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Colorful bell spring sweet talk series true veil!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, what’s up, welcome back to my channel.m. of the new spring collection, which is what we’re gonna be laughs watching today, a real quick funny story. I had been filming from EDM editing and uploading..m. I ran on my array. I lived a cold for a bit, I don’t know, but that’s definitely not running. I was sweaty, I was gross. I did yoga. I was about to go to the gym to complete my exercise for the day I step out onto my doorstep and boom. There’s the color pop package, which is insanity, so I had to turn my little butt back inside.
I had to shower blow out my hair to finally come in here to lice watch for you guys by then it was like 10 o’clock and I went to grab my camera battery and it was dead. My little thing was unplugged the charger of the battery. So just oh, my gosh, I can’t believe it’s 11, it’s actually 11:15.. Colour-Pop launches this collection tomorrow, which, as you’re watching this it’ll be today. I believe it’s going live on colourpop’s website at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, which I think would maybe be 1:00 p.m. for the East Coast, I’m bad with numbers. I bet, if anything that doesn’t make up. Obviously, also I wanted to remind you guys for a very short time. I do have a colour-pop discount code. It is an affiliate code, so do not feel pressure to use it, because I will earn a small Commission off of your sales with that code. It’s only going on for a little bit and then it’s gonna go away. My code is 5 Shea, and that gets you five dollars off of your $20 colour-pop order. So bear that in mind as you’re shopping. If you’re shopping for this collection, that should at least save you some shipping charges, which is awesome, so if you guys are ready, let’s just go ahead and get started. This is gonna. This collections packaging is the best color pop collection, packaging they’ve ever done like ever I’m talking ever in all the history of color pop collections, and this is the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s so beautiful. You have this really pretty kind of black and white photo of someone’s lips, so there are six new lipsticks. They are all luxe, lipstick formulas and they’re all cream formulas. So that’s pretty nice and the colors are really rich and nothing’s necessarily nude. Nothing’s too light, which I really like about this collection. It is ringing these romantic colors when you open the lipsticks up. It’s this standard, Lux lipstick packaging. This first shade is spring roll and I do believe this is the lightest shade of the collection whoa. This is beautiful. This is probably like one of the most wearable quarterly shades.
I’ve ever seen. It’s such an interesting color. I don’t know quite how to describe it. It’s definitely a mix between a coral and a mob. Almost the next shade is called your thriving, which I mean thank you whoa. What this color is just so striking. I love it. It’s not necessarily bright, but yet it’s just such a pop of color, it’s beautiful. It looks gorgeous just like this, like just wearing. You know some nice foundation and some mascara in this next shade is called Seven Springs. Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful. I’m really think I can’t find the words to describe these colors. They have a hint of pastel in there, but no they’re still rich, but what they really remind me of is of course, like spring flowers. My next shade is called flower season, and this looks so up my alley. Try not to mind is sir Knight Luke Ibuka James, the third back there. He has really bad separation, anxiety and me right now, filming at 11 p.m. is like really freaking him out, so I feel so bad, so he might just be tooling around back there for a little while, oh my gosh, this shade is so rich. It is so bright, it is such a poppy like lit color. It is such a statement. I am crazy about this color again. This is flower season and, like I’m obsessed below the stick shade is called moody balloon. Oh, this is very pretty just it’s a nice berry, it’s nothing! We haven’t seen before it’s not necessarily unique or original, but I do think it adds to the collection as a whole. This next shade is called teatime. Oh I love this. This is like, if you want to wear a red lip, but a red is just too much for an event or, for you know, any type of thing you have going on. If you want something with a little more like a marsala, almost I think it’s almost like a more mature red. If you will so you guys, those were all the lipsticks. Definitely let me know what your favorites were so next I really want to do. I’m scared. I really want to do this giant enormous amount of super shock. Cheek blushes, I love their blushes, so very much. I do believe they’ll be selling this as a set as well as individually. The packaging is just to die for and again there are sick, tene blushes. You guys so like hold on to your bootstraps. This next part, I’m gonna try to fly through it, but it’s gonna be a little difficult. So I always love to tell you what I love and hate about each shades, but I’m gonna try and be super quick, so this isn’t a million hours long. So, let’s just get into it. The first you’d realize something is called quarters, so I really enjoy applying my super shock cheek so with either a wet sponge, but I don’t want to go through a thousand sponge whilst watching all these or I love to use this fresh from Sigma.
