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Children’s make-up challenge

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s shiny and welcome back to my channel. This is going to be interesting, to say the least, so I’ve seen a bunch of other youtubers. Do this no store it’ll be super fun to do myself. So, for example, this is what some of the kids makeup looks like. This was like $15, I mean kinda pricey. Do you think they’re like a bronzer blush eye shadow, lipstick mascara? All of that, so what I have no idea how this is going to turn out and then we have some what other things right here, umm the foundation.
I don’t know if it is actually kids makeup, but it was $2.00 so for everything that I couldn’t find at kids makeup, like in the kids section, I just went ahead to the really cheap, cheap, cheap makeup, so anything like under 2 or $3, because I feel like that’s what you would buy a child just like super cheap makeup. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any kids and makeup brushes, so I’m just gonna have to use what I have here. I literally looked everywhere for the kids makeup brushes, but there were no. Where at all, what are we going to do with the I show today? These are all shimmery. How am I gonna? Do this? Okay, I think I have a good idea. I’m going to start with the bronzer and I’m going to use this as my transition shade. I don’t have a primer for my eyes, so we’re going to be able to see all of the veins in my eyes, which is gonna be gorgeous. So, let’s start with your transition shade: this is just a gorge Brown, we’re going to add some definition. I mean this looks pretty good. It’s showing up really really well huh good start yours for the next shade. I’m gonna pick up this brown color right here. I’m just gonna put this on the outer corner. Okay, that did not show up at all yeah. I’m gonna really have to swirl this in here. I’m actually going to take that color and put this all over my lid. So I’m not too sure what else we can do with these colors right here. Ah, I was rubbing that hard that I cracked the eyeshadow in half with my finger, my bad okay. So now it’s time to foundation, I’m taking these two right here in the shade. A light and dark I’m just going to go ahead and mix them together. Now I’m going to go ahead and stipple this onto my face. That is so thick. Oh, my god. This is literally the thickest foundation. I’ve ever tried in my life. Mm-Hmm, Oh smells just costing, I don’t have any concealer either, so this is gonna have to work as concealer.
When I Pat this onto my face, it feels sorry sticky, like my brushes literally sticking to my face. My whole brush is just like dad. It’s gone. It’s gone, I mean the coverage is pretty good. The color is completely off. I would say this is definitely more of a pink base foundation, so we’re gonna try and blend this down my neck, because my neck is yellow because I do have yellow undertones. Now that we’ve evened out the skintone I’m going to take the lighter Foundation and use this as concealer under my eyes. I really wish that I had kids brushes, I feel like would be so much fun, so I’m just going to go ahead and Pat this under my eye, just like moving around everywhere, it’s covering a little bit of my purple bag. So I feel like it’s just going to crease so bad, because it’s really wet I’m actually really impressed with how it’s looking so far. So let’s go ahead and set that foundation under my eyes, I’m taking the Lowell face powder in zero-zero very light. I got a really light shade, so I can highlight under there let’s see how this goes. This was, I think this was $1 or $2, so cheap. Now I don’t even know how it’s possible for something to be true dollars, because you’ve got to make the packaging you’ve got to make the product you’ve. I don’t know so pigmented I Carney like whoa. I feel like it set my under eyes really. Well, it didn’t grab to any wrinkles under my eyes. It’s not a really nice job at highlighting it feels hydrating. be amazing. I just realized. I don’t have another powder. This is only one I have so we’re not just set my laugh lines just really lightly. Otherwise it’s going to go like right there and then I’m gonna do a little bit on my cheek bone. So we can really blend that bronzer. Don’t know how I forgot that okay, so now it’s time for bronzer and I actually do have a kids brush for this one, and I mean this looks like horsehair: it’s really stiff well, this is gonna, be a disaster, so I’m gonna go ahead and Use this runs. The right here which looks super dog brush is like rock hard. Oh, my god. Okay, let’s do this! Okay, that’s really pigmented! Once again, oh good! I can hear it like scraping against my skin this brush, I’m trying to pull in this up here. A little bit it’s all way too much on just so we can have a bit of a bronzey look today, let’s go ahead and warm up the forehead as well. Oh god, I think, because I didn’t set my face with powder.
