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Colorful ombre cutcreate + paintbrush for the perfect instagram eye shape + Lumiere hair

1 Nov , 2019  

Because go like that a base when it was not click, I couldn’t not do that, like you think I, some of my actions are narrow verses from Hollywood. When I descended with George, so Priscilla quickly mentioned that I passed Marisol disappoint tale featuring Lumiere here. This is the bag that it came in, so she actually sent me four bundles of 20 inches, that’s what I X or if the packaging of care – and it comes with a cute part, all the links will be in description below.
So that’s going to come out, but if you want to see how I achieve this by using these a lot of nails all right now, so let’s get started right into brows. So working with these long nails is kind of difficult, because I never had my little Nelsons long, so we’re gonna jump right into it. I have a for detail brush tutorial already up. but I am using Becca ultimate coverage primer. I always use this because it just lays down my eyebrows phenomenally and then I’m gonna take my kiss professional top brow pencil in the shade, deep, dark brown and then I’m gonna top it off with chocolate. Now this was dirty, but for the colors of my brows, so I actually like it. This way is really pretty in it isn’t as dark as it usually is, so I’m also taking my mac prolongwear concealer in NC, 45 and then alone, to top it out to get ready for that eyeshadow base. I’m going to use P Louise rumor number three, because everybody asks me what base number am I using so it’s Roomba number three then, and that’s all I’m using so for the brushes I’m gonna. Tell you. I use a angled brush, which is Mac 263 brush is an angle brush and then to consume. I use my Mac 212 brush. I love these brushes. They are super flat and I love a flat brush when I am working with my brows. My brows had to be sculpted to the gods I saw I did you, someone to face lip injections to get those lips plumped. Now we’re on to the at shadow. I did go in with my makeup: addiction, cosmetics, valium to glow palette. Just actually, I buy a palette, but I love highlighters for my brow bone and I took my morphe 167 brush to pack that highlighter on my brow bone, but that concealer in place. I didn’t use my zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush. Are you know how get now? I love this one. It is amazing y’all and then, after that I did go in with my mcclure shadow in the shade, yellow and I took my Murphy fellow for you already should know what brush should I go on reverse for that first transition. Now I did learn a new technique and telling me did actually do this technique in her tutorial and I absolutely love it, but I don’t do it for the first transition.
I would love for you nice to do that for your first transition. Only for the second third fourth, so that your colors can go on more fiber, always the first transition should be soft. Then I did going to my 35 B palette from morphe, which is now discontinued and took my morphe 167 brush and I packed that shadow on my lid. So it’s a three shadow that I will point to I’m probably already pointing to it and I packed that on my lid. Then I grabbed my blending brush, which was my morphe 513 brush to blend out that pack shadow. So that’s the new technique y’all. So if you want to not keep digging in your shadow with that morphe 513 brush or whatever blending brush that you have place the shadow first and then blend it out, you know go back in with that money for brush, which is the yellow to blend up The edges of that green shadow – you just lay down now I’m going to go back in with my morphe 167 flat brush and pack, some more of that shadow on. But this time it’s going to be a darker green. This green is darker and it’s out of the 35 B palette for morphine, and then I want to set my Mac two to one brush to blend that out. Taking these shadows all the way to the inner tear duct area, because I want these colors to seek throughout my crease. I say this so many times, because I love how it looks when those colors stick through the concrete, like I cut it and it’s all the colors instead of stopping at a certain point, you might as well want to see all those colors girl that is done. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go in with the same brush again to 167 and pack that shadow on again but you’re going to use a black this time. So they have a black and a thirty-five d palette and I’m just packing it on the outer V and then, whatever black, that I have on that brushes. I smoked out that shadow. I’m gonna give you the brush name in just a second a morphe, a 17 brush. I used to smoke out that black and the left overs. I did go in the inner tear duct area, but that black is just smooth like it’s not harsh like it is on the outer corner. So just like that, follow the same steps go back over the same brushes to bring out the edges of all your shadows. So that it can look Lindy, I didn’t blend in my life away. What I’m gonna do is take my English to Tootie brush and I’m going to cut that crease going back in with the rumor base number three, I’m going to cut it all the way until the other lash line, we’re cutting your crease.
