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Come with me to the drugstore to buy cosmetics! Great traction!?

30 Sep , 2019  

I have not spent that much money at a drugstore in a long time, so thank you guys again for sending in recommendations. I hope well, I’m gonna bring some of these with me on my trip and then all’s hi, my name is Susie. My Instagram handles are at makeup madness and act litter madness… I have not a lot of space in this room, so I love this thing, how she organizes her stuff. So that I can incorporate it into mine. So I love seeing her ideas. I love her style, so those are so helpful and I just love her channel overall she’s one of my favorite youtubers.
I have a shot page, it’s my Instagram handle for that is at glitter madness, and I make these brush holders right here. They are the perfect decor for your beauty, room or office staff has mentioned me before, and my brushes and her holders are perfect together. So be sure you want to show you guys quickly, like honestly, Suzi has the cutest little brush holders and if you guys aren’t following her definitely go check her out she’s, also like an influencer. So she does a ton of like makeup reviews and I love her brush holders so much. This is actually my little mermaid that she has on here. She has all different kinds, though. So, if you’re looking for a brush holder, I definitely recommend hers. I’m gonna leave her Instagram handle down below, but super cute, hey guys welcome back to my channel happy makeup Monday.. I asked you on my stories and I said I was going to do a drugstore haul, so many of you guys recommended products to me and I’m really thankful, because I have not been drugstore shopping. I want to say in over a year definitely before the girls and it has been a while so there’s so many new products out. I tried my best to get new products, but I mean these are all new products to me because I haven’t tried any of the items that I picked up. So I did some damage I spent $500. Today was not expecting that, but I wanted to give you guys a really really nice overview of all the new products that are out right now in the drugstore and also just do some shopping with me. So I did go to Walmart first, which was kind of a fail. I was really disappointed with like how everything was open and there was just makeup everywhere where it wasn’t supposed to be, and it was really hard for me to get get anything really. So I got a few things there and then I went to my closest other drug Mart, which is Shoppers Drug Mart, I’m sort of really nice experience. Everything was well organized. There was a ton of new products that I grabbed through guys and then also I’m gonna share everything that I bought. but I am gonna just show you the haul portion, if you guys want to see a makeup tutorial me trying out and testing out all these products, and let Me know in the comments but yeah you guys it’s gonna be a long haul.
So let’s get started Sophia what you got in your hands. What is this? Let’s see what your favorite is: rose-gold, hard, candy, Wow, Mama’s, big pile right here and everything here. I was really excited about. I probably spent a good two hours there, so I really did want to grab things that I want to try out and test out and thank you so so much you guys for all your recommendations. There’s a lot of stuff that was out that I had no idea about, so I was really excited the only skin care item. I got was this one right here, so I actually got a new scrub by L’Oreal your sugar exfoliant, and I also had some of you request these. So I’m gonna try this out, see how I like it, but you guys said it’s really good. So I’m really excited to try this out. Okay, so I’m gonna sit on the floor for this one. Since I have everything right here in front of me and there’s a lot of goodies, I’m gonna be going through. So this is the glow tonic by Pixie the best you guys. I have this in the full-size, but you know I leave this week for my brother’s wedding, so I’m gonna bring the small one with me. It’s just to show you what this looks like and it’s so cute, like it’s a little baby version. I love anything miniature, so the glow tonic. I’ve used a lot on my skin. It works as a toner and it’s awesome. It also exfoliates and brightens. It says on the back here, which is great: it’s also for all skin types. So so I’m gonna bring this with me on my trip. You guys will see a pack with me, so don’t worry about that. That is coming. Also, I’m wearing one of my new dresses today and a lot of you said this was your favorite as well, so I’m wearing it today and we actually went on like a little date night yesterday. It was just like coffee, wine and cheese. There’s live acoustic and if you follow me on my installation up with you guys, so we don’t really nice time and I wore this dress and I got a lot of compliments. It’s a really beautiful color. I think I need to experiment a little bit more when it comes to color and not just always wear pink. So, even though I love pink so much, I think I definitely like with my tan right now. I definitely think other colors are nice to wear during summer, so I really have been loving this color, you guys, but I’m gonna start off. I think with pixie. It really loved the brand.
