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Cocoa color samples of every luminous product for a hot girl in summer

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey loves it so soon a welcome back to the cocoa swatches YouTube channel. Today. Wan na have a hot girl. Summer out here we chomp enjoy getting load up from head to toe h2t. So today I want to talk about some, my favorite products to get the glow from face to body and all that good stuff.. So I have a lot of products that I want to talk about, but you can only show so many products in one look. You feel me, so I have already done a look that I’m going to be talking about, but I’ve also taught I’ve also done a look today with even more of the products that I’m gonna be talking about, and I don’t think making sense, but it won’t Make sense so, let’s just let’s just get going so first, I want to stop so I’m going to talk about the product in order in which I use them.
So the very first thing I’m most talked about is prep so to prep the face you want. More of a glowy look, something that you can do is apply a liquid or cream highlighter under your foundation. So today I have two of my favorites. This is the Mac hyper real foundation and I feel like this was them in the petition. I’m not sure, but it’s in the shade, bronze FX and you will see me demoing it here. It has a really nice kind of golden sheen to it and it looks really nice under foundation. But if this is discontinued, another option is the or yeah another option. Are the Mac stroke, creams Mac has these are not gonna be as intense, but they do get a nice kind of glow to the face and they come in a number of shades. I have pink light here, but I know that pressure. They have my gold light and just other types of glitter reflex colors options, so those are kind of two of my favorites you can use. You can use any kind of cream stick cream liquid highlighter to do this kind of thing, but it’s a great way to kind of get that glow that lit from within look just from from a jump from the start of your complexion, routine, so watering. So the next step is going to obviously be foundation, so for me I have combination oily skin. So whenever I wear kind of glowy foundations, I can’t look oily after about an hour, so the way that I kind of remedy this is to mix it with a mattifying foundation. So in the demo I am wearing the NARS radiant long wear mix with my fancy. Beauty in this is a shame new caledonia, and this is the shade, 4 or 5. Another great option is the Too Faced Born This Way in tiramisu, and that is actually what I have on today. So if you are someone who tends to get oily but want to have more of like that natural finish, I would suggest powdering before foundation, but only in the places where you get oily.
So today I have tiramisu on, but I’ve powdered right here in my t-zone to combat some of those oils that come through but left the rest of my face normal. So I didn’t really have any extra powder there because technically I feel like um Too. Faced says that this is a willow we finished. I wouldn’t say, though I would say it’s like more on the natural to glow inside, but I wouldn’t say it’s like glowing as much the nars radient long way our NARS sheer glow, but this is a great foundation to for people looking for kind of that, more Natural glowy finish so next we have highlighter and the highlight category has creams, have liquid and powders and press in the powder Connie we have pressed. We have loose so there’s like so many different options when it comes to highlighters. I’m going to talk about a few of them, so, let’s start off with so in the demo in the demo. I start off with these. These are from. These are sprays from a brand called oMG glow and basically, like I don’t know if y’all remember, there was a time where everybody was kind of like adding a loose highlighter to their face plus, and the owner of this brand is a black woman and she kind Of was one of the first people to kind of do that, and she ended up just kind of making her own brand out of that concept. So it’s basically like that concept of having like a spray with very, very fine glitters in them and they come in a number of shades. So I really love like I don’t even know if I’ve seen like a loose highlighter in this color, but this is the shape coffee, coffee with the K, and this is a great spray to either fit technically. They are finishing sprays, but in the demo I showed you how you can use them. Hopefully, Blender and kind of just add it to this area to bring that natural glow through, and you can also obviously use. You know this shade as well or some of their other shades, but they add you can you can use them in a more targeted way to add kind of that natural glow or you can spray them at the end of your makeup application to finish your makeup. So, starting off with these products, these are great options for glow for the summer, and also I mean I’m going out of order, but whatever coming out products here, so you can use this on the body too. You can spray these all over your chest in arms, to also get that you know natural kind of little and look on your body as well just make sure that they dry before you put on your clothes. So next we’re going to talk about. Take it back to the face, we are going to talk about liquid highlighters. So what am I so? You can use the hyper real foundation on top of the base, but one of my favorite kind of boasts unique, liquid highlighters are the cover FX glitter drops now.
