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Competing against time: Cheesecake Factory Edition

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi, I’m Alex I’m RIA and you know us. We love food so today we’re gonna challenge ourselves to try to make a dish from the Cheesecake Factory, but instead of taking our time, we are going to Oh Dada and try to be our delivery person hi. I’m Donald Moore, the chief culinary officer of the Cheesecake Factory, and why Alex we are making one of our most popular salads, I’m going to show you how we focus on fresh quality ingredients, great technique in all of our restaurants, to make our food before it’s delivered.
To you from door, the almond crusted salmon, salad, really exemplifies the modern food of Cheesecake Factory, kale, fish and health and wellness are in, but it’s still indulgent and rich enough to be satisfied. There’s one your thirty ingredients that we’re very particular about that play a role making sure the salads delicious all right. So I’m gonna order on door, Cheesecake Factory, easy peasy, all right, Jordan! I shall be here in time for dinner, so we have enough time to make something quick and easy. Let’s check out the recipe hi almond crusted salmon, salad ingredients. Oh my gosh, I did not know this much work went into it. Look Alex aggressively massaging to incorporate 12 times 12 times very specific off 13 times. Cheesecake Factory does not mess around yeah. Okay, we should get going, though all right. What do we need? I remember kale Brussels sprouts and avocado, so since we only have one hour today, I start cutting corner. It’s like, I didn’t, made a lemon vinaigrette, so I just like pour olive oil and lemon juice and also we have to make two dressings in a one, solid food. That’s that we make all of our dressings in-house and all of our restaurants every single day, new lemon dressing is we squeeze fresh lemon juice and then we add a little salt and pepper, a turbinado sugar, extra virgin olive oil from california and a lot of our Salads will add to dressing so, for example, in this salad we also use a shallot vinaigrette, so shall vinaigrette is shallots and fresh garlic that we blanch and chopped in our restaurants multiple times a day, seasoned rice, vinegar and olive oil. You get this really well-balanced dressing, which are quite complicated to make almond crusted of garlic is not for the salmon We have to make a call: do we have hopped by hand wow, they really chop their almonds my hand at the Cheesecake Factory I didn’t know so for the almond crust for the salmon, which is very, very critical.
We take almonds that we toast, and then we chopped them Then we have these herbs that we take, which are basil, thyme sage and parsley, and some green onions and we chop those up with a really sharp knife So they’re intact, they’re, not bruised, you can still taste the freshness We grade a couple of types of Parmesan cheese, some romano cheese, that’s done fresh every day I had a little lemon zest and that crust is all mixed up and then baked on top of the Salmons after it’s perfectly seared like a noble salt, just taking a Long time toheat up, I think we can make garlic why I don’t understand what this garlic dip is for, so we make a garlic aioli or a garlic dip that weeds a little sort of hidden treat in between the salmon and the almond crust with lemon Fresh herbs a little bit of mustard, so you get this the richness of the garlic dip and it adds this really delicious sweet garlic, flavor and we make it every day in our restaurant Wait we supposed to put the almond crust on before the oven You forget Okay, we got five minutes until the dashers here, all right, we’re kind of rushing at this point, so we actually made a mistake in not putting the almond crust on the salmon, so we had to go, grab it and put the garlic sauce and the almond crust On that and then pop that back into the oven to finish baking, how much time you got now about much time at all, wow you’re really going for it Ohmigod are in them around my gosh here I’ll go grab it hi Thank you So much awesome All right Dora is here all right: I’m gonna go play this Okay, all right, my god, a little more bang for your buck With this one I know we still did pretty well good job, even though we cut corners It’s similar and also the crust is a little bit more coated to try ours First yeah has a subtle, sweetness, mm-hmm it had the Charlotte and the lemon hung I’D say we did all right mm-hmm, but I’m gonna go with this or two well If you want to try this dish and many others available at the Cheesecake Factory, going over to the door up and get something delicious delivered to you today, try out the salad, that’s good yeah, I’m gonna finish It

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