I suggest to just pat pat pat until you get that form of putt that you want, or you can just put on your lid. What’s up then start patting just like that. Do not fly just Pat it Pat that Pat and then you will see your former putt, I’m telling you so I have these new English shadows that I’m using. So this one looks white, but it’s not white. It’s like a really really really light green and I really love the shadow with this. Look like it is Wow number is 286 color. I have is 288. That is the green shadow that I’m about to lay down next. So after that, I’m gonna set my mcclure shadow and I’m going to use a shade, trol nella. I think that’s how you say it, but I’m only a planet in between that first and second colors, that I laid down so the 286 and the 288 right in between there because isn’t giving me that billion that I wanted. So if you want that bling go in with a lighter green, something that’s lighter than the first shows you put down in the second shade that you lay down after that. I just went back in to my 35e palette and grabbed that dark green, which was the earth color that I laid down on my transition colors. Well, my lid, sorry for my transition colors and then that black I put on the out of the area a black gel liner from morphe, and it’s called slate after I used that I went in with my in glide a little bit because I just feel like This wasn’t creamy enough. I would have to go back in and my inglot duraline also uses new mascara that covergirl sent over here. They stay stood in the PR packages. I look up girls so much. Thank you so much covergirl and it’s a new lash primer in mascara, the falsies that I’m using on my American lashes in the shade. True y’all know I love these. Things. Are my number one lashes to go to I bought my face with a baby white. All that residue on that oil, that has diamonds in there for hours, honey trying to get this laid, I and wipe that off, and I want to use my hula Beauty, perfection primer and a little bit of that Becca ultimate coverage. Just to minimize some of those pores, I have a full face routine up already how to highlight and contour to the god. because of use, are really going up. So I would definitely the icon right above this. We check that out. Other products to the face will be in the description below, but I did use the new hood up Beauty powders all the loose powders – and I am in love with these powders, because I can use it to highlight under the eye and also to powder and set the whole face with so I use kenapa in Cinnabon.
I will also leave the face brushes in the description bar below because um some people do want that, and I would definitely leave them down there, a morphine setting spray and I’m actually in love this scent spray I use it after I ride off my patio, so wipe your powder first and then go in with the center spray almost like hairspray, but it’s not it’s for the face I sprayed that and then I went in with kids by J highlighter in wet, took my Bobbi Brown bronzer in the shade eat number four, and I brought my face after I did that it’s this new run tour from morphe I love more y’all yeah I know I love me some more for you They actually send me a package y’all and I’m so excited I don’t know if y’all wanna see – and let me know if y’all want to see the package if they think, because I would definitely review it for y’all I love Murphy stuff Now it’s just so bomb I took this Murphy Brown, tour and showmance I think that’s the name of it and it’s basically a highlighter and bronzer just went in, I see Beverly Hills, blush kit and grab those two colors right on the side I think this is a make a edition cosmetic brush and I absolutely liked it, but she was really soft first time using it we’re going back to the eyes I’m going to take this in black gel liner I think this is number 76 Don’t get me wrong! All the stuff with minutes official right below this is a blue line I love blue under my eyes I don’t know I cannot resist a blue waterline, so I put that underneath the eyes and then I also went in with a gel liner, which is your liner in number 77, and I actually put that under my lower lash line Instead of in the waterline and now I’m setting it with black from the 35b palette alright, so I went into that 35e palette and grab those two blues, a light blue and a navy blue It’s just too much out the lower lash line Two brushes that I use to smudge out The lower lash line is a sigma e 21 and a morphe e36 one onto the lips I took my Mac, lip tissa t and a double fudge, and then I also went in with give me low liquid lipstick in the shade, and that was it for my lips I went out camera said in my brows and then they say I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and I’ll meet you in the outro Let me know what you think about this look You know Alex kudos

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