These obviously have the word glitter in the name. So, yes, they are hella glittery. While you really only need like see just a teensy bit to kind of bring that glow to the next level, so what I like to do is start off with I like, so I spread my things down before applying my highlight, because I feel like highlight applied Better on a wet base so spread my face down just take my kinda lighter brush and just add a teensy bit of this to kind of start. My my glow routine. You can start or finish with these, but yeah so really like these, and this is in the shade Mirage. I think they have another shade, that’s more silvery, but this is kind of the more golden toned one. So yeah love those next, I would probably go in with a loose highlighter, so I have a bunch here. One of my favorites I think very underrated loose highlighter is the Mac. These are what’s the technical name of these. These are iridescent. Iridescent powder is the name of it and this is in the shade golden bronze. I got us in the pr package and I hope it’s not a limited edition, I’m gonna double check and if it is I’ll let you all know on the screen, but this is like a great amazing, everyday bronzer for deeper skin. Like honestly, like check this out next time, you’re in Mac because like I would have never known about this, not gotten in PR and I feel like it’s just a perfect shade of bronze. Let me actually just watch this one real, quick, this and I have been doing wide swatches, but I just want y’all to see this here. We go so ya know it’s just it’s like not it’s not gonna, be your out-of-this-world chi light. Hopefully I can see that, but it is going to be something that you wear everyday and it’s available to make it out of this world and Paris and lots of glitter drops in your set. You’Re done it’s it’s over curious, so that is what am I definitely all-time faves and, I think, is super underrated today I actually have you know. Oh, I love this attention be considered og yet, but you know it is scarce out here in these parts. You can’t get this no more. This is so Jackie, aina, Jackie, I’m, the artist Couture in the peach. I have that top on something else today and artist. Couture in general has amazing highlighters, even if you can’t get your hands or you don’t have to look wrong to the peach which honestly, like there’s, nothing else like those.
I don’t need to make. You feel bad but get your hands. Somebody has some extra. You should try to get so, but in general, artists too tore loose. Highlighters are super pigmented super beautiful and I feel like yeah, there’s old Mesa for now so definitely check out artist Couture for their loose highlighters. Another great option for loose are the in light powers by the Nesta Myrick. Does an art is a black female makeup artist? He does amazing work and she always has that kind of very avant-garde. Very fresh glowy looks if you ever go to upload her Instagram page somewhere on here, and she has her own makeup line. That really are the. How do I explain that she has her own makeup line that I feel like are super great people that want to get really creative because she kind of packages things in a way that is in a way that maybe a makeup artist would use, but also for Anyone who just like, like still kinda, play around with makeup and there’s more of an exploratory person, I guess so yeah it definitely check out her blues highlighters as well. I guess all about those how about talking about the berry bomb, NC beauty. Bees are amazing. All of the things all of the very bottom loose highlighters have like that diamond crust in them like as, if like it’s almost like, and I have the other one here itself up in a second. But you know it’s almost like they crushed up diamonds took the dust and dips and they took they crushed. The diamonds took the dust and sprinkled it into each of these highlighters. So this is 24 cray. That’s my favorite shade, and even though it is kind of a golden having a golden base is still does have a teensy bit of that diamond shift. I want to call it silver, but yeah, just that’s just for FYI, but those those are all amazing. This highlighter options now for pressed there are two pressed highlighters that just take the cake for me. The first I have on today, that’s the one I have paired with a peach. This is dose of colors highlighter in the shade real hotness. This is my all-time. Favorite pressed highlighter is a perfect shade of bronze, especially for a deeper skin tone. That’s just it’s just deep, just deep enough and still packs a punch, and you really don’t need a lot of this in its press form and it’s just it’s just amazing. It’s one of my favorites: if you haven’t tried it, get it little color sold at Ulta. If you want to swatch it and try it on in the store before you buy, it definitely check this out.
It’s amazing, the next one I thought I was alluding to before is to how many carats from fancy Beauty I mean I feel like anybody who wants to glow anybody who collects highlighters. Anybody will try to live their best life and be close to the God needs this, because there is nothing else like this on the market at least I haven’t seen anything else like it. It’s just a super finely milled diamond dust in a pot, a pan like that’s what it is it. I don’t think you get this anywhere else and even though it doesn’t like, I typically tend to go for more like golden golden undertones and looking for highlighters. So, even though it does it’s not golden, it’s still like something that looks great as a topper. You can put it on your body, you can put it on top of your highlight. You can put it on your eyes. It just has that, especially in low light. It just has that kind of I’m rich bitch kind of quality to it that it’s like understated, but still kind of like jaw-dropping. So definitely I feel like you could still get this definitely pick this up or try it out and Sephora. Take your hand out into the Sun and see the beauty. That is how many carats my fancy music. Okay, so we covered all of the highlighters cream. Well, we didn’t really do cream, but liquid pressed and loose. So now I want to talk about blush. I feel like some people, don’t like sheen on the cheeks I feel like if there is just a touch of sheen, it’s not going to be too overpowering. So one of my favorites formulas, for like a sheeny kind of blush and for highlighter too, is the Mac extra dimension, their whole line, so they have blushes and highlighters. This is a blush in the shade hard to get, which is one of my all-time favorite blushes, and it just leaves just this. This nice kind of brown sheet on the cheeks. It’s not glitter, it’s not sparkly, looks just like a sheen. It’s here to your skin, and so I feel like it just gives the face finishes. The face was just a beautiful quality to it. I don’t know I just like it it just to me. I feel like you can get away with B’s on the apples of the cheeks or just in between your, like they’re, in your highlighter, to merge everything together. The one I’m wearing today is another kind of underrated one. The L’Oreal has these paradise enchanted peach blushes, and this is in the shade, charming and I have it on today. It’s just like this deep kind of peach, peachy tone, but there’s a hint of shimmer to it. I just feel like it just gives the cheeks that just extra top, especially in the summertime like I don’t know, I just feel like this – really complements my skin tone very well, and they have lighter shades.