It is the Sigma Beauty tapered kabuki f-86 brush, so I just kind of swirl my brush a little dollop in there. You can see a lot comes up now for each shade. I’m just gonna be doing one side of my cheek since we have so many to get through. You can see this brush applies it so beautifully it buffs it as you pop on that color. Sometimes, when I use my fingers, I go in a little too aggressively. It’s a beautiful, wearable coral. so you guys can really get a good look for the color, but it is just fresh Coralie cheeks, absolutely gorgeous again. This is the shade quarters. The next shade up is called birthday suit. This one looks so up my alley. You guys know I love bubblegum pink sand. This one looks to have like a hint of mob in it. Oh yeah, that’s really cute. It’s just a fresh pinky, cheek color. They blend out so beautifully. Don’t they I love it. So there is this shade of birthday suit, then actually just called get laid. This is like super orangie bright. Oh that’s! A beautiful color! Oh my gosh gorgeous, like no shimmer, no shine just fresh peachy, coral color. I love this one. It’s very bright. The next shade is called count me in oh, very pretty this one’s a really light natural flush. Almost like a light rose, I’m doing another layer just so you guys can really get a sense of the tone, but it really is just a very light. Natural fleshy rose color. The next shade is called between the sheets. Oh well looks cute kind of like a dusty rose, that’s pretty not as bright as the other pinks. We saw definitely like more toned down, but it’s gorgeous. The next shade is called thumper, and this just like has my heart: supper has been a favorite Disney character of mine for a long time, so I love that it’s thumper thumper was just the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen in my life, and this is so Pink, oh yeah. This is like crazy, crazy, pink, Barbie, doll, pink, very pink, it’s pretty, but it’s very, very pink. The next shade is called holiday. Fun is stupid. Fact holiday is one of my favorite word’s. I love when people I believe like in Australia and like maybe Europe, maybe like everywhere, that isn’t the US. They say like. Instead of going on vacation, I’m going on holiday and I love that whoa, oh she’s bright. I need to even like put that much on holiday is like holiday. It is a bright bright bright like neon coral, so there is holiday.
Super bright, super vivacious, super Coralie. Really the next shade is called yes, she did. That’s fun, isn’t it. This is like a burnt sienna, I’m not gifted at like shade. You know like shades. Sorry, I’m like so tired. You guys it’s 1:00 a.m. right now. So I’m sorry, I’m like I’m not making much sense yeah! I would describe this a little terracotta, maybe even like burnt rose. The next shade is called Cruel Intentions. That’s a bit naughty! Isn’t it naughty naughty colorful? This is like a true like rosy color, that’s really pretty again. It’s kind of one of those. It’s a little brighter than a natural flush, but it is a natural flush II type of shade. I really like this one. The next shade is called no vacay. This looks bright bright bright. Oh my goodness gracious! Oh, my goodness! Gracious that, like he’s the brightest thing, I’ve ever seen in my life wow, that is like way way way way way too much. This one you’re gonna, want to use very sparingly, beautiful color, but holy crap. Is it bright? The next shade is called tuned in this looks so great. Oh yes, I’m not a bright shade. These have been really really bright, they’ve kind of all seemed to have either a Coralie or a berry or a rosy tone to them. This looks very similar to me to a lot of the ones that we did try. This one actually ended up being a little more mild than I was expecting. So I like that, the next shade we were trying it’s called cheerio. This isn’t like gorgeous SuperDuper plummy berry. I’m sorry! I look so tired. You guys. I hate that. I look like so more doubt. I love this one. I love the very tone of it. I think the deeper skin tone, the better the shade is going to be. He makes shade is called drop of a hat. This one is actually a pearlized formula, so it has a little shine there to it. Oh this one’s really pretty. I would say this one is like this one to me just really stands out as being much different than all the other ones we tried on this next shade is called growth, alert growth flirt. I’ve never heard of this word. Combination in my life is this: like a new thing, this one’s pretty it’s bright, I feel like it’s a little more natural than the previous brighter shades we use. So if any of those intimidated you, this one seems to blend in and kind of soak in really really well and again, this is a very generous amount, so it would definitely be more toned down when you used it, but yeah it’s cute, okay, so I’m an Idiot, I knew this the whole time, but I was like no. I must just be tired. I thought so many of these shades we have seen before, and I was absolutely correct so like that shade, there’s only six new super shock, cheek colors.
