brush all the bristles really coming out chrysalis that looks cool.
I pretty much concludes the bath pampering, so I’m gonna go and start fake tanning. Now so I’ll show you that, because I got something for that, all right, fake tan excuse my face being so red. I actually think that I was bathing in like lethal heat levels. Like I don’t know, I don’t know what got into me, but okay, so I got the Neutrogena micro-mist airbrush sunless spray in the shade to medium I’d be kind of echoing in here, but here is what the can looks like. Neutrogena is one that I don’t even think I’ve ever tried. Camera just wants focus on me, hello, that’s what it looks like I’m going to lay down a towel. It’s all part of getting booty-ful just kidding. Oh also, I do have pants on this. Is a sports bra and I have pants on as well, but you won’t be able to see that so alright, let’s get started it’s like I’m spray, painting myself one utility later I get sprayed myself. You know I’ll see you guys in the morning for makeup, hair and outfit and just the always tender note good morning. So here’s my ten um, I honestly don’t know also this caller’s. Just it’s color, it’s just so much. Here’s the tan it’s very even but I just don’t know if there’s much of a difference might be a little bit of a difference, but I think initially I already had a bit of a difference. So I don’t know what to say. I think it’s supernatural, it was really easy to apply because I had no idea where it was going, but, okay, this is the part I have been so excited for and it’s the makeup. I don’t know how long it’s been since I got like all new makeup and tried it all like. This is gonna be a full face of first impressions today, so I can’t wait also, like I said I usually always use reusable bags, but I didn’t have them yet when I went shopping here, but we do reuse these bags a few times, but I know It’s still bad, so I don’t usually do that though. Oh am I gonna, see, know what I just realized. This is a smoothing hair clay mask. I thought it was a face. okay, everything’s in here you can’t really see it, but okay, first things: first, is this clearance Sonia Kashuk limited edition flawless face sponge set? Now these look so cute, they were at ten dollars and now they’re five dollars. As you can see in here, there are two sponges, a big one and a little one, so I’m interested fake, fake, sneeze. Okay, before I dive into the beauty blenders, I want to put on some lip balm. These are the EOS evolution of smooth, sweet mint and look at these. They changed the packaging to like normal lip balm, I’m so excited to try these the egg is cute and it’s really original to EOS, but sometimes it’s a little bit big to fit in your pocket and stuff like that.
So this new, it seems fun. So I got one for take cuz he’s like a lip balm fanatic, gonna open the one. Oh my gosh, it smells so good, mint chocolate ice cream that is so smooth. Alright, that’s nice good job! Us! I really like that. Let’s see if these feel like because five dollars that is way different of a price than Beauty blenders, so this one is shaped, really interesting. Look at that and then this one is a little one for under the eyes I’m gonna go wet both of them. They actually feel very similar to the Beauty Blender. So, let’s see this big one is Rou a lot and also it’s very squishy, whereas this one is a little bit more dense. So I wonder if that is for a purpose. Okay, so the foundation I picked up was the Maybelline instant age rewind. I have never used this foundation in my life and I’m very curious to try it out. It’s supposed to be pretty good. Hopefully it matches me. I wasn’t sure what color I was gonna. Be well looks like it might. Oh, my gosh look look at that. It’s coming up all right. This sponge makes it really easy to apply always a sad moment to get the Beauty Blender dirty. Alright, I would say the coverage on that is. Like light to medium, I don’t actually think it’s that full coverage so we’ll use some concealer. I have the Maybelline age rewind concealer. Hopefully this is a little bit lighter and that other one was got twist this one as well. Oh wow! I really like this concealer. I think, even when I did my trying ten drugstore concealers or seven drugstore concealers, I really liked this concealer that as well. Alright, I quickly have to set this and for setting. I got the Maybelline fit me fair light loose finishing powder. Now I’m really excited about this, because so many people swear by this is like the best drugstore setting powder and I’ve never had the chance to try it. I don’t know if my drugstore is just don’t have it in my shade but Target had it in every shade, so really pigmented on the sponge, no matter what powders are always gonna be a little messy. Am i right? Alright, now I’m gonna go on with this L’Oreal True Match super blendable powder know this is actually a powder for people with darker skin, but I’m gonna use it as a contour. Here it is so that’s gonna be very dark on me. Alright, the Wet n Wild mega glow highlighting powder is that not so pretty like such a stunning highlight come on fine light, like you mean it OOP the nose, I’m doing this in the viewfinder in this very difficult.
