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Club grwm with Shani Grimond

1 Nov , 2019  

Rocky hey guys welcome back to my channel story today. I’m here with Miss Shawnee, oh hey, sorry, today, me and shiny, are gonna, be filming a club and get ready with us for big glam, and it’s going to be stunning. I’m so excited, let’s be sure: let’s do it you in the mood for makeup yeah, I’m sorry in the mood for makeup and to drink. So we have our alcoholic beverage over here, so we can drink angrily. At the same time, oh, oh, my get fat. What? Oh, come on okay, what I can’t deal with burps! Ah well, it’s gone.
I literally got my bag and it disappeared. You farted today really bad in the restaurant, I’m starting with my Mac soft ochre Paint Pot, the primer I I’m gonna start with my eyebrows. Obviously, and I’m using that uh nostalgic brown and medium brown, I’m gonna finish my wine and tell me done your eyebrows. Okay, one thing that I just went off: oh here we go here, we go, there’s always a gap up the top yeah I’m getting there. Okay, okay, I wasn’t it wasn’t rid of my fake. I literally just went see what I faked again. I mean yes, I’m using my violet one Pro palette. It is so freakin amazing, look at it. I know it’s. I know everyone needs to get this outer. If it’s like, pigmented or anything, but let’s see I’m using for the first time, I feel like it’s gonna, be sorry peep into it. I heard sorry, sir I’ll just go start with transition. Shade, don’t judge me alright. I feel like you’re looking at me and judging me. Well, I pretty much. Am I’m just using the NARS radiant creamy concealer, you can steal under my brows and crime. I find you start on a just. Take this banana powder by Ofra up in here and I’m gonna set my eyes with that. So tonight we are. What are you doing? Where are we going? What’s up? What’s a place called we’re going to a few different clubs, I’m going to show him all good clubs and Brisbane I’m sowwy. No, no hello, gpo lots of good words. I think you don’t really like it that I’m excited. I bought three bottles of wine for myself and Michael wouldn’t do by haha absence absence. It’s called absurd fat absent absent. We all know that youtubers love their alcohol, that’s another secret. Everybody knows that and I love it guys. Look at my new color. So if you have me on snapchat, you know that Alex keeps a glass of wine all over my makeup, geek shadows and Rachel from maker, pics or and sent me all new ones. Oh, it’s gonna mm-hmm, look how buttery they are buttery, like my veg.
So I’m just using Peach Smoothie from makeup geek through my crease area. Now I’m going to dip into Kourtney from the beauty killer palette you just slow down, so my transition really looks like you’ve got three colors coming back. I’m gonna take the shade hashtag key, which is really nice orange color, and I’m gonna put this in my cream. I’ma take cocoa bear just let me you guys know that I take my eyeshadow all the way out here and I get a q-tip and clean it up. So don’t worry all this here much everywhere. I mean it would look awesome, you just bring it down too far, yeah because I like to blend it out all the way. So it’s like nice and seamless well, when I like to take it out like so it’s blended all evenly. You know what you need to do, what you do funny: I’ve got, one will eat it. Now I’m taking the shade wine and dye, which is this really nice burgundy shade, and this is going directly over the top of the orange just gonna make it look more cut it. I am Barry. These colors are so pigmented as well. I feel someone hashtag shelfs, oh damn is going into Kurupt from makeup geek and I’m just gonna put on it out of V of my eye. He doing a black smoky eye. No, no! No! I’m just kidding I’m just connecting one smoky eye, I’m just he can finish from descendants now I just want to define a little bit without being interrupted by some beady bitch haha, actually pink-eyed BTW bitch yeah yeah. True. I was gonna clean up this line here. Oh go: go away, it makes me I’m not even a straight line. You make me vomit now I’m taking my glitter injections glitter. I think it’s like a press kalitta. It is so pigmented it’s gorgeous, but apparently it grows. Moldy after four months come on yeah. I’m just gonna keep it and see how it goes. It goes moldy! That’s disgusting! Oh my god. I just watched that whole epochs are pigmented, so pigment and I didn’t even touch Z. Oh my god. This lid off you’re gonna actually pass out. When you look at it, it’s sorry nice! Well, that is so pretty. Oh, if anyone’s wondering why my face looks so patchy. It’s gonna put tan on it. So that’s why I kind of weird yeah tan always clings to all they’re like oh, when you’re facing accentuate sit. I hate it so much do it then cuz, you taught me too.
