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Colorful golden crease make up

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m back with another makeup tutorial we’re gonna go ahead and get into this look, I’m gonna start off using the makeup revolution concealer in c12 to prime my eyes, like I always do I’m not going to set this With powder just to make sure that my eyeshadows come off really really pigmented and I’m getting the best color payoff that I possibly can from my eyeshadows. So I’m gonna go ahead and carve out underneath my brows first and then just spread the concealer throughout the rest of my eyelid to prime I’m gonna add a little piece of tape onto the side of my eyes.
Just to keep my makeup. Looking like super sharp and clean and then we’re gonna go into eyeshadows, i’m using the Zulu palette by Drew vias place first and I’m taking the pink eyeshadow from the palette. I’m gonna apply this as my first crease color. So when I apply my crease color, I usually like to make sure that I’m just focusing on pigment, so you just want to make sure that you’re getting the color on there and that it’s really pigmented and opaque. I’m then gonna go into the El yellow eyeshadow from the Zulu palette and place this on to the edges of the pink eyeshadow that I put on before, and this is the color that I’m gonna use to blend out the edges and make everything nice And smooth, and so there’s no harsh lines, so I’m going in with a slightly fluffier brush for this step, just to make sure that the eyeshadow is really diffused and then, if you feel like you’re, losing the pigmentation of that pink eyeshadow that you applied before just Make sure to go in with your previous brush and reapply it and go back and forth between theyellow and the pink until you feel like it’s blended to your liking. I’m then gonna go in to the magic palette by devious place is using that dark purple shadow on the bottom left corner. I’m gonna apply this onto the crease, and this is gonna, be like the color that really smokes out everything, and I’m just gonna apply that again, just making sure I’m focusing on pigmentation and then blend everything out using that brush that I use to Apply the pink eyeshadow from the Zulu palette, so once that’s done, I’m going to go ahead and move on to cutting my crease, I’m using another makeup revolution: concealer! This one is in c1, so I like to use c1 to cut my crease, for, like cut crease, looks and to fry my eye for any type of like lighter brighter eyeshadow, and then I use c12 to prime my eyes because it’s a little bit closer to My skin tone, so those are the two colors that I use I always use for my eye, looks and once my cut crease is done, I’m going to go back in with that dark purple, shade from the magic palette and just start smoking out and blurring out The outer corner of that cut crease for the lid space, I’m using the shade Nubia from the magic palette, and I’m just going to apply this using a large shadow brush and really press the pizza eyes shadow on there to get that pigment.
You really get like the edges of the cut crease, I’m going to go in with a little bit of a smaller brush to make sure it’s. I don’t really go like outside the line and everything like that and everything stays really neat and perfect. Next, I’m adding some gel liner from pretty vulgar, I’m going to use an angled brush to apply this and I’m making the inside of the liner pretty thin and then just kind of really bolding it out on the outer corner. And you just want to make sure that the edges of your liner are nice and smooth and there’s no like rough edges or anything like that, and also don’t forget, to really blend out the outer corner of your liner so that it blends in a lot easier Into that darker purple, eyeshadow, going in with noir from a Nastasia, I’m also going to add pack this onto the outer corner, just to further blend out that gel liner that we use before then to really get that super smooth perfected. Look I’m gonna go in with a little bit of liquid liner from NYX and just go over my gel liner to smooth out any bumps or uneven edges next, I’m going in with the gold liner from OPV Beauty. So I’m going to outline the inside of the cut crease I’m doing this because I’m gonna use a pretty chunky, glitter next, it’s kind of hard to get a super smooth line when you’re using like chunkier glitters. So this is just going to kind of make sure that the edges of our cut crease stay really smooth, but we still have some glitter going on in that area too, in the glitter that I’m using is from mermaid skills, and this one is called Christos and And I’m going to stick this on to my lid, using my NYX glitter primer. So that’s pretty much it for, like the eye shadow and everything like that, I’m gonna add some a Lancome atmosphere of baked mascara, then pop on some lashes from bold face makeup.
