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Clean up and clean my new kitchen with me

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey you guys welcome back to my channel welcome to my new kitchen.. I’m actually getting ready to go out of town for the week, so I want to make sure the kitchen is really clean and organized for Michael and Julian. While I’m gone, and I totally neglected this part of the house when we are unpacking. I just like trying to get everything out of the boxes as fast as possible, so it’s really disorganized, so I thought we’d kind of go through it. Together.
Talk about some of my favorite products in the kitchen that I used to clean talk about what I’m gonna do to organize do a little bit of cleaning and organizing today. Sohope you guys are excited. If you liked it and you want more home content and make sure to subscribe, so what I’m gonna do first is actually just like pick up the island where you guys are sitting right now. It is a disaster, so, let’s start the time-lapse before we start organizing. I want to get this place cleaned up a little bit. Okay, you guys can’t believe I’m showing you this look. What is even happening here. I think what I’m gonna do first is just take everything out. We don’t even have much food right now, it’s just like random things that I you know that we could keep in the move, because we couldn’t keep anything cold or warm. Obviously, but like this type of stuff, we were able to and it’s just a disaster, so I think I’m gonna take out what we don’t need, organize it a little bit and then I’ll do a huge hole, fill its run tonight and maybe Container Store and Kind of figure something out, but this isn’t no. This is a big, no. so basically it’s just food that is delivered to your door. That’s super convenient, but really healthy. You guys know. I’m obsessed with smoothies, so I love their smoothies. They alsohave harvest bowls, which are really great for like a convenient, easy on-the-go lunch or dinner. They have oatmeal like a bunch of different soups, all kinds of stuff. So when you go on their website, you can customize your box, they ship it to you and they all come in these like little pre-portion containers, so I’m gonna make a smoothie today. This is the banana plus greens. What I really like is that, on the back, they have all the ingredients. You can, you know, make sure everything is gluten: free, dairy free, depending on whatever you need, it’s all plant-based with lots of fruits and vegetables. So it’s super like easy and convenient, but it’s also super healthy. So I’m gonna make this smoothie. All you do is basically grab it.
Add some water blend it up and you’re on the road or, if you’re doing the harvest school you just heat it up. In the microwave or the stove like they all take less than five minutes, and then you just pour it back in their cup go all the recipes are really unique. They’Re all really good Julian is you know a little bit of a picky eater and he absolutely loves their smoothies. So I always end up having to share it. You guys will love it. You can get $25 off your first box just use the quote. Alexandria, Jean, I will have it linked in the description box, but they’re so good. I love tohave this every morning for like breakfast or lunch, it tastes like tropical dream. It’s so good.. We are making some progress over here. It wasn’t as big a job as I thought it was gonna be because we don’t have much food right now and I’m just trying to like make use of what I have it. I want to go, buy a bunch of new containers right now, maybe eventually, but right now. I want to use what we have and actually think it looks really cute. This pantry is probably about the same size as the one in our other house, but if you can’t tell like these doors really kind of closed it off, so you kinda have to walk in you shut off the sides, so I really want to make use of The front being our food and on the sides being stuff that we need everyday or like storage, so sure you would have got so far. So up top I’m gonna put baking stuff and just things they won’t use everyday right. Now, it’s just flour and sugar. Here at eye level, are these two, so I really want to make these like kind of grab and go so I have like different vitamins and supplements that we take every day cereal chips popcorn. This is all of our pasta and rice that I use a lot for dinners, so it’s not like. We necessarily have to see in there because I just know like I’m gonna, make it for dinner or something it’s not like. Snacks, where you kind of have to see it down here, I have all my vital proteins and like other supplements and stuff like that here, I love these little lazy susans in the pantry. I think I got these on Amazon, but I have that one here and then this one for the supplement, they’re just so nice for storage. These I got from Amazon and I’d like to use these for grab-and-go for Julian’s snack. So I have like his little Annie’s cheddar bunnies. I have AZ granola bars, popcorn I’ll put whatever else in there. I have to go shopping, but this is just kind of nice because right when we’re walking out the door, I can just like pop this open and grab a couple things tohave in my bag for him down.
