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Chris is making vegetable burgers in the kitchen

30 Sep , 2019  

I was just on vacation and I made these and I used. It was like a package of precooked lentils. They weren’t canned. It’s like a little bit weird to just see this sort of pouch of like already cooked lentils, just kind of sitting there on the shelf, but they’re really good, I’m not quite sure how they’re preserved, but I didn’t die when I ate them. So that was cool. I’m really glad that we’re doing lentil burgers today, because it was brief moment where we were gonna do a different, veggie burger and you know, obviously I love all of my veggie burger children.
You know they’re all beautiful, they’re, all special, but the lentil burger. To me is the ultimate just from the standpoint of make ability and the fact that you could come home after a very busy Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and you know throw this together and kind of like half an hour. You know 45 minutes or so this is actually the third veggie burger I’ve developed in the last four years, so I’m kind of averaging just under one a year and the first one was kind of a superiority, burger style, maximalist approach where you are truly trying to Kind of recreate the sensation of eating meat from the standpoint of having a range of textures from like crispy to chewy soft, you know kind of like, yielding and then building tons of flavor, and that was for kind of like a DA’s, best sort of ultimate veggie. Burger kind of setup, where it’s a little bit more of a no-holds-barred approach right, you know you’re not as worried about ingredient list or how long it takes to make it. Whereas this one is completely makeable, you know, and it doesn’t have to be any kind of special occasion so yeah. So, let’s start with the lentils themselves, so I feel like lentils rice, it’s like a lot of foods out there that have instructions for how to cook them on the package and those instructions. I feel, like most of the time are usually just flat wrong flat wrong flat wrong. I would never use like a set amount of liquid with something like a lentil. I like to boil it like pasta. Basically, you know it’s fine to start the lentil and the water together and bring them both up together, but I find that cooking it like pasta. You know in plenty of boiling salted water gives you first of all it agitates the lentils while they’re cooking, so that you know that they’re moving around and that you’re not getting some that are kind of clumped around the bottom and you’re. Also because of that they’re cooking very evenly – and you have a better gauge of when to pull all of them – I mean I think it’s really interesting.
You know, I think I guess that’s the thing about veggie burgers right. First of all, the veggie burger – you know in this case it’s a misnomer, we’re not talking about like something where it’s like we’re, trying to put carrot and beet and whatever in there, but I’d be like okay, so veggie burgers fall into two camps. You have veggie burgers that are trying to be meat, and then you have veggie burgers. That are true, not that’s really trying to be meat. And, frankly I don’t know I celebrate both and that’s where, like I feel like this style of burger, you know comes in. It’s not trying to replicate me, it’s just trying to be frickin delicious. You know double-checking that you’re good stay where you are, you think thinks stranger. Things is reductive in addition to the lentils, the sort of backbone of the burger is. You know the fact that there’s some mushroom in there for a little bit of meatiness and when I say meatiness, I’m not talking about trying to have something to taste like meat, but just it’s. It’s gonna provide a little bit of like a negative space in our burger matrix. If you will, you know, if you don’t eat wheat and you don’t eat meat, you go to a restaurant and you know the veggie burger isn’t gluten-free. It’s just a friggin bummer. You know so anyway, I’m just trying to put a little bit of light out into the world there. So I’m just gonna chop up these mushrooms, don’t have to be super Precious about it and he doesn’t watch traitors. Stranger things we can use a different out of every stranger things. You know what I watch well there I might asked if they’re, if they’ve watched, stranger things season three and everyone who’s. Just like. Oh it’s weird, it’s just a little derivative. You know blah blah blah. I got into Handmaid’s Tale, which is just like I literally have to like watch a half of a friends episode after every episode of handling its deal. Just I can’t just bring it down right go to bed, but I don’t know I mean this makes me sound. Like a total dick but like, I feel like it’s a bit of a cop-out to put egg and breadcrumb in a veggie burger, patty, alright, mushrooms chopped RTG got lentils rolling. This is what I’m talking about like cook them like pasta, know when you cook them like this, when you’re not farting around like with like too little water, you know just like they’re gonna go fast.
Okay, so you cannot let them overcook. You have to stay engaged, you have to stay involved, I’m gonna set a timer. I’ve got a timer down, oh god. This is terrible. Anybody have a tme. No here. Molly had one part of why I love these timers is like the sound and the haptic experience of taking it off. You know like boom, all right, all right, all right here, we’re back three minutes. We’Re gonna see. What’s going on here, he’s irritated. It was like two-hour wait on hold agitated a little more salt. You know so. People called me out. Slash tried to call me out, but sort of called me out for the fact that I called these burgers vegan, but also used a yogurt as a condiment. You know in my defense: look the burger itself like that’s the thing, that’s hard to make a vegan. You know, so I tried to respond to people as necessary. Just to say, look, you know, use a little vegan Mayo use vegan yogurt, you know here. This is just whole milk, Greek yogurt. Well, is it or just yeah so, like yogurt, just makes a really nice condiment just because