I think the price point is phenomenal for how well their makeup works, and I love the fairy lights. I’ve been wearing it on my eyes, it’s a really nice, quick liquid shadow, so I mean for me, I’m always in a hurry now in a rush. This is just a pallet where literally I like all of the shades in this palette, so I was really happy to see that and I’m really excited to try this out. Let me know if you tried this one before I don’t even know this existed, I’m not sure if it’s new or not, but I really do like the colors – see up close look at that spark leanness. It is so pretty. It actually goes with my nails and just to show you the shadows up close, oh, my goodness that is beautiful. This is gorgeous. I’m gonna link this down below because I definitely think a lotta might like this palette. Ooh. You love Pixies, eyeshadows, they’re, very pigmented, color payoff is awesome, so yeah that is a pallet there. I mix this up a little bit because I just have everything everywhere right now, so I’m gonna grab some NYX. So this is the angel, veal, skin, perfecting primer. What I’ve been using is the fenty pore primers, so I do have really oily skin. You can probably tell right now and I’m sorry I’m so I Lee and sweaty right now.. Getting the girls feeding the girls now I have them down for naught and it’s been a busy day for this mummy. Okay, so please excuse my sweat, but I want to try this out. Let me know if you guys know of a good primer that really helps prolong foundation, because I find I get really oily in the t-zone and forehead area. It’s a nice size. It’s got. The cute little rose gold packaging right here. I’m not sure if this is new or not, but I did see it and it was like the last one. So I know it’s very popular X palette. I got right here. This is a NYX palette which stood out to me. I grabbed this so fast and it was one of the last ones, so I was very excited if you look up close. These are the kind of shades I totally wear every day, if it’s mostly bronzy colors, it has some nice lighter tones as well like. This is a really nice crease color. So is this one? So I’m really excited to play with this, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve played around with NYX shadows. Let me know if you guys like them. I definitely go out a lot from NYX and I also got an eyeliner, so I’m excited about that, but I’ve been tried or played around with their eyeshadows in a long time. So this is what that palette looks like and I’ll swatch it for you, they’re really pigmented, actually so really really nice and excited to try this. I think it’s new, it seems like it was new because it was right in front next product I got here.
Let’s go into the bomb because I was so excited that they had this. So these are the two that I picked up right here is really excited, so they are high light shadows, duo so blush and eye shadow highlighting shadow. There you go so this one here. I’m gonna start with ooh. Okay, look at that. So this is the first shade here and is this not like the prettiest packaging? You guys I’ve ever seen, look at that that is so fun Wow and just look at this color. It even comes with a mirror, so that’s really really helpful. I think I’m gonna play around with this. Oh actually, I think the other one I might bring with me on my trip as a bronzer in a peach shade. Look at that. This is totally something I wear every day. I love peach tones on my skin, especially for summer, and then this is the bronzer which looks really really nice. It has a little bit of a glow to it. Oh nice and look at that packaging. It’s just so fun. Let me know in the comments down below, if you have like a favorite products by the balm that I should pick up yeah, I’m so happy that I picked these up and I did get one more thing: girl power, cheeks on the glow. So this is what it looks like this is so cute, and I saw the tester of this. I was like. I have to get it and try this out okay, so this is what the inside looks like right here. How cute are these shades? I am obsessed like these are all shades that I would wear. These definitely look like beautiful blushes, really nice bronzers, but you can also use this in the crease, which I think I’m going to do. I could just see my entire face being done here. Eyes, bronzer and crease, and then one of the blushes I would use um but a beautiful palette. I also like the case, I think that’s so cute um, so I got those and then also I forgot this right here, which this is Milani this right here. I also picked up from Milani and look how beautiful it’s a highlighting palette. The colors pearl golden quartz in rose quartz. So it’s the number three rose globe, and this is so beautiful. I love love, love, love, highlighters. You guys you and look how pigmented. That is for drugstore, that’s crazy! Let me know if you’ve tried this down below, I’m really excited to test these out, though, I’ve not played around with Milani and so long. I actually picked up two bronzers. I couldn’t decide which one and this L’Oreal one is new. It’s called bronze, please, and I was really excited it’s for face and body. It looks beautiful and look how big it is compared to this size.