Okay, that is pretty much the face. Now. We’Re gonna move on to eyebrows, so I have been dying over this eyebrow pencil. This is the Rimmel, but finally, okay mm-hm. This is been 0-2 hateful. Alright, hopefully this match is good. It’s got a little brows and I already know I’m gonna love. This eyebrow pencil so easy to use. You wouldn’t need a sharpener, though, which is the only drawback, but that’s not really a big deal at all. Okay, I’m looking over I’ve got I shadow next, so I have this wet and wild nude Awakening palette. This palettes really nice look at that like this was like four dollars when wild on a new level, I swear and they’re cruelty free. So I just feel myself grabbing one wild, a lot transition color, it says transition rate on it and then I’m gonna go on to the bottom lashes cuz! That’s where it’s that for me, you think what I’m gonna end up using. Is this one? And this one within this one so right on the edge there’s the eye shadow, look, how exciting yeah alright, then we got the NYX matte liquid eyeliner. So I’m excited about this. Firstly, because mad eyeliner just looks a lot better to me. So why do I still look bad? This is supposed to be a makeover. Why do I still look bad? This? Isn’t? Okay, alright! Last for the makeup, I have this L’Oreal infallible Pro matte liquid, lipstick. Oh my goodness, this is matte. I did not realize. Okay. Okay, now I did wrong. Maybe you’re not so sweet your lips together, oh my goodness, okay, so it’s been like ten minutes and the lipstick is still drying. How long? How long do you need alright here is the finished makeup? Look few critiques. I hate this eyebrow. I’m sorry, I don’t want to be aggressive about it, but what is that? Okay, hair’s gonna, be really easy. I’m not really even gonna do anything to my hair, but I did want to show you this is my old wet brush pretty nice? Here’s the new wet brush. That is an upgrade, if I do say so myself. This is kinda what I do every day. but I just feel like it won’t be that exciting. But I guess there’s a few things that I do. That might be the reason why my hair’s healthy – I don’t know, because I honestly don’t pay much attention to my hair, but a lot of you asked about it. So, I had to like overanalyze what I’m doing to my hair, because I’ve been doing it for so long I was like Is that normal, I’m gonna be using this batiste dry shampoo, I literally love batiste dry shampoo, any other dry, shampoo ever used hasn’t worked as good as this does.
So I really like it This one smells really good This is the fruity and cheeky I’ve never used this one also they have If you have brown hair, they have Brown of this by the way, not sponsored, but I do really like this stuff, but they do have four Brown hair so that it doesn’t smell like white into your hair That can be problematic So I like to have a little bit of volume, even though it’s not that much all right, I’m pretty sure you guys already know what I’m doing for the outfit, but I did get quite a few things like I got this hat also this shirt so freakin Nice, but I think the outfit I want to wear for this is definitely this ROM ROM No, it’s a jumpsuit, it’s navy, blue and it’s got these big buttons on it I just think it looks so so cute and it’s a pant wrong jumpsuit and then I have gotten all these earrings choose from, but I decided that I’m going to do these ones that are at the bottom right here Those ones, I think, would look good because the blue matches the blue in the rocker, and this was also on sale, for how much was it $10? Originally, 20, so nice, the shoes – I got, you guys probably remember them They are these little heels just like so, and how much were these even $2499? Here they are they’re nude So I’m going to fill that outfit on really quick So we can see the finished Look because right now we’re in sweatpants all right So I have the outfit completely on earrings and all honestly, I’m really happy with how it turned out I don’t think I’m gonna be able to show the whole thing all right This is really showing off Oh messy, oh we’re out in the element Neighbors are outside yay if there’s pretty good all right, so that was almost impossible to hit a full body shot, but I hope you guys I hope you guys get it here Is the shoes just in case you didn’t the earrings It all actually goes together Pretty well, which I’m happy about I do think that this lipstick is too dark Maybe I’m just not used to it, but I don’t know I think that but anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this makeover using all products from Target once again, not sponsored It really seems like it is, but it’s actually not Target doesn’t know I’m doing this I just thought it would be fun since, like I never get to go to Target, I thought it would be fun and I love Target so so anyways Thank you guys So so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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