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Chef and common people review kitchen gadgets ft. Rhett and link

1 Nov , 2019  

We are sorted a group of mates from London, exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way we’ve got chefs. We’ve got normals and a whole world of stuff for you to explore that everything we do starts with you, hello, I’m Jamie, and this is Evers, and this is Rhett, and this is link. There are mates of a good mythical morning, YouTube channel, and whilst we were in LA, we took some kitchen gadgets and on to their studio for them to review gentlemen, if you’d like to lift the cloche, this is gadget number one.
I like what you called a claw so there’s handles. I mean I’ve seen a smaller version. It yeah, so I’ve actually pretty badly cut my hand before on one of these for an apple. So it’s got to be for a watermelon right. My hunch is, it would also work nicely to portion up cheese. Take a little cylinder in the middle for daddy chefs picks right. That means you can start. Everybody still have something yourself: okay, you can’t get no down on a watermelon with that or cut a watermelon, and also you wouldn’t that middle part doesn’t make any sense on a watermelon because there’s no core, so maybe a pineapple, because you guys this is the watermelon Slice, it comes down large, stainless steel, melon, fruit, vegetable cutter, kitchen, gadgets tools, watermelon. Yes, yes, you can watermelons just water man, good wolf. I mean there is a way to do this. Oh there are instructions you need to top and tail it okay. So I’m looking at you because you’re a chef – I don’t want to just put it on the water, but that’s exactly what I’d want to do: the top tail middle, tough town middle. I do like your idea of cakes and cheesecakes and three two and all of a sudden. Now we know what that’s now. Oh wow, that’s a bunch of bull cylinder, so I guess you just kind of just know you’re just kind of actually that’s quite aggressive. If you just go back on it, you got a nice slice. You see. This is way cooler than the way that I would end up icing it. You know you bring this out you’re a professional slicer. Let me show you what I do for a watermelon. Okay, I learned this on the Internet.
No now you just scoop it out with this yeah for some prices at me. How much do you think of this sells for $8.99 dollars Erica? It’s twice the price of the watermelon fifteen dollars. Let me say tortillas, so the price is perfectly but he’s got mr. Kashi. That’s right. The question is useless or not. I like my technique better, even though I wasn’t able to come full circle. I am useless. The storage kids me man. If you love watermelon, it’s very useful, but who eats that much watermelon that regularly no one right. Therefore, it’s useful okay guys push missing. So I didn’t wanna give it away straight away, but Jonah just speculate as to what could go in there. Well, if she is shaped like that, okay, a razor for coconut shea coconut, are you done my shaving razor? It’s a powered peeler because you need a powered peeler link holding this, but your fingers – I have one of these – oh so that you can compare yeah but you’re, not having it looks very smooth. It feels like I’m cutting through butter. I don’t know it might actually be fetes, you know it’s actually the regular one is just you just. Do it faster right? I feel like if we had a donor here, if you had like a gyro at home or you could shave your own meat until your kabob showing oh, it makes no difference. I’m intrigued by the other attachment yeah. That’s for julienning. It makes no difference. Oh good! Do you think that you’re enjoying it, but then just try a regular peeler, and there lies basically I’m intrigued by the julienne? What is this gonna give us like cucumber ribbons, but it’s really not that good completely. How much did this cost? I want you to guess and tell me credit where credit’s do it shot come on? It just doesn’t need this bit. This is the power giant electric peeler, handheld julienne three-in-one kitchen tool. I don’t know what the third thing is because you only came in today. This is patented. No one is allowed to copy this technology. I mean great thing that was wasted. Do you want to hazard a guess in price $28, so I’m gonna say $19.99 evers. I’m gonna go in at a very simple $18.00. 22:49 Rhett you are exceptional at this game – is $19 $99.
We’Re gonna save it exceptional. They just sound, lucky twice useless, find a woman three’s a dream: whoa we’ve got packets guys! I have a feeling is just to follow the last one. It’s my wine on it. Is it a rubber why we got wine? Flavored condoms, I feel like if you get if you have this is this? Is not gonna meet my needs? If you’re having a glass of wine, then you get one of these and you have to open it and you’re like fiddling with it and then you’re getting it out. It’s really gonna ruin the mood. This is an alternative way to take the cork out of a freakin. Now I think it’s once you’ve had a glass, but you don’t want the remainder. The bottle you seal it in you protect. It is protection. It is protection for your wine for another night. If you got to keep your finger in the bottle, well, I’m guessing! So you think it’s a sealant not like a help opener. I thought it was a toddler condom, but no these are in fact wine condoms that doesn’t explain anything wine. Why? No, I nobody knows there is a bottle of wine. It’s right. You know it’s early morning and there’s no pressure, but if you’d like to have a sip and then cover the bottle end with the wine condom to preserve also conversation at dinner party, you break this out. You know what time it is it’s time to put a condom on the wine roll it necessary anymore. I mean it’s, it works. Could you go to the extreme? If you were on a picnic or something like that and you halfway, then you put it back in your rucksack and head back. Okay guys. I actually think that this is like legitimately useful. These are like super easy, convenient you just mix them in with your other prophylactics and yeah yeah. Exactly you got a picnic and you want it. You don’t finish the bottle, it’s pretty good and if you’re really nervous, my only concern – and it might say more about me – is I’ve never needed to wrap up a bottle. Yeah just just finish the bottle. So, are you you looking for the price of one or the panner? This is way. This is a set of six $4.99 pack of six is $17.99 whoa good 899 one one one dollar, fifty pop twelve thirteen dollars pretty good That’s all right! Yeah you’re! Pretty good expensive, let’s escape oh, gotta watch.
You gotta watch you out, man, you gotta, remember no shaking it can come out of bass, I’m guessing no connect and this kind of expensive But I’m saying I think, that people who don’t drink a full bottle of wine pretty useful I think it’s a little risque for my taste I prefer like a an ornate corker, a simple plug, yeah yeah No, I think it has a use I think it’s quite useful why I would prefer to use a plug as well yeah yeah what say we go well Thank you So much guys, I’m sure, you’ve been as enlightened as we all have, and now, let’s take the kind of our enjoy yourselves massive thanks to rhett and Link for putting up with our silly ways They are like the YouTube Oh geez and we insist you go over there and give them some love Don’t subscribe, what a so cheese don’t open and our cause of greatness close enough big news Our latest book hero veg, is now on general sale, which means everyone can and should buy it The link is down below We are already working on the next book and if you want to get that early doors, then you need to be part The club you can sign up in the link down below and with that you’ll get all the extra stuff The podcasts, the access to all the offers and perks and recommendations for restaurants, assorted, eats plus all the cookbooks we’ve ever done online and more coming to you every week That’s how much they get It puts me at a brand new, all high plug-in reporter session We do it that joke please I think you’re gonna, like this week’s on, I made an abacus out of polo mints and a piece of string any moment, and it’s really helped my mental arithmetic You know, as we mentioned We’ve built the sorted Club where we use the best things we’ve learned to create stuff – that’s, hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers check it out If you’re interested Thank you for watching and we’ll see you guys I think we demonstrated that unless you wanna you know go into another room by yourself This is useless

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