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Colourpop Strawberry Series Samples, Tutorial + Comments Makeupbytreenz

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so just when you think that colour-pop has maybe like calm down, and you think that they probably can’t do anything cuter than they’ve already done. They send a giant strawberry to your house yeah. We are gonna be playing around with the brand-new Strawberry Shortcake collection. I think it’s a strawberry, shortcake collection, the strawberry collection robbery is in season, so we have a whole bunch of stuff. You have an entire collection but new products.
So let’s jump into it. This collection is launching, on August 1st at 8 a.m. PST, as you guys can tell that this collection is probably pinks and reds and all those strawberry colors – and you guys know me. I love me some pink and red eye shadow. So this is right up my alley. The first thing that we have is the strawberry shake palette. This is the little box and then the actual palette is in like silver writing, but to Isis little strawberries. It is so cute to put her up, and this is what she looks like so this to me is like a more toned down la la palette, which I love and there’s a lot more mobs in this palette. Then the la la palette – you guys know me, I love me some mob. I shadow z, –. Those are like my go-to is I reach for those the most. We have five, possibly six mattes one of the mattes has like the glitter in it. So five six mattes and then three metallics is gonna retail for $12. It’s like all of their other 9 pan palette. Fixing that we have in the collection is the strawberries and cream blush sticks duo and in the jewel we have 25/8 and star bright. These are already existing shades of that, and that is gonna retail for $14. So then, next we have to up pressed powder blushes with packaging. I can’t and then this is what the actual little one of these cold pants. I don’t know compacts compacts. This is what the compacts look like, and this is the two shades have our cake and see you later. This is what they look like we’re gonna retail for $8 each. We have to jelly it much shadows in this little cute packaging. That says, take a bite to the actual packaging itself is pink and it has a little strawberries on the top, and then we have strawberry jelly, which is more like pinky shade, and then we have strawberry jam, which is more of a like yellowy orange cold, shade.
The retail for eight dollars each have two ultra glossy lips in this collection as well, a very good and easy pink. Look at how cute you guys. It losses have like little detailing on them. Some polka dots and these were the two shades look like Atilla for seven dollars, each so on the little card. It doesn’t say the price for this, but when I find out, I will leave it in the description box down below. Lastly, we have the sofa so clean skincare face bundle, and this is just like the ones that we’ve had in the past with some for a beauty stuff in here. So we have the strawberry seed oil, get strawberry, face milk and the by the bushel lip lippy scrub yeah. That is everything in this collection. I am super excited for this collection. It is just to die for, like I love cute packaging go buy things solely for like the packaging alone. So when I thought that that was like – oh my god like this is just so adorable. I love that they went all out and did like the strawberries on like the packaging and everything like on the actual packaging and not just like the unit cartons, which the unit cartons are really cute too, though, like I might just everything in the box, because I Don’t know want to throw it away like even a little card that they sent was so cute that always I will be doing it a little tutorial with the collection. It’s what I have on my face right now, like the entire collection Pricing everything I will leave that to listed down below sure they will be selling the collection as a bundle. I just have any questions. Just leave me a comment down below pump me rambling. If you guys want to see this collection in action and see a little tutorial using everything, see how I got this look right here. My little review at the end then just keep watching okay, so we’re gonna go ahead and just jump right into this giant strawberry. On my desk start with the so fresca Oh clean a little skincare set, I love when they do the little skincare sets. I don’t know why they’re just so cute, I love the face milks. So I’m really happy that they’ve been doing these with the collections cuz. I really do. I love the face milks for during the day as a moisturizer, so this is the strawberry one, because I haven’t um put some moisturizer on today. Oh my god, it smells like a strawberry using cream Frappuccino from Starbucks.