Here it’s huge, the Maybelline City, bronze and looking at it now looks a little muddy to me compared to the other one. I definitely like a golden bronze. This looks a little dark for me too. I might not open this one be returning that one actually cuz. Now, looking at them side-by-side, this one is definitely more me but yeah. Let me know if you’ve tried this one out, so that is the number 300, but this right here look how beautiful and big this is and just to show you what this looks like in here. Look how pretty that is. I am so excited, so this is gonna be so nice just for all around my face. I could do some body highlighting as well, and I love the size – it’s really big. So, okay, so I got two here I want to see which one I like more concealers and I’m actually almost out of this Charlotte Tilbury one. I had the magic away which I love, but I hardly have any left. So I picked up two L’Oreal Paris infallible. Full, where I also got the covergirl trublend under cover this is brand new, but now look at the shades. Look. How terrible? I am you guys. I almost have to blend these because they’re way off so I mean I was definitely in a rush, but this color here almost seems like it would be my like when I’m really dark. Maybe I might have to see, but this looks like more like my shade. Um, so I’m gonna open this up and swatch it woah. This is a big one, holy moly, okay. So that’s what the swatch looks like they’re, really really nice. I think I might try this out and, like I said this is the infallible. The other one like, if I’m really tanned, it would probably go, but it definitely he’s not my shade. There’s already a few things, I’m returning. So that’s fine. I won’t open it, but this one here is brand new, so I’m excited. I think they both were so we’re so excited about this. I have not used blotting papers in like years. You guys a long time so NYX had these ones the fresh face, blotting pad or blotting papers. Gon na give these a try and see how they work and since I’m going away next week, I just thought why not try something new. I use this on my little nosy then I definitely will because my skin gets oily quick. So let me know if you guys tried this. The next thing I picked up here is the pore filler primer by NYX, and it’s just like the little baby one. They have like a little baby section of minis, so I just grabbed whatever I could to try out. I just thought this would be really nice and I’ve been on the hunt for like a really nice primer, so I’m gonna try this out and the word pore just got me. So let me know if you guys have tried this. So I grabbed this here because it was brand new and it is interesting looking this is the L’Oreal unlimited mascara up to 24 hours, lengths and lifts.
Look at how neat this looks. I’m gonna take it out of the packaging. Here. It looks like a little nail polish or something whoa interesting. This is what that looks like wow. This is so neat. It actually looks like a little. What’s it called a little nail polish and you can like have it sit on your vanity really really cute, so L’Oreal has some of the best mascaras and besides better than sex by Too Faced, which is my favorite, but if it has some really nice ones too. I love L’Oreal this out, just since its new see how it works. This is the cute little packaging and I was in desperate need of an eyeshadow primer, so I’m gonna try this out and see how I like it. I just like die when I see your packaging, it’s so cute. How cute is that, so I’m gonna try this out to give it a whirl and I’ll probably bring this with me on my trip, because I actually don’t have another eyeshadow primer right now. So I’m gonna test this out see how I like it it’s so down to the last few things here I got the Physicians Formula. This is actually a serum I’m gonna get in close here. So this is actually a really beautiful bottle and it’s very luxe. It’s heavy and Physicians Formula. I’ve actually never tried any of their skincare. So it’s the rose a all day, oil-free serum I’m gonna smell. It looks like there smells really. Nice smells so, and it’s like illuminating too, so I’m excited that’s also another skincare product that I did by then I’m gonna try out besides the L’Oreal exfoliator, actually a little setting spray by Milani, so they had like a little baby, one that I want to Try out – and I know the peach – the peach one bye, bye, two-faced. I use every day. It sets my makeup. It’s the best high-end one, so I’m trying to find one that’s a little bit more drugstore price friendly for you guys that I could recommend. So I’m gonna try this and see how I like it and see if my makeup last longer and if you know of any other and good drugstore ones. Let me know it’s been it definitely like a hit or miss. I have not found like a really good one that can compare to that one. So yeah, I’m gonna try this next one, so plump your pucker okay. So this is it right here. Look how pretty it’s a really nice soft, pink, I’m gonna swatch this on my hand in a second and it’s also sparkly. So this was like the nicest color I liked.