I’m gonna use the same glitter that Shaunie’s using on her eyes. Thank you. So much I didn’t even breathe out and some over here. Thank you. I’m so excited to do a wing like I’m gonna it up severely I’m using the Bobbi Brown diamond rich base base because I have dry skin and there’s just some moisturizer really well wait. So is that for oily skin or dry skin? Well, I just like it to hydrate it. You can probably use it, but I’m probably not no money I’ll just letting yeah I’ll just tick to my benefit. Porefessional, it cool bear your professional poor fish when you say something with an SH you’re, really gonna push it like oh yeah, I’m it gonna. Take my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in the shade warm beige. You like matches perfectly to my fake tan. So it has a really good coverage, so I just got three pumps, or maybe you blend up. I’m gonna cover this redness. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait. Oh it’s so cold in my red. Cheeks is amazing. Sorry today for foundation, I’m gonna be stealing kishan ease and I’m gonna use this Mike Jacobs foundation in the shade medium honey will just suit me. It’s really dark because, like I faked an alert, you know what I don’t even give a how much you need. They are like honestly, not a lot, because it is such full coverage yeah better. This ass Jimmy H, bull concealer, I’m taking the to faithfulness way in the shade light/medium, but this is amazing, use it for the person before you like it yeah. It’s alright you’re right! Well, I was expecting you to keep that off no offense to face love you, but maybe you can use it again. You’Ll be like. I was so wrong. Maybe wow I’m using as much concealer with you on today holy and when I did you make up the first time you were like I was like yeah candy, I’m just gonna highlight and you’re like, maybe not just as much as you do. You know just a little bit, not my fish bitch okay, so we just lost Twitter to ask us questions so in the first one that I just saw was how do we become friends? It was like, obviously online we were just talking through, like I guess, just like seven messaging, and then we met up in Melbourne. When I went over there and Michael did my makeup and version and then we went clubbing and stuff, I mean a fun time, so we just organized for Michael to come for a sleepover for a few days, and now here I am, and here we are, though, There’s your answer.
Fats go clubbing for the second time, we’ve met again, I know. Well. I think I should weigh I’m now to bake I’m using my nine works. Oh my god, yeah I’m using the laura mercier translucent powder. It is imperative bag. I, like my ass fun at home because on the plane like the lid doesn’t close properly on any of them, so I normally it explodes and goes everywhere is the best time I ever like it’s so good. Thank you. Well, I totally forgot to buy it today. Remember that yeah I need to get back tomorrow, maybe no not for will be hungover the next day. What’s your Monday, I’m gonna set my brows in place. We’D be Tim eyebrow by a straws life because I’m gonna be dancing. I won’t you know, I don’t want them flying around. It stops yeah kiss your eyes was gonna take off yeah, I think over supply of my face legs of their own Slater, okay. So the next question is: what are your three biggest pet peeves people? Who don’t reply to text messages like almost straightaway me we’re gonna give a it’s? Not a party quickly! You do. I don’t give a if you’re at work. I don’t care if you’re taking a, I don’t care if you’re at a wedding. I don’t care if you’re like whatever, if you’ve got a phone use it and reply like I don’t care if you’re half asleep, wake up and reply and then go back to bed, I’m so chilled with people applying cuz like I’m, really bad apply myself to most People so like I don’t care if people take forever to apply, because I know the feels I just got me bothered sometimes hater like I just call me buggin, you even stand up no just hurry. The up, my biggest pet peeve is when people birth. In my face, I think it is disgusting and I million vomit. I don’t know what it is. It’s just like the inside of your of your stomach coming up and it stinks so bad, like files. Aren’t that bad, but first I disgusting cretin, I thought gee. I dunno, I went and like healthy and my people burp in the room anywhere close me. I was kind you’re such a suck because you’re always far well yeah, but is fine for mascara. I’m taking my Mac extended play gigablack lash, it’s gonna hurt, wait talking about eyelashes, I’m just taking my uh nastasi, our Beverly Hills, contour kit and just contouring another question: would you rather have a head the side of a tennis ball or a watermelon? My voice is going as ice creamy, a head to speak hello, Michael look, expression, yeah or one melon.