Here we have some wine. I have a wine rack that I got from Ikea Michael’s, putting it together for me, so I think I’ll put those in there later tonight and I also picked these up from Ikea and I think they are so cute. So I just have crackers rice, cakes and then these are my little energy bars that I love. So I think this is kind of nice and we can always add to it. There’s tons of space still and then over on this side. Oh, I was taking the paper towel out. We don’t use paper towel too much, but it’s always nice tohave just like dry your hands or something just in case, but I like to use this microfiber towels to clean bread in the bread baskets. These are just empty containers that I haven’t used. Yet this is like dishes that I’ll use like when people come over or for holiday. So this is like stuff, that’s okay, to keep behind the door because it’s not like. I need easy access to it all the time, and then I have. This is basically just empty same thing on this side: it’s pretty much just empty as of now all of Julian’s cups and bottles and stuff, and then, like small appliances, that I don’t want to leave out on the counter – it’s just our juicer in our crock. So I feel like this is a pretty good start in the pantry. I’m actually really happy with it. It’s a lot more easy to see everything I bought this really cute set of containers from Urban Outfitters, and I thought was perfect in the kitchen. So what they’re? All like these ceramic containers, so this is kind of like our little coffee corner, so I can quickly grab the milk and stuff I think in this one. I already put some of our little espresso pods in there, and I think this is so easy. So I’m gonna continue with that. Then I think I’m gonna put maybe um sugar and 1 and then maybe collagen peptides in one or even just like little grab-and-go packets that’d be super handy too, but these are just great little containers tohave on your counter and they look really nice and Sleek in like decor, but it’s things that you want to just kind of have out for easy access. I think they’re so cool. So we are pretty organized now. I’m just gonna wipe down the counters and stuff What I did down here I’ll show you guys how I organized my cleaning supplies so normally, I would just have everything sitting down here, but sometimes things fall over and I just wanted to make sure nothing spills and creates a mess.
So I just have this little basket: it matches the ones in the pantry, and I have all my favorite cleaning supplies here This one was a recommendation from you guys it works really well at getting any scratches or stains out of the sink or out of like marble tile or anything like that I’ve just been using it a lot lately, it works really well, and then this is my favorite countertop spray right now I got it at Target and it smells so good So I’m going to use this and you guys always ask me how I keep my furniture white This is what I use on our furniture if we ever spill anything or if Julian gets anything messy I’ll just spray, this on right away and every stain comes out So those are a couple of my favorite things and then, like I told you guys earlier, I switched to using all of these like microfiber towels to clean, and then these little sponges are great So I bought these on Amazon and they’re kind of like Basically, they don’t harbor any bacteria So if you guys like to use sponges to clean your dishes but you’re worried about that, these ones are great and they can go in the dishwasher I think I have one in there right now yeah, so you can just throw it in the dishwasher, really nice and convenient so we’re pretty much getting there The only thing left to do is wipe out the fridge, so our fridge and freezer are really nice, but they’re kind of like a touch to open So they get a lot of fingerprints on here I’m gonna use that same microfiber, towel and just water That is what I’ve found It works best on stainless steel to kind of keep it clean, and then I like to keep it pretty organized in here throughout the week I’m probably just gonna wipe it down, but this is kind of what we have right now Just lots of produce and fresh stuff milk, water These are the little water containers I got from Ikea, so we can kind of always have water If this isn’t full and that’s pretty much, it don’t have much in the freezer Like you guys know, we just recently moved in so we don’t have tons of stuff in here, yet you guys enjoyed spending some time with me in the kitchen today Well, I got it a little bit clean and organized I definitely have ideas for how I want to like really organize this space and make it look like super cute I can definitely bring them out for you subscribe if you’re new, bye,

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