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Chris Clemens hates avocado balls because of this! |Edible food challenge

1 Nov , 2019  

Warning several avocados were harmed during the filming of this episode this week on top down challenge, I’m feeling like very anxious off the idea of like running out of time is very intimidating. Hey she don’t leave me. This is war in the kitchen. This is war. We invited a meat-eater to challenge a vegan to recreate a viral, so yummy recipe today they’re making bacon avocado bombs. I am prova kados they’re, so healthy. You don’t like what look first they’ll cut an avocado, remove the pit and scoop space for an egg in the middle sound like goat, exhibit.
Lastly, they’ll wrap the avocado in bacon fry it in a pan and cover it in delicious sauce. Know you like that. Don’t you, I think I right through that, oh my god, so you got a whole lot going on right there. These contestants get 20 minutes to complete this recipe and they only get one lifeline. Name is Tosh. I have never had bacon in my life because I was raised vegetarian okay Bacon’s a beautiful delicacy yeah, I know, but it was the man it was though it was he what it was. This is maca balls top down challenge. Okay, all right guys. Everyone know it’s on first, you know ha, you know, Akitas really really dope girl, but you know she know you meet. So this is war kitchen. This is bored gonna be delicate with a vegetables. I see we got fresh tomatoes over here. Don’t know what to do with it. We’Re gonna make it happen now, lay it all out make it look pretty eat, breathe sleep, meat and cheese, I’m gonna dairy pepper. Do you feel me I’m from the south? So we do huh come on with it. Yeah, I know the first step because avocados are a regular part of my diet, both besides my family, both my parents grew up culturally Hindu, so I grew up not eating meats, my entire life. This is actually the part I’m most nervous for. To be honest because I never can properly scoop, I can’t even taste to see if things are good or bad, because I have never had bacon and can’t eat it. I don’t know how this is gonna go. I did it step 1. Mandus oil. You don’t even tell me what, when the oil was, no one can put it’s too much, I’m gonna say it. That’s someone who was previously on the show and complained the whole time. This just gets harder, the more it– we’re making your grande unicorn hot chocolate and bullshit.
Are you a vegan? I try to be because I know it like helps the environment and, like me, does that mean that you have affinity for Nikita over Noah after picking people, I’m definitely picking Noah, she doesn’t eat or touch to a funeral radio together they hate a hundred percent of The result, oh, I thought you’re gonna say 100 percent of each child. I mean the shell is still on. I guess she’s a vegan, so maybe it’s not that crazy. It still feels pretty. Is it supposed to be like the same size egg as the avocado, because, right now. Oh, what is this like? I don’t know what to cut hold on what no that should be doing is dragging the knife to the pit holding it in the avocado and spinning it around. I don’t like watching this is like cuz. I feel a ball that okay there we go. That’s why I hate juicing walk right there, man, I knew this was gonna happen. I just don’t like it man, it’s much. It’s like throw up in a ball. That’s greens like it’s like Shrek, all right, it’s exactly what it strikes. That’s what your chips and guac look like, then, I’m now in under seal clap – okay, Oh what’s this coming! No, it does not like avocado. This is breaking news. Why is it so slippery wow? I thought that I would have these nail. Oh, I can do it again. I know what to do now, like it’s a bigger, bigger night. This is beyond this. Is this is beyond burger good thing? We have multiple avocados. Are you really pissed? I forgot to cut the avocado like it’s not that hard. No, I don’t feel much sympathy. This is way easier to make know what I have a come on inmate. What was yours cheers bitch now I feel like I’m just wasting avocados. Well, I need some leg. Make walk later, no live one. Do we hear a lifeline? I’ve been I’ve been screaming one, since the start please hurry. This is okay. This, let me switch things up. First of all, I do have an open. It pick the one that feels the softest, the softest, not really the easiest meal. Oh god, you don’t got this buddy, there’s the compost. What you’re gonna do is hold the avocado up, so the it’s fit okay, but put it on the board. Okay and now grab your knife. I mean, like I’m, not gonna, pretend to not hear what his lifeline is.
Saying, use the knife to go towards the pit, we’re going all the way, all the way to the pit, and then you stop have you felt it? I felt okay he’s a nightmare turn the avocado carefully. There you go boom, ladies and gentlemen, don’t clap for that. He doesn’t know. I don’t have to talk to her about that. I wish you luck. We got this. We said something about skin, no skin, so we’re making a circle this time. Let’s see they did it slower. So maybe if I don’t go as fast as I’ve been cooking, so I was like okay, how much more you have to do. Oh no, this is the shell. I knew it looks wrong. I didn’t know what the purpose was, so that was a big surprise to me. Oh okay, good, good, good, okay, like I’m genuinely concerned for these people. I remember them like smashing the joint. This is a very non vegan recipe for a vegan. He like tapped it and tapped in and rolled it. So a little bit of that. Okay, okay, we’re