We should be like probably sides to be head now. I feel like if I had the size of a head of a tennis ball, so I said that wrong. He caters, I would look like Indy nineties body is so big and it’s just like this little tiny head like chillin at the top. There is, isn’t there yeah well I’ll just stick to the watermelon, because obviously I’m not gonna change it all time to lashes. I’m taking the Quran, how do you say that crooler Cara lashes, these ones up honestly cause I’m so excited to see what this looks like on your like, really fluffy, so I’m gonna have to trim down a lot cuz. It’s quite long. You want your fluffy lashes, I love fluffy, it’s a fluffy and what to die thanks for spitting in my eye, um from a scar today, I am going to be using the Too Faced better than my scar. Ah, this is gonna be incredible. This is amazing. I love this so much come on. Another question was yeah. If you could wear one makeup, look at the rest of life. What would it be for bit? Glam really. I would be just like a really nice soft on the eyes, like soft, warm look and then really bronzy with a nice pair of lashes. So it’s like daytime and nighttime, no new blip. My motto, I’d be four, be like to the absolute okay. I’m gonna highlight with this show right here under my eyebrow, because you can never have too much shimmer on your eyes right. I’m gonna be doing some contouring. Now, I’m taking a Taylor blue um a lot to me in contour kit. This is actually sort of good you need to try. It looks like this. I’m gonna take these two shades right here with my nice ear brush, I’m just gonna go in I’m just dusting up my bag because being there’s like half an hour, huh but figure if you’re a tree Baker’s elf for my bottom lashes today, i’m gon Na be using mac, ascended gigablack lash the hardest thing to say: I know a black fashion, bellow Mac extended play gigablack, lash mascara went to off. It is time to contour, I’m at bronze. I’m taking my Mac. Give me son. This is the best bronzer ever. Do you reckon haha, I love it. It’s like perfect or Eng bronze shade. I was going to put this on my cheek bone also around the forehead as well to warm it up, because my neck is super. Dark first want to make match I’m just gonna highlight a little bit under my eyes.
Michael is waiting for me because I’m, oh my god, Nora what oh, my god I forgot to highlight under my eyes That’s the West good one out, I’m sorry for under the eyes, I’m going to be using the banana powder that I used to set my eyes when I first started this from a fried is so so good for blush, I’m taking thing Naz in shade a luster It’s a really nice, like peachy shimmery shade I love shimmer on the cheeks, so much I’m all about that glow So gulabi blush glowy, highlighter, Chloe dick It is time for highlighter a birth Taking the jeffree star highlight in the shade at King Tut, you’re spitting all over that my shattered, but it still does the trick it is such a nice cold, remove it um Thank you Sharing is caring ermand if you get lost just look for the glow in the club, because it’s actually on another live right Now I’m just gonna use, re FRA, Laguna Beach, goodbye and I’m using the Too Faced perfect nude on the blind, Shana uses it way too pink Oh my god! That’s way too pink It clashes with your hair Give me Jace Actually, I really don’t like wearing liquid lipstick out like clubbing cuz It gets sort of crusty, so I’m gonna use a MAC lipstick I don’t know what color did you I’m so confused lipstick, I’m using my mats from Mac in the corner in a shady ya, sh amazing, new guys, look at this close up! Oh yeah yeah yeah and I’m not gonna, be using aura for any more I’m gonna be using jeffree star, and this is called a manic win It was mannequin, it is alright, I’m winning a oh That looks really good on you I’m gonna take the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray a long-lasting, because we want this face to stay on tonight and then I’m gonna take the Urban Decay all nighter makeup, setting spray as well you’re welcome, I’m out of here, I’m literally setting out This is the completed Looks I look so much better than you I know I know what you’re looking at Shannon Shannon here’s the sigil everything Oh, I wear he’s like outside Oh my god, huh make sure you give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already, yeah subscribe to, my channel down below link will be down below just shawnee because not R1 probably knows about hose that Olivia So anyway

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