Get that when I was in Middle School, doesn’t it smells like kind of like a little bit? It reminds me of that and a lot of questions asking how to use the face books and stuff. I just use them as like a daytime moisturizer. I also have the strawberry seed oil and then the by the bushel lip scrub. I don’t need those right now, but I just wanted to throw them in there. The strawberry shake palette. Let me um pry my eyes really quick, I’m using the UH Nastasia primer. Let’s open her up this packaging, it’s so cute. This is what she looks like. This looks like an everyday pallet for me, so I’m really excited. I used the Ulala a lot on an everyday basis same as it’s my pleasure. It’s gonna snow, but this one looks a little bit more toned down and it looks like the perfect shade to use everyday. That’s the shade woke so we’re gonna start on with that one cuz. It looks really pretty so I’m just taking a little bit of that and use that in my crease, as my transition shade know how I do my eyeshadow at this point: dab dab, dab blend blend blend. That is just what I find works best for me. So I just dab it where I want the color and then I’ll just blend it out after I would just throw this color on all over the eye. All over the lid call it a day, because this is a really pretty shade, like a very muted pink, and I go in with my milkshake, which is this shade right here. It is like a mid-tone pink, I think I don’t know or yeah like the midtone pink and not like super bright, but not super light either. That’s a really pretty color. It looks a little bit brighter on than it does in the pan. Focusing this on, like the outer with my eyes into my crease, go back with the other brush to just blend out. The edges. Daiquiri down here looks really pretty. Oh, it’s like a very reddish, a reddish pink, and I think I think I might have to use it. There’s also like blue this really deeper pinky mob down there. Oh, my god, you’re gonna use a little bit of that as well like we’re going in a different direction. Now we kind of have that shade. Like everywhere, I don’t know, I really like a bat shade. I don’t even realize that that was in there at first. I want to take a little bit of a similar brush at shape, daiquiri, which is that reddish pink? Oh my god, I’m really excited for this.
The shades in here are honestly, really really nice. It was such a good shade selection. We called strawberry shake. I like I didn’t before I open the package. I was like. I don’t know what I’m gonna think, I’m thinking of like all passed out pains, but I was pleasantly surprised once I opened it. Oh, how much I wouldn’t reach for like a passed out, paint palette. You know when I feel like I’m gonna, be using so much love. That is really pretty. Oh! Is this my new favorite color palette? We are moving away from the palette just for a second and we have some jelly, much shadows in this collection which I’m really excited for because I actually love the jelly, much shadows. I feel like they’re so easy to use and like create like the fastest cut. Creases take strawberry jelly, which is this one there’s also that more cold one. I know I’m dropping things there’s also like a more orange e gold wine. It’s not really on brand of me to not use the pink one, so I’m gonna take jelly strawberry, jelly bean, this on a color pop III brush just and then use this to do a cut crease once these set, they don’t move and feathering out the Edges of it, that’s a really pretty color. Well, that’s pretty much it for the eyes. Well at least like the top portion of it. It’s all digital to our lash line, but the rest of this is all face products. So I’m gonna go finish up the rest of my foundation and concealer and stuff and then we’ll come back and use the other products. I had it and applied some foundation, concealer I’m bronzer and contour and stuff. So we’re gonna move on to blush and highlight we have two different products in here. So we have the blush stick duo. This is the strawberries and cream one, and in this one we have 25/8 and star gray, to have some pressed powder blushes, which you guys know. I love powder brushes and this packaging is so freakin cute. This really bright, pink one. I don’t think these I went today and then we also have these other one, which is still kind of bright, but I feel like I could tell that’s, went down a little bit more, it’s more mommy’s.
One doesn’t look too purpley on me. Let’s start off really light. Okay, it doesn’t look. I was a little scared. I don’t usually use blushes this color, I’m going really lightly, because I’m scared pink yeah. I don’t know. I think this highlighter. I didn’t care for like I liked it, but it was just it looked a little too intense on me before, like my skin tone yeah, I feel like this one was the one that was a little too intense. Let’s put a little bit on and see I just put like a little bit, it doesn’t look too. I think this was the one I was like a little silvery, but it looks fine make really quick. Cuz I was waiting to put on the powders left. Is lip products, so I’m gonna go ahead up the lower lash line? Oh my god, I should probably finish: lepers. Okay, let me just do that real, quick everyone take the same shades that I was using on top start off with daiquiri, which was that a reddish pink shade should I use a eyeliner, I’m gonna take this one, which is insomniac yeah, which is a bright Pink put that in my waterline liners are just so good like I, like, I don’t think I’ll ever get over how good the color pops cream gel liners are. It’s just amazing. So, okay, going back with daiquiri, take the brush that I was you see earlier. This is a color pop brush II um. I think I had some of my milkshake left on it and I’m just going to use whatever was left to blend out the edges, inner corner, those actually an inner corner, highlight in this palette. It is the shade delish and I’m gonna apply this with my little pinky and yes, guys all understand like how happy it makes me to have a nice bright inner corner it just it just does something for me: go ahead and put on some lashes and Stuff and then we’ll come back and you do a billet products, so I went ahead and applied lashes. I don’t know what lashes these are, I’m pretty sure they’re from Rouge or oh look, I’m almost positive. I just don’t know what style they are also. I think I cut this one a little too short. Last time I don’t know they were like in my little ish thing that I have all my lashes in um glossy lips in this collection, which I love we bake is a lighter, pink gloss with some shimmer in it, and then it’s very good is more of.