it adds a little bit of Tang. It adds creaminess, I’m just doing a little lemon zest and about a tablespoon of juice. Just gonna mix this together six seconds left like these are not far off I’m doing two minutes. I was up in Kingston in upstate, New York and those as place village, coffee and goods, and they had a lentil burger on the menu that frankly kind of inspired this whole. You know kind of situation, honestly after like three hours in the car with small children eating that was, you know nothing short of a cathartic experience. So thank you, village, coffee in Kingston, New York, so I’m putting a little bit of garlic in with this yogurt. It just adds like a little bit of punchiness. You know to kind of play off the burger medium, it’s not like a freak, but it’s not small Andy and I you know we’re like partners. You know like a couple of like beat cops. You know, and the little good cop, bad cop to a lady cop, so there’s texture, you know – and I think like this is not you’re, not lentils for lentil soup. These are like nice and intact. We’Re gonna pull them here. You’Ll notice, like there’s, there’s no mush happening here. There’s no moose shot drain well like really well all that excess water, I’m just gonna contribute to the most factor and you’re gonna add, have to add more flour to account for it, and it’s just gonna be a bummer um.
So just gonna. Let them cool just ever so slightly before proceeding with the rest of this alright. So, although we’re not trying to make this taste like meat, we want it to taste good right, so things that amp up ooh, mommy flavor and add like massive amounts of depth. Like garlic kind of prime suspect, it’s mainly it’s gonna almost completely cook through me. So again like this is the product of months of fermentation we’re trying almond flour today and I’m really hoping it’s gonna work. A little bit just gives just a hint of smokiness and richness, I’m just gonna mash this around. Before I put my lentils in so I can kind of distribute everything kind of evenly, so one thing that this burger does not have, which obviously meat based burgers do even the leaner ones is they have fat. You know they have richness, so adding a little bit of fat to this is is pretty indispensable in burgers past and I’ve used mayonnaise as a source of kind of fat, because you know you get like an icebound and emulsified fat, so it kind of acts a Little bit as a fat and a little bit as a binder, this is going to help break some of those lentils apart. Lentils have an ability, kind of a little bit like a chickpea to kind of want to bind to itself alright, so I’m gonna add a little more flour, let’s start with another two tablespoons. So I need this to kind of hold together. When I squeeze it say we’re we’re almost there it kind of wants to hold together. This is very intense. I feel like I’m like, hiding it pretty. Well, I’m feeling where you get about this, so I’m just boiling my hands lightly, which is not called for in the recipe just because I want this to stick to itself and not to my hand, I’m mashing, more nope nobody’s gonna see me fail today. Well, maybe I think they should just about hold together still a little nervous. It’s a tiny bit of salt. It tastes pretty good. The miso adds a good bit of salt to it. So again, mine are trending a little bit more delicate because the lentils never quite frankly, probably got like mushy enough you’re gonna do great ears are gonna, be fine. All you’re trying to do is get some sear and some texture on them. Such that you can just hold, get it to hold together long enough to make it into a bun and into your mouth. That’s it that’s the whole game. The one thing I’d say is we’re lentils excel with veggie burgers Is that when you kind of fry them in olive oil, the ones that are on the outside that are gonna see the heat and they’re gonna get that sear and kind of crisp up in olive oil? They become magic, cool all right.
Those are gonna roll, I’m gonna get buns in the oven boom, get a timer on that it’s adding a little more oil in there I might update the recipe to just say like oat, flour or like a gluten-free just all-purpose blend is probably a better bet than almond flour I just don’t think the almond flour has the same amount of binding capability of like a very fine flour So are these? Looking the best right now, not necessarily but they’re, holding together just enough that we’re gonna be able to get them off into the burgers buns, and I think that is what we should all be focusing on here Whatever I feel like you know, it’s good to screw up every now and again, you know alright, so I just turned the heat down and I think we’re good here I mean I have like a really good layer of crisp You know on the top I have a good layer of Chris penis on the underside yeah, we’re good, take it to the plate A really thick yogurt is great here, just because you know when you introduce lemon juice to it, it’s gonna thin it out a little bit So this is a little bit on the looser side again like you know, this is like the benefit of like just not for having a freakout and panicking just because, like something’s like misbehaving slightly, you know honestly like sometimes if you just like you, keep going and You don’t have a freakout about it It works out You know I love pickles on my burger love, love love I love sprouts like I celebrate the world of sprouts and all its breadth and diversity Whatever lettuce is doing to a burger, which I feel like honestly like, let’s face it, if therefore looks like yeah, like sure lettuce, fine, you know, I see you but like stars here I think it’s Andy yeah in retrospect would have cooked the lentils just slightly more, and I think I would highly recommend using oat flour or gluten-free blend That’s it it’s yours pick it up and you own it you’ve been eating the crunchy That’s I’m here for the crunchy That’s are you like getting the crunch that tiny bit of smoked, paprika right, you know and then, like the olive oil and the crunch, it’s like it’s happening in such an intense, I’m visceral way

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