If you are lighter than me, I feel like for anyone. My shade or darker, this shade is amazing, definitely check it out the drugstore and obviously it’s drugstore. So that’s that’s another plus and it smelt has. If you don’t like scented things, so I will say it is scented. It have like a peachy compete. It’s not very overbearing, but it’s like a like. It has a good peachy smell. So I mean that’s, I don’t mind it it’s kind of nice, but if you’re not into sent to things or like you’re allergic, I will point that out to you. So last but not least so I brought you on down just a teensy bit that could sheet see my chest because last but not least we’re going to talk about buy that body. I do yeah, ok, so today I’ll talk about what I have on right now. So I feel like these are still sold, maybe not talk about it, anyways, because you can still get this that’s in here. This is the pom pom, the rosy on ice berry berry bomb pop. This is great person who doesn’t like any feeling of kind of any stickiness or oils or creams, or they don’t want any of that. They just want the glow. This is a great option, so if this is not available, you can get the rosy on eyes. Highlighter. Now by itself, so in general, but these these very brown shimmer powders are great for the body. Also, the diamond, the diamond bomb is great for the body, so I have this on right now and I have it paired with the Mac strobe body lotion, so they the stroke cream and they have lotion. And again I apologize. I’m gonna double check that all these and they’re still available and feel like they should be, but just in case I don’t see, people or people talk about this, but this is something that’s great for people that want something a little bit more subtle machine, I’m Wearing is called opal light has a like a pink, a pink the pink reflex, so kind of match the rosy, but if you’re looking so, if you’re looking get it together, girl get it together. So what I’m trying to say is that, if you’re looking for something that is more like pink or peach or whatever, and not so much golden, I feel like this would be a good option, so you can kind of see it’s. This is not like a super overstated body bow, but when I move the the reflex are definitely touching the light and even though it’s not like golden like I said I prefer a golden, it’s still complimentary to my skin tone. So next we cannot talk about body blows out talking about fancy, really body lava baby We cannot talk about body oils, not talking about fancy beauty body lava.
So this is the shade brown sugar Honestly, all the shades trophy wife needs clothes The bomb on deeper skin tones, if you have a skin, that’s close to mine and deeper I thought you might like any of these Some people say that I’ve heard or seen some people say that they don’t like this, because it kind of looks like nothing I feel like for me It just gives that it just I like the brown and bronze undertones in this, but I can understand, maybe for a little bit darker than me, that in my the reflex might not be as intense or show up So if you’re a little bit darker than me, I would suggest trophy wives I really feel like trophy wife – is amazing – all sort of picture here that I took of it when I first got it, but in general these body lavas, are amazing Now I know that impulses that they’re, sticky or whatever, honestly really what you need to do is you’ll have to get this brush but apply it with a brush, and you only need like a like a tiny, like 1/2 pump, honestly to get the effect You do not need a lot of this products to to glow Like you, don’t you you, you really only need just a little bit to get your desired effect So keep that in mind when trying it out client and I would not suggest applying with your hands or else you’re gonna have butter everywhere Further it the rest of your day, oh yeah, and then I also kind of bench it earlier These are a great feel of body as well You can spray your body down and Weaver to dry and it does give a nice kind of glow effect So I feel, like I pretty much covered everything that I wanted to cover today Let me know if you liked the new top through its honestly I am really bad at multitasking when it comes to makeup like when I’m doing my makeup, I’m like in there and it takes me a long time – I’m hella slow So, for me, these are a little bit easier because I don’t have to worry about doing the makeup on camera I make it started done and kind of just talked to ready to show you, but I understand some people like to see the the process and have be talking through it in real time You have oxy out you’re glowing, look at bomb or h2t hackers, I’m right here You know! Thank you all so so much for hanging out with me today please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more awesome content All right, Asya I will see you in the next one You

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