It’s literally just like sticking to my face, and it’s just like not blending around. Here we got this girl. We got this. I don’t think we got this. What is happening literally, no matter how hard I try this patchy area up here is not unpacking, so we’re just gonna have to leave it like this, because there’s no way. I can pick that that sucks anyway. So, let’s move on to blush, this is what it looks like. I think it looks really pretty. I really like the color. I mean I feel like it’s kid proof to open it. Oh there we go, I got it so I’m going to use that same brush and just apply this on the apples of my cheeks right. Let’s feel it again. Yes, it feels good a little bit powdery, but that’s okay. I feel like if I used a different brush, it might actually be pretty decent because the color is really nice to clean up all this muddiness under here. I’m going to take that same under eye setting powder and that’s what you want to call it and I’m just going to do a little tiny bit of baking, so I’m just gonna like brush it down there see if this makes it look any better. Why is my foundation coming off there happening? I mean it’s definitely making it look a bit better. I don’t even know how that bronze. I got down this fur, but it did now it’s time for highlighter. I could not find any highlighters at all, so I’m gonna mix it these two shades right here that I show just fill in half. I mean mixed. These two eye shows right here as a highlighter, my god look spooky look ye when I’m finished with all this makeup, I’m gonna give it to my little sister. She is 9. I feel like she’s gonna love it. If I ever go to her house – and I forget my makeup – we all know what highlighter I’m gonna use mm-hmm. I just can’t stop I’ve been sitting you for like five minutes applying this. Oh, I just look so good. It actually does. I’m also going to take this highlight on top of my eyebrows as well. I want to make that face. Look Chloe, my chin on my nose more and also on my Cupid’s bow. Let’s move back onto the eye, so I didn’t notice that this palette came with this shitty-ass brush, so I’m gonna try and use this on my lower lash line. It’s so what is coming out of it. I mean I’m not too sure if this is going to work. Let’s try, I’m gonna take the bronzer and just put this from inner corner to outer corner. Oh, it’s so fluffy Bristol’s, a prick in my eyeball, is so doing the job they’re now going in with this highlight shade again on this firm thing that it came with I’m just going: oh my god.
It’s about to fall off! Actually, a basketball, I’m really impressed with these lighter shades in this palette. They actually look really nice when you layer them up, you just have to be like uber patient with them. I’m also going to go ahead and highlight under my eyebrow I don’t know how I’m gonna do this with this brush. Okay, I’m gonna put it on the side. I really need to get my eyebrows plucked. Can you see how hairy they are? It’s like? I’m highlighting all the hair that’s coming out now going back into that bronzer and blending out all that harshness that we’ve got going on. Next. We have a brown eyeliner that came with that same package, so we’re just going to go ahead and line the waterline god. I have really sensitive eyes and it’s just gonna make it split painful. Ah, it’s so dry. I was gonna hurt it’s not showing up at all, but no, it’s not working. Now it’s time for mascara. Let’s see what the wand looks like. Oh just a little too bad Pat, let’s go ahead and coat the top and bottom lashes when you think about it. There are all of the eyeshadows bronzers and all that stuff. That came the big package when you divide all of that, it’s literally like two dollars each, so this definitely is doing an amazing job for two dollars. Everything so far has been really good for the price. It’s working really well. On my lower lashes, it’s like really really separating them. I feel like everyone that has done this challenge has put on a pair of false lashes. I mean false lashes are the exception, even though they aren’t kids products. He’s gotta put lashes on a case, so I’ll be right back now that the lashes are on it’s time to go ahead and line your lash man with a bit of black eyeliner. Let’s do this hahaha. This is what it looks like. Let’s go ahead and give it a swatch, oh wow, that is so black. Okay, that’s my just really easy! Look. I gotta, be careful! Oh my god. This is so hard because this is massive. I’m just trying to go over the lash band. So we can change the color of it just to make it black now it’s time for the eyebrows. I’m gonna take this little brow powder right here again. This one was two dollars, I think um Why does it come with these for the eyebrows? How are you special, I’m gonna try and use this I’m just gonna dip it in on the side hurtful magic, really what it’s not even like coming out? What do you mean? How are you supposed to make a nose sharp tail? Okay not happening I’m gonna go in with my angled brush, because literally it’s just not possible.
It’s just not possible at all So I’m gonna make this nice and pointy all right guys Now it is time for the lips We have two lip bullets right here Let me show you what they look like here are the shades that we have to choose from today The only lip liner it comes with is a red, a pinky red So what I think I’m going to do is use this purple right here and make like a red, ombre kind of lip So we’re going to start with the red lip liner and go ahead and learn my lips Well, the colors definitely showing up it feels like I’m rubbing an actual pencil on my lips That’s how hard it is, but the color is coming off, which is all that moves Okay, now picking up this purple shade, let’s lay this on well This is gonna Take forever, Oh God, come on pigment Where are ya, it’s not getting any more pigment to look a dark It is in there and then look at all my blades mmm I’m going to use this clear and glitter gloss just because the lips already look absolutely disgusting I mean this color is so sheer just looks foul, so I’m just gonna make it look even worse We may as well So this is what it looks like right here, I’m just going to glitter on em whoa I feel like this is kind of cool but kind of tacky Oh, I mean I’m not too happy about this lip combination We have going on I’m going to go ahead and take this off and try a different gloss and just see if it looks a little bit better I’m going to go ahead and use this color all over my lips, I feel like this is a bit more wearable, a bit more shiny, a pinky nude color Well, okay! This is what I’m talking about I really really like this color, but yeah there We have the finished makeup Look if you guys enjoyed watching it Please give it a big thumbs up I had so much fun at creating it and I’m just doing the best mood now because it actually turned out not that bad I thought it was gonna Be really bad What was that? I’m not too sure anyways? I love you guys so much

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