What really tipped me off was the shade, never been kissed, and this is the next shade and I was like now. I know that’s been a shade and I know thumpers been a shade. I knew it in my brain, but I’m tired give me credit yo. So I double-checked and yes only six are new. So, as I was saying, the next shade has never been kissed. I feel so silly now cuz as I was trying if you want, I was like this is just so familiar yeah cuz. I’ve already tried them before this is really pretty. I really am a fan of this color. Again, it’s nothing new, but now I remember I recall myself loving, never been kissed and I used it quite a few times and the very last super shock cheek is called prenup. That’s an interesting name for a blush. Oh I like this one. It’s kind of a toned down very a little Mavi, a little berry and like not too, I love this shade. This is like definitely one of my favorites. I don’t remember if this one’s new or not, I just feel like such a dumb-dumb right now, not realizing like basically all the shades. I tried on our pre-existing shades. So forgive me, I know my comment. Sections gonna be flooded with Shay. Those are repeat shades. You dum-dum, I know I’m so sorry uh, but I have selected all of the new shades. So if you need a little memory refresher, if you’re not sure so this one that I love to count me in the is a brand-new shade. It’s the really pretty pinky flowery shade. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s beautiful. It’s just a nice, almost like a baby, peachy pink. The next new shade is get laid. It’s this beautiful orange coral. These are so soft and matte. I just love that the next new shade is no vacancy, which I realize I accidentally called no vacay. Oh, my god, I am falling apart. That’s that beautiful, like pinky coral II, blush off, it’s just gorgeous the next nice shade is tuned in now. When I see these all together, I’m like okay, these all do look different enough on their own. When i swatched like all 16 together, they started to kind of all look the same, but when you separate them from all the other shades, they do stand out. The next new one is growth. Flirt right. There yeah, you can see they’re very, very different and last but not least, is yes. She did so on my hand. Right here are all the new shades again, starting with count me in get laid no vacancy tuned in growth flirt and yes, she did there. They are you can see. There is a great color difference between them all okay.
So next we’re gonna move on to the new jelly, much eyeshadows, the little jelly shadows and then we’re gonna move on to the eyeshadow palette. I love these and I do not use them enough and I’m really excited for these colors. So I’m sure you guys are familiar with these, but if you’re not they’re, literally like little jellies, I find that they’re best applied with your finger and they come with these little caps, which I like that keep them kind of in there, but also, I think it Probably keeps it from drying out. Look at that color. If you are partial to brushes, I really like applying them with the cream color 858 brushes from Sigma. I mean they’re called the cream color brushes, so they’re really great for things like this. So the first shade here is called close to you. If you can’t tell I freshened up my makeup, because so after all those blush swatches, I was looking like a mess. Alright, let’s pop her on sparkle, pretty pink sparkle. Oh, this is cute, it’s pink, but then in certain like lighting, I can see a little peachy gold, even maybe, when I looked at on it just looks kind of bubble, gum a pain, but when you turn around, you can see a little gold popping through it’s A gorgeous again, this was this shade close to you. I am so stoked about this color. This is called photosynthesis. Um, that’s funny photosynthesis. This reminds me if I’m not mistaken, and I could because again I’m like not in my right mind right now. It is 2:30 a.m. it reminds me. I believe, of one of kathleenlights is super shock shadows at one point: was it telepathy? Was that one of hers even again? Let me know if you think I’m total Looney Tunes, but I think so, oh this is gorgeous. Not so glittery, but more just like liquid and metal like look, I can literally like carve out the crease with this one. This I stole in my heart. I love photosynthesis. This alright, I’m crazy about this shade name. This next one is called dump in roses. This looks like a little NARS orgasm ewwww, okay, oh there’s, like actual glitter in this one. I was like if it’s just a little Mars, orgasm II, I’m not gonna, be super impressed, but I will say: there’s these flecks of like red and orange, and possibly green glitter in here, which actually does make it unique. Oh yeah, this color is super super fun, I’m crazy about this gosh. These are like just the best shadows. Oh my god. These colors keep getting cooler. This one is called whistling pixie it like looks bronzy. Oh just a little rosey, oh yeah. I can already say right now, like the jelly shadows, are my favorite thing of this collection? That is unbelievable.