Like a brighter pink shade, I don’t wanna go with this one, because it’s a gloss and it probably won’t look that crazy. I wanna mention I did put a little bit of pink ink mascara on the lower lash line. So there’s one dimension that cuz. I forgot to show it earlier by this gloss, see how it looks. I’m not gonna use a liner or anything. I should not apply it exactly what I wanted anyways. This is the finished. Look. I am obsessed. I think this might be my new. I don’t know it’s. My pleasure is still my favorite palette out of the nine pans, but this one this one by far, I think I definitely like this one more than evil Allah, because I can picture myself using it everyday there, it’s up there in my favorites. I love it so much. Oh, my god and I love the packaging the glossy lips. I love this color, especially cuz. It just have some color to it, where I don’t need to put a lip liner on, but it also isn’t too sheer, but not too pigmented either it’s really pretty shading. I think it matches really well with the shadows in this collection and then also, if you wanted to do something a little bit lighter. I think this would be a really good with like a lip liner, so I definitely think the Colossus in here are good. Honestly, I would pick up everything in the collection because of the packaging alone. The packaging is everything it is so cute with all the little strawberries and everything on it like. Are you kidding me blushes this one, one that I used, which is oh the name? Is it on as a Nemo out here? That’s only the names on here I’ll have to take the little sticker off of the box. If I’m going to throw away the box – because I don’t think it’s on the actual packaging, but I think this was this was the one I used. It was seed you later, but it doesn’t look as scary as it does and in the pan it actually looks really pretty and then the other one, which was what is this one called shortcake this one’s a little bright. But if you like these kind of blushes that I would say pick this up, I honestly am NOT a huge fan of bright cool tone, pink blushes like that, so I probably won’t we use that one, maybe for like a specific look, but I think I, like The other one I love it more. So definitely that’s just more like your preference of like what color you like to wear and stuff for blush blush and light sticks duo I do like these products.
The highlighter was really pretty I don’t think that this highlighter will work on all skin tones I will say that because even me like, I think that this one is a little too light Sometimes, like I put on too much they’ll definitely show when I’m looking forward You know what this blush is actually really pretty bullish, shade So jelly much shadows I love I love the one that I put on my lid, which was strawberry, jelly and then strawberry jam is a really pretty like orange e My favorite one out of the two is the one that I used on my lid, which was strawberry, jelly skincare set I love, I always recommend the skincare set, because I love fourth Rivini so much I love the face Milks, I use them everyday I switch them up like which ones I use I use the papaya one a lot right now I love that one oils come in handy I have a whole bunch of them now, so I kind of switch through those If I’m going to use an oil and then obviously the little lip scrub in here is super cute, oh, I didn’t smell it to see if it smelled like strawberry Oh yeah, this one, yes straight-up, strawberry shortcake smells like those scented Strawberry, Shortcake dolls that I used to have, and I would recommend the little skincare set as well this when it comes to everything else It’s really just all about, like personal preference, if you like those colors are not you think you have something similar to it already It’s a pick up the palette or shirt If you love these colors, it is so pretty you guys, like I can’t stress enough how pretty this palette is I love it I love it I love it if I wanted to pick up a few things from this collection, not everything I would pick up the palette one of the jelly, much shadows, maybe one of the blushes and maybe one of the Colossus let’s get care set I would definitely recommend that collection definitely super super cute Definitely one of the cutest things They’ve done just saying Leave me a comment down below, then make sure to give It a big thumbs up, subscribe, you’re, not subscribed already

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