These are in the style of bold face forward that I’m going to use some lash curlers just to press those together with my natural lashes moving on to skin I’m gonna start off using the Lancome the base primer to prep my skin and smooth it overall. For a foundation, I have pretty large pores around my cheek area, so I’m also going to use the covergirl pore minimizing primer and basically just press that all over my cheeks. So that way my pores aren’t showing through as much when I place my foundation on next.. I was kind of nervous when I first applied this foundation because I thought it was gonna be a little too orange, but once it dried town it worked out perfectly and blended in right into my skin tone. But I really love the formula of this foundation. If you guys have been thinking about trying it or haven’t tried it yet definitely go for it, because the formula of this is really bomb next, I’m going in with their tiny dual Ultra wear concealer this one’s a little too close to my skin tone, but that’s My fault, because that’s the shade that I asked for either way the coverage of this concealer is awesome. So I’m just gonna use that to conceal my under eyes and then go in with a different concealer later on to get that brightness that I’m looking for. So now I’m going to go in with the colour-pop no filter concealer in number 32 and use this to brighten my under eyes. Next, I’m going in with the dermablend to loose setting powder and translucent, and I’m basically just gonna set all the areas that I use concealer. So, under my eyes, chin forehead a little bit on my brows because I tend to get oily there and also along my laugh lines. I’m going to go ahead and start bringing some color back into my skin, using the morphe 8h high v contour palette, and i’m going to use two of the bronzing shades from this palette and just place some along with my hairline, my cheekbones and my nose. Then clean up my cheekbones using a little bit more of that dermablend powder. Moving back to the is I’m going to go back in with that dark purple, eyeshadow from the magic palette and apply this onto my lower lash line to start smoking it out I’m also going to go in with the pink and yellow eye shadows from the Zulu palette and use that to blend out the dark purple we placed on the lower lash line, then to line my waterline, I’m gonna go in with the Urban Decay 24/7 liner.
In perversion, I wanted to try something a little different today, so I added some bottom lashes You definitely don’t have to do this step if you don’t want to, but yeah, if you’re not feeling the bottom lashes A little bit of mascara will do just fine with this look I’m then gonna go back into Nubia from the magic palette and a pop back onto the inner corner, and that’s pretty much it for the eyes I’m gonna work on brows Next, I’m going in with the Anasazi dip brow pomade in Ebony, as always, and just creating some really fine hairlike strokes into my brows to fill them in then to mesh all those powders together I’m gonna use the Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray and just kind of spritz that all over the skin and let it dry before I apply my highlighter to start off I went in with my joy, cosmetics, strobe drops in the shade peach I’m gonna use that to highlight all the high points in my face show cheekbones a little bit on the forehead a little bit on the nose, Cupid’s bow and the chin Then, from my powder highlighter, I’m going in with the bee Bella cosmetics, fairy dust palette These highlighters are super pigmented, so you only need a little bit of a time I’m going to use a smaller brush to apply Then a larger brush just to diffuse the edges Then, last but not least, I’m gonna go ahead and start working on my lips I’m starting off lining my lips using a Smashbox lip liner in the shade, a nude dark for my lip color Today, I’m going in with anasazi as liquid, lipstick and starfish This is a really cute like nude peachy color, so I’m gonna apply and then blend it out using my finger I’m also gonna go in with the color pop lip pencil in BFF 3 to further blend out the edges of my lip liner and, of course you guys know I love a good lip glow, so I’m using Milani lip topper and this one is in the shade lustre light I’m using your really small amount on the center of my lips and then using my finger again to blend then from my lip gloss, I’m going in with j-cap beauty’s lip tonics and honeymoon to space, and that pretty much completes this look guys Thank you So much for watching this tutorial, I really hope you guys enjoyed this makeup If you enjoyed it – and hopefully I will see you guys in my next tutorial –

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