That is unbelievable. I’m sorry, you guys know I get so excited. That is just like the prettiest thing. I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Look at that color. Oh my gosh. This shade reminds me of one of the bugs from a bug’s life. It was the shiny beetle, but this one is called big eco. It also reminds me of the butterfly effect, and I like I don’t know why maybe reminds me of butterflies. But do you guys remember that big shiny beetle in bug’s life uh and do you remember when bug’s life came out and then amps came out as if it was going to be better than bug’s life? And of course it was not? Oh mermaid vibes, I’m gonna, say butterfly vibes, because if I hear like one more mermaid reference in my life, I’m gonna throw up. I pretty god. I don’t have a child who’s obsessed with mermaids because 2018 ruined mermaids for me, but it is kind of a mermaid color whoa. Well, that’s amazing. These shades are like hands-down, the best jelly shades that colour-pop has done yet this one is amazing. The very last jelly much shadow is called late bloomer. It describes me perfectly. This looks cool, oh yes, so sleek, so smooth, very blue, very purple very, like mystic, is how I would describe it. Oh this is so amazing. Oh my gosh, you guys. I honest-to-god cannot pick a favorite color, but this one is like really up there. It’s really cool, and do you see when I turn this way? The front half of the lid looks kind of red, amazing, amazing, amazing, again this is late, bloomer, okay, guys it is 3:30 a.m. I’ve officially been up since 7:30. Yesterday. This is insanity, I’m basically gonna be up over 24 hours. The very last thing we were doing is weird life’s watching these sweet awk palette. Of course I mean this packaging. I can’t get enough of it. I love the inside, it says color pop and then there’s this little. You know tag here that says you’re pretty and I think that’s so sweet. You have a beautiful holographic background on the palette I mean just overall, this palette looks so iconic the shadows. I will say there are only three standout shadows in my opinion and those are all the new. The three new super shock shadows pressed into the eyeshadow palette. One looks to be kind of like a satin shimmer, the other two looked like straight-up glitter, the rest of the shadows are peachy neutrals. There are nothing to write home about. In my opinion, they look beautiful and I love this palette together. I think it’s gonna make some beautiful looks.
Is it the most unique palette we’ve ever seen? No, so the very first shadow is called catch me and it’s just a light. Peachy color, I’m using my Sigma Beauty, East six dete large shader brush for this, and I’m sure you all know exactly how this is going to look. We’ve seen this shadow many many times. So there is the shadow catch me. The next shadow name is side to side, and this is one of the super shocks in the palette. Whew, very peachy, it’s so cool that this is the first ever color pop eyeshadow palette. That actually has super shock shadows in the palette. It’s just a lot of shimmer. I think a shadow like this would just be kind of the perfect, like top coat for whatever look you do with this palette like layering this on top of any little smoky iron, just wearing it alone. If you want a little shimmer limit, the next shade we’re swatching is called garden dates. So, let’s pop this on the lid. Well, that’s pretty nice amount of pigment for sure. Well, that was like super buttery soft to work with it’s a beautiful color, but it’s nothing. Super unique, so there is the shade garden date. The next shade is called work it, and this is like a light: peachy brownie tan color. Oh that’s, pretty! It’s not a little like mango E. It’s like a mango peanut butter shade. Does that make any sense at all? You know what I’m saying: there’s like more yellow in it than I expected it’s just a nice matte, so it’ll be a great little transition tone with the rest of these colors. So the next shadow that we’re doing is the shadow I’ve been like the most excited about in this entire entire entire palette. This one is called prima donna like look at that it is so chunky, glittery goodness, and it has like fairy colors like. I can’t even describe it. It just reminds me of a fairy. It actually has very similar coloring to one of their glitters. Like you know the tubs of glitter, it’s like because it’s now for AMI I’m not all there. I don’t remember what the tubs are. Tubs of glitters are called right now. Do you guys know what they came out with over holiday like the body, glitters and whatnot wow? I really pray they sell this individually, because I will go through this one shade in a matter of a month. The next shade is called meadow, that’s so pretty, and it’s just a peachy Coral. So again, like I was saying a lot of these shades they’re not super unique, but I just love them together in this palette. It tells such a beautiful little story, and I think it really is. Like I mean when you think of spring colors, these really are spring colors.
