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Color half cut crease spring 2018 Tiffany Company Series 1 esp8

1 Nov , 2019  

Oh bitch, I my nigga caught. That’s. Why Paul when I spy we was in my end. First time I saw I wasn’t a fan when I put up on you. It was late night late nights in the bed. Oh, are you good at just butter like you wrap up, you can keep it really understand. Oh, you will still come on sit down like a camel heads are fakes as you get it from my mom head out. Welcome back to another tutorial. It’s me Brianna Marie and yes, I’m on our mic, because I don’t have a clip in broke, but anyways welcome back to another tutorial.
As you can see, I did this look, so today’s tutorial is going to be tailgating number eight. So we have one more to go and I decided to do this look of doubt gang number. Eight. It’s a colorful cut crease, because this is the coastal cut crease. It alsohave to be like the rainbow NZ, but this is a colorful cut crease, and I hope that you like this. I, like it pairing with the blue jean jacket, because it’s giving me chills I’ve able to do it. It’s giving me like juicy glossy lips alike at the same time the ads popping but be face instead of you know that you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want to see how iTunes look they keep on watching check out the dance that weren’t any being in this clip playing, keep on watching. Ok else. It is collaboration, eight one more to go, which is laminar and then we’re done, but today we are doing collaboration number eight. So today we are doing a colorful countries. You already know I’m going to do a cut crease. So this is my momma change. My Liz and I use um Anastacio Bobby Hill’s ebony and I primed with Colton by pop, I find illegal poker silver. So I’m going to take this, we don’t care palette and I’m just supposed to go into this color righthere. Four seconds goal and call prostrate on a more feet: 2:13 boys, our transition, color, is going to be this orange shade righthere, or I was thinking about going back into this palette and grabbing this orange, which would be kind of like a lighter or a 504 Brush and put this right under the brow bone with the shade next and it’s called charm for a alright 37 brush and my brushes feels like pinky, because from the other look good idea, you got everyone out. I’m going here grabbing his way in order to gamble what to take my baby food yeah. Our didn’t know miss only music that have and my ambrosia I effects base because we are going to be like meat greens or something like Donnelly. It’s something I don’t want to stick to like a Sheila Shay, but y’all know me we’re going on with this cross The yellow shades, just in the um in a part of my make green eyes, are super beauty palate, and this is one the diet I’m going with a dark away.
Once we win those two cups together, as you can see where itstarts and wearing it, the other eye out, camera and I’ll be right back feel worse, I went on camera and I did the other eye I added my vietmike your lashes I actually just ordered some more beans I didn’t order them the first time she actually sent me some lunches over to me to try them out, and I absolutely love these These are part of my top You see top maybe three favored elections or top five favorite lashes It’s like hit number one IRA when you love these veggies and they always really pretty There are meat glasha food they even though they are long, they’re, really funky in kind of natural Looking not it’s like just the perfect um to add to your look on camera I’m loving this combo, I’m this combo is the beautiful coverage They’ve come up Giving me saying it’s nice This comments, giving me flawless finish, I’m so I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 7w1, deep spice in the Urban Decay, all nighter foundation in 120 I think your focus to like and fun, and then I went in with my and accessibility heals foundation stick to contour with so just my sanity I don’t want to keep doing the same thing on camera, sabor, you, so I would actually do a faceful teen up camera yeah I’ve been loving me some clearing and queen lately, like I’ve, been watching you are we like watching them a dope friend Well, I like watching them before we highlight in at blush and going to use the under eyes First, I want to take it to be bright, so we’re gonna use this also to cut the food What is nice cream, as I will have liked it? Guzman? Oh yeah, I know the broke, I’m gonna go petite It is a small change Its color wanna highlight with these two This is bronze & Glow farmer, embroider cosmetics and I wanna highlight also a beauty bakery just glazed highlighter We use these two which took this orange each other put a lip I am forced to do something you know I’m so I’m just on Bowl cherry or Nick okay and from those two colors we top it off We’Re going to do is add my lipgloss from is this taraji I got so much for tuning in yo I hope y’all enjoyed this tutorial I hope it wasn’t too many commercials in this week Don’t forget to go Follow me on snapchat, Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget, go subscribe to my lovely girls so I think it will subscribe to them which is collaboration, number 9

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