getting somewhere! This is Aaron, saying, there’s really no he’s gonna make the sauce. Did he peel? It look at his egg and avocado graveyard. There are too many calling aways, they should be on toes, listen, we’ve got cilantro, we’ve got tomatoes, we’ve got avocado again, it’s uh, no chips. No it’s like on the road to make up can guacamole burger. Can I please use my lifeline to help me with the bacon flying toss him flying her in Tosh, for the lifeline she’s got a. I it a little bit you’re kind of a hind man. Not behind I’m a head. It’s like first is never last. Can I please help Noah and just like in life, start getting ballet? Alright yeah grab a little bit of oil. Keep in mind that you do that bacon does have a lot of natural oils in it. So you only need a little bit. What we’re gonna do is start on one side and wrap it around. Oh, my god that big, it looks so far. Oh, my goodness, we got a baby, so you’re gonna want to rotate it frequently Oh Quinn’s in the pan, so that you get even cooking. Please bring bacon if you’re hearing this SOS good enough: okay, cool, okay, okay, okay, okay, I’m feeling a sense of relief! Now that that part is done, okay here we go you’re supposed to put the sauce on. This is just double-deck this bad boy.
Okay, if you were on a deserted island for the rest of your life, I bring bacon bacon bacon. I figured out with bacon no people love, they love extra bacon who doesn’t love. Oh snap errs: okay! Well let that bad boy cook a little more oil in that bad boy. Okay, gonna deep-fry it a little bit. Sriracha is like one of my favorite things in the world. I may have grown up vegetarian, but I did also grow up with a Tabasco bottle in my hand. So it’s like that expensive, Italian stuff. Right here be honest. It could be damn weed. I don’t even know no that’s called cilantro. I saw fruity pebbles over here, fruity pebbles. I I mean this is what’s happening a little bit of sweet. I don’t see no sugar on it made that giant colorful. That’s what I’m talking about right. There Ashton Kutcher just get the cow from wherever you are. This is insane, oh, my gosh. Like me, it’s crowd, of course, if this I’m feeling like very panicky and anxious, because the idea of like running out of time and that this is what I’m gonna be presented is very intimidating. Oh, Oh God we’re gonna make it look absolutely there. We go fried marshmallows all day every day. Oh my god. What is he doing there? We go yeah, I’m gonna clear this out. Ow, I know you’re mad, but can we also just take a minute to think about how delicious a bacon fat marshmallow could be? You know I tried with my dignity intact here we are, you don’t see, I can respect. You know see what you get. It’s phenomenal I’ve being scream out loud, but I’ve already done that three times what’s not to like we got fruity pebbles crushed on top. We got bacon with avocado bombing, with the egg got a marshmallow bit of fried voila. I don’t know how on earth we’re gonna select a winner. No no one gets points, I’m so mad after this anything is better. I mean I wouldn’t have any with you guys I’ll go out there. Any mine right now looks freaking delicious yeah. Oh my gosh. Here they go alright, so we’re at fire bus number one. I am pleasantly surprised. The bacon is cooked. She’s never made bacon before it’s not crispy. No, it’s not It could use a little more, but I mean I’ll stomach, but it’s she said she had never cooked it before and it’s not raw haha.
They are actually slop Such history did He must be hungry because that looks disgusting honestly, it makes me mother up so I mean yeah I was horrifying Looking like, I have a cold sore on my lip, and this is like the prettiest thing out of the three, and now we move on to the beautiful masterpiece of Noah I was excited with like the tomato I was like that could be fun, but then, like Fruity Pebbles like he tried to hide it No, I see, I don’t think he tried to hide it You just wanted everything I’m scared, I’m not gonna lie, eat it Jeremy, I dare you Freddy pebble and cilantro I don’t care what argument you’re swimming right now No, that was terrible Oh okay, I do think you’re onto something with the marshmallow, toasted and bacon fat I’m sure, they’re great people At the end of the day I came with what you guys want It looks delicious It tastes delicious honestly Was there anything wrong with my dish, I mean: did you want to get into it? There’s a marshmallow on with the good thing, that’s for a double swim around in honey, barbecue, sauce, there’s also all of Chipotle’s cilantro supply on your plate I mean like: where did it go? Think about your bacon? Is that it is all cooked and I could notice he was like it could have used a little bit more this computer? Why don’t you need this big eye? I don’t feel well I did see that you did actually eat more of mine He got the hers first and he got four guys You guys saw best, you know if you can’t handle depression You know inside where’s a fork Give me a fucking nut This is a what’s wrong with it Okay, here’s the thing I think you had a good idea like I wanted to like it Okay here, you said: no, none of this will move this around right there and now go ahead and bite into that So I roll the clip, I’m just doing it, there’s no pretty bevel to that mark I’ve said my piece like subscribe: comment pay for my therapy I don’t really care at this point I’m yeah Wow, that’s gosh! I’m bout! A little chewy a little

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