You know what I mean it just. It seems like fitting. So, even though it’s not super unique, I mean it is unique because of those glittery shades, and I think you could do a lot of unique looks with this palette, but I still love it again, even though we’re getting a lot of the same neutrals and peaches Back to one of the super shock shades, this is early morning and it looks amazing, but it also is a little reminiscent of those body glitters. You guys know what shades I’m talking about you. Let me know if you think it also looks a little similar. Oh, this is pretty see these glitter shades are like completely like just saving the palate. For me, I’m like okay yeah. This is a necessity. I’m obsessed – and I know the camera will not pick this up as bright as it is in person. Okay back to the matte shade now back to a matte shade. Now this is a dream maker, and now I’m kind of bunked cuz, like all the magical shades are over. Let’s be honest, I know I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but again yes, a lot of these shades we’ve seen done by many brands many times before, but I think this palette has such potential to make such beautiful, unique looks. The next shade is icy. Icy y mi, I see why am i I’m not taped to the whatever the hell that is ooh. This is pretty like a terra cotta. Do you see what I mean by the tones being like kind of retro? I love that. Yes, they are all warm shapes, of course, and I know a lot of you are so sick of that, but some of us seems like mostly influencers, really love warm tones, so I’m really enjoying this palette again. I know my application is getting nutso, so there is. I see why am I let me know what that means. It’s a beautiful terracotta! I really like the shade. So next up, we have a little bit of a shimmer. It looks like this shade is called melody. Oh, this is prettier than it looked in the pan and the pan. I expected it to be almost a little more Brown, but it looks like it. Kinda has a bit of an orange a base with a gold overlay kind of fusion situation going on actually thought it was gonna be a little bit like dirtier looking, but I like it, it’s still bright and it’s you know it’s okay, it’s on my favorite, But I do I get the next shape is called a Westside, and this actually is like a peanut butter, shade, quite possibly slightly a little warmer than peanut butter. I feel like I’m always comparing shadows to food honestly. It really makes sense if you know me at all wow. This is beautiful, though I love that it’s not too deep It’s like a really pretty medium brown, which is so dumb to say because, like we see really pretty medium Browns all the time, it’s nothing unique, but something about this tone, I’m just really really drawn to it.
So that is West Side last, but certainly not least, oh my gosh I cannot believe I’ve made it This is the shade feel free and it looks so yummy and deep can’t tell if it’s a burgundy or more of a brown Oh, I definitely see a bit of a burgundy, yes, possibly with even a little more plum than red in the Burgundy wow that is gorgeous that is so rich I would love to have this shade all over the lid and just smoke at the crease, with this color Oh we’re even just like Farnborough it out, not even like run the Burgundy through the crease, but just like fan it out in a nice wing I think would be amazing, and then I can’t help myself if we put a little bit of early morning in the middle of this Just I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it I couldn’t help it it’s gorgeous It really is a beautiful palette, despite some of the shades being nothing special, the glitters I hate to say it really do make it all like worth it to me I love this I love this color I really am happy with this palette and just because I’m kind of insane right now, I want to take a little bit of pre-madonna in the center of the Burgundy Oh, oh, oh, my goodness, are you kidding me That’s just like the most beautiful eye I’ve ever seen, look at that Do you guys I’ve said all I can say about this palette I really love it You guys Let me know what you think of it and what you think of the rest of the collection Of course, oh my gosh, I was done at 4:31 am I don’t fall asleep, because I need to get this up for you guys before launch tomorrow So many of you have asked me to please make sure I have it up before launch, so this is me trying my darned hardest, like literally, not sleeping ever so Thank you so much Let me know in the comments down below, don’t forget: you can use my code five che for five dollars off of the colour-pop cosmetics order up $20 or more that’ll cut off your shipping and things like that So that’s pretty awesome It is an affiliate code So don’t use that if you’re not comfortable anyways, I love you guys Bye

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