I think it was the lightest one as well. I mean there’s not much color payoff, but that’s perfect for me. I’m just gonna put this over top smells like vanilla, so yeah, just a nice little lip gloss that they had a lot of their colors. Maybe the other ones are more pigmented, because this one is the lightest, but it feels nice. It’s not sticky. Okay, so I did pick up something from hard candy. A lot of you were recommending. I try them out. I just got one thing because it was so chaotic in Walmart, as I said, hard candy like they had their stuff everywhere. So I got this one, and this is the rose, gold, highlighter and yeah. Let me know if you’ve tried these out, the packaging is adorable. So this is what the packaging looks like: it’s really beautiful and I’m gonna open it up. That’s what it looks like there. So I’ve heard they have really nice highlighting products. Blushes I mean their packaging is beautiful and I’m sure I’m sure it’s comparable with like wet and wild, because the price points are like pretty much the same, but yeah I’m gonna try it out it’s not as pigmented as like the Milani ones, but it’s also Cheaper, so I’m gonna try it out and see how I like it. So next two things I got right here: covergirl had a brow pencil, which I’ve been wanting to buy a new one cuz, I’m out of my brow, weighs by anastasiya, has definitely been looking for like a cheaper eye pencil because I go through them so fast. This right here is the brow tattoo, so this is by Maybelline. This was a brow like a brow color for your brows, and this is not. This is actually a tint, so you are looking for a tint for your brows. They do have this holy moly. It is interesting okay, so we are down to the last four things right here. We have an Essie nail, lacquer, which I showed you this. When I was shopping, it’s so beautiful. It has like different color little sparkles in it. So it’s like blue. It looks like confetti it’s so pretty just showing you guys really close. Look at how pretty this is, and I think it was called like my birthday so gorgeous color, someone told me to try Burt’s Bees and I actually have never tried Burt’s Bees anything besides their lip balm. So this right here is the blush that I got, and this is the color 12:05 bear peach if this a whirl and see if I like it, because the price point is really nice and I mean a lot of their products – are, I think, more natural. As from what I’ve heard it’s or it’s a hundred percent natural, it says it on the back right here. That is awesome. So last two right here, so we have Milani glosses. Look how beautiful their packaging is This one actually has like a really nice sparkly lid.
So I mean these colors are different I tried to like you know, change it up a little bit, not get everything That’s super the same, but things that I would wear I think this is my favorite This is a really nice nude to put over top of my strip-searched by a two-face which I’m wearing right now So we have champagne right here, the big one, and then this one is called luminous light, so you can see how different they are This one is definitely more sparkly This one looks a little bit more glossy and then has more colored payoff to it So that’s what that looks like there It looks beautiful, I’m really excited and I think I believe they didn’t have any other colors When I was there, I can’t remember I’ll have to look back, but that is really pretty I am really excited about this, so this is the number one champagne bring some of these with me on my trip and then also I loved the Milani gloss I love this quad right here This is beautiful I think I did an awesome job like a ton of these, you recommended to me and they had some new products out, and I just I’m really excited to try some new drugstore products and definitely where I can If I find something that I love, I definitely will repurchase it and then I don’t have to spend a fortune in Sephora So let me know if there’s anything else, you guys think I should try out, but that was a lot of fun I have not done a drugstore haul in a long time, okay guys So that was everything that I hauled I hope you enjoyed watching this drugstore haul If you want to see more of these, definitely let me know, because I think it’s really nice, that I share some products that aren’t just high-end with you for makeup and I usually do my shopping at Sephora So it’s nice when I can find drugstore products for half the price that work just as well, so I’m gonna be playing with those products and seeing how I like them, I definitely went crazy I have not spent that much money at a drugstore in a long time, so thank you guys again for sending in recommendations so me, and the girls and Ryan actually leave for my brother’s wedding this week, so definitely follow along on insta stories If you’re not already, and of course, I will see